Steemit 2018 from prices dropped but it rocked look at all the people I met

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As the year draws to an end I have been thinking alot about the value I have got out of Steemit as the prices drop all around me this year . I made some investments that are now down 90,80 and 70 % but what about Steemit what did you get from investing your creativity in this platform . All that time I spent skating and creating and making music and where has it got me financially ...nowhere . So what did I gain , well an excuse to travel and meet people I would have never have met in my social circle.

First of all through Steemit I got to meet up with local skater and Death Skateboards legend @nicolcron . I went on a mad little mission to a skatepark just outside London to meet him and we had a sweet little sesh and crytpto steemit chat.

Meeting @nicolcron
After that meet t up we hung out another time and skated under this bridge when it was pouring outside

Meeting @nicolcron2

In 2018 I also extended my boundaries and to steemit meetups to beyond these shores and me up with Steemskate founder @web-gnar. At the time crypto was good so I did a little experiment where I exchanged some Steem USD travel money .

Meeting web-gnar,web-gnar post

Meeting web-gnar,my post

We couldnt skate the first time we met but luckily I hate my credit card and fiat and decieded to murder it this year and went back to chicago this time we had a sick sesh.

Sick skate sesh with web-gnar

On this same trip I got to meet absolute Steemit royalty that being the queen of the emotional msp air waves @uniwhisp . I went down to Charlottesville where she lives skated , made some music together and enjoyed some beverages.e made time to meet me and get me a cheese steak and chat about crypto

Skating and making music with @uniwhisp

The adventure did not stop there I also got to meet another steemskater in Philly @mikesalvi. The weather sucked but so stoked h

Meeting Mike Salvi

Finally when I was back in London I got to meet a absolute Steemit legend that is the force of nature that is Kubby. I showed
her a snap shot of London in the little time we had

Meeting Kubby

So dear Steemians I hope you made it this far . I am so thankful for all the people I have met and looking forward to meeting more in 2019. We all want the price of Steem to go up but lets not take our eye off the prize and get out there and meet some Steemians

*all music by me

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Steemit is so much more than just earning some money; As with any social network, it is about social interaction which brings value to our daily lives; The money part is just a nice bonus. And who knows, Steem maybe 10s of dollars one day and then suddenly, all the work is valued at a different monetary value than we see now on our posts and comments. Keep doing what you do, and enjoy as much as possible :)


Thank you , as we know the popularity of Steem and amount of people chatting rises and falls with the price so I am just appealing to those to take this extra opportunity to get out of a lonely rut set some goals and have life enriching experiences.

Happy 2019 man.
So awesome that you met all these people through Steem.
Waiting for you in Greece to shred,drink and eat.

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Are you still going to Barcelona or are you staying on your hood ?


Change of plans,I'll stay here until September-October.

@stickchumpion congratulations man what a year you have had!!
The effort you put in to meet other steemians and steemskaters all round the world is amazing!!
Thanks for the kind words dude!!

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No worries but watch your back Chris Mouse is becoming my new fav.

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Yoyo Happy new year man.
Resteemed by @Steemskate.