📷 Steemit Photo Challenge - WINNERS! 📷 — One Year Anniversary — Special Prizes! New Theme

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pexels-photo-203940 copy.jpg

Welcome to the one and only, the original Steemit Photo Challenge!

Don't forget you can view this on SteemitPhotoChallenge.com as well.

The theme was


To celebrate 1 Year of Steemit Photo Challenge.

We also launched SteemitPhotoChallenge.com — go check it out!

Honourable Mentions

Submitted by @rocketboom

Submitted by @shady

Submitted by @carlodilla

Submitted by @theyam

Submitted by @panknil

Third Place

Submitted by @shieha

Second Place

Submitted by @kuenok

First Place

Submitted by @kamalamacan

@kamalamacan has won 35SBD and a framed print of their winning entry! (or an image of their choice)

Contact me on steemit.chat to go through the details.



You get a badge! And YOU get a badge, and YOU!
All of the users in this post get a badge!

All winners who wish to accept their prizes please contact me on steemit.chat so we can arrange shipping details.

The new theme will be:


Guest Judge: @melodyrussell

This has been requested several times since the start of the SPC and I have avoided it… but I need to give the people what they want :)

The bokeh effect should play a large part in the composition of the photograph but it cannot be the only visual element in the shot. In other words, bokeh in the background of the subject is great, out of focus christmas tree lights - not so much.

Yes Acceptable

“the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.”

The deadline for entries for SPC46 is July 20 0400 AM UTC. Winners will be announced on Friday July 21.

You can always check SteemitPhotoChallenge.com to find out the current theme and look at the recent entries. Don’t forget to vote on your favourites.

Would you like to be a judge??

Looking for Steemit users who have been very active in the photography section for at least a few months to judge and select winners for the contest. Guest Judges will now be paid 20SBD going forward. Contact me at Steemit.chat username @jamtaylor


First Place — 35 SBD
Second Place — 25 SBD
Third Place — 15 SBD
Honourable Mentions — 5 SBD Each

@berniesanders the official sponsor of the Steemit Photo Challenge since Day #1

Bernie's Pick


Winner of the 20SBD prize!

Rules And Conditions

Please read these carefully and adhere to them

  • I strongly encourage you to post work that is original to this challenge, in other words — take a new photograph instead of using an old one.

  • No more than 3 entries will be considered, if you post more than 3 then only the first 3 will be considered.

  • All entries must be a post tagged both #photography and #steemitphotochallenge

  • The Title should contain "SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry" along with the title of your work.

  • Let us know the medium used to produce the photograph, it may be more impressive based on what it is.

  • Basic processing is allowed. ‘Digital art’ won’t be considered.

  • Any medium or format is allowed — iphone, ipad, film, digital, point and shoot, drone, whatever. Once it takes a picture. Note that image quality will be considered.

  • Multiple Entries can all go in one post, just put the details under the image.
  • Any attempt to steal others' work is considered a serious infraction by the community, so don't do it. Please don't waste your and our time by posting some image from the net.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that we do not reward theft. All images will be reverse checked, if the image has been found on more than 2 “major” websites, it will be disqualified unless reasonable proof can be shown to prove ownership of the original. If there is any doubt whatsoever about the ownership of the photograph, I reserve the right to disqualify the image. It is in your interest to provide any proof necessary. I would appreciate any help from the community in finding plagiarism where I might have missed it.
  • The photographs will be judged on how well they met the challenge, the quality of the image, the composition, lighting, exposure, creativity and the general aesthetics which means that yes, it is subjective.

By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs and allow for me to re-post the image should it receive a winner or honourable mention position.

Suggest the next theme!

Let me know what you'd like to see from the next Steemit Photo Challenge.

If you'd like to be considered as a guest judge, let me know in the comments so I can check your work :)

Message me on Steemit.chat


Visit SteemitPhotoChallenge.com to see all the previous winners!


Bokeh you say... I think I've got something up my sleeve for this one!

posted entry one
GooglyPrize GIF

Here is my entry for this week's Bokeh Photo Challenge.



Here is my post with images, camera info and set up details:

Thanks a lot @berniesanders @jamtaylor @melodyrussell !!! Much appreciated!
My suggestion would be for @kuenok to get the free print, their picture definitely deserves to be printed out!

Excellent picks @jamtaylor! Completely missed some of these entries!

boy you are doing a great job . very well done . keep it up

Congratulations to the Winners, and this post is going to be in the STEEM PHOTO NEWS of the Daily Photo Selection @jamtaylor. Upvoted & resteemed, of course.

Thank you kindly!

Congrats to all the winners, well deserved! I'm a bit jealous about the cool badge you get :D @jamtaylor: Thanks for one year of huge fun with your weekly contest!

What a great surprise! I don't know how I only just found out about this! Thank you @jamtaylor and @berniesanders! Congratulations for all the winners!

The 1st place winner has requested that you receive the framed print prize for your entry! Please contact me on steemit.chat if you'd like to accept :)

Wow how nice of you @kamalamacan. I accept with many gratitude! @jamtaylor I am not too familiar with steemit.chat but I will give it a go and contact you asap when I get back on land with a connected laptop! 😅

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