Taking my lead from the CEO Ned!

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One of my main gripes among many with regards stinc/steem/steemit.

Is the 13 weeks to power down, as it makes it impossible to use any stake here to make money on the outside markets.
Ned has powered down, ned has taken his tokens out. I know there is a very set mindset here as to holding or hodling (if you are pissed) though how many of you are angry at yourself for not selling some of your stake at $12 plus SBD or $8 was it? Steem.

If it was an even playing field on here 1 hour power downs would be a perfect solution (in my mind anyway) so we could play the outside market, possibly win big and move back in more steem or SBD than we took out, win win situation for stinc/steem and everyone else. By us then buying more steem or sbd to put in, would this not increase the value of both tokens?.......

I am powering down and never going to stop from now on, I see no reason why ned should be off playing the market with his new .io friends whilst we are all left as the bag holders and gatekeepers, whats good for the goose and all that jazz.

I was once going to invest heavily in here and the main things that stopped me are the above, plus the agree with me as I have a bigger wallet than you mentality, that is now seeing massive censorship arise on here. Agree with my ideology or I will ruin your account, your returns, your investment.

This is not fun to watch and I can only imagine how damaging and upsetting it feels to be on the receiving end of this "abuse"....

No large investors are ever coming here, and I mean EVER due to the ability of people with said mindset being able to wipe away their profit. No large companies, no large pension holders like me, no large investors "full stop"....

Until this place is forked off away from ned and his friends, until this place takes away the ability to flag people down to nothing just because they do not agree with someones ideology, this place is doomed to failure, and will only decrease in size, due to the amount of people being flagged for seemingly "fun"....

I was going to do another SBI giveaway though?.

The idea is flawed in two ways. I was going to do a giveaway to people that have shared the most votes out across the platform over 7 days, it is flawed though as people could just give tiny 1% votes on mass, and it would be pretty much abused.
The second reason why is sbi is a 2 way thing, you get a share, I get a share, we both get upvoted for articles/posts, and as I am close to quitting here due to the former, and sick of expecting it to be "my turn next" to be flagged into oblivion, there seems little to no point in me doing said giveaway ever again, sad but "true.".

@shepz1 is shaking his damn head, and very not amused today, maybe I will feel better later today, maybe not! Have a good day ahead regardless.

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Damn definition. : to condemn to a punishment or fate especially : to condemn to hell


Aha! I didnt see this post!

all clear!

Its the STEEM tokens im intereseted in, a social media site is just what it is hahahah, mate its a wallet, with a social medias site attached to it :) not much else!

ok, for a short term investment say under 3-4 years, any crypto apart from btc dosn't exist, and I've already accepted that I might be old and very dam grey when I'd see huge profits from crypto :)

Get ya btc, then get stackitus, and your all set to go! Thinking about getting some gold here as in noway its 25% tax (on silver that I do know)

Man I remember learning about whale flags the hard way. One whale was bullying a guy I knew and flagging all his comments. I made a comment asking said whale to be considerate and not petty. Even threw in a Please and asked him to pardon the victim. Next thing i know my rep goes from 48 to 29. I was so pissed I even sent a memo to ned. Of course, he did not respond.
Since then I just mind my business or speak in discord.

There may still be hope so i'd say don't leave!?!?!?

If you do insist, send some steem my way. Maybe one day I'll use the stake to right some wrongs (more likely to cash out though)

This is the problem with steemit, everyone towing the line and sticking to safe subjects because of fear, remind you of the outside world or?

Humans will always be humans.
People here downvoting others because they don't agree with their opinions or kiss ass.

Imagine downvoting someone for two weeks over a petty disagreement.

I saw this post a month ago where some guy started flagging someone, and mentioned the person on the other end being flagged had flagged the flagger 1 year back and once. Man some people have long memories and a very touchy nature.

I put all the problem people I saw on mute ! Bam, no problems hahahahahahaah

Hey my friend, great post! I've been offline over Christmas and the New Year .. but having just spent the last couple of hours getting up to speed on current events, I can see your point! One of the greatest strengths of the platform (apart from the steem) was the free speech angle, people are hungry for it and it's a business model in itself. When you consider that a lot of flagging is due to ideological reasons and then contemplate the google advertising, we can at least ponder that there is a deeper agenda at play here and that the house is being cleaned up to make it more palatable to outside interests. I haven't carried out a fraction of the research into this that you have .. but its a thought.

the house is being cleaned up to make it more palatable to outside interests

Like selfie people and mass morons? Seems that way, and let us not forget the leftist angle, that has been prevalent on here since day 1.
Cheers my friend.

Sorry dude, been offline celebrating my birthday :D Yeah not forgetting that .. although the two aspects often seem to go hand in hand. lol

Indeed they do, and happy 21 "again" ...... :-)

Refreshing honesty! Thank you for that. I am so repulsed by all the our steem ship is soon sailing in shit I see on here, I'm also very vocal about it, as well as my complete disregard for steemian etiquette, giving zero farks if I'm flagged or whatever. Disillusionment doesn't come close to describing my short lived existence here. I tried to be hopeful and seek out any rational reason this place was worth investing anything other than toilet time to, I haven't found it.

There are intelligent well intended people here but the majority are either living in fear, delusion, or kiss assery to the highest degree..None of these attributes are attractive to me or any investors etc as you noted.

I have no reason to keep any steem accept maybe 50sp to stick around to watch the tears fall...

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..... but the majority are either living in fear, delusion, or kiss assery to the highest degree..


It is getting beyond a joke on here with the abuse of smaller account holders, and no amount of burying heads in sand is going to help or change it, I spoke up, I hope more do, though hey, who am I anyway to have a voice!

I've been most vocal about the top 20 witnesses being an immovable object mostly paid for by one anonymous "investor" when I found this out, and saw the weight distribution of voting for said witnesses I was finished and any thinking person would be IMHO.

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You can add in the mix that GTG witness is a friend of dan and neds, they were at the college he sold software to, then blocktrades which is also danthemans friends, and you get the picture about the immovable top 20 witnesses that just agree with every hardfork as I dare say they can not code or even read!
The largest vote is from freedom and that account was created the 31st March the day before alpha testing and is a stinc account as is alpha that runs away with all the bidbot profit.

Precisely, I untangled this easily spotted web of deception a few weeks ago myself after others noticed I was on the rotten stench track and pointed me to this information..

What's striking and how you know you're pushing pertinent buttons is the push back and or complete denial when asking these top 1%ers how they justify their role in this travesty...

This platform quite literally offers nothing but a condensed microcosm of global economics..

That peak of 8 bucks was remarkably short lived, the majority of steems lifespan has been spent at fledgling inconsequential levels that cannot be quantified as ultimately it's worthless in the real world.

But, SF3 !! And smt!! And moon speculation! Pep talk posts, that are self voted and bid botted into trending! Why bc they're desperate for this to work or it was all for nought..

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This platform quite literally offers nothing but a condensed microcosm of global economics..


It is close to being all for nought, you only have to look at BTC value of over $4000 then compare steem 30 cents, and boom, there is the complete picture.

Excellent post. This site would just explode with participation if free speech wasn't squelched. At a minimum the only thing any one person should be able to do is flag a comment. They shouldn't be allowed to flag articles people write, run over to their blog page and flag everything in sight or stalk a person and flag every comment they make out of revenge. (As long as the individual is following the rules of Steemit, abusers of the platform overall is a different subject matter, I am just talking about flagging over free speech issues)

I am just talking about flagging over free speech issues)

That is what my whole post is aimed at. :-)

Oh man - you have just said what I'm thinking...

Three people I'm following (out of 100) are being flagged now.

I have two choices - shut my face, or wait for my turn...

LOL - first they came for the trannies...


This place started off as trannie central and it shall end the same way! You have mail!

And I'm sure they fixed that alphabetical list thing - back in Sept 2016...

Wait till the weekend.

Haven't got mail yet.

OK I'm both nervous and hanging out to see this - oh shit I think things might get a bit madcore...

I have not even started yet. :)

I know you haven't - and you know what I think you are going up against - but what the fuck, this is supposed to be entertainment, and if we have to censor everything we say it ceases to be entertaining...

Check your email bro

I am going to hold back for a few days or until I get pissed at the weekend, which ever comes first lol.

I was going back and forth with investing a little more in here. I think I'm going to hold off for a while to see what happens. I think that STInc selling their stake is a great thing because it gives them less each time but then at the same time people keep feeding freedom and associated accounts with massive amounts of SBD and Steem.
It may be difficult for you to do so but how about stick around and post but try to be less observant of those others that are benefiting from the ponzi. I would miss your perspective around here! Plus there's lots of great posts on here that get censored elsewhere.

I am trying bro, I am trying to take no notice, though I love stats and figures and get drawn to them like a bloody magnet. And watching the bullying makes me feel sick to the stomach.

but try to be less observant of those others that are benefiting from the ponzi.

That would be the ultimate answer, a community backlash but it would take quite some time to affect their bottom line enough to convince them to make changes to the flagging system.

Hope you have a great day mate and I also hope you continue to post here.

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It gets harder by the day my friend, whilst I watch the abuse being dished out for "fun"...
You too bro, have a great day.

...its fucking disgusting...but kinda funny seeing them shoot their own investment out of their empty heads...
Sucks for us real people though...

Nodding head in agreement.

Being a long time blogger I just never understood that either, you have a platform for engagement yet you destroy it by not letting people openly engage.

Cheers :-)

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Yes I here you mate and thanks I will have a great day :)

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Perhaps it would help if many un-support witnesses who are in favour of flagging.

I have done so, but by myself, nobody notices...

Funny thing is, when I see a flagging and get angry because it is patently unfair, I've been told to mind my own business, which does not work with me and I get angrier...and wait to be flagged, but it does not happen.

I wish someone would explain why - I hate puzzles which do not make sense.

It is a strange place here, and I would guess the flag rewards go to stinc/steemit so there is no incentive to stop it.

If Steemit had been run correctly - and fairly, it could have grown into a huge platform.

Do you remember the ABBA? They were doing so well that they earned more foreign exchange for Sweden than Volvo did.

Then each of them decided they could have done better as single artists and ABBA died. Even years later, when they saw (or should have seen) their error, none of them would admit to being wrong and they resisted coming back together again.

Purpose of the above? When you have a winning formula - do not mess with it.

What do you bet that one day you will read that Ned is looking for a job or was found among the homeless? People who have an easy success while still young, usually end up losing everything...there are only a few exceptions.

Abba played in Poland on new years eve, and Ned is just a front, he does not run stinc, dan and his CIA family do. :-)

Both bits of news were surprising - yet, why was I not relly surprised?

Instead of thinking of leaving...cut the number of hours, so that you have more time with your daughter. Some day you will remember her at this age and you will miss having her around as a little girl.

A funny thought. I suggested to friends that I start an organisation called "Adopt All Children" as a charity for collecting money to support families who are having their kids taken away from them. Even a small membership fee of $1 a month could soon grow to become useful in helping people with their legal fees. No money for food, though, there already are enough charities for that.

It surprised me when they both said they love the idea and would be happy to join. However, I am still hoping I can start the other project, so will not consider anything else until I give up on it.

I spend on average 10 hours a day with her, and even now whilst making a valve pre amplifier from scratch, she is watching a children's movie with me and mom.

I get bored if I am not doing anything, making something, repairing something, that is my problem, right there.

Another poster here got into an argument with me. He was touting the crypto currencies as being the tool which will free us of our governments and big business.

He replied with a link, telling me this started n Cape Town and now exists in ninety something countries.

It is not for me, as I would have nothing to offer in return, but I thought, if this exists in Poland, maybe you could 'want' motorbikes needing work and ;offer' vegetables?


lol - the story I found more interesting, also made me feel good...learning that there still are good people in prison

Baby killer who punched newborn daughter to death is found dead in his cell

I wonder whether he was punched to death. I am vindictive and hope it was extremely painful for him.

And there was me sending you this story lol Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/04/men-disadvantaged-women-uk-us-europe-scientists-claim-8309361/?ito=cbshare

Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/04/men-disadvantaged-women-uk-us-europe-scientists-claim-8309361/?ito=cbshare

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/

Here is a different slant to the question, for your consideration:

Are men more disadvantaged than women in prison?

I doubt the prisons for women, in the UK, are as filled with jihadists and moslems in general, whereas men are in danger from the barbarians.

You maybe do not know them well, I do, they are cowards alone, they do not fight alone , and they are weak, moslems that is, and women.


...... until this place takes away the ability to flag people down to nothing just because they do not agree with someones ideology, this place is doomed to failure, and will only decrease in size, due to the amount of people being flagged for seemingly "fun"....

when the place is run by lefties, is there any other outcome, except failure...?

good one. lol.

I can really understand you.
But there are already idea around such as flag mana.. So you can also flag and delegate your flag Power without vp being influenced.
Then people could collectively organized Whale Spammers and flaggers.
And there are more ideas around.

And yea.. Stinc - I also wrote about a community fork..
But there are no resources for a Community fork.
And with SMTs and tokens, or community coded alternatives you can do great things with the steem ecosystem and blockchain.

In the end, steem is what we make out of it. Steem is not ned or Stinc. :)

It is the amount of control ned and stinc has over this place as it is now that bothers me regardless of the community, also watching this flag war is sickening and I can only imagine how devastating it feels being on the end of it for the oh so many people that it is happening to.

Remember when I had my 'spate' against me? - it was crappy - and it's nothing like whats happening now...

That was small time, this is a whole new level of shit.

I seem to be getting support for my 'anti bully fuck 'em ' strategy.....I'll do it, no worries.
It will take up a bit of time, but I don't mind if it means sticking it to the children with too much power.
(it's been a lifelong hobby!lol)

I'll put together a post tomorrow with it spelt out, nuts and bolt kind of thing...
Wooohoo - I think we have a battle that we can win!

I reached out to informationwars, but they haven't gotten back to me, yet...A little strange...???

They have multiple people that use the keys, the best way to talk to them is on their discord channel bro.

Yeah I hear ya.....let me get my post done tomorrow , and take it from there...

No worries.
I am using my vote power for a few days to prop up the patriot

I agree it appears to be getting worse.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Cheers my friend, there are certainly some interesting comments here lol.

For my part, what I take is to have met people like you and their thougths and ideas, I came tired of the falsehood of social networks and it seems that this following that path, I find it very enriching to read post about internal issues of someone who has more dedication and experience that I'd probably never have, and I don't know if it's time to look for another boat or start to search for noah's as the flood comes.
Anyway, I hope everything gets better and we realize where we are and how far can we go, thanks as always my friend.

Cheers my friend, keep the chin up, I was just pissed off this morning, though now I have started to help put the wrong right, and I am not stopping anytime soon.

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