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RE: The Announcement of SF 22.8888

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I am sorry. But you have not returned Steem to the community as long as you vote for witnesses. Those witnesses are there only because they are voted by @dev365.

Many have even told me in private that they did not believe in adding all of those accounts to be frozen, but know they need to run it in order to not be kicked out like @blockbrothers was.


Awww shucks... they so cheap. To do anything for a witness vote.

So honorable those witnesses.

I'm sorry also that the old witnesses failed the DPOS test.

Trust has to be built again now Justin controls the Steem Blockchain. They played the wrong cards it seems.

I'm sorry, what did you just say? The old witnesses failed the DPOS test because they created an open forum to discuss their concerns with the community before enacting a temporary soft fork of funds that were never intended to be used for governance anyway?

steemit v steem

Your version of this mess the witnesses created is clearly different from mine. This is a blockchain-based social media platform not the White House.

The secret forkers met in secret on a centralised platform like discord and did not invite everybody, only big investors. That is not consensus.

Claiming there was some sort of threat to justify going against governance is spin.

No matter how you dress it up, stealing/freezing and controlling/hacking someone else's stake was the wrong thing to do.

The old guard either have no clue about how to conduct business negotiations or have been badly advised.

That would be because your version is deeply mistaken on several key points. A true hard fork that creates a new chain doesn't require consensus in the first place. It is an offer for people to accept or reject, and the market of users is free to arrive at consensus after the fact by choosing whether to follow one, the other, or both.

There was a real threat in Sun using the Steemit stake to override STEEM community governance, which has been realized in spades. Yes, freezing someone else's stake is the wrong thing to do, BUT the Steemit stake was ninja-mined before the chain was released to the public, and the assurance has always been that it would never be used for governance. The entire point of the proposed soft fork was to maintain that assurance during transition to new ownership. I have repeatedly said it was poorly handled, but what has Sun done to disprove their fears? Instead, he confirmed the worst they thought would happen. And now dissenting witnesses who survived the sock puppet swarms are unceremoniously booted from the top 20 by STINC itself the moment they step out of line.

Take your disingenuous sophistry and shove it.

steemit v steem

Well, you know where you put H too, but just to finish off by saying your repetitive reasoning is unjustifiable. Stop making excusing for those members that will go down in history for there irreversible actions. Taxi!

No matter how you dress it up, stealing/freezing and controlling/hacking someone else's stake was the wrong thing to do.

month ago was not the time and was really wrong, but now is the best time to start doing it!

Are you trolling?

He will do what he feels is best for his Blockchain now. Trust must have been lost along the way or some inside info has come to light, is what I think is going on.

You can't have your cake and eat it with your friends any more its seems.

Are you trying to censor me?

nah you can check no cake for me, maybe a cookie now and then.

i just have a problem with people treating me like an idiot. People lying even when it is obvious that they are lying. And this post was written from a point of all this people are stupid idiots, and we could write whatever, they will believe us. There was not even an effort to make the lie believable.
Maybe George Carlin was right

No matter how you dress it up, stealing/freezing and controlling/hacking someone else's stake was the wrong thing to do.

I didn't stole anything. I just froze the accounts to dump before them. It is TEMPORARY. After 101 days I will unfreeze.

I was referring to what they did to Justin's stake in the beginning when they froze his voting rights.

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