📷 Steemit Photo Challenge - SPC 43 REMINDER 📷 + Top Steemit Portrait Photographers!!


This is a reminder that the deadline for SPC#43 is June 17th 0400 AM UTC.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday June 21st.

Have a look at the last post for all the other details!

Looking for guest judges:

Looking for Steemit users who have been very active in the photography section for at least a few months to judge and select winners for the contest. Guest Judges will now be paid 20SBD going forward. Contact me at Steemit.chat username @jamtaylor

Top Steemit Portrait Photographers!

The user @lightenup asked me "who are the best portrait photographers on Steemit??????????" to which I responded "Who do you think they are??

Well, I decided to go ahead and give my suggestions for the best Portrait Photographers on Steemit!

In no particular order, my favourite Steemit photographers who work in Portrait often... these are not SPC entries or winners, this is just a highlight section :)

I hope that you all won't mind me sharing your work here!

Please go and follow all of these users, they're worth it.


Under the covers w/ Betty Machete!

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(often nsfw)

NSPART - Black & White - Fine Art Implied Nude with Stefanie


📷 / B&W Photo Contest / Entry #1 Portrait of Miloš M.

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Dublin Nights - Nicole


Black & White with Sexy Lera


Monochrome Monday With Brittany!! (3 images)


Portrait photography Using only natural light


Sump can be cool! / А отстойники то не отстойные :)

Hey, dog portraits count too!


SteemitPhotoChallenge #42 - Animal Portait II - Entry 2 - Harlock

and how about the person who asked the question in the first place?


Photography VIDEO :: Coffee Farmers, Machine Guns, Models and Speed Metal Bands

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Don't forget....

This is a reminder that the deadline for SPC#43 is June 17th 0400 AM UTC.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday June 21st.


Follow my photography Curation Trail using Streemian.com, and/or become a fan!

Who are your favorite Steemit Portrait Photographers?!

Please leave some usernames below so we can all check them out!
Sorry if I missed you!!

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Wow, some stunning pics here @jamtaylor! Thanks for sharing, upped and checking out some new (to me) photogs

Wow those are all incredible photos. Good luck to all of the photographers!

Nice pics.

nice pics <3

@condra has been my favourite photographer on steemit for a while now. His work is always first class!

Wow!! Thank you @jamtaylor!!! I was already following everyone but one!! SUCH an Honor!!


Congrats Jason! That's super awesome to see people doing well on here. Im still figuring it out.

@nebcat is pretty amazing too!


Thank you @thelord! lol

Amazing work everyone!
Steemit has been very inspirational to me, wholeheartedly.

Honored to see I made the list without submitting. I was thinking I should submit an image and scrolled down and there I was. :)

It's also nice to see so many good photographers on on Steemit I didn't know about. I have a few people to go follow now.

Also I should mention that I'm now the Moderator of the new NSFW section on the Whaleshares discord Channel and will be running contests for NSFW Erotic Art Fine Art/Photography/Etc... where the winners get Whaleshares. Stop by my page I just posted about it a couple days ago and I'll be posting about it again soon!


I just saw your most recent post about photographers being ripped off when people use their photos in posts — I hope you know this wasn't my intention here but I wanted to highlight some of the better photographers for people to follow and wanted to use an example of your work so people could have an idea instead of just a name. In the future, though, I think I will just do names because you're right, we should be getting permission for imagery first.


No actually you were an exception to what I was talking about for the most part. I could tell that you wanted to help the photographers.

However I do suggest you contact the people and ask permission first. But from what I have seen of your posts, you are running a contest most of the time and people submit which is giving you their permission and I think your posts also feel to me like you are promoting the photographers. And your comment here proves to me that your intentions are good.

Unlike the other people who I have had dialog with and they are were very defensive, arrogant and insulting or non-responsive to my comments.

I actually felt Honored to be included and left a comment to that effect on your post. But I do prefer to be asked, as that also let's me know I'm being included. :)


For the SPC I have a disclaimer that gives me the permission to re-post any of the entries if they have won a position. It's just after the rules section. I wanted to cover my bases there so that there wouldn't be and problems in the future especially if a copyrighted image made its way through that the person didn't have permission to post!!

It says:
"By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs and allow for me to re-post the image should it receive a winner or honourable mention position."

So when does that Erotic Fine Art contest start :)


Soon I'm working on the Rules right now :)

Put aside a little money for Eid

Followed & Upvoted
Follow back please :) and upvote one of my blogs thankyou ;)

Great photos, this is a quality competition!


Well...I wouldn't count those as portraits, and they're Pixabay free stock images anyway :) I've seen them before.

These pix and awesome, good luck to all of you

I'm really enjoying the new challenge, but I'm saddened to see so many amazing images having relatively little upvotes. Especially when viewing the feed in 'new' rather than 'trending'. Is this way of Steemit generally?


Yes unfortunately that is a Steemit thing... im always encouraging people to follow more people because then I know they'll see the posts, I know a lot of people do not view by "New"

really great man ,very great contest )

Great photos

Hi! @jamtaylor

I am super interested in taking part in the SPC's. How do I hear/read about the different topics each day? I've followed you, as I assumed you'd be posting the themes...?


That's right! I'll be posting the winners for the current theme which is 'Derelict' (the deadline has already passed though!) during this week... and there will be a new theme. This is a good time to get involved because this next one is going to be special, since it's the one year anniversary. Going to be a party!!


Cool! I'll look out for the posts

this is basically a road map for who to follow for some serious inspiration here... thanks! <3

Thanks for the shout out! Upvoted and resteemed. Looking forward to checking out more work from @lightenup too.

can you check my one @cutegirl.

Beautiful photos I hope to one day be featured on here

Hi @jamtaylor - great post. I'm looking for awesome to people to connect with who love sharing their photography. Any tips?

Hi all! please check out some of my work @shomophoto ... bless