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There is the "Have you been here 2019" contest and as I love this tool a lot - and the team behind as well - I have to deliver.

But first a big greeting to the @SteemitWorldmap team, @martibis, @choogirl, @livinguktaiwan, @lizanomadsoul and @itchyfeetdonica,

So, today I picked 4 of my favorite posts from my steemitworldmap to show my travel and explain why I picked these ones.

Check out this post for the contest rules and explanation


So, I had 35 location marked on my Steemitworldmap and it is really not easy to choose just only 4 of it.

Anyway, here we go.

1 - Thailand with Family

My wonderful summer trip destination was sunny Thailandand we spend a month traveling around. This country is so easy to travel and has such great food and even more - wonderful and nice people.

Food at the floating market

At the floating market, you get everything on the water. This time, the place was a little bit overcrowded but I still had a chance for some nice pictures like this animation


The beach

Being a diver and water addicted guy, we stayed a lot at the different beaches in the south of Thailand. This picture is from Koh Phangan and there from one of the north beaches.

Quiet areas

After visiting busy Bangkok and many busy beaches or areas, this little paradise is so relaxing.

Snorkeling was not a good idea, but at the beach, they had some beer

Lovely place to stay

2 - The Puppenbrunnen in Aachen

On the way to the Domkeller, one of the favourite pubs of the author of this article, you have to pass the fountain with the dolls and their movable joints.

Read what happen there when you move all the parts.

What a message

I really don't know who played with that guy, but the result looks in somewhat interesting. ;-)

The Domkeller

After all that culture and the puppets, it was time to visit real history.

The Domkeller is a bar to be. They have so many tasty beers and great people who run that place on cool music

If you ever be close, to
make sure you spend some hours inside

and let your table look like this


3 - A walk in Hurghada in Egypt

Traveling Egypt is always fun. The mixture culture and dessert is interesting. Sadly, we mainly spend time at our hotel and did only a few trips. But we went into the city of Hurghada.

We spend some time shopping at the well known Sheraton street in the city of Hurghada in Egypt.

In this area of the city you may shop everything a tourist need and even a bit more.

Fun looking shop

Little street shops

Best thing in Egypt

Yes, use the big sandbox for having some fun and jump into such a car - or what ever such a sand buggy is named


4 - SteemFest in Thailand

The SteemFest 4 took place in Bangkok and as you may read with all the posts

SteemFest 4 was a blast

To remember all this I did this post about the magical power this lightweight band can carry. See the whole post here.

The blockchain definition

During the speech from @aggroed he showed this definition of blockchain and I found the right second to picture it.

The gif fun

During the evening at the river we had this lovely setup to picture some cool gifs.

Meeting Steemians

This was the best. Talking to all the people from all over the world about their life and about what they do on the blockchain.

 " "detlev steemit klein.gif""

Detlev love steemit

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