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RE: The Announcement of SF 22.8888

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I've had my fill of your bullshit. You have published yet another lie! At this point you have proven yourselves to be mentally ill. You are a danger to yourselves and those around you. You need to seek treatment. There are options available. Counselling, medication, group homes. Plenty of avenues to explore. You need help. This is not a joke. I am not trolling. I am concerned for your well-being. There's nothing normal about what you're doing. This madness has been going on for far too long and just keeps getting worse.

People are telling the truth here in these comments. Some might sound mean and aggressive, but they are speaking on the facts. You did not take a neutral stance on this decision. You forced witnesses out of the top twenty so this decision could be finalized. At least one of those witnesses (@blockbrothers) publicly stated they do not approve and shortly after dropped from the number one witness slot down to around the 40th slot. You did that. We saw you do it. The record of that decision is on the blockchain and the timing proves I'm telling the truth.

Steemit, Inc will continue to support its loyal community

You lied to us, forced us out, and now anything we say is ignored. It has been like that for months now. Some of the most passionate people and loyal supporters of this chain have been treated like dogs. You've turned others against these fine people. Villainized them. Your behavior as of late is sadistic and appalling.

You need to seek the help of professionals who deal with mentally ill patients. If your brain is telling you you're not doing anything wrong and all these people criticizing your actions are just simpletons who know nothing about anything, just know, there are pills that can fix that. Get help.

did not anticipate this to happen

Your actions make that statement fantasy. Being delusional is common in those suffering from the illness you all share.


i thought about that few weeks ago. it could be a condition. seeking profesional help would be a smart thing to do.

Nobody of sound mind would be so self-destructive. If they start making demands that must be met in order for those restrictions to be lifted, and this becomes a case of extortion, I'm not sure if the insanity defense will work. A few pills would be a hell of a cheaper than this disaster.



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Thank you for presenting me with your misinterpretation but unfortunately, no. I actually take mental illness quite seriously. If you want to read jokes, I sometimes do a fine job of writing those on my blog and you're free to go read them there. I did not come here to piss around. But I do sense you're trolling me. If you'd like, I can sit here all day and talk in circles with you for as long as it takes and up until you either give up, or go crazy as well. The choice is now yours and I am kind of bored. So if you want to play, we can play.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go.... Your trolling again.... You were saying lolz

No, but, you see, you're the one who says shit like 'lolz' and uses the wrong version of "you're," so therefore, by definition, you're the troll. You're a near perfect stereotype. Following all the guidelines. Barely even thinking for yourself. Simply regurgitating your lines, but failing, miserably. "You were saying lolz" No. You said lolz. I only recently started saying lolz because you said lolz. Who says lolz anyway? Is that the kind of shit you'd say online when you were a teen and now you're older an haven't been able to find your true identity yet? Don't worry. Give it time. It'll come.

Lowering the tone and rambling is the level of trolling you want to revert to. Come on, wipe your red tires away, every troll has his or her day lolz!

So I'm not an English grammar teacher like you claim to be (weak trolling).

Steem clearly has a lot of improving to do, starting with people that like to misrepresent people, abusing new investors and being disingenuous by claiming to care about mental health while at the same time mocking a successful business man on his own platform. You've got a nerve ain't you lolz

Have fun with all that sarcasm in your fingertips.

Hey. I didn't say I was going to be sincere. You've already been disrespectful and clearly you're just another paid provocateur attempting crowd control. You can call it weak. I'll call it intentional because I had hoped to be called a grammar teacher. This isn't my first rodeo. I'm literally fucking with you right now.

It's not me mocking that unsuccessful businessman. He's doing that himself. You're just here because you're paid to defend him and ignore facts at all costs. There are blatant lies in this document above, but you're paid to ignore those. I will not believe for even one second you're not smart enough to see what's actually happening here. Only money can make you ignore those lies and call this kind of crap "success." It's one the biggest fails in the history of crypto, the man is embarrassed, but refuses to acknowledge the mistakes, and continues to dig his hole deeper and deeper, as if he's lost his mind. I can believe he's lost his mind. His pride is hurt. He's incredibly insecure. He's doesn't know how to redeem himself. Nobody will listen to him unless he pays them. Even one of his own friends said he's not acting normal. That lucky streak is over and now he's lost. Doesn't want to feel small, so he acts big, but doesn't look big, he comes across as irrational, dishonest, emotionally immature, and socially stunted.

Call that 'trolling' all you want, since it's your job. I'm already well aware of the fact anyone wanting to be openly honest around here will not be tolerated. Saying Hive is a curse word. I am supposed to fear saying Hive. Hive this, Hive that, Hive you, and fuck off.

you think he is not concerned? i am. the behavior shown in last month+ is in the best case a behavior of pathological liar. and that would be the best case scenario. constant mood changes and personality changes exhibited could be pointing to a bigger problem.
I can like him or not, but this is not how a sane person behaves

I've seen some of the spam-troll-comments sent his way since 14Mar20 every time he types a letter. I think he is being quite reasonable under the circumstances.

If you feel a concern then fair play to you but in relation to the quote from crying red eyes, he was just being a disingenuous troll that made a comment that can not be taken seriously at all.

You're right. All these lies and all those people pointing out the same lies with all kinds of proof... that's just trolling. Let's not face this reality head on. Sweep it under the rug and write everyone off as trash. Good plan. Don't focus on what's actually happening. Cherry pick and element from the comment you don't like and assume the rest says the same thing. That's actually genius. You'll get far in life here with that mentality. I bet you could even be a top twenty witness soon and then you can be a thief who has to deal with silly trolls all day!

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