UPDATE: Giving Away STEEM TIPS to Struggling Users

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Even though it's been a pretty busy week for me, there has been a lot of Steem passed around. The goal has been to find Steemit users who have been working hard but haven't been getting great rewards (yet.) Most of us have been in that position, having to grind up from being a minnow, trying to just be patient.

As many of you know, last week I put up a post called I'm giving out 100 Steem as Tips to struggling users...anyone want to match me? The response has been pretty phenomenal! It's only been four days, but I felt it was already time for an update on how things have been working out.

Huge Thank You to those who Donated!

This started with 100 Steem from my pocket and has been snowballing pretty well! Between what has been given so far on top of the HUGE support on the original post, this will easily be able to continue another couple weeks. I wanted to first take a moment to thank all of those who donated to this initiative!

@Steemvoter vote on Original Post

100 Steem from @cryptomancer

25 Steem from @virtualgrowth given to @whatsup for distribution

25 Steem from @whatup (that she's distributing)

15 SBD from @kyriacos

10 SBD from @ryivhnn

2 SBD from @sethlinson

25 Steem from @hanshotfirst

5 Steem from @akrid

9 Steem from @acidyo

10 Steem from @haphazard-hstead

Counting the SD from the original post going into the pool (which pays out in 3 days) we've gone from my 100 Steem up to 299 Steem and 152 SD (234.64 Steem at current prices) (including approximate SD from that post payout.) Converted to Steem this initiative has received just under 535 Steem of support!!

Thank You to the Helpers looking for those Deserving of a Tip!

I wanted these tips to get spread as widely as possible and not just to those people I happen to know. So to accomplish this, I've asked various people to each give out five 5-Steem tips to struggling, yet deserving users (I only gave to a few people myself.) There weren't any rules beyond they had been working hard and haven't really been getting rewarded. Here's a list of those who have been helping me to distribute the Steem to a wide array of people:






I mentioned to each of these 'givers' that they could make a post saying who they gave the tips to any why, if they wanted to. @whatsup went far beyond asking for nominations with a huge response in her comments. But here are the posts that have been made by the tip distributors thus far:
I'm Going to Tip a Minnow or 10: Encouraging and End User Retention by @whatsup
Tipping a Minnow or Ten Update by @whatsup
25 Steem, which way did it go George? by @clevercreator

Not only are these all caring people, they're awesome human beings! Thank you all so much for helping spread some Steem around to well deserving recipients!

Congrats to all who Received Tips!

This is a list of people so far who have been given a (5) Steem Tip. There is a reason they were given this, so I do recommend taking a look at the work on their blog to find out why for yourself. But, I did want to provide you all with the wonderfully supportive memos that went along with the tips to these Steemians!

@tsudohnimh - Thanks for your great work! Keep it up. Don't forget to format!!!!!

@elishagautam - Your words are precious Alisha, keep up the good work!! helping helps bring positive things in our life :) Here's a 5 steem tip for you, steem on :)

@weq - Thank you for all of the time you spend on steemit. This Tip is from several community members who would like to support your work.

@blancobasura - This is a tip from several community members. We want you to know you are appreciated. We understand building your account can be hard.

@alfredegrate - This is a tip from several community members. We want you to know you are appreciated. We understand building your account can be hard.

@blunderbabe - Hello, This is a tip I like your articles, and I understand growing a minnow account is tough.

@animalbenefits -Tip of encouragement. I see that you are working hard to establish yourself on the platform. Here is a tip for your efforts.

@p5ych0path - Thanks for putting the love into your content

@ooxide - Your words are beautiful -- steem on and bring the world to its knees!

@deepapoudel - Thank you for your lovely words and thoughts. Full Steem Ahead!!!

@jovana - We need more of your brilliant view points and imagination, please and thank you. I appreciate you.

@akrid - I appreciate you and all that you are -- riding the steem train to the moon, baby!

@jeffhiedeman - The photos in your recent posts are phenomenal! They deserve a bit more payout than what they got. Here's a 5 Steem tip!

@thereikiforest - Your posts are always well thought out and extremely positive! Feeling that your last post in particular was a little undervalued...here's a 5 Steem tip!

@gktown - Here's to getting some of those followers of yours onboarded!

A Little Bookkeeping

As it stands, I've distributed 125 Steem to 5 others to pass out (not all have found a good home just yet). @whatsup has been giving out her and @virtualgrowth's donations. I've given out 35 Steem myself directly to the end receiver. This leaves 89 Steem to still give away! On top of this there are 29 SD's plus any SD's that come from the original post (probably around 125 SD with it's current payout.) Converting this to Steem from SD (at current prices) is about 235 additional Steem to give away. This leaves the pool at approximately 314 Steem!

Preferring to make sure these tips go to 'good, deserving homes' it's seemed like budget of 100-150 Steem per week is a good level. There are still some tips to be given by those helping too. Since I don't feel the need to rush the money out...

I'm going to plan to do another about 100 Steem each week, for the next three weeks!

While I may give a little of this away myself, the VAST majority will be going through 'helpers' letting it get spread muuuch broader.

If you would like to be a helper giving away five 5-Steem tips next week, leave a comment on this post!

[Apologies I've not gotten an actual spreadsheet together just yet.]

Like before, 100% SD from this post will be donated into the TIP pool.

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This is still awesome. We both know how it felt early on, producing content getting 1 cent and single digit votes. Wanted to give up so many times, something like this makes a huge difference.

P.S. - surpassed 500 followers....11 months ago I'd never thought I would be here. Keep grinding newbies! I post nearly everyday :-)


I'm really happy how well this has been going. Even though I've had less time myself lately, there are still Steem tips being given out. Right now I've got funding for at least three more weeks giving out 100 steem a week!

Oh definitely..I remember those early days. That one great intro post that loooong strings of nothing. It's sooo crazy how far we've come. My mind blew a bit in the last couple days when I topped 1000 followers...freaking crazy!

Someone should have taken away my microphone a looong time ago. Lol

I am searching some more struggling users to give them 5 steem tips ;)
I haven't completed yet, but there are more struggling users and so I wish this project to continue as long as possible :)


I'm so happy with how well this initiative has been going!
Oh, no worries. Feel free to take some time giving those tips out..I'd rather them find 'good' homes versus just being rushed out...on top of it supposed to be fun to give them out, versus stressful. :)

Keep it up! Maybe you should run a weekly competition!


Hrm...what sort of competition did you have in mind?
Even if it wasn't me, maybe one (or some) of the helpers giving out the tips could run some.


Instead of helping you to give away your own Steem, can I count on a weekly upvote from you for my 100% SBD giveaway (at least until my posts generate enough on their own to make the prize(s) worthwhile)? It would be greatly appreciated.


We can try it out a couple weeks an see how it goes. I'll go upvote now. I'll also donate 25 sbd for this first week to add to the pool. (While I can upvote next week too...the donation was a one time thing.)


Oh wow! I'm touched. I don't really want anyone dipping into their own funds for this. An upvote is plenty I should think. Oh my ... I just saw the pop-up notification... you already made the transfer. That will tide me over for a bit if the following weeks don't produce much then. Would you like to help choose a winner?


It's ok..I've still got some donated steem to give away. I was keeping it spread out over some weeks.

Umm..you go ahead and choose the winner. I've been so strapped for time lately it's impossible for me to take on anything else right now.

However, I will announce the winners on the @steemittalk podcast if you like.


That would be fantastic! You are my guardian angel on Steemit. Thank-you so very much!


:) happy to help out

I will be matching with 100 STEEM to be given away. 25 of this already has been provided as stated in this post. Also made a post to give STEEM to some people that you can vote for who you want to receive STEEM:

Contributions, Donations, Giveaways - Spirit of Giving - Vote for who virtualgrowth (and others?) to tip!


Awesome!! and great idea!


I got to say, this is a great guesture. I have noticed that climbing on the ladder, is hard, takes time, but investment is just the start here. Everybody chooses their own way to build up a loyal team of followers.

Besides that i think it all starts with reading. A lot of information about steemit and other interesting info can be found on steemit. that is where you should start. Be committed and the rest will follow, in my opinion.



Reading others work is a big piece that I didn't mention in this post...but it can't be underestimated.

Be committed and the rest will follow, in my opinion.

Thank you really apreciated we really need some helpl starting to feel down but better now

Great initiative @sykochica. Thanks for looking after the minnows.

I'd love to be a helper.
As a new user myself, I'm constantly on the hint for good content and their creators to follow. For this reason alone I think I'd be a great addition to your helpers list.
Steem on!


Sounds good! I'll get in touch with you this weekend in steemit.chat. :)

Keep doing this kind job. Is very necessary rewards the minnows to keep their attention here and they don't be discouraged.

It is very good! You are doing such a good thing.

I think it is great that there are people on this platform that help us newbies. What a great community.

Thanks for putting this out there and everyone else helping us new to this platform as well as cryptocurrency

I love the struggle, it makes you a better writer!


Oh definitely! While the money is nice...in the end it's all about personal progression. I have no doubts that my writing has gotten better since I started here last year. Steemit's a great tool for people bettering themselves on many fronts.

Thanks very much @sykochica, I told Val that you gave me steem to give to people that join and she loved it :)


That's awesome! I hope they sign up! :D


I've already brought on a few, Im just waiting for them to confirm their usernames with me :) The profile creation process is way faster now too :)


That's awesome!! On both fronts! :D
It gets a bit too pricey for me using anonsteem for everybody. lol

Aw, this is awesome. :)


:) Thank you!!
Would you be willing to distribute a few 'tips' if I sent the Steem your way?


oh definitely! With gratitude. Working hard to get myself back up there. :) <e


:) I'll sent it on over.

You are an amazing person and I look forward to see the moon with you.


Awwww... blush :D

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I just want to be sure that the 10 steem I put in the other day, gets included in the total, since I didn't see it listed here. I appreciate your project!


Doh, sorry. You definitely sent it! I'll make sure I get it into the listed and in the budget. It felt like I was missing somebody.

Thanks again!

Thanks so much @sykochica I definitely have started on the road to getting the formatting tamped down on XD

Great news. Yes, for the majority of the newbies, it is very hard to have success in steemit.


It does definitely take a while for most people to get built up on here. I was there myself for a long time. While I'm not huge or anything...I'm pretty dang happy with what I've accomplished on here.

Given effort, time and a little bit of luck...it's quite achievable. :)

Im never going to give up, i appreciate the art in this stuff too much! thanks @sykochica