The network effect of distributing the first 23 #steemtalent Open Invitations to handpicked individuals has the potential to reach 912,407 followers and that's just on twitter alone.

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#steemtalent - Database of Open Invitations sent out

Database of Invitations.png

How 23 Open Invitations have the potential to reach 912,407 followers

Following on from the successful launch of the #steemtalent project, I wanted to share with you the potential network effect these Open Invitations have that have recently gone out.

Yesterday, I shared with you the latest #steemtalent project update and in the video I explained how with less than 50 invitations you could potential reach over 1,000,000 followers, simply down to the network effect.

In simple terms, these carefully handpicked individuals, should they all join and share their future #Steemit Blogs on twitter, the aggregate audience could effectively be close to 1 million people.

Sure, I have no doubt, that some will challenge this and jump straight down my throat saying that not all these that have been invited will join and not all those that join will have a captive audience of 100% of their followers.

This is not the point.

For me, it's a numbers game

The point I am trying to get across, is that for me, it's a numbers game.

Let's say for argument sake only 20% of those that were invited actually did join #Steemit and shared their #Steemit Blogs to twitter and let's say only 50% of their followers saw it.

This would still have a network effect of 100,000 people that would be exposed to #Steemit.

First 23 Open Invitations

For those that may have missed the first 23 Invitations, here they are again.....

Invitation #0001 - Katrin and Oliver

SteemTalent Invitation to Katrin and Oliver - Invite 0001.png

Invitation #0002 - Katie Dillon

SteemTalent Invitation to Katie Dillon - Invite 0002.png

Invitation #0003 - Micki & Charles

SteemTalent Invitation to Micki & Charles - Invite 0003.png

Invitation #0004 - Davide Raimondi

SteemTalent Invitation to Davide Raimondi - Invite 0004.png

Invitation #0005 - Nat and Rob

SteemTalent Invitation to Nat and Rob - Invite 0005.png

Invitation #0006 - Laura Mitbrodt

SteemTalent Invitation to Laura Mitbrodt - Invite 0006.png

Invitation #0007 - Lillie Marshall

SteemTalent Invitation to Lillie Marshall - Invite 0007.png

Invitation #0008 - Melissa Stewart

SteemTalent Invitation to Melissa Stewart - Invite 0008.png

Invitation #0009 - Photos Advices

SteemTalent Invitation to Photos Advices - Invite 0009.png

Invitation #0010 - Gloria Apara

SteemTalent Invitation to Gloria Apara - Invite 0010.png

Invitation #0011 - Vicky & Buddy

SteemTalent Invitation to Vicky & Buddy - Invite 0011.png

Invitation #0012 - Lies and Ash

SteemTalent Invitation to Lies and Ash - Invite 0012.png

Invitation #0013 - Chessney

SteemTalent Invitation to Chessney - Invite 0013.png

Invitation #0014 - Eric Burdon

SteemTalent Invitation to Eric Burdon - Invite 0014.png

Invitation #0015 - Justin Fehler

SteemTalent Invitation to Justin Fehler - Invite 0015.png

Invitation #0016 - Ally (Clean Heels) Dragon's Den winner

SteemTalent Invitation to Ally (Clean Heels) - Invite 0016.png

Invitation #0017 - Emily Rutherford and the Mana Cheerleaders

Emily Rutherford and the Mana Cheerleaders.png

Invitation #0018 - Dinis Guarda

SteemTalent Invitation to Dinis Guarda - Invite 0018.png

Invitation #0019 - Tanzeel Akhtar

SteemTalent Invitation to Tanzeel Akhtar - Invite 0019.png

Invitation #0020 - Valerie Joy Wilson

SteemTalent Invitation to Valerie Joy Wilson - Invite 0020.png

Invitation #0021 - Charlotte Hughes (Journalist)

SteemTalent Invitation to Charlotte Hughes (Journalist) - Invite 0021.png

Invitation #0022 - Zia Zuberi

SteemTalent Invitation to Zia Zuberi - Invite 0022.png

Invitation #0023 - Norbert Elekes

SteemTalent Invitation to Norbert Elekes - Invite 0023.png

How 23 Open Invitations have the potential to reach 912,407 followers

As explained above, the network effect of distributing these first 23 Open Invitations is that they have a potential to reach 912,407 followers and that's on twitter alone.

Database of Invitations.png

I would surprised if it was less than 100,000

Sure, as I mentioned earlier on in the Blog and explained in the short video, not all those that have been invited will join and not all those that will join will have a 100% captive audience.

However, I would surprised if it was less than 100,000 and this is just in 10 days..!!

How the network effect has potential to reach out to 100,000 new users to Steemit. #steemtalent Update No.3

Yesterday I shared with you what I have tried to explain above and for those that may have missed it, here is another chance to see the #steemtalent Update No.3.

Feedback required

Please feel free to share with me any comments you have and whether or not you agree with me that this has the potential to be an exceptional way of taking #Steemit to the Market, as it can be replicated by anyone, anywhere in the World and across any Social Media Network.

I would be interested to hear what you guys think and look forward to reading your comments.

Thanks again for reading.

LinkdIn Profile - SteemTalent.png

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Firstly your idea is awesome.then you are brilliantly doing your job in regular basis..I am impressed by your work..

I have always loved the ideas of sharing the steemit post on twitter. With #steemtalent promoting steemit and getting more users to the steemit community. Those users will also shared there steemit post and with that promoting steemit to another thousands of people.

Thank you so much @stephenkendal for sharing

Great idea and new
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