The Steemit/TigerTime Video Was Shared By Ricky Gervais!

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Hello! Here is an update on the video I've been working on for Tiger charity TigerTime. A few days was double donation day on the Global Giving page. I finished the video (along with Steemit logo at the end!) and put through a donation of £1000 to TigerTime.

Of course the charity were thrilled with our donation - this is one of their Facebook posts prominently mentioning Steemit with over 3000 likes and 235 shares.

The Video

Here's the finished video (watch to the end for the Steemit logo). You might recognise the piece of music as I premiered it on Steemit a few months ago. I have since written and recorded cellos and violins so it's slightly different. You can buy the MP3 on iTunes.

The Reaction

As mentioned I was hoping that we could get the video to one or two of the celebrities involved with the charity to boost the views of the video - especially Ricky Gervais as he'd previously shared my music.

We did it! Here's RG reposting the video.
It's currently at 92,000 views!

The Reposters

Thanks to everyone who voted on the last post and especially to those that reposted including @goldmatters @knozaki2015 @ericvancewalton @berniesanders @kevinwong @benny87gra @alinamarin @imarealboy777 @taoteh1221 @matrixdweller @riosparada @liliana.duarte @handmade @aizensou @steemitqa @onlyvoluntary @bacchist @rappiro @badploi @steemitfaucet @liondani @macksby @albertoacv4498 @navihawk @dianesart @thetruthfairy @summon @surfermarly

[Any further donations/author rewards will cover the donation I've already made.]

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This is amazing PR and a GREAT cause. Thank you for doing this:)

Dude... Ive just realized ... tigers.... (its ironic, if you saw my room when i was a teenager, you'd understand what i mean, does the fact that i have it tattooes mean anythign? )

i think im going to sign up to tiger time too, anythign else i can do?


Haha amazing! Okay well the Global Giving page is probably the best place to start. That's where I put the donation through.

The actual charity is TigerTime and there's loads of info on that website - but I'm not sure if you can donate directly through them.


Im on it now, will register and see what i can do


fantastikt fina bilder

Ricky has over 11 million followers. Cool if 1% of those came to Steemit. Great work. Got to save those tigers. Too many species have been lost already


Yea, that would be amazing. It would about double the total amounts of created account!


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Wow, what an amazingly good and great initiative. you sure get my upvote for this one. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Thanks for doing this.

Awesome initiative! Great work spreading the word while building some environmental good along with it. Cheers!

That's great! Resteemed.


This is incredible! I love it when one can combine the advertisement of our favorite social platform, while also donating money to a very needed cause!


ola! =D mesmo e é gratis! br?

Resteemed and Upvoted. Thanks!

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this is how we do it! =D

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nice video, great work!!

It's a very good idea!

Big respect to people who doing such useful things. My lovely singer Ilja Lagutenko (band Mumiy Troll) supporter of Siberian Tigers conservation. he is wel known and is a patron of Russian-British project to protect tigers.