The Announcement of SF 22.8888

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Dear Steemians,

After removing all temporary witnesses and returning Steem to the community, on April 4, 2020, the current top 20 community witnesses launched Soft Fork 22.8888, which they believe that “this temporary Softfork is to adjust and protect the future of the Steem community”. We would like to notice that Steemit, Inc., along with the Tron Foundation did not anticipate this to happen and we would like to stay neutral regarding this situation. Moving forward, Steemit, Inc will continue to support its loyal community and would like to encourage all Steemians to create and curate more innovative ideas on the platform.

The Steem Team


How is voting for the witnesses who run that code, and unvoting those who don't, neutral? How stupid do you think people are?

This is because of all top people started this drama and still continue after forking. Thanks to @ned and all old witnesses? what they want is going ON and ON.........................

Hmmmm, why did Steemit Inc revoke some of their votes to witness in the top 20 who didn't agree with the new softfork? Blockbrothers was one of them. Just after they announced to be against the softfork, they moved from top 1 position to far below top 20 position. How is this neutral from Steemit Inc and TRON side of things?


  • Steem team: shall be Steemit team - Steem doesn't belong to Steemit Inc while this @steemitblog account is controlled by Steemit Inc - but I suppose Steemit Inc owns Steem chain given the facts

Yes, now steemit and @steemitblog is controlled by Mr. Justin. What is wrong in this with present situation. Anyone have to take the lead. If you and your know steemian wants to control those things, they can. But they should invest that much or more or make relationship to like those steemians.

Hmmmm, why did Steemit Inc revoke some of their votes to witness in the top 20 who didn't agree with the new softfork? Blockbrothers was one of them. Just after they announced to be against the softfork, they moved from top 1 position to far below top 20 position. How is this neutral from Steemit Inc and TRON side of things?

What will you do if you are in a position of Justin Sun? If anyone does not agree with your point, you will remove your support from them. It is natural truth of human nature. If anyone can have strength, he can reach at top level without Justin support do that, I can see then how he should go down. This all natural, No miracle is their.

you previously mentioned you'd like to run a witness node. I think it's important for the community to know your thoughts about the current situation of the blockchain.

How decentralized do you think Steem is at the moment?
From 0 (totally decentralized) to 1 (totally centralized).

It is does not matter that it is centralized or decentralized. Many times both work correctly. Without having all steemians interest no meaning of centralization/decentralizatio. We are all here for a cause/purpose. Everybody should feel it is meant for me. Are you having this feeling at anywhere? and if you their then you are at right place.

Your opinion is now clear. Thank you.

So far , it is the same as my thoughts. Yes , now centralized or decentralized is not yet that much important .

Thanks @thettinaung. Your most welcome. If you like you can join the commuity 'LAKSHMI' the link is
If required more information then read my post in community. I am upvoting one post from each user daily in community. First post after join will get my 100% upvote and then rest daily one post get 40% upvote. If you like do.

TRON actions was - at least - partially due to the actions of the old Steem witnesses. And their actions was based on the somewhat strong message Justin gave on February 4th when he announced the purchase of Steemit Inc. I don't think Justin wanted just the Steem coins Steemit Inc controlled; Can't believe Justin intended to run Steemit to the ground, nor centralise the blockchain. But one event let to the other and apparently the war between the warriors is not over yet. Action/Reaction, Action/Reaction, Action/Reaction... I don't see any of the fighters trying to stop this circle. But someone needs to do so! Hope it'll be sooner than later.

Yes, we all wants to stop this behavior. But someone head to lead in right direction. I think Mr. Justin does not wants to control the chain, when he buy stack. But the situation was created like this and this all happens. Every investor wants returns by a smooth way and without hurts anyone. If anyone can takes chain in rights direction, I think Mr. Justin definitely provide the support to those peoples. Hope we find those people soon, so that he (@justinsunsteemit) can be free from these things and concentrate on other work.

The only picture I can focus is your avatar. Leave Hive and marry me.

Parecen una "patota" , apenas hay un movimiento aquí. Vienen en patota al ataque. Nadie lanza piedras a un árbol caído.

These screenshots have been altered. Justin Sun is not called dev365! That is not his name. Justin Sen is called Juston San not dev973.

Checkmate hackers!

Lol dtube.witness getting fucked over. Goes to show how people who are not ok in their mind supporting each other never ends well...

I've had my fill of your bullshit. You have published yet another lie! At this point you have proven yourselves to be mentally ill. You are a danger to yourselves and those around you. You need to seek treatment. There are options available. Counselling, medication, group homes. Plenty of avenues to explore. You need help. This is not a joke. I am not trolling. I am concerned for your well-being. There's nothing normal about what you're doing. This madness has been going on for far too long and just keeps getting worse.

People are telling the truth here in these comments. Some might sound mean and aggressive, but they are speaking on the facts. You did not take a neutral stance on this decision. You forced witnesses out of the top twenty so this decision could be finalized. At least one of those witnesses (@blockbrothers) publicly stated they do not approve and shortly after dropped from the number one witness slot down to around the 40th slot. You did that. We saw you do it. The record of that decision is on the blockchain and the timing proves I'm telling the truth.

Steemit, Inc will continue to support its loyal community

You lied to us, forced us out, and now anything we say is ignored. It has been like that for months now. Some of the most passionate people and loyal supporters of this chain have been treated like dogs. You've turned others against these fine people. Villainized them. Your behavior as of late is sadistic and appalling.

You need to seek the help of professionals who deal with mentally ill patients. If your brain is telling you you're not doing anything wrong and all these people criticizing your actions are just simpletons who know nothing about anything, just know, there are pills that can fix that. Get help.

did not anticipate this to happen

Your actions make that statement fantasy. Being delusional is common in those suffering from the illness you all share.

i thought about that few weeks ago. it could be a condition. seeking profesional help would be a smart thing to do.

Nobody of sound mind would be so self-destructive. If they start making demands that must be met in order for those restrictions to be lifted, and this becomes a case of extortion, I'm not sure if the insanity defense will work. A few pills would be a hell of a cheaper than this disaster.



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Thank you for presenting me with your misinterpretation but unfortunately, no. I actually take mental illness quite seriously. If you want to read jokes, I sometimes do a fine job of writing those on my blog and you're free to go read them there. I did not come here to piss around. But I do sense you're trolling me. If you'd like, I can sit here all day and talk in circles with you for as long as it takes and up until you either give up, or go crazy as well. The choice is now yours and I am kind of bored. So if you want to play, we can play.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go.... Your trolling again.... You were saying lolz

No, but, you see, you're the one who says shit like 'lolz' and uses the wrong version of "you're," so therefore, by definition, you're the troll. You're a near perfect stereotype. Following all the guidelines. Barely even thinking for yourself. Simply regurgitating your lines, but failing, miserably. "You were saying lolz" No. You said lolz. I only recently started saying lolz because you said lolz. Who says lolz anyway? Is that the kind of shit you'd say online when you were a teen and now you're older an haven't been able to find your true identity yet? Don't worry. Give it time. It'll come.

Lowering the tone and rambling is the level of trolling you want to revert to. Come on, wipe your red tires away, every troll has his or her day lolz!

So I'm not an English grammar teacher like you claim to be (weak trolling).

Steem clearly has a lot of improving to do, starting with people that like to misrepresent people, abusing new investors and being disingenuous by claiming to care about mental health while at the same time mocking a successful business man on his own platform. You've got a nerve ain't you lolz

Have fun with all that sarcasm in your fingertips.

you think he is not concerned? i am. the behavior shown in last month+ is in the best case a behavior of pathological liar. and that would be the best case scenario. constant mood changes and personality changes exhibited could be pointing to a bigger problem.
I can like him or not, but this is not how a sane person behaves

I've seen some of the spam-troll-comments sent his way since 14Mar20 every time he types a letter. I think he is being quite reasonable under the circumstances.

If you feel a concern then fair play to you but in relation to the quote from crying red eyes, he was just being a disingenuous troll that made a comment that can not be taken seriously at all.

You're right. All these lies and all those people pointing out the same lies with all kinds of proof... that's just trolling. Let's not face this reality head on. Sweep it under the rug and write everyone off as trash. Good plan. Don't focus on what's actually happening. Cherry pick and element from the comment you don't like and assume the rest says the same thing. That's actually genius. You'll get far in life here with that mentality. I bet you could even be a top twenty witness soon and then you can be a thief who has to deal with silly trolls all day!

I don't understand how it is so hard to tell the truth. I will draft it for you.

Listen, when @ned sold Steemit to me, he told me I would have enough Steem to take over the chain and do whatever I wanted. I thought I would be able to move you guys to Tron before you even knew what was happening. Then the witnesses went and stopped my ability to do that and got a bunch of bad press for me in the process.

So I called in some favors from the exchanges and told them Steem had been hacked which let me take control, but only briefly. You guys all rallied and got me even more bad press. I couldn't do anything I wanted. I even tried stalling and lying to you guys, but you never believed me.

Then you guys went and made #Hive, and it was so sexy. I wanted it bad, but I found that you wouldn't accept me there. You also blocked anybody I had bribed. Then it started immediately outperforming my centrally managed Steem.

I had to do something. I looked like a fool to the media. So I figured instead of running my own witness server (with many witnesses which I couldn't figure out how to manage) I would just bribe novices and run them as puppets. Afterall, I could always put whomever I wanted in the top 20 if they stepped out of line, which is exactly what happened. I guess @blockbrothers and @steemchiller thought I meant to promise to never freeze any accounts, lol.

So that's what happened. Instead of running the blockchain (because I sucked at it), I run the people who run the blockchain. They are essentially my bitches. They do my bidding. So I used them to force this change upon the community. I just hope that the next change I want to implement will be just as easy. Steem will be Tron by the end of the year!

See. Was that so hard?

It's your vote and your platform to do with as you please, but your accounts (dev365 etc) that you used during the initial "temporary witness" fiasco now is voting and immediately knocked out the 'community witnesses' that did not support this, like block brothers, etc. Saying you are neutral while quite literally actively taking action opposing that is so absurd. Get your team together. Communicate. Have some pride and start caring about the people who are still on Steem who are dependant on you.

Pick one single message. Make it true. Stop lying. Back it up with action. Be accountable for what you've done, because it's right here in YOUR transparent ledger and each time you make a statement you stab the people who are still trying to find ways to support you, over and over again.

When you take action, don't do it if you will be so ashamed of it that you need to lie about what you've done, especially when it is so soundly, easily disproved. Leadership is hard, so harden up.

Hey do you know how to get in touch with that guy? He looks like someone who would enjoy sucking my small penis!

It's called sociopathic tendencies.

Maybe he didn't suspect he would need to be social and communicative on a Blockchain. Kinda proves that for governance Hive and what Steemit used to be is the best kind of blockchain.

It so transparent, that Chinese people can't understand it. Because just like Taiwan, they decided to delete the word and the existence of the meaning. It just takes a little bit more of brute force to adapt reality.

No. I removed the votes for entirely different reasons. It's just a coincident that I removed them after they announced they wouldn't run my fork.

This is a fake account of me !!! I would never say that shit !!!

The only fake account of me is you!

I am sorry. But you have not returned Steem to the community as long as you vote for witnesses. Those witnesses are there only because they are voted by @dev365.

Many have even told me in private that they did not believe in adding all of those accounts to be frozen, but know they need to run it in order to not be kicked out like @blockbrothers was.

Awww shucks... they so cheap. To do anything for a witness vote.

So honorable those witnesses.

I'm sorry also that the old witnesses failed the DPOS test.

Trust has to be built again now Justin controls the Steem Blockchain. They played the wrong cards it seems.

I'm sorry, what did you just say? The old witnesses failed the DPOS test because they created an open forum to discuss their concerns with the community before enacting a temporary soft fork of funds that were never intended to be used for governance anyway?

steemit v steem

Your version of this mess the witnesses created is clearly different from mine. This is a blockchain-based social media platform not the White House.

The secret forkers met in secret on a centralised platform like discord and did not invite everybody, only big investors. That is not consensus.

Claiming there was some sort of threat to justify going against governance is spin.

No matter how you dress it up, stealing/freezing and controlling/hacking someone else's stake was the wrong thing to do.

The old guard either have no clue about how to conduct business negotiations or have been badly advised.

That would be because your version is deeply mistaken on several key points. A true hard fork that creates a new chain doesn't require consensus in the first place. It is an offer for people to accept or reject, and the market of users is free to arrive at consensus after the fact by choosing whether to follow one, the other, or both.

There was a real threat in Sun using the Steemit stake to override STEEM community governance, which has been realized in spades. Yes, freezing someone else's stake is the wrong thing to do, BUT the Steemit stake was ninja-mined before the chain was released to the public, and the assurance has always been that it would never be used for governance. The entire point of the proposed soft fork was to maintain that assurance during transition to new ownership. I have repeatedly said it was poorly handled, but what has Sun done to disprove their fears? Instead, he confirmed the worst they thought would happen. And now dissenting witnesses who survived the sock puppet swarms are unceremoniously booted from the top 20 by STINC itself the moment they step out of line.

Take your disingenuous sophistry and shove it.

steemit v steem

Well, you know where you put H too, but just to finish off by saying your repetitive reasoning is unjustifiable. Stop making excusing for those members that will go down in history for there irreversible actions. Taxi!

No matter how you dress it up, stealing/freezing and controlling/hacking someone else's stake was the wrong thing to do.

month ago was not the time and was really wrong, but now is the best time to start doing it!

Are you trolling?

He will do what he feels is best for his Blockchain now. Trust must have been lost along the way or some inside info has come to light, is what I think is going on.

You can't have your cake and eat it with your friends any more its seems.

Are you trying to censor me?

nah you can check no cake for me, maybe a cookie now and then.

i just have a problem with people treating me like an idiot. People lying even when it is obvious that they are lying. And this post was written from a point of all this people are stupid idiots, and we could write whatever, they will believe us. There was not even an effort to make the lie believable.
Maybe George Carlin was right

No matter how you dress it up, stealing/freezing and controlling/hacking someone else's stake was the wrong thing to do.

I didn't stole anything. I just froze the accounts to dump before them. It is TEMPORARY. After 101 days I will unfreeze.

I was referring to what they did to Justin's stake in the beginning when they froze his voting rights.


1 affected row(s)

I would like to reiterate what I stated in my comment on that post. Soft fork 22.8888 is not good for this platform. I would encourage you to not stay neutral, but speak out against it because it is wrong. Whether you are involved or not, it diminishes the value of this blockchain. I encourage you to publicly call for an end to the freezing of anyone's legitimately acquired stake, and:

If @steemitblog or @justinsunsteemit wish to limit spam and milking, they should use the @steemit stake to downvote content which is doing those things, and use their stake to upvote content which is qualitative.

If @steemitblog or @justinsunsteemit wish to limit the dumping of steem, and the mass exodus of users, they should give them reason to stay by bringing quality to the platform which can't be matched by hive, and enhancing the value of Steem.

Please consider what is best for this platform in the long run. It is not right to do this to anyone. Focus on what will enhance the blockchain for everyone, and denounce what will tarnish it.

You can't believe any of this. They are not staying neutral in any way, they are actively supporting the "witnesses" who support the soft fork and have unvoted those who didn't. They have no interest in what's doing what is best for the platform in the long run (obviously based on their actions), they simply want to dump their STEEM for a profit - Justin said this directly on one of the witness calls.

I know you guys are upset about not being included in the Hive airdrop, but by voting for the fake witnesses you were knowingly supporting exactly what is happening now and what you say that you do not support. My strong suggestion would be that you sell any STEEM you have asap and if you still want to be a part of the original vision of the Steem platform you can buy HIVE with the proceeds.

I will do what I can to support you and your dad on Hive and over time will more than make up for what you missed in the airdrop.


I will always be appreciative of your kindness. I do believe that you will do great things no matter which chain you are on, and I wish you the best of luck in those endeavors! I still love your game (and on a side note, I was curious if you have released the lore yet so I can try to write music based on it). I think my main goal in this comment was to convey the idea that freezing stakes is wrong no matter who does it. It doesn't matter who is involved. It is always wrong.

In regards to Hive, I don't know what to say. What would you do if you were barred from something before it had even begun? I have spent 4 years acquiring what I have, and building connections in this community, all to be publicly shamed for doing what I thought was right. I know you might not think that what we did was to promote decentralization, but we did not vote for this. We voted for competition between two hostile factions so that neither one could dominate the chain.

But if you were me, would you trust the group that already took your stake away once? Would you work to acquire a stake and build reputation when it can be just as easily ripped away again? Why should I trust those who have publicly shamed me? Why should I come back to a community that has already disowned me?

Here I have a stake; here I have a small voice in what happens. There I have nothing; there I am voiceless. Two weeks ago I didn't even have the resource credits to post. I only got those because of the pending author and curation rewards. I can fight to end the corruption here. I can do nothing about it there.


This reply was for @yabapmatt. The original comment pertained to the Steem blockchain. Please do not reply about Hive here if you are not @yabapmatt because that is off topic. I would like to discuss the future of Steem here, not Hive.

You were fine with your decision. You were happy to vote for what you believed in. What changed? Money. That's what changed. Now, suddenly, you're not happy with your decision because it meant there was money involved that you did not receive due to the decision you made that you were happy with, until there was money involved. This entire guilt trip you wrote is unnecessary. There was a chance to appeal and receive the airdrop on the table since day one. That exclusion list was never meant to be interpreted as a 'final decision.' Why are you leaving that part out? Why does everyone leave that part out when they feel like being victims? I find that behavior to be quite peculiar.

Do you realize when I voted for what I believed in, I had no way of knowing in advance I'd be receiving an airdrop? Nobody knew there would be a hardfork and an airdrop. Nobody voted for a hardfork and an airdrop. We had no way of predicting that outcome.

Some people chose to strengthen a Sybil attack. Those politics you got yourself mixed up in were pointless. You were either actively participating in a hostile takeover, or you weren't. The code didn't care what your name was, where you're from, what you believe in. Those things didn't matter. If you're to include those involved in a sybil attack in a fork of chain that only exists to get away from the sybil attack/hostile takeover/shit-show (whatever you want to call it) then that would make the new fork pointless because it would come with a hostile takeover already in effect.

So they simply removed those accounts and created an appeal process. So simple and only logical. Quite professional. Now all you folks have to do is appeal. Not act like victims or attempt to villainize those who only did what they thought was right, which in essence was no different than what you did.

You are more than welcome to join Hive. What you call "public shaming" is all in your head but I do think some of you folks need to grow up.

I never stopped believing what I did was right, and what was done was wrong. You can hold my stake over my head with this so called "system of appeals", but I will never say that what I did wasn't right, and what they did was. I love how you assume that I want to be a part of Hive. I am happy where I am. Why don't you go back to hive where you belong with the other "grown ups"?

Nobody is asking you to stop believing what you believe in. I'm glad that you love how I was wrong in assuming you'd be interested in Hive, so I'm unsure now if I should apologize or take that as a compliment. If you're happy where you are and not interested in Hive, that's cool with me. I have no problem with that at all and should now assume you're not interested in those Hive tokens either, so at least that's all cleared up and I now know you're not feeling as if you actually lost out. I'm sure that makes you feel better, and you feeling better makes me happy. I wish you all the best, young man. Good luck here on Steem.

P.S. Telling me to go back where I belong and treating me as if I'm some kind of low life scum was unnecessary but I can accept that's how you'd prefer to treat people, all while worrying about how you look when you talk about 'public shaming'. If it's up to everyone else to make you look good, we'll most likely fail if you have an attitude like that. Sorry.

so you think that this thing that justin and steemit is doing right now is ok? you are fine with it?

No. Did you even read my original comment? Here are the first two sentences since you obviously missed them:

I would like to reiterate what I stated in my comment on that post. Soft fork 22.8888 is not good for this platform.

There weren't two factions. There was justin, and there was everybody else. Just because the majority of the old witnesses agreed on one thing, it's a huge mistake to treat them as a homogeneous group. That just shows that you never cared about their individualities. And it somehow negates the respect you claim to have for yaba.

Thank you for your unwanted opinion. As I see it, there was a group of individuals promoting extortion, and there was a group of less individuals promoting censorship. I voted to keep the two cancelling each other out. And that group of individuals who started hive kicked me out for it. Good luck on hive.

ha ha ha....
We have think for future. I agree .
They all started discussion and then they told us you started this. Who started the drama. And till now don't want to stop after creating Hive also.

Now, steemians are doing only reaction. The universe rule : Every action has a reaction.
The Hiveians wants they do action and also do reaction. They want to control everything. According to their choice.

You NEVER DID THAT!! NEVER! All these are Socks or slaves, it is disgusting!


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