Tell us about your experience about Steemit and what made you interested to join this platform

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Do you spend a lot of time on Steemit and read the blogs of others and
comment on them. Or do you spend most time on your own blogs?


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Do you have many friends at Steemit
who comment on your blog?

Do you know people at Steemit
who earn a little extra to spend money in a difficult time?

Do you have a sunshine story to tell about people in Steemit

If you have friends you want to join you in Steemit
you can use and share my video


Steemit is a very interesting platform, it is a network of support, of solidarity... Here I have met many incredible people, with great potentialities and cultures, without going too far @sultan-aceh gives us every day their talent in the creation of Fabulous drawings, the lord @world-travel-pro so creative that shows us the reality of the places you visit with your photos, videos and contests, Mr. @leeuw a creative and generous person with his original contests and you @xpilar always creating contests promoting art and creativity, with their drawings and questions seeking to explore the human part of each one of us.
Steemit is fabulous!!

Hi @solangeh

Thanks for your great comment

I am fairly new here so I am still figuring things out. I have always been interested in online communities since.. well since I started using the internet and that was a long time ago, I have been studying block chain for a while and have been enrolled in professional courses and my back ground is in digital marketing ,and business formations so this platform is interesting for me to study and learn more about and I hope to make some friends here and be a part of this growing community :)

Hi @thefixer

Welcome to Steeemit

Thank you for commenting

Here you will be able to make friends from all over the world

With your background you will probably find your own niche here when you start blogging

Thank You @xpilar for the warm welcome and I can't wait to explore more of steemit

Nice to get to know you @thefixer

I see Steemit as part of my family, part of my day to day, I have true friends of which I have received their friendship and support, more than an economic input, steemit keeps me up to date, I learn things I did not know, I travel to Through beautiful publications that put many photos and talk about very beautiful places, although we are going through very hard days and many people are gone, my expectations are, to continue here because I know that all this is temporary and we will soon have a prosperous steemit.

Hi @jennimorillo

Thanks for your great comment

Im here for few months and start to use it much more often in the last few week , i like to read posts and see some good art .

i have strong believe in steem ecosystem

Hi @mrme1984

nice to hear, thanks for your comment

Hello @xpilar .
I am to late for join steemit platform. i do not get early joining advantage. i learn so many things from this platform. when RC was applied that was the worst time for me and big challenge for survive. when i was suffer with low RC that time i can write 60comments with in 5days. but some good friends like @roundbeargames @khanza.aulia @akhoo @qurator was give me Great support on my post for came out Without any demand. your contests and digital art is give me good strength for stand and grow me on steemit. that is the the reason i am still on this platform. i like your digital art i always take part in your contest. in the last contest i was very near to the answer but the presentation of doktormuslem was good. this small things are teaching me so many lessons on this platform.. i really thank you my friends who are supporting me..
Thank you @xpilar . thank you steemit...

Hi @tussar11

Thanks for your great comment

It's nice to hear that we give you support to continue

Since I joined here in July 2017, Steemit has become a great part of my life!
Waking up, I'm with Steemit and going to bed, I'm with Steemit)
I spend a lot of time on Steemit reading the blogs of others and
comment on them. And I publish my own post every day.
I have learned a lot from Steemit and have a lot of friends here.
This all is so exciting!
Thanks, @xpilar community for your support.
Steemit will go very far!

Hi @ir3k

Thanks for your great comment

I recognize myself in what you are telling

It often happens that I read a lot what others write and the hours fly away

and the hours fly away

Oh, it's true! )

When I joined Steemit I was still very ordinary. what I know is it has similarities with other social media, but it has many advantages. if on FB, WA, we are just trying to find popularity, in Steemit there is more value. we can learn how to write and post. Initially I was only able to see and read other account posts. until I try to find more friends with the following account that has appeal. I feel that being in steemit is a good step in learning to write and work.
Until now, I always felt that I was new to Steemit. I still learn a lot. I spend enough time surfing the steemit ocean every day. Besides making posts, I also read other account posts. This becomes a learning how other people successfully manage accounts. Especially the management of accounts which then make money. One big bonus in following a platform. I also comment on content that is intersting and I understand what he wrote. I don't want to comment just because I want to get upvote, but also want to appreciate and give more value to the content, thankfulness can be input.
The most exciting thing is that when I gave the comment then I was responded to with Upvote which means I got a bonus from my owner, including you @xpilar, with various posts and contests that I always read and followed.
Thank you @xpilar
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

Hi @rokhani

Thanks for your great comment

It's nice to hear that we give you support

You are welcome. Your support encourage me in this platform.
Thank's again @xpilar

steemit has become a part of our life as a family. I came to know about it in September 2018. I have learned a lot from this. there are quite a large number of people here. all are playing their own kind of rolls by their posts. some time ago I was unemployed but now after getting steemit platform, I am not unemployed. yes, I have got work here. I do not come as good as writing an article but I know what to comment on the post of another. Because I specialize in and I talk to the reality of post. The biggest thing was that I did not have to speak English, but after coming here I speak English well. I hope very much from steemit too. i know steemit will go very far. and thanks, @xpilar community Because of your support, steemit has reached here. from India

Hi @anil566

Thanks for your great comment

It's nice to hear that we give you support

@xpilar, May be this line used before many times but after my experience i can say that this line is best suits and that is, Came just for money, but staying for community. And i am part of amazing Community DtubeFamily777 or Linkseven77. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hi @chireerocks

Thanks for your great comment

Welcome and have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

I'm still new but from now on steemit is my life and I'm trying to support people even if give them 1% upvotes I want them feel good and continue because we are all family 👪

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Hi @sophiajames

Thanks for your great comment

Good Morning

I started on this great platform, thanks to a friend who encouraged me to join her, I have something more than a month here and really, it is part of my daily life. I publish every day and I comment to several users to whom I find their publications interesting.

The serious economic crisis that affects my country Venezuela has made Venezuelans have to look for options to increase our income, and this was the main reason why I joined Steemit. Today, this has become more than just a way to seek additional income. This has become a way of life to which I dedicate a large part of my day.

Regards ...

Hi @rafaelj25

Nice to hear, thanks for your good comment

Hello friends!! I had plans to leave the country to look for better economic opportunities, because my country that is Venezuela is going through a terrible economic crisis ... I did not know how to use the computer but my girlfriend taught me the basics and motivated me to join the platform. I have been part of my livelihood, and my plans to leave the country leave them, Thanks to Steemit and all the friends that I have made here, I can assure you that I am staying in Venezuela.

Hi @jdbs

Thanks for your great comment

I don't have much of a story, i didn't earn much for the first while but now i have been doing a little more i managed to rank up a bit :)

Hi @megamovie

nice to hear, thanks for your comment

Blockchain is the best place for free-speech. That was the major reason why we built Steem is very potential because you can earn money for your words. On your opinions are worth real money.

Hi @discutio

Thanks for your great comment

Well steemit has helped us a lot making new friends and came to know about cryptos was the biggest thing for me

Hi @blazing

nice to hear, thanks for your good comment

I spend almost all my free time on the platforms, it's my way of enjoying, almost everything I do is to see the publications and comment, I'm also in other pages so I have lots of friends.

Hi @elider11

nice to hear, thanks for your good comment

I like Steemit. I try to write a couple blogs a week. The rest of the time I check out my feed, and topics my followers upvoters and commenters are engaged with. I like to see if I can add more people by finding interesting comments. If people like my content, perhaps we have common interests online. I like both aspects, Steemit benefits too.. I find commenting on people's posts is just as important as replying to comments in my own. I also have a few friends who I'll upvote or follow their curation trails. Excited to see the potential. Steemit is still new in my mind.

HI @abitcoinskeptic

Thanks for your great comment

Steemit is a social media platform that has a poweful medium. Blogging, advertising, entertainment, poetry, and other types of writing is what steemit have. Unlike Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites, Steemit is the only one that provides any kinds of information around the world, where mass or everyone can share what they captured, they eat, they have experience and anything what you like, want top post is free and other actions of people around the world. But in steemit, your hardworks, efforts and perseverance will be granted, because in steemit, you can earn money based in your posts, upvote, resteem, or commenting into someone's posts.

I really enjoy and having fun throughout Steemit because I am able to make new friends from distance places, see blogs about adventure, nature and food, and most of all I am able to read and captivate the wonderful stories that is so inspiring and motivational made by steemians. Through steemit I am ble to discover the world, clearly and vividly by not just being on the certain place but by through blogs and stories of our fellow steemians.

Thanks you! Happy new year!

Hi @razel

nice to hear, thanks for your good comment

thank you @xpilar

I mostly comment i guess.

Hi @tubo

Giving other comments is a good way to get to know and make friends

I don't have to much to say but i enjoy steeming with steemit!

Hi @toptens

thanks for your comment

Hi @xpilar, thank you for this post, I believe it is always difficult to start and many people will find your post as a possibility to introduce themselves too. I am glad that you give this opportunity and I am really grateful that I met you in Steemit.

In my opinion, it is more important to surf in Steemit and to read other blogs to find people with same interest in first instance just to create a little friendship circle, but more important just to be a person, to be yourself as you are, everyone appreciates honesty and respect. I believe many of us enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when we make someone else happy if we can. In Steemit may be we forget about that because as we all know " makes the world go round..." therefore no matter if we like it or not that makes a huge impact if people stay using this social media platform or not.

I like living Steemit and I believe if there would not be my main job that I am doing I would probably spent much more time communication and discovering more but "c'est la ville" we have to set priority.

My advice will be be active, like in real life, treat others like you wanted to be treated and do not give up if you want to reach something. Steemit is like a real life it will reward if you will be hard working person.

I wish everybody success and let's Steem!

Hi @stef1

nice to hear, thanks for your good comment

I came to steemit at the most crucial moment of my life, I was desperate because the weight of maintaining a home was very difficult, with my country is its strongest economic crisis seen in its history did not allow me to cover the cost of food .. When I received my first payment it was a total blessing, blessing that every week comes to my life, I have met so many wonderful people here that Steemit is more than a platform where I invest my time, it is a means to know the world, travel, laugh, dream ... I am infinitimante happy to be part of this community, to be part of Steem. From this beautiful and prosperous family.

Hi @anasuleidy

Thanks for your great comment

It is nice to hear what you are saying about Steemit

I joined almost one year and I like here more than fb or Twitter. There are not many people here so basically I know any single person in CN community. We grow together and learn together, steem has been part of my life now.

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Hi @ ericet

thanks for your comment
there will be more

Hola mucho gusto a todos, realmente apenas estoy empezando en esta comunidad y estuve investigando, y me di cuenta que en mi primera publicación cometí algunos errores, según vi en vídeos donde dan pequeños tips, apenas estoy un poco perdido en cuanto a todos las opciones que contiene pero espero con el tiempo logre adaptarme pero en cuanto a la plataforma es una gran oportunidad encuentras muchas cosas súper interesantes echos con mucha pasión y eso hace que steemit se una gran lugar y eso hace que te interese cada post que encuentres, en lo particular a mi me gusta mucho el arte y aquí e encontrado mucho inspiración, espero conocer también a personas con el mismo gusto y llegar a dar consejos para crecer.
Muchas GRACIAS a todos por que tanto en el post como en los comentarios se aprende.

Hi @paper-head

thanks for your comment

I put your comment in English here
but I don't quite understand what you say
You can explain it a little more to us

"If you want to do this, you will be able to access and update the investigator, using the same number as the public error, we will then send you tips, tips and suggestions on how to do this. this is the best way to change the logging parameters and to find out more about how much interest is paid between many different sites and how to get started when you search for and send messages, and loads Especially with many people, they are much more inspiring, so you can easily compare them to different ones and create the same value.
Much of the text and the post como and loose commentaries are displayed."

My experience in Steemit, almost every day seeing and reading the experiences of others, to seek knowledge while sharing with friends who are on the platform, greetings from I made @ xpilar

Hi @khalis

Thanks for your great comment

waauu it seems like this is very good to tell. I joined Steemit for almost 1 year. and many things happened with me. there is something that makes me happy in steemit and something annoys me.

For the first time, I will tell you why I am happy in this steemit. the thing that most caught my attention in Steemit was the amount of health knowledge. even more health science that I got in steemit than when I studied with the masses at the university. I also joined an air-clinic platform that discussed health. and the air-clinic is also connected with steemit. I get a lot of health science.

and I can also know about cryptocurrency, at first I didn't understand cryptocurrency at all. now I know what cryptocurrency is. I can also have many friends in various countries. even friends who live in one area with me are closer. and I also know a lot about religion.

and I will tell you why I am annoyed at Steemit. there are some people who join steemit but don't give upvote to people who have low power. they only give upvote to close friends. even though someone who has low power has made a very good post. Upvote should be given fairly.

and I spent a lot of time steaming and reading other people's blogs and commenting on them. but sometimes I also spend a lot of time on my own blog.

Do you know anyone in Steemit
Who gets a little extra to spend money in a difficult time?

I get a little extra from you @xpilar. in my opinion not a little, but I get a lot from you. You often give upvote on comments that I give. whatever upvote you give, I think that's a lot. I am still grateful. and with the gift you gave a few days ago. I am very happy.

Hi @aulia1993

Thanks for your great comment

I agree with you that those with bigger SPs can also vote a little back and not just some of the few

I was late joining Steemit, compared to my friends who had joined and triumphed.

At first I was having a hard time getting started and running this platform, but after learning a lot from other customers on Flatform Steemit, YouTube and others, I started liking and running it, when many others left Steemit I was still here and introduced to people I meet.

in steemit I read other people's articles more, although sometimes I am very rarely to comment.

Hi @longberry

Thanks for your great comment

I have never used social media really at all before. i have a few FB accounts however i never posted more than once on each! and yeah I mostly comment :/

Hi @ryan1000

thanks for your comment

Freedom of speech and no censorship. Long before Facebook Youtube and twitter started censoring people. I knew it was a matter of time so I switched to steemit. I am still not where I’d like to be as far as knowing how to use the platform and all its capabilities but I’ll tell you what, it’s a far more peaceful place than the other social media outlets. They’re a bunch of angry unhappy people.

I think the potential of rewards makes me people more considerate. Idk but in a place where people can do whatever they want, there is more restraint here than any other platform I’ve been on and it’s not an echo chamber. I like that.

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Hi @trezmala

Thanks for your great comment

Like what you tell and I appreciate the freedom her

the reason why I join this online community is that personally I have lots of interest in blogging. I needed such an amazing platform to share my blog, I am new here and hope that it will be a great experience here to share what I feel.

H i @nagumanbaloch

Thanks for your great comment

Thanks for sharing the details about crypto .. keep it up and carry on your activities..

Thanks for your comment @sign-up-steem

When I was new to Steemit, I treated this as a platform to earn money only. I did not expect the community and society was developed so rapidly and widened my horizons. I got to know more friends through this community besides earning money. It is a fantastic platform for developing own personal abilities as well.

In this upcoming 2019, I hope to get more homies here!

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Hi @moneybaby

Thanks for your great comment

The first time in steemit really amazing for me. Honestly, i try to vote people's post, simply because i feel same like them :) So, even just a few people go to my post. I still love steemit, because there is so many people with amazing talent here.


Thanks for your great comment

Others will get to know you when giving comments

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