Real-Time "Power-Use" Of A Steemit Post & 7 Hours Recording Of The Last SteemGigs Discord Talk.

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So it happened! The SteemGigs talk on discord happened again, all through the early hours of the past Sunday (Manila time)

That night was tough! I was in deep places of sorrow but "close to 9 hours" on the SteemGigs discord (in a talk) still happened. 

That's me!

I listened to the recorded version of the talk and you can too. @ishanvirtue was able to record most of it and uploaded it to @dtube

Many are becoming diggists and this is essential to the beauty of the world. 

@phantum04 dug all day long too. After her effort, with converting the very large file to MP3 and hours of waiting for it to upload and publish, it got deleted for being too large.

@phantum04 i wonder if dsound, will work for such large files

You can listened to the show here:

Listening to the talk re-touched me. Those talks happen on-the-spot; fully felt; almost fully-fiction-less and a portion of it especially, re-touched me. 

Well, several portions of it. 

It is several hours long but if you paid close attention; across the span of the recording, you would have heard a loud background-voice several times, that sounded like heavy shouts of "Jah". 

That was my popsy in his agony; in his wailing; in his lost world. 

He suffers each minute. I suffer each minute. My heart already cuts for myself. My heart cuts for him. "2 heart-cuts every minute". 

Hahaha, i just played!

If you look at the script more intently though, these are these details:

They have taken my dad away from me and put this whole new-scene before me, to let me watch it; same as they took my mum away and put another in her place and let me watch it. 

I laugh!

Who is stopping?

Hahaha, i saw the other sides too (upon listening to the audio of the talk); so who is stopping? I laugh!

There are other sides of the recording that made me marvel. You know, in those talks, where other humans are involved (YOU), i fully am there present. 

Within those discord talks, i truly dig. Yes, even within those very on-the-spot moments; "in the split milliseconds in-between"; i dig stuff out. 

Hahaha, i don't have long term memory even, but my memory sharpens in those split moments where "YOU" are/become involved, because i was digging.

For you, i am bound to be diggist.

Remember where i said (during the talk/if you are just listening to it/if you are about to listen to it) that i would usually jot down my "dreams in dream-bits" on countless small-torn-pieces-of-paper instead of on organized books and that if i was to store my dream-bits into a booklet/book, i would usually write them out on authored books (as opposed to empty plain books) and all across it, in tiny pieces (dream-bits) instead of "whole", not only to add a code-dimension to the drafts of my dreams but also so that, whenever i have to re-comeback to this book, to find the missing piece-of-my-puzzle, i would have to dig all over again, in entire journey to find it. Remember?

Well, those words in themselves where dug-out stuff, happening on-the-spot because i was digging off of myself to pour this INTEL, because "YOU" were involved. 

I haven't written with a pen in a long time and as i was listening to the recording again, i marveled because, i wondered how can i have popped out that old (redundant) INTEL on-the-spot and the answer was re-told to me........;

Jehovah gifts me and "YOU" were very much involved.

So yes, there are battles and odds and stuff but who is stopping? 

I laugh!

Back to Dream-Building

I didn't just want to go to an organized place to pick my dream-bits or entire dreams up. 

Note: by "dreams"; i mean things, like innovation ideas, world-adjusting ideas, going-to-the-moon ideas etc

Yes, i didn't want an organized book where i can easily go to and find a listing (of my dreams) with pin-point titles. 

I wanted puzzles. I want the crooked, tiny path; i wanted the testimonial harder route; but "that's me"; for "YOU".

I wanted to dig; to re-kickstart the journey of dream-building each time. I wanted each dream-bit to have an un-patterned route, so i can dig. I wanted to be able to pass across each dream-bit all over again, so i can be re-told of them and so that, each time i pass, my dreams deep-root "up a notch" into my very cores. I want to re-define and define each dream-bit, till the entire dream enters levels of spanlessness. 

There are my dreams not yours yet if you found the book containing them, my dreams can be yours too but you would have had to dig still.

But there is more..... I wanted an ever-green avenue to (keeping passing by) the bed, going under it to sniff "life" into skunk-socks.

Growing up, we used to throw our dreams under beds like "skunk-socks". 

Hahaha, none of this is a negative. It is a journey of admirability; and perhaps "the more testimonial harder route" as this particular route comes with rarely-heard earth stories. 

Hard is earth; ease is outer-space.

What when you have rarely-heard stories en-route dream-building?

Then, you supersede walls. The play becomes one. The fields level.

It no longer mattered if you are king and i am pauper because this particular pauper has a "walk of life", where he will school you and you will simply have to listen; because what you will hear will be rare and despite being well-schooled and rich, this particular breed of rare will catch your fancy.

Macrohard: Remove the notion of developed or developing and suddenly; "we are the world".
Un(dis)talented: Remove bum, average, smart and suddenly; "we are genius".
SteemGigs: Make "everyone" have something to offer" and suddenly; "dreams equaller reality".
Ulog:  True Celebrities = True Fans + O; where letter "O" equals "loop" and suddenly; "Mama Earth shines brighter". 
Teardrops: Give tears value and suddenly; "we are back down-to-earth and "human".
Surpassinggoogle: "Mine the "human" into its awesomeest version, then "humanity becomes the brother next to you" and suddenly; "we are re-directed to the Creator Jehovah".

Hahaha i just played with a steemit post "real-time", to build on some of the things we discussed on the last SteemGigs discord talk and also, so that steemians who weren't able to attend can grasp the recording above better.

A steemit post and the power it holds is a beauty because while it has the very best nozzle, "YOU" are the ever-lingering aroma. 

So why not ever-linger every & each time (with each and every steemit post)?

Gosh, did you see how many things i have had to do to using a steemit post; each steemit post? These are unwritten stories; "new books" and we (each) have these "new books" and tons of them and the world is still very novice with regards to "new books". 

So, i said "the world is calling and you can answer" and ULOG was birthed

Gosh, did you also see the beautiful aspects from which i saw steemit and the use of a steemit post, starting day one? (This was discussed during the talk)

I didn't go for the steemit whitepaper; i visited the man. These are new stories and they have to be written. 

Yes, who knew that dream-building can involve "hitting heads on walls". Well, how many have "hit heads on walls" to build dreams?

Every weekly SteemGigs discord, we will dispense this rare INTEL, however-tiny-the-piece and everytime we come back out into the world and steemit, we will see more beauty. 

It is so-so-so dead tough but there is beauty still. 

Yes, we spoke of a few things on the SteemGigs discord voice chat that day but via many angles and the few suddenly became myriads. 

Hahaha, i said "suddenly" many times because you know what?.................


Yes, as rare as "suddenly" looks in "real life" especially in relation to "positives"; "a decade of "NO(s)" can still flip into a ginormous "YES"; suddenly!

Yes, jackpot can still happen suddenly

You can own the bank suddenly.

"Do the dreaming; leave the building to us" is one motto of SteemGigs

If going to the moon happened; every noble dream is attainable!

So "will steem succeed?"; isn't the question! The more pertinent question is; 

is in your dream in "set-state" yet? 

Because when steem succeeds, will your dreams be ready to launch. Now, assuming the future for steem is looking bleak, your already set-dream (if already set) can fix that future.

So, no lele! Now, is the time! I tell you, "your steemit posts; each of it (depending on how much "dig" you put into each); ever-incessantly opens your up to "suddenly" (+)


Within this very steemit post, i carried out "live", all the things i tried to explain in the last discord talk regarding the use of a steemit post:

  • I played
  • I rehearse my dreams
  • I kept my dreams alive in dream-bits
  • I woke-up old dreams
  • I found myself
  • I re-found myself
  • I created legacies
  • I shone 
  • I was flawed 
  • I asked forgiveness 
  • I asked "prayers"
  • I laughed
  • I laughed with pain
  • I added codes
  • I created a crooked route so you can dig
  • I dug
  • I appealed to the soft spot of humans
  • I left mystery behind
  • I left puzzles behind
  • I said "i was here".
  • I served the search engines
  • I spoke
  • I reshaped the internet
  • I did "surpassing google with steemit"
  • I promoted steemit organically in the search engines
  • I asked questions
  • I answered questions
  • I fixed someone
  • I got fixed
  • I left permanent evidence for generations yet unborn that "i was here" and i was here for them. 
  • I spoke of Jehovah
  • I asked to be loved like crazy
  • I love like crazy 
  • I flew with the day but no emptily by.
  • I did something
  • I spoke of Jehovah

Feel free to join us on the SteemGigs discord each week.

Saturday/Sunday at 12 am Manila Time! (GMT+8)  
1 hours 30 mins long. Then after-party thereafter.
Join here!!!

We are approaching 5k steemians on the SteemGigs discord and this is huge. Basically, what i am saying is, "i am not the only one on there" and there is room for building connections and interactions. 

You can also gather your questions and bring these question on there and there are many steemians on there, who have answers. 

On the SteemGigs discord, we are creating a culture of dream-building where "everyone has something to offer", so kindly join in.

Your Boy Terry


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I do need strength

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Ulog is one of the amazing project started by you Mr. Terry. I admire this new trend on Steemit you have created. Soon I will also posting my very first own Ulog. Hope you can see and like it. We need more people like you on this platform. Really great help

It was my first time and my best time. Till today I'm still writing my Steemit janitor is different from a Steemit janitor post.
I wrote a long piece yesterday, I looked at it and tore it apart. I wanted to feed off the energy and rewrite something that more powerful.

I learned something, I laughed and smiled and cried. Tears when you said you've hit the 10,000 Steemit markdown editor character limit. I had a long way to go.

Did I learned something? Oh well, I learned so much my memory would literally have to be expanded to store so much in 5 hours.

I got a laptop last week, now I see it as a testimonial gift. The gateway to my millions.

I saw Steem beyond Steemit blogging. I now see Steem as a blockchain where I can build my dreams. @michaelcj is an entertainer, he build his dreams on the blockchain with #steemcamp. @chiama wanted to be a presenter and not a teacher, today she handles the #wafromedia. @surfyogi had a dream to see artist earn by doing what they do best and to help Africans rise to glory. He built his dreams on the blockchain and look at it, we have @wafrica and @artzone alive today.

You want me to continue, I can list a million dreams on this blockchain. See Terry, he wanted to love and be loved back like crazy. What do we have, #untalented, #teardrops, #steemgigs, #ulogs? You see? This is not ass kissing or praise singing, this is me telling the world that Steem is beyond blogging, Steem is a world where dreams becomes reality.

I always wanted to lead people through rough terrain, I came to Steem to blog. But goldfish they say have no hiding place. And today my dreams is noded on the blockchain through @wafrica and @steemjet.

Your blog post is your power where you can get unadulterated feedbacks through comments, come on guys and build your dreams on this blockchain that offers you free organic Google SEO. The world awaits you.


You are right!!!!!! I am definitely in the process of truly living my dreams!

I became more inspired!


A steemit janitor is different from a steemit Janitor.

I was at the channel and I am so glad I didn't miss the talk show. I learnt so many things which has caused a shift in my thinking and view of posts. You made me understand that

A post is not just a post

A post is a place I should visualize my dreams. It's a place to showcase my dreams and by that, you noted thus:

by "dreams"; i mean things, like innovation ideas, world-adjusting ideas, going-to-the-moon ideas etc

Indeed, we should try to present our great and world-adjusting ideas through out post.
In achieving this, I and @uyobong had a familiarization meet-up with some steemians as well our invitees. We planned on carrying out some many things in the community known as #creativehub.

Nice too see our uloggers and steemgiggers are doing their best to join and even participate at the show. I was there but I fell asleep because I couldn't afford losing sleep. I am able to get to listen at some parts.

Hope you are always okay, and Jah bless in Jesus name.




I left permanent evidence for generations yet unborn that "i was here"

This legacy, 'This inheritance', that you build so 'dedicatingly', so beautifully is one of the most wonderful things about you. By every of your action on steemit and beyond, you are 'building' posterity, block-on-block, setting a precedence so rare and leaving marks so exotic, indelible. You have a grand heart, grand intent and grand content, for which generations to come would deeply acknowledge and appreciate you for. I will keep saying 'gratitude' for all you have come to mean to us. Thank you Terry, remain strong.

In your spare time, you can read this.


Please me follow the I your name use my post, this steemit job my most you like @surpassinggoogle, and you very a great man. Sir I am upvote and resteemit your post.

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow I can see that last steemgigs talk show was amazing.
I went to play match on that Sunday after I came back from church, that is why I missed the talk show.
Mr Terry @surpassinggoole thank you for taking your precious time to attend to everyone on the show. I pray God will renew your strength and richly bless you and your family. I can wait to see the next talk show because EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER. Stay lifted sir Terry.


Well the time factor Is challenging, yes I agree but, I've always missed the show by whiskers, but what do I know, we will still keep working it out

  ·  last year (edited)

I was there, and seriously felt like this is it... the person talking is very genuine. In every words of wisdom spoken you can really feel the sincerity in it...telling us to follow our dreams and do all the things that would make it possible.

@surpassinggoogle thank you so much for being an inspiration to all that dream big!


Yes.. @fabio2614, he is a man that touches everyone's life here for better through his word of encouragement. You also has something to offer.


Sleep is essential, at least you got to listen at some point. Better than none at all and Jah will always bless the gift he sent to humanity @surpassinggoogle

Your positivity influence us. I like the way you make your post. Always saying hahaha. 😀😀😁😁 And last discord talk show is really nice and it was long also. Hehe. Thank you for helping us always.

I admit, I miss the 4th discord talk show this time. :( But so much happy now because if I missed it I can still be updated because you have recorded it and summarize what happened during your talk. Thank you very much. May Jah bless us all.

  ·  last year (edited)

You may not have the long term memory but once you get reminded your accelerator picks up really quick.

I'M addicted already to the weekly talkshow. I thought i will miss the boat last saturday, but I was automatically awakened that night exactly at 12am, no alarm was set hehe.

Hey Mentor of lot of steeminas TERRY, whenever I visited your page every time I find some sort of AMAZEMENT. You are really a GIFT OF GOD for people @surpassinggoogle. All the people love you and pray for you for long life and happiness. Several families are fed through your GENEROSITY and I hope you will continue this practice for sake of those poor and needy people who are serving only due to you MAN. Keep it up!
Your every single project is going towards a bigger success and you know why? Because You are getting millions of prayers and also you have lot of blessings around.
I have already heard about 7 Hours Recordings Of The Last SteemGigs Discord Talk. This shows a MASSIVE SUCCESS of steemgigs. I wish and I believe STEEMGIGS will get millions time more success than UPWORK - FREELANCER - FIVERR - GURU - PEOPLEPERHOUR ETC.
All the very best terry, keep smiling and Stay Blessed!

I am so sad that i can't be on discord because i don't have a functional phone to do that but i'm hoping for a new phone and i know that breakthrough would come soon.

But i'm also glad someone was able to record what happened on steemgigs.
It's good so people like me would not miss out.

Sir terry i love you so much- yes i do😊.
You asked to be loved like crazy right, well thete you have it........straight from my heart💜---hot sauce....lolz

Thanks for being a blessing to us steemians.



you just showed your sugar. I love you too


I often see your name in the #ulog tag, can I join @surpassinggoogle?


sure you can. Just use #ulog As your first tag

  ·  last year (edited)

I have listened to the talk, and i am still listening right now, digesting all the things.
Inspite of this:

He suffers each minute. I suffer each minute. My heart already cuts for myself. My heart cuts for him. "2 heart-cuts every minute".

...I feel the positivity in you and it is influencing me.
Mabuhay ka sir Terry @surpassinggooggle. Jah bless us.

Loving this!!

"YOU" are the ever-lingering aroma.

Dedicating your entire steemit life to your mum is such a very great thing .....i love my mum so much.... You remind me of my mum 😢 ....
May God continue to strengthen you and your great work

Good day sir @surpassinggoogle. Yes, I strongly agree with everything you presents in all of your platform, the #steemGigs, #Ulog, @teardrops, etc. I believe that all developments you are doing are for the benefits and progress of steemians. Thank you so much sir and more power.

I think no other discord can stand for 9 hours. Superb talk with superb people. Thank you very much for every motivation you gave Sir Terry @Surpassinggoogle. With #ulog .. now I have a big dream. And i am gonna fullfil this dream with #ulog. Can't wait to join the mext discord.

ULOG was birthed for us to answer the world's calling and to build our dream!
Sir Terry said, "It okay to be non-sensed for us to have sense"

With the knowledge of this post, I can boldly say I'm a diggist. My Mom always say those who light the paths of others never walk in darkness, you are a testimony to that statement.

Surely I won't miss the next talk show, can't wait to hear you speak, the way you create passion and power in your words would definitely be a sweet melody to the heart.

is your dream in set-state?

This for me is the question that keeps reoccurring in my head, I hope to get my dreams in that state. Thanks for a wonderful post.

Listening to @surpassinggoogle speak, is really enriching.
Each time I participate in the talk show, i learn one Intel.
This is no joke.

A legend is someone leaving a legacy, positive impart ETC into the lives of those he met.

Truly without mincing words, you are a legend.
Your goodness transcends Steemit and I can attest to it.


  ·  last year (edited)

I heard this countless of times. Hehe.

you know what?

It's great to have the show every week now. Hearing your voice and your message inspire us more.

Hearing you sing and singing along with you is a wonderful experience. :)


yes but I am hitting my head on walls


You're tougher than the walls though. :)


Yeah right.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you for making us celebrities,and being a fans for us and to all uloggers thank you.

Listening to Terry's calm voice would really make you stop and listen :) I was too sleepy even before the show started. But I did stay up. Thank you for your endless and selfless support and love @surpassinggoogle @ulogs <3


Yes!he has truly have a soft voice like an angel to us.With the inspiring and motivinational words that he utters, I diggist it all and "DREAM"!

Than you Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle.. May Jah bless you always!😊

wow... What manner of influence and impact are you birthing on steemit @surpassinggoogle? It's crazy, it's unbelievable. The waves of lives you're affecting are overwhelming.

Wow. Am sorry @phantum04's Hard work encounter some problem.

Wow.. 133 comments. Do you go through all of them? If you do, I hope mine gets to you too.

Actually for a long time, I have my read your post on the grounds if it's length. Please, do forgive my simpleton mind. I see the value in the details now. And I must say, it's priceless.

I want to hear sir terry with my own ears live. And I'll be sure to be in the next show.

Wow.. #ulog, #teardrop and the others, am. New to them but I will check them out.

Sir, you're different and that sets too apart.

I celebrate you. And I just became you fan. Though amidst the numbers, it might be insignificant but all day, I was worried and down, feeling empty and worried. But your post, showed me light.

Thank you for showing a total stranger a new path.

Escuche la charla y me pareció realmente fantástico, apartando todo esto aun lado steemit al parecer no deja de sorprender a las personas, muchos ya lo ven como un trabajo y a qui en Venezuela ( Mi País) es realmente una gran ayuda económica, no se si conozcas la situación o no pero no quiero caer en ese tema. El punto es que steem llego para legrar y ayudar a mucha gente, y por eso se ha convertido en lo que es hoy una gran familia inseparable, con sus proyectos increíbles mas aun, por eso le damos gracias Le mando un abrazo amigo :D

The last Steemgigs discord talk was my first and it left me with an ethereal feeling. I enjoyed listening to you talk, as well as listening to others, and it was my first time of having the opportunity to talk with you.

Mine the "human" into its awesomeest version, then "humanity becomes the brother next to you" and suddenly; "we are re-directed to the Creator Jehovah".

You're just amazing @surpassinggoogle, each time you talk about Jehovah, you remind me of your source.

Looking forward to another wonderful time out with you in the next discord talk.

You are an inspiration sir.
What you're doing for this community, so many powerful initiatives. They're bringing life to this platform for so many people who needed direction. And also, you write your posts in the most amazing way.
I'm waiting for an eventful day to start my #ulog journey.

Am glad to have been a part of that discord experience for the first time. It was wonderful. I learned my lessons and am still learning. I wrote my dreams for the world through steemit and am still sharing the goodnews. I receive strength every hour and am doing the unusual becaus I remember that my post is a witness for posterity. @surpassinggoogle, Jehovah will wipe your tears away.

The initiatives behind @teardrops and @ulogs are absolutely amazing. These are platforms that puts smile on our faces because we are meant to be happy people but due to circumstances things aren’t going well for some . @surpassinggoogle realized this and sprang into action . You’re much appreciated for all projects put into place . Thanks Bro,you’re a hero . Our hero

What can I say? It happens that way at times, I'm really not happy the size of the file could be a threat to the existences, however in a situation like this you may need good tech guys Terry to make this happen, or try better.

Wow... 7 hours..
I was actually there, but I realized if I was gonna remain there, I was gonna load my data 7 times over. Lol
Plus I had church stuff to attend to. The little I listened to was inspiring.

Thankfully #Ulog is making waves. Weldone Terry @surpassinggoogle You're the best


yeah so much patience and support to us, doing that 7 hours in uploading that talk. Just for the love for those who didn't make it during the talk show. I highly appreciate that effort. Thank you @surpassinggoogle.

You have been a part of our lives. You have changed everyone of us! I lately wonder why? And tiny pieces of answers are puzzled into my mind. You, you are the man!! I will again, listen to the recording and listen to your lovely voice. Hehe

Thanks for uploading that talk, I could hear some moments but I was busy so I had to stop listening at certain times.

The growth of steemgigs has been impressive, your contribution to the community is immense, thanks for everything Terry.

I always follow your post .... because by present in your post and make posts as you want my steemit account to be better ... and with the results you provide I can use for my family needs
Thank you sir terry A. K. A @surpassinggoogle

Great!! Thanks for recording the talk, we badly need this to somewhat inspire ourselves. I really missed the talk show. Please do it every time. Thank you so much!! :)

It was indeed a great show and I learned a lot. Thanks for putting up the show

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful.

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hope you are always healthy because many people in this world who need your help .... all users steemit definitely want you help thank you your service is very meaningful to me @surpassinggoogle


man i want to join this talk show as well
there is so much to offer
the passion ,the energy,motivation in your words is unmatched
you are realising the dreams of too many people over here
next time i will definitely attend this talk show

The weekly talk show is a priority to me now
Thanks @surpassinggoogle. You’re our hero

by "dreams"; i mean things, like innovation ideas, world-adjusting ideas, going-to-the-moon ideas etc

This captured my spirit and makes me wonder wakanda man are you, you’re a wonder man so I say wonderwoman is learning, you’re super hero even Superman bows for you.
You’re one of the few good people that still walk this earth . You’re appreciated

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to join #ulog..
I enjoy it, thanks too you brother Terry.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle! For supporting everyone here. We greatly appreciated your kindness.

Do not stop dreaming and fight to make those dreams come true, with a lot of love and perseverance.

  ·  last year (edited)

when we dream of something we need to work hard to make some inroads
collect all the positives and make things happens
to succeed ,we need to raise the level of our efforts
bdw ulog has started making an impact
i will soon come up with my first ulog
your work is truly respectable

i over slept during the talk show. But I didn't missed it because you have it here. Thank you very much @surpassinggoogle for being considerate to us and sharing what had happened during your talk.

I will listen to the audio later @surpassinggoogle because am feeling dizzy at now. But i like tge ulog tags it makes more sense on steemiy. Steemit is growing faster. Thanks for sharing


I will listen the last part also, @sn0white told me that they sang with kuya Terry. 😊


true lies


Haha.. Really? True lies? 😂😂


really, I will fast forward to that part then. And listen to our @surpassinggoogle voice liken
R. Kelly's voice.

this is very fun to hear, I will stay up for the next talk show steemgigs And sir Terry @surpassinggoogle

post is very qualified, I like it, I've upvote you, vote back yes
thank you

Thanks for making us a celebrity!!

This amazing sir,,,,
I like to join #steemgigs

Just made my #ulog post, hopin to see some exanole on how to post on #steemgigs. I dob't kbow how to use the websites well @surpassinggoogle. Can you please help me out.

I regret missing two sessions now.. hopefully i won't miss thos Saturday's...

Success #ulog and #steemgigs sir


Looking for a post on steemgigs on how to create a websites but have not really see a good one. Looking for some helps for you sir @surpassinggoogle

hi sir, here I am @nasrul71 who yesterday participated in dialog with you on discord,
I am sorry if my conversation yesterday may make you confused because I'm not fluent in English ,,
I just want to congratulate you on your success @surpassinggoogle,
many more of my friends who want to join you after seeing and hearing your communication on discord very friendly and friendly,
thanks sir,
success always for #ulog, #steemgigs and #teardrops sir,
thanks again

Are you the one or there are multiple of you? You spent 9 hours in a conversation!! Amazing. You are a hard worker. I can pick up the inspiration from you. Will listen to recording soon. :)

Success forever sir @surpassinggoogle in #ulog and #steemgigs

Whew! I was just so wooooow by the experience we had that day. Did I say we had? I had rather. That was an awesome time with the sir Terry last week. Did I tell you how calm and comforting his voice was? That was the eight wonder of the world and I was so proud to by part of that epoch making event though that was actually my first time but I was so engrossed with every single minute with the family.
I am proud to be part of steemgig, ulog and the teardrops family. Let's keep rolling.

I'm very curious to hear your program! all those who have heard say that it is very good and I do not doubt it. I have seen their publications and they are excellent for their positivity and an extraordinary human quality !! for the next program I will be pending !!

It is always a great feeling every time we haveing a discord talk show, we always learn something new, and we always meet new friends.

#Steemgigs discord talk show is a place and time where we can enjoy, share thoughts and ideas...and mostly getting to know each others.

Thanks Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for your time, effort, and non-stop unconditionally support to this community, especially to minnows like me.

Oh! I'll read this when i power. Right now, my battery is playing me rough play.

I love joining steemgigdms discord talk show. I am learning a lot as well as enjoying while listening.. im looking forward to another sessions with all of you. big thabks to you @SG..

@surpassinggoogle is legacy that one day, offspring of ours reading the steemit book and found out how He conquer the heart of steemians.

Hoping that you are feeling good now, prayers for you Terry. 😊

Steemit is indeed a life changing blockchain technology but you @surpassinggoogle, you are the beauty of it all. Yes you

I'm glad I made it. Hoping for your next talk show

very good information, I'm really happy to join #ulog and @steemgigs, I've written 2 times using #ulog tags, and I hope @surpassinggoogle will always support us

I am very thankful @surpassinggoogle with this talk show, I learned a lot.
very inspiring speech u did. I'm so motivated right now.
Thank you very much-


Ulog is really great. Thank you for that @surpassinggoogle ..

Thanks @surpassinggoogle. GOD BLESS YOUR EFFORTS...

I do need strength
Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum
If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful.


It is when you have people feeding you their positivity and energy of believing the dreams of spotting the spottables and understand the message in your words and in your voice that will transform people into uloggers who have unlocked being the most awesome versions of themselves.

It will be a Saturday habit so that you can refill the energy you have, re trace the words you have said two years ago when you were just starting and already the whale you are today. Nothing has changed from that 13 year old boy to the person writing in blogspot and of the words written in that book.

Whenever i hear your name even without seeing you face to face am always happy because you are different in nature and am really happy about that @surpassinggoogle #ulog @softboy112 cares alot 😄😄😄

This is great @surpassinggoogle

Hopes to write like you one day @surpassinggoogle. I will try to write much as you do, but can you help me with a clue and how you do that. Love all post

I was at the channel and I am so glad I didn't miss the talk show. I learnt so many things which has caused a shift in my thinking and view of posts. You made me understand that

A post is not just a post

A post is a place I should visualize my dreams. It's a place to showcase my dreams and by that, you noted thus:

by "dreams"; i mean things, like innovation ideas, world-adjusting ideas, going-to-the-moon ideas etc

Indeed, we should try to present our great and world-adjusting ideas through out post.
In achieving this, I and @uyobong had a familiarization meet-up with some steemians as well our invitees. We planned on carrying out some many things in the community known as #creativehub.

Hello friend happy to read, you always transmit the best, good energy and wonderful vibes, I do not miss any of your content always supporting you as you do with the whole community. It is very interesting talk shows, thank you so much greetings, friend.

You are not permitted to claim this page unless you are an authorized representative of this business. Click here for more information. Have you been in the car? Yes this trade has already been captured. Really great help...thanks a lot....

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When we start chasing our dreams, success surely meet us! You have dreamt about spreading the steemit to the whole world. You are chasing it too. Hence the success is coming to your way too. Many people have joined in by your efforts and more will be in line in the future!

Missed the show due to wrong timing, by the time I came around.the show was over. So sad

thanks for the information friends


The opportunities are massive. I would love to support the ulog and Steemgigs by starting a pharmaceutical account that would be called @steemgigspharmaceutical where lots of steemians will benefit daily through pharmaceutical healthcare posts and if I am supported enough by @surpassinggoogle we could serve as curators of great medical or pharmacy oriented posts.

I will love to make an official post about this service but before then, let me wait to hear @surpassinggoogle view of my proposal.

Long live @steemgigs
Long live @ulog
Long live @surpassinggoogle

Hi Mr.@surpassinggoogle. You have a very nice initiative in helping the Steemit community . I can always see your kindness and how you encourage the people here in the Platform . I am still a newbie here in Steemit and I am not sure what should I do here but reading your post makes me inspire . :) I wanted to learn more from you . :) Thank you so much for sharing this post . May God bless you always . :) <3

Good morning Big Bro Terry.

The Power of a Steemit Post (+)

Becoming a DIGgist

Premium Intel, can we call ours Intel Core iBrain 😂😂

I just laughed.

Thanks for Outpouring your brains since the inception of time.

So, no lele! Now, is the time! I tell you, "your steemit posts; each of it (depending on how much "dig" you put into each); ever-incessantly opens your up to "suddenly" (+)

I became a DIGgist and I'll like to share an Intel I got from one of your blogs

Sometimes all we need to attain our goals, to be seen to a mind-blowing world-touching idea is someone like us.
Sometimes all we need is to sit on a rolling chair and look at a beautiful ceiling and see a moth instead of two roaches hating at each other but we need to see that ceiling, sometimes all we need is to tire out, tire out of the lifestyle we have come to know and view more of colors.
We weren't created to see just black and white,colors are involved. Please know life is or isn't pretty.

I kept dwelling on these words throughout the talk show and I thank God for this gift of the Steem Blockchain and A-ha our dreams are set already.

Thanks for being a rare gift to humanity. Truly,

The Internet has never been this awesome.

I'm sorry I can't be live on your live show, but now I'm excited to have the opportunity to relive it with the magic of @dtube, apparently it was an emotional show, your reasons flourish in this publication, of course your dreams can be part of mine, we just have to go for them, I congratulate you, great job.
My English is a little bad, the translator's helping me.

Thanks for being a blessing to this platform, every bit of your post is a fantastic write up, great work on your steemgigs discord show.

I missed the last steemit talk cos network was not friendly here so I had to leave the discord channel cos I didn't hear what you were saying but I will listen to it on dtube.

Don't let your Dad situation weigh you down anymore cos even if you do, what will be will be despite how much you've tried for him to get back to who he was

it's an honor to be mentioned on this post bro thank you so much and i will continue to record your future talk shows on steemgigs this is my way to payback bro, because I owe you a lot. God Bless and More Power always take care okay. Love you bro

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to join #ulog..
I enjoy it, thanks too you brother Terry.
Keep helping other people. Jehovah care and blessed you always. I hope I can join too in your talkshow..

Joing the discord channel 😎😎

Thank you so much Terry @surpassinggoogle. Your voice woke me up the last talkshow. It was 5am that talkshow becomes singingshow. And you requested me to sing. Hahaha. I don't know how to sing. Hahaha.
Sorry Terry. 😀 I will practice. Maybe I can sing next time. 😀

the best part is when Sir Terry sang "talaga,talaga?" haha just kidding
most of the part were great even when it gets distorted 'cause it makes you think what's been said.
I also tried to upload mine, it took me more than 2 days trying to upload, but it won't, I don't know if it's because of glitch, my pc or my connection.
anyway see you again on the next show:-)

Great post from our very own @surpassinggoogle. I like to join at discord channel of yours

You have a good heart.

I was there and i hard @surpassinggoogle talk for about 9 hours. It was a great event and Thank God i never missed out. God bless your Mom who is your strenght. When i started steemit i thought it was like post anything and get upvote. But o was wroung the whole time, steemit will be profitable if you know why ypu came onboard. Do research, follow current trends, contribute to peoples post, make friend and have a direct vision. I believe that there is a power in one's steemit post and that power is capable of unlocking the greater opportunity you could ever thought off.

A steemit janitor is different from a steemit janitor and Dirt is good.

You are great in your own ways. Let join hands and carve an inche for ourselves, so we may never get stuck in the struggle to wealth.

Terry it was an amazing shine-time with great and precious intel shared.

You really don't know how amazing the people we have are, until you come around for a show.

Their human is displayed flawlessly and on-the-spot.

I think name of steemit should now be changed to surpassinggoogle. And i would love to change my steemit name to surpassinggoogle 2.
@surpassinggoogle rocks!

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Hi! I am only 3-days old here on steemit. There is just so much to learn from here. Listening to you is inspiring and motivating. I hope I will be able to listen to you live on your next talk shows.

You are great inspiration for my respiratory system thank you so much sir.

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@surpassinggoogle, i think the audio can be compressed, just that we might loose some quality while compressing it, or better still, we can partition the audio, i mean we can have it in 2sides 1 and 2.

The little i was able to dig after the voice chat, gave me some point and make me a better diggist... Thanks to your inspirational message

On the SteemGigs discord, we are creating a culture of dream-building where "everyone has something to offer", so kindly join in.

this is amazing, hopefully you always successful affection yes, I am happy to follow you bus, hope you always success yes

i missed this due to network and it's really sad.. I hope to make it to the next one

This is super beautiful @surpassing google