Steemit Photo Challenge #45 Celebrations - Three Entries

My theme within a theme for the challenge is that all of my entries are from special visits to three different Disney parks!

First Entry: This was from New Years Eve 2016 at Disney World. We were here to celebrate my birthday as well as welcome in the New Year in style! Taken on iPhone 6S

Second Entry: This was from our (me and my partner's) first time at a Disney park. In this case Disney Paris! We were there to celebrate our 5 year Anniversary! Camera: Canon 400D

Third Entry: This was taken at Disney California where we went during Halloween to celebrate our friends 30th birthday. Camera Canon 400D


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wow very nice I think how can I always respect you. Keep the spirit


Thank you very much!


Thank you again

Hi @theyam!
You have made a successful publication, you have a perfect day.
I follow your profile.

I love the castle so pretty


Thank you. It was a well timed shot!

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Beautiful work! Good luck with the challenge!