SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry - The porcelain artist

This is my entry for the #steemitphotochallenge contest - Emotive Human Portrait, hosted by @jamtaylor.

17358861_1451150704908755_1064816259168119525_o (1).jpg

The porcelain artist

Nikon D810Nikon 50mm 1.4

Yes, this is an old photo of mine (aprox. 8-9 months), but i consider it to be my best portrait in that period of time. Also i just want to get your attention to the man in the photo and try to present him and his beautiful art to you with every occasion i have.

You can find his story, and more photographs of him right here:

This is my ORIGINAL CONTENT, if you like it, please follow, upvote and comment. Thank you!

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The man lit a cigarette and stared at the stained glass. They had no right to ask him to make such a sacrifice. But he would do it. If only to save her.

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Haha. Such a nice story man. Thanks for taking the time to comment

ooohhh I love this one!


Hey man! Thanks!

Love it!


So glad you like it!

That's a sweet portrait! Resteemed!


Thank you so much!

I have no idea why i feel connected to this photo. I just love it and couldn't get my eyes off it... Thumbs up


Such a powerful comment. I cannot thank you enough! Have a great day!

Nice. I really like the genuine feel of this portrait. I will check the story, because I like porcelain and the mass production took away the quality in so many things. If we don't take notice of beautiful things they die and the damage can never be replaced.


Thanks for taking the time to comment. And it was such a great one. Have a nice day

WOW. a very successful moment and shutter speed. I congratulate you. . I liked the created composition and the black and white color balance. very successful


Hey! Thank you!

Great environmental portrait! Wrks well in black and white!


Yes. I love it in bw. Thanks for the comment


You are welcome!

Foarte smecher Victor.


Multumesc mult!

Awesome photo. you can really feel the thoughts in this.


Thanks for the kind words!