The #BeerSaturday at SteemFest 4

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Yes, we do it again

It is Saturday and we like to go to the old town in Bangkok.

#BeerSaturday will be at the Sheepshank Public House and we meet at 18:00 there.

picture by Sheepshank public house and modify by @detlev

This is easy to reach, offers a sunset view at the river and has space plus a lot different craft beers.

This is Sheepshank public house website

They serve some craft beer and some nice food and have some live music

This place has a huge selection of craft beers, is directly at Pier 13 of the close to Khao San road where we will Pub Crawl the Saturday night.


picture by Sheepshank public house

I saw this location already during my summer trip to Thailand and - as we can’t make a reservertion for 40 to 50 people - we just go and rock the place.

picture by Sheepshank public house

Where do we meet?

Together with our local expert @waybeyondpadthai we choose thia cool location to start.



49 Phra Athit Rd, Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

If this will be full or to noisy or ?!?? we as well have thought to use the Coco Chaophraya next door to have a chilly place.

Please picture Beer, fun and the city and Tag your post with #BeerSaturday and #SteemFest

Have a great day
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See you there!

Wünsche euch viel Spaß und gib mal ne Runde !BEER an die Steemfest-Teilnehmer aus!
Wer nicht wirbt stirbt ;-)

Sweeet guys! Sounds like a good dessin coming up! Beer and divers are just also another good combo! And who says Thailand has no good IPAs ?


And here a !BEER for you.

Hey @karinxxl, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hello @detlev, wish to be there but it's not possible :(
Enjoy !BEER

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Have fun. I'm not a beer person. So, there's only 50-50 chance I'll be there. :-)

Please feel invited as we have fun and all kind of other non-alc drinks.

It’s the community and we will have fun.

Will try. The lady is with me on the trip so some shopping was to be accommodated but I told we still need to eat. :-) Still... I have bit of the token.

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Ah.. thanks. I just tested and confirm what had wasn't good enough. Thanks for notifying.

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