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This is my post requesting to join #AAKOM based on the instructions from this post.

AAKOM describes itself as:

...a new project dedicated to furthering knowledge on the esoteric and exoteric sciences.


..dedicated to esoteric and exoteric sciences, both formal research on states of consciousness and personal experiences of extraordinary states of mind.

My response: Our Force Vectors are aligned in the same direction. We can amplify each other.

One of AAKOM's guidelines I would like to address:

AAKOM aims to be non-sectarian so that if your purpose is to proselytise or promote your favourite divinity or cult leader, then I'm sure you will find other accommodating groups.

It is not my purpose to proselytize or promote my favorite divinity or cult leader; while taking precautions to not become one myself.

I do speak of Divinity in ways described by Qabalah and Hermeticism such as expressing itself as 'Creator', 'Effector', 'The Force', 'The Highest Octave of Intelligence'; and other traditions when relevant examples are appropriate.

I recognize such philosophies and traditions as convenient tools of thought to help me interface with cosmic concepts; and I will use whatever models of reality I see fit to discuss what I desire to express.

Short Introduction

My blog is a conversation on probing the nature of reality with Divination.

It has been around for a little over a month.

So far I have been posting commentary and lessons on Tarot & Qabalah, and Divination readings for individuals who send me questions via email, including members of the SteemIt community.

Concerning Divination readings, I have covered a broad variety of topics ranging from geopolitics - Is the United States about to go to war with Russia?, Who or What rules The World, to relationships; 'What does he want from me?', to helping people find direction in their lives.

In theory, any systematic set of symbols can be used for Divination; I particularly drift towards Tarot, Runes, I Ching, and other symbolic expressions where synchronicity is an activation of an archetypal force. I suspect that the act of Divination is a technology that depends on how our bodies interface with information in the form of light via some multidimensional mechanism dictated by the laws of The Matrix we currently inhabit. This has everything to do with Who and What we are in relation to each other and 'everything' else.

I let Querents know that I am not dispensing professional licensed advice. My role as an Oracle is to intuit information that will best empower them to make the best choices they can for themselves. All I am doing is casting cards/stones, interpreting symbols, and intuiting probabilities. This is a free will universe where Chaos is a potent force, and to take responsibility for the reality they are co-creating with The Matrix.

SteemIt has a weekly #TarotTuesday tag where Tarot enthusiasts create Tarot themed posts. My initial #TarotTuesday post of the week announces my constantly evolving 'Divination menu' for the week (often includes free readings), other notifications, insights and highlights from last week's readings. My most recent 'Tarot Tuesday [Current Date] Edition' post can be found here.

My approach to Divination is discussed in my introduction post.

Links to my recent and strongest posts

Query 14 - Keywords and symbols to help reach maximum human potential
This is my strongest reading to date because of the universal nature of the question, the high level of synchronicity, the flow in how the story unfolds and the multidimensional nature evoked discussion on the inner mysteries of the universe I have been able to perceive via gnosis.

Tarot Tip -1: Using the Minor Symbolism in a Reading
This post is a Tarot lesson and reading in one. It happened spontaneously in the comment section of a SteemIt post. It is also a fun example on the level of intuitive skill.

Tarot Tip - 2: What You Need to Know vs. What You Asked and Why Dating an Oracle Can be Menacing
The only post written so far where I discuss personal matters. I tell a story of how I found out somebody I was 'seeing' was also 'seeing' somebody else.

The Star of David Hexagram - A Divine Pattern
This post explains one of the most common (and potent) patterns I use for Divination.

Blockchain Trend Forecasters
I would like to conclude this list with my personal ode to The Trend Forecasters who are brave enough to use The Blockchain as their platform; where their oracular work cannot be altered in the retrospect.

Feedback from individuals of the SteemIt community whom I have done readings for can be read in the comment section of posts all over my blog.


I am a Wandering Wild Woman with a laptop obsessed with knowledge and trend forecasting.

Newcomers can read my introduction post here.


Hi @zero-infinity, thanks for your application and welcome to AAKOM!

You may join our private discord channel:
If this links has expired, please request another, or just PM me @rycharde within Discord.
Please also say Hi! in the channel so that a mod can upgrade your role.
You will start to receive upvotes from @rycharde and be eligible for inclusion in our curated MAP and AAKOM posts.
Any questions, just ask!

Thank you! I have been looking forward to this.

I would also like to second this nomination! And will also say thanks for this info. I didn't know about AAKOM, but I will be applying for myself as well!

Thank you. I second your nomination and will express that in the comment section of your application post.

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Thank you for resteeming. :)

Thank you! I hope so.

Didn't know this was part of MAP so cool to know this. Pretty sure u will be accepted, ur content is

Thank you, very kind of you.

I hope I get accepted, looks like a good fit.

you are definitely a good candidate for AAKOM - I can't see why you would not be selected...

Thank you! I second that opinion concerning your application.

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Thank you resteemy, this is a new community on SteemIt that I find worthwhile to advertise (whether my application gets accepted or not.)

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