Being Censored In Steemit PAL Discord Chat

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)


I'm sorry but I have never been one to be censored, and I'm not starting now. Steemit is supposed to be a platform where censorship (within limits like child pornography) but it's become too much of a " snowflake" platform". I was on the Discord PAL chat room( as I do every few days) and made an OPINION on Donald Trump, for which I was promptly told I couldn't speak my mind. I wasn't arguing, or " shouting" at anyone. I just said what I believe in. It's called a discussion or a debate. Well not a debate, since there was only one person who came against me.

To be real, I'm angry as hell that this person (@discordant) or something came against me for just speaking a few words. That's why there are ROOM MODERATORS. If you ARE a room moderator, you should know how to handle different opinions, as long as there is no " drama". If' should do something else. This person's response was that they don't want " any drama" in the room. They admitted that there was "no drama" ...just just didn't " want any". To me that was putting the cart before the horse. If I wasn't causing drama, then why come at me? I am not the one. I have been an activist for over a decade. Steemit is not my first try at the rodeo. I've had many others. I've fought long and hard as a gay man to get married to my spouse (whom I married in 2010) and I will ALWAYS fight for what I believe in. Agree with me or not. I won't be fake to who I am. Especially at a time when I still can be ostracized from a job, ( which I don't have to do anymore) or my home for being gay. Sorry to upset those who think they have G_d by the beard, but your little status on just that. Nothing more. Discord room, Witness, or what have life is not an online path to money. It's a reflection of the many years I've fought for my rights.

How sad is it when people can't have different view points. I am not a child, far from it. I would say that I'm way older than the so called " moderators". When I was born I would have been called A "NIGGER" , even though I'm Puerto Rican, and was called a " spic". So don't try to teach me about " politics". I'm familiar with it.

If someone can't have an open opinion/discussion/debate without being censored, then what it the point? Should I or anyone just keep their mouth shut because of someone's misguided sense of so called drama? I don't think so. I can't and won't speak for anyone, but I can and WILL speak for myself. It's called FREE SPEECH. Look it up under the first amendment!

So I've decided to leave the PAL discord chat. Any place that accuses me of NOT the place for me. I bring it when It's brought to me. Nothing more...nothing less. Not Steemit, Money, Rich people ( whom I know) will ever change that.

So let the small people who think they are " big" because that have some status in a " chat room" continue to be self absorbed in a very small role. It's just a small role. I've been up against others who had more influence and more money. Way more.

Don't EVER let anyone chain you mind, your mouth, or your thoughts. I won't.


The world is in a really sad place when you cannot simply have an opinion. I know you really liked the chat. Time to move on to bigger and better things! Get money!

Just one of MANY rooms papa. You know I'm not one to get attached to anyone or anything. I've lost too much in life to hang on to what isn't in my best interests! Life goes on...always!

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