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RE: The Announcement of SF 22.8888

in #steemit3 years ago

It's your vote and your platform to do with as you please, but your accounts (dev365 etc) that you used during the initial "temporary witness" fiasco now is voting and immediately knocked out the 'community witnesses' that did not support this, like block brothers, etc. Saying you are neutral while quite literally actively taking action opposing that is so absurd. Get your team together. Communicate. Have some pride and start caring about the people who are still on Steem who are dependant on you.

Pick one single message. Make it true. Stop lying. Back it up with action. Be accountable for what you've done, because it's right here in YOUR transparent ledger and each time you make a statement you stab the people who are still trying to find ways to support you, over and over again.

When you take action, don't do it if you will be so ashamed of it that you need to lie about what you've done, especially when it is so soundly, easily disproved. Leadership is hard, so harden up.


Hey do you know how to get in touch with that guy? He looks like someone who would enjoy sucking my small penis!

It's called sociopathic tendencies.

Maybe he didn't suspect he would need to be social and communicative on a Blockchain. Kinda proves that for governance Hive and what Steemit used to be is the best kind of blockchain.

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