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I thought I would roll up all my services into one big post here, and recap just whats on offer.
The main reason I want to do this post is to talk a little bit more about some of these bots and what my thoughts are on them.
Specifically the results I'm seeing from running these bots.

☠️ Minnow Pat on the Back Bot ☠️

I do love the idea of supporting minnows. I first started out with my adopt a minnow for a month comp which I ran for a few months but I did notice some things I wanted to improve upon.
Let's look at a couple of the flaws.
☣️ I was spending lots of my time running this comp, and was quickly loosing enthusiasm.
☣️ I was noticing a drop in activity from adopted minnows, which caused me to think what if I spend a month boosting a minnow and they loose interest in steemit and don't come back.
☣️ I also noticed that minnows weren't posting every day, so the 1 month adoption period would drag on and other minnows would miss out.

Due to those issues I decided to rethink how I would support minnows, which led to the creation of my Minnow Pat on the Back Bot.
The idea is rather simple which is to support 2 randomly selected minnows based on some selection criteria and give those two minnows a 50% up vote each.

Let's just recap the selection process:
Two minnows will be picked each day from my followers list, so long as they pass the checks my bot has in place.

These are the checks my bot will perform

☣️ Minnows picked must be above reputation level 25 and below reputation level 55.
☣️ Your post must not be nsfw.
☣️ A post length of 1000 characters or more. (HTML, images, links etc will be stripped out from character count)
☣️ Post picked will be less than 5 days old.
☣️ The bot won't pick a post I have already voted for.
☣️ Post must not be identified as possible plagiarism by @cheetah

These checks are rather simple but ensure that the minnows the bot is supporting have gone to some effort to write their post.
This I think is a real problem on steemit, people can get really disheartened and walk away from steemit all together because they are going to some effort to write up a decent blog post but might only make a few cents on it.
So my bot will give you a few extra cents for your effort. It will be nice when the price of steem rises again as these up votes will be worth a lot more.

Thoughts on the bot

I have been monitoring the bot and must say I'm quite happy with how it's performing.
Most of the people getting up votes are writing some pretty decent content yet their posts have barely earned anything. So they have at least earned something on these posts.

This is exactly what I was hoping for with the bot.



☠️ Villan's Thank You Bot ☠️

I like the idea of rewarding people who support me, the old you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.
So I created my thank you bot for that very purpose.

It can be hard to keep track of who is supporting you, but with this bot I know who I should be up voting as a thank you.
I had to drop out of the @centerlink curation trail because it was affecting my thank you bot, so I just decided to delegate 50 SP to @teamaustralia instead.

I do my best to make sure I up vote my fans who support me through manual curation, but some times posts slip through the cracks as life can get pretty hectic sometimes.
So my thank you bot is designed to pick up those posts I miss.

Recapping how it works

So let's just recap exactly how my bot works.
My bot will go and get all the up voters of my last 10 posts(so not resteems), add up the total amount of shares(vote value) for each up voter and then build a reward pool of 20 voters.
The bot will then go to the recent top voters blog and check for posts posts which I have not already up voted and give one of those posts an up vote based on my bots reward system and where they come in with regards to the list of twenty up voters.

To be eligible for the reward pool you must meet a few basic checks:
☣️ You must have a blog post which is no more than 5 days old.
☣️ Your blog post must not have already been up voted by me.

That's it.

The rewards system

Here is how the rewards system works.

🏆 1st place(most generous up voter) gets a 100% upvote and a resteem.
🏆 2nd will get a 50% up vote and a resteem.
🏆 3rd will get a 25% up vote and a resteem.
🏆 4th - 10th will get a 20% up vote.
🏆 11th - 20th will get a 10% up vote.

I have also put a mechanism in place so any top up voters who either have not been posting or I have already up voted all their post will go in to a pool of users, and my bot will transfer 0.003 STEEM as a little thank you.

Also all these up voters will go into a post which congratulates them for their support and hopefully earns them a bit of support from my followers.

Thoughts on the bot

I'm rather happy with how the bot is running.
I think twice a week is a good amount of times to run the bot, it gives my vote strength a chance to recharge and leave me up vote strength for manual curation.

I'm really liking the bot as it has helped me identify a few users who deserve a little support from me but have not been getting it.



☠️ Villan's Steeming Hot Resteem Bot ☠️

Last but not least is my third support service, my @steeming-hot resteem bot.
Initially I was going to build this as a paid resteem service, but I had an idea part way through building it to make a free resteem side of the service.
So @steeming-hot was born.

@steeming-hot is a resteem bot that will go through it's list of followers each day and pick three lucky people at random. These people must meet some selection criteria.
My resteem service is geared towards promoting quality content as best it can.

Recap of how it works

Three followers each day will randomly be selected.
These followers must pass the selection criteria checks to be eligible for resteem.
These 3 followers will have one of their posts resteemed and will receive a 100% up vote from the bot.

The criteria selection process:
💩 You must be a follower of @steeming-hot.
💩 Your reputation must be above 25.
💩 Your post must have 1000 characters or more, and the bot won't count HTML, images or links. They get stripped out from the character count.
💩 Your post must be less than 4 days old.
💩 Your post can't have already been resteemed by @steeming-hot, makes sense.
💩 Your post must not have been identified by @cheetah as possible plagiarism.

I have opened up the possibility to potentially buy your resteem, but this is more meant to be a reward for people who are supporting the service.
After the resteems are done, the bot will create a post titled "Free Resteem Winners Showcase" with the date attached. The top up voter of that post will receive a resteem and an up vote the next day when the bot runs.

Now there is a catch, just because your the top up voter doesn't mean you will automatically get a resteem. The top up voter must also pass the selection criteria process listed above.
So you might not be the most generous up voter due to you vote strength, but this doesn't mean you necessarily miss out.
Also bots are excluded from the top up voter selection.

I have done this top up voter resteem as I would like to grow this bot, so the up votes it gives out are more valuable. This means the bot really relies on the generosity of others to really grow.

I have also delegates 100 SP and will look at delegating more.

Thoughts on the bot

I have been really happy with the way the bot is working, and have been monitoring it closely. It works a charm.
The content it is rewarding is some really good stuff, and I'm really grateful for the support I have received so far for the bot.



You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Now there is a catch, just because your the top up voter doesn't mean you will automatically get a resteem.
It should be you're the instead of your the.

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