Killing the Alpha Tier

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The Alpha Tier

A very busy week, with some nice speeches and a fair amount of traveling is gone.

Now, on late Friday afternoon, it is time for a good beer.

So a plan is born and luckily I found a nice Craft Beer store in Duesseldorf. They sold me some great liquid to enjoy...


The Aplha Tier by Brew Age

What a beer. This taste is different and the New England IPA from Vienna is so milky and comes with this cool animal on the cover.


What a fruity, hoppy and beery taste.

Read what other say at untappd

Juicy, hazy, smooth. You just can’t do more hops - honestly! Once poured, it is a feast for the senses. A blonde, silky beer with a slight natural haziness and a tantalisingly fruity fragrance. Oat flakes and a touch of bitterness make for a smooth feel in your mouth. The Alpha Animal marks its territory within the IPAs as a hop smoothie: fresh, forward and fruity!

said by the Website

Holy Craft

That is the name of this little but very friendly beer shop in the middle of Duesseldorf.

image.png by Yelp

It was fun to spend some time and get the good advise from the people from the shop.

Here is a link to the shop on the wonderful steemitworldmap
[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 51.214306 lat 6.776624 long Holy Craft Beer Store d3scr) and here to their holy craft website

Pouring into the glass

Look how this very yellow beer pour into my special glass. I made this little gif to share the fun.

Beer facts

MALTS: Pilsner, Wiener, Münchner
HOPS: Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, Mosaic
COLOR: blond

The bottle cap

Nice design from Austria.!


Milky yellow

it looks more like a glass full with honey or so.

No head at all

As you see, this Tier does not come with a big head. It poured easy into the glass and called me for drinking it.


Drinking it my way

After some sports you need a cold beer to kill the thirst. But this one is a beer to drink for the taste.

Sipping it
is my style
to enjoy
such a beer!

As this is not a typical Pils or an easy drinking beer, I prefer to sip this beer over a period of time.

This evening I had it while preparing diner and even during diner. It went very nice with the spice from the Thai chicken style noodles I cooked.

See the backside


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Der Name und das Etikett des Biers ist wirklich sehr originell.
Das lädt doch zu einem Geschmackstest ein.
Nach deiner Beschreibung werde ich vielleicht das Bier
mal ausprobieren und proste dir mit einem Stößchen
!BEER zu. :)

Na das kann ich nur empfehlen und wünsche Prost zum !BEER am Abend

Hey @chruuselbeeri, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Really nice store. If I'm in Düsseldorf for any reason I'll go there for sure.

This beer looks great, I must try a similar one at home, as they give the ingredients!!

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