📷 Steemit Photo Challenge - Winners Emotive Human Portrait #65 - Please Resteem!

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First Place: 20 SP
Second Place: 10 SP
Third Place: 5 SP
Honourable Mentions — 2 SP Each

I may play around with these prizes depending on the response from the community. The goal is to be self-sustaining.
These have been provided by the #1 sponsor of the Steemit Photo Challenge, since 2016 — @berniesanders.

For those who are not familiar with the Steemit Photo Challenge, please read the rules below.
Remember to include SteemitPhotoChallenge in the title of the post AND as a tag, this is so that the judging app built by @blueorgy will pull the entry in for judging. Reason for this is that I was getting a lot of spam that I had to sort through and this is a good way to stop that — so remember to put it in or your entry may not be included!

The theme was

Human Emotive Portrait

You can view these winners at SteemitPhotoChallenge.com

This was a pretty tough one. There are many great entries which are still active, so please go and upvote your favourites. I wish that I could display them all here as there are many deserving entries but I can’t reward them all.

Honourable Mentions

Submitted by @manshar

Submitted by @mnallica

Submitted by @astridschulz

Submitted by @skiesandsports

Submitted by @victorcovrig

Third Place

Submitted by @marekwojciakcom

Second Place

Submitted by @matajingga

First Place

Submitted by @vtravels

Congrats everyone!

The next theme will be

Long Exposure

Deadline Thursday 22 February 04:00:00 GMT.
Winners will be announced on Friday 23.


I check the entries, and I report plagiarism. Do yourself a favour and keep plagiarism out of my contest. Thanks! If you see plagiarism, downvote it and leave a comment with the source.

Rules And Conditions

Please read these carefully and adhere to them

  • I strongly encourage you to post work that is original to this challenge, in other words — take a new photograph instead of using an old one.

  • No more than 3 entries will be considered, if you post more than 3 then only the first 3 will be considered.

  • All entries must be a post tagged both #photography and #steemitphotochallenge

  • The Title should contain "SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry" along with the title of your work. The software will not pull your entry into the judging app if this is not here. The purpose is to cut out the spam that ends up in the tag.

  • Let us know the medium used to produce the photograph, it may be more impressive based on what it is.

  • Basic processing is allowed. ‘Digital art’ won’t be considered.

  • Any medium or format is allowed — iphone, ipad, film, digital, point and shoot, drone, whatever. Once it takes a picture. Note that image quality will be considered.

  • Multiple Entries can all go in one post, just put the details under the image.
  • Any attempt to steal others' work is considered a serious infraction by the community, so don't do it. Please don't waste your and our time by posting some image from the net.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that we do not reward theft. All images will be reverse checked, if the image has been found on more than 2 “major” websites, it will be disqualified unless reasonable proof can be shown to prove ownership of the original. If there is any doubt whatsoever about the ownership of the photograph, I reserve the right to disqualify the image. It is in your interest to provide any proof necessary. I would appreciate any help from the community in finding plagiarism where I might have missed it.
  • The photographs will be judged on how well they met the challenge, the quality of the image, the composition, lighting, exposure, creativity and the general aesthetics which means that yes, it is subjective.

By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs and allow for me to re-post the image should it receive a winner or honourable mention position.

Visit SteemitPhotoChallenge.com to see all the previous winners!

1. Go to the Witness Voting Page on Steemit.com
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the vote box
3. Type (blueorgy) in the box and click vote.



My 1st entry with flight tracks:

Here you can support the original post.
Good luck to each participant! :)

The bride. Her face shows a whole story

My second entry -Long Exposure- Steel stream :
steel stream
Story about photo:

Congrats @vtravels :) and everyone!
Wonderful picks!

Resteemed. Can i do anything else for the community?

Great work everyone

Congrats to everyone! Such good portraits. So glad i got the mention, Thank you!

good post @jamtaylor.

upvote and resteem

Wow, thank you so much! Awesome to be included in such an epic group of photos! Even more excited that it's long exposure time!

Oh my, those are ALL good! Congratulations to the winners!!!

Congrats to the winners!

@jamtaylor most of my longexposures are lightpaintings and are stacked, it is hard to lightpaint everything in one take. Is that ok or is it considered "digital art"?

Hmmm...... good question. Go for it and let's see how they stack up (get it?!?) with the other entries. I'm inclined to say that stacking is allowed.

very good pictures congrats to the winners ;-)

Really awesome photography The photo you uploaded was very beautiful. I liked it very much. To share so much beautiful photography, you have to tell the number of Mubarakabad. I hope that you will post many such good posts

Touching and impressive...

&#128255 intriguing & exceptional!

please in folow

Great photos love it

your post really very imformative of me.your photo challenge really good. i appreciate your photo.i liked your photography.thank u very much for your good photo post.@jamtaylor

Thank for your information.

I so glad if you want to folow or aupvote me

SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry :Juggle with fire on the Ibiza beach, longexposure photography:

Congrats to the winners, they are such emotional pictures!

I am happy got the mention, thank you so much!

My first entry:

Congrat to all, great pictures and the first place is really a good choise

Good post and nice picture

@matajingga 1
Thanks @axeman, i read the basic rules, but I didn't know there was anything extra for this contest.

Well, the first thing, the contest rules was B&W image, please read carefully...

Nice photographs. Every photograph seems to have been taken with professional excellence. Thank you @steemit for giving people a plateform to exhibit their talent.

Excelent i will participate.

Thank you so much @jamtaylor :) :) Also Congrats for the winners!

Wow... Big applause for you @matajingga.. superb job and proud to have an Acehnese Steemian acknowledged by the steem. It really boost my spirit to be more creative as you did.

Thanks for the appreciation! The Acehnese are one of the biggest users who have fun in Steemit :)

Please guide me as a newbie to be a good steemian. Experience from superior like you is the best teacher. Thank you.

Sep garang kiraju gata ngon @manshar

That's all for the pride of Acehnese. from Aceh to the world :)

From the world to Aceh 😃🤝🙏

Congrats to everyone! mantap para suhu..

WOW .. Congratulation @matajingga you're at second place 🤝😍nyo meunan bang @vannour

Thanks so much! Congrats too for you:) good job!

very good. I will try to make a title steemitphotochallenge if you love permission for me.@jamtaylor

Congratulations to all the winners .. your photos are amazing. Thanks also to
@jamtaylor for choosing my photo in the Emotive Human competition 🙏

Great steemit photochallenge

Oh my gosh thank you so much @jamtaylor this has made my day!! :)

you're wonderful, dear!

Thank you :)

Great photo! New talent spotted, will give you a follow :) See you around, @Finance2Nomad

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