A Priceless Tip For Steemit Newbies Seeking Followers & Upvotes... (The #1 Thing To Do And NOT Do)

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This story has come together out of necessity.

More and more, I've been getting and seeing comments here on Steemit that equate to little more than spam begging: "Follow and upvote me." And frankly, it's getting old.

I do sometimes reply with a brief response containing the following two links that spell out the reasoning why such comments are degrading:

Taking A Stand Against Spam On Steemit: When To Law Down The Law…?

The Beggar Parade Hits Steemit: Calling Bullshit On Impersonal Commenting Facades…

Though undoubtedly, it continues.

So, herein is a straightforward no-B.S. lesson to be passed along for Steemit newbies.

The more people who get this, pay forward the lessons, and implement them - the better off the platform will be, through raising the quality of engagement here. So let's get to it...

1. Do NOT comment on posts begging to be followed and upvoted.

It is impersonal, selfish, disrespectful, and inappropriate.

As stated in "The Beggar Parade Hits Steemit: Calling Bullshit On Impersonal Commenting Facades…":

These comments say nothing about why the commenter liked your post. They add nothing to the conversation. And most of the time, if you click to the user's profile and check their comments page, you'll find they've copied and pasted the exact same generic request - like a hungry attention-seeking dog - for your pennies worth of votes.

This type of behavior is straight-up lame.

My honest response: "Did you even read my post before putting your hand out in hopes I'll toss you a few pennies? Do you seriously think this is a community that values insincerity and giving handouts to those whose contribution is spam rather than substantial, quality content and authentic, personal engagement?"

If you want followers and votes, EARN THEM.

Give me a valid reason to navigate to your profile by commenting something engaging, thoughtful, sincere, that's got substance to it and adds value to the conversation.

Then, and only then, may I be likely to invest my time in seeing whether more of what you are contributing to the platform is worth my time and votes.

But if you keep on disrespecting the community by commenting insincere spam begging for attention and rewards, the only thing you're going to get from me is your spam comments flagged - and consequentially, your reputation score deservedly diminished.

2. DO engage thoughtfully and intelligently to contribute value to a discussion, providing valid reasons as to why your contributions to the platform may be worth looking into via your profile.

If you've started off on the wrong foot by not even bothering to engage in a proper conversation and speak to the topic at hand, one can be 99% sure that that majority of what you post on your blog will not be worthy of their time.

If you add unique perspectives, personality, and participate in a discussion via commenting that demonstrates you have something of interest to say, people will be much more likely to visit your blog to see what else you may have posted that is interesting.

The only reason I ever navigate to someone's page who asked to be followed is to check if they've been spamming their comments so I can flag them if so.

The only other reason I navigate to someone's page who left a comment is because it was an excellent comment.

If you take the time and energy to add something of value, share some of your thoughtful perspective, contributing something genuine to my experience on Steemit, then - and only then I may redirect my browsing to scan over what else you've been sharing. And if the quality of your posts is above-average and something I'd deem worthy of reading again, then - and only then - I will follow you.

That simple.

Anyone who has accumulated enough Steem Power to make their votes worth something has made an investment in this platform and community. Consequentially, none of us are going to be interested in supporting spam begging through following and upvoting users who do not make any valuable contribution to the community.

If you/anyone comments on my post, says absolutely nothing about it - or a generic "nice post, thanks" with zero detail about why you/they liked it - and requests to be followed and/or upvoted, it is guaranteed I will NOT be giving into the request.


If upon checking out the comments section of your/their page and seeing that the exact same comment has been copied-and-pasted on multiple posts, you can fairly expect for the comments to be flagged as spam - and consequentially your reputation score downgraded.

No jokes.

Many of us have invested alot in this platform - not only money, but time, energy, heart, and soul. Many of us would like to see this platform grow, thrive, and succeed.

And for that to happen, standards need to be set that ensure the quality of content and conduct remain high.

Spam is unacceptable.

Comments offering generic, token praise as attempts to conceal motivations of nothing but gain for self are unacceptable.

If you want people to follow you, provide intelligent examples of why they should bother even looking at your profile in the form of valuable contribution to their discussions. NO BEGGING. NO SPAM.

Is this "harsh?"

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Granted, some people commenting as described may just not know better and don't deserve uber-stern critique of their youthful folly.

Yet, alot probably think it's okay because they see several others doing it. But really, it's not ok. Not if we care about growing this site with the type of quality standards that are needed for it to scale sustainably.

So long as posts get flooded with such brainless, selfish comments, this platform will not likely get taken seriously by newcomers with professional standards.

Call it harsh if you will to "lay down the law" like this, but if no one has the balls to do it, the amount of crap content will multiply like weeds and tarnish not only the quality of experience for users on the site, but the community's image outside it with people who look in and see that no effort was made to establish professional quality standards.

So, if you've been guilty of spam begging... STOP IT.

If not, I invite you to commit yourself to joining in helping to raise the standards for this community by calling out such behaviour when you see it - whether by sharing the link to this post or making your own personalized note when appropriate to help newbies instill conduct codes in their engagement protocols here to contribute in weeding out the garbage comments and increasing quality participation.


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Hello rok-sivante. This is an excellent post and I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I have a few issues, such as posting images and no credits, copied posts, copied and pasted comments on various posts, plagiarism and to a degree YouTube clips. They could all be uploaded onto DTube. I have had a few examples of people who I have commented on their posts and not had a response. It is confirmation to me that they are not for the Steemit community, because upvoting over 200 posts a day isn't possible, if you were to read each one.

My issue is, how do you report these people or try to stop the crap, which is for platforms like Facebook? I will have to look into using Discord Chat and seeing if something can be done. The problem with flagging is I think they'll just flag me back. I am not completely sure ofthe best way to deal with these folk, but your post was really supportive to me, in that it echoed my feelings completely.

I see Steemit as something very special. It could be a massive part of my future and maybe many other folks'. I love it so much that I have been having a very hard time to try to let the 'right' people know about it on Facebook, because there are some complete goons on Facebook and I know this is like vetting, but the word is out there and a few bad apples won't be missed. That said, I have posted something earlier and added a footnote to come along and join me here.

Steemit is amazing and we need to police and protect it. There is so much plagiarism, theft and a total disregard for the source of images and the likes that have been shared. I have always said that one should lead by example (which can be abused, I know) and I have always thought it common-sense to lead who you would like to be led, so to speak. A reciprocal world vibrates at a much better wavelength than one at odds with itself, and at the moment, Steemit is at odds with itself, as there are two schools of thought here, I feel.

Firstly, we have ourselves, if I dare be so bold, Sir? And then you have a large mix of folk who fit under the umbrella of the issues at hand. It's a shame that something can't be implemented to prevent this from happening. I have checked out every single profile of the people that I follow. Why?

Because I followed some blindly in my first few days and I wanted to do it whilst there was only 350 people that I was following, before it was six months down the line and over 1,000 to look through. I wanted to make sure that I was only following people that I supported. I unfollowed all bots and unfollowed 100 people in total. This was not me being nasty, but was for the following reasons: Not used account, Not posted for 6 months, full of porn (don't know how I started following them), just re-steem posts, steeming down power (this was a deciding point, after other issues had been discovered), negative posts, too many posts, plagiarism and one that causes a lot of contention, 'upvoting themselves.

Now, let me just try to clear something up, but I do need help with this, although not asking in this place, here. I do not think it makes any sense for minnows to upvote themselves. On a purely mathematical and merit based basis, The alloted vote money or power is allocated to each Steemian, to be passed on to posts that they feel worthy of support and which they would like to see grow. Need I continue, really? I use Steem Now, which can see a little more detail on peoples voting habits and I see so many minnows ypvoting all of their posts with a very small percentage, giving them very little power or help.

I feel that they do this to take a percentage of the curator rewardss, but I feel it shouldn't be allowed, because if we upvote others and comment and upvote each others comments, then Steemit will grow very big and very strong. My other issue is with potential divisions within Steemit, as the whales are not encouraged to upvote minnows and it would be nice if whales received some form of incentive for upvoting a minnow, say, ten or twenty percent of the time. Maybe I have got it wrong, but the curator rewards seem overcomplicated to me and I feel they are mildly detrimental to the growth of Steemit, but Steemit has a core of creative, original folk who really want to defend and support Steemit in the correct way, because they are wise and genuinely intelligent enough to see the potential that it has, not for the self, but also for everybody.

I know that you like proper responses, but I do apologise for the length of this, but I've found my flow again, raw though it is at present, and have really been enjoying typing and expressing myself, but I am aware that I may well have over-indulged you, Sir and for that apologise - Sorry.

Thank you, very much, for your post and all the very best to you and if you start a 'gang', please count me in :).


A post within a post! Good point @gwb235


Really great answer. Wanted to answer you.

My issue is, how do you report these people or try to stop the crap [...] The problem with flagging is I think they'll just flag me back.

-> You can always report abuse via this form.
-> You can also help with donation/ SP delegation to @steemcleaners & friends (@cheetah, etc).

I have always said that one should lead by example (which can be abused, I know)

I don't think it's abuse. I think it's the correct way to do. But you will be soon desilusionnated with many people on Steem.

I finally agree with everything you said about whales / minnows etc but that's another story.

Hope @rok-sivante will take you in his gang somedays ;-) Good luck on Steemit ! You have won a follower, just checked your blog and loved some of your article.


Hello @roxane. Thank you, very much, for your reply and replies :). It's helpful to know how to deal with such matters, because most of my time spent is on researching posts, which I feel might not be original or truly genuine or honest. I commented today on a post where @cheetah had said they upvoted the post and referenced another post with similar content. This other post was completely plagiarised by the Steemian responsible for 'block' copying and pasting the article and even used the original imge, without any reference, links or credits. So, with @cheetah being a bot, it's difficult to open a conversation with them regarding the efficacy of their aims. I may be wrong, but here is a link to the article:


Up to now, if I see something that I know is plagiarised or similarly unacceptable, I do make comments of @steemcleaners and @cheetah, but didn't know that I needed to donate and must be missing a few things like this, but will look into it and I think I would attract @steemcleaners and have seen @blacklist as well, but it does seem like a never ending job, somewhat like the painting of the Forth Bridge is.

I only want to do what's best for Steemit, and I do feel that Steemit is worth protecting, but I also feel like some kind of unelected policeman, judge, jury and hangman, although I know that there is a core of Steemians that whole-heartedly support my thoughts and feelings on the matters discussed. You may be correct, regarding the disillusionment :), but if we don't continue onward, we either stagnate or regress, so I guess that it's a case of onward and upward for now.

The link that you gave me to 'this form' is what I have been looking for. Thank you very much for that and thank you for following me and taking a look at my blog. I have reciprocated :). I was learning the chorus for ils onts change me chanson (? - could Google it, but I'd rather test myself a little :) ), as it's a fantastic song and not about what people think it is.

Thanks again, for the welcoming and helpful response :).


Thank you, @sanuk, kind words :).


True words. Your 7th paragraph got to me. I did belong to a group where we helped upvote each other's blog. Some of the posts were so bad and obviously done in a hurry. For conscience and self esteem sake, I had to leave.


Hi @pangoli. These groups are bound to exist, but sometimes these things are done through error or a lack of knowledge or understanding. At least you have a conscience and you left the group. I think in time, there will just be less space for opportunists, but they do have an eye for an opportunity, so they can often be almost a step ahead of the game, but the bottom line I think is that Steemit is on the whole a success story, but has a few little glitches to sort out, but such is the nature of an organically developed concept.

Thank you for your comment :).


You're Welcome 😃


Shite mun, now that is a thoughtful response!

Undoubtedly, there are many challenges growing a new ecosystem like this. Many mistakes to be made, lessons to be learned, upgrades to be implemented. And while decentralization May have its perks, it also poses obstacles in organizing such conscious advancement, with so many different people on different pages.

Nonethless, we carry on. And it is the passion and commitment of people like yourself, sharing their views and ideas on how to improve, that shall drive us all forward, one small step at a time... 🙏


Hi @rok-sivante. Thank you, for the reply. I agree with regards to the various challenges on various levels with the concepts and developmental ideals that might unfold before us in the not too distant future. The variable qualities of people makes the whole affair not appear to be people on different pages, but maybe more akin to monkeys reading from completely different books :), but I agree that the solution for the immediateness of necessity is to plod on, continue and do as you would were it be competely to your liking, because it can only add to the mix in a positive way and we can only wait and see what might result from the input. Steemit has already been a very positive place for me and one which I massively support and care for. Steemit is everyone's baby.

Another small step for mankind, another fake moon lan..... sorry, I mean another small step towards the goal (no need for leaping around, is there?).

All the best :).


There is so much plagiarism, theft and a total disregard for the source of images and the likes that have been shared.

what do you call plagiarism exactly, we all get our ideas somewhere... all my work may be reproduced with the original link without permission.

what do you worry about the images' source... some mention the source but I do not... not to mention that it is not sure that the pix found on a site really belongs to the site itself. You would be surprised. I will mention the source the day I make writing a living, until then I am not worried


Hello @earthcustodians. Plagiarism is defined as: "the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own."

I'm not sure what you mean by my worrying about the images' source, but it isn't your original work if you take the images or words from another source. Steemit supports and aids original work.

People can split hairs, regarding definitions, but I feel that this is just a distraction from the common-sense and honest way to create posts. I feel that the point has been missed by many and am just reminding us all that Steemit is all about originality, not picking bits from here and there that you think will be popular or other methods of attempting to attract popularity.

I just want to be in a symbiotic community where we all aid each other in some way and for those that are deserving to do well, and those that wish to exploit, regardless of on which level, fail to succeed.

This is just my personal opinion, but it does seem to resonate with the essence of Steemit less abruptly than I feel that your approach does, but again, this is just my view, but I prsonally value my views, opinions and perceptions, because they hold value to me and may even do the same for others.

With regards to making a living by writing, you are, by definition of your comment posting, even if you were to never create a post. It would be a rubbish living, of course, but do you not create posts on here and get an income, of sorts, for it? One could argue that your aim is to do such and you may be getting a very small living from your present input on Steemit. It isn't necessarily about the amount, but more the definition, I feel.

Yes, it is the extreme view of earning a living by posting, but you have and do see people on here doing it every day and growing in number, so I just feel the making a living thing is somewhat of a thin ice topic to introduce in this context.

All that said, thank you for your comment and I hope that this is received in the way it is intended - as a friendly retort to your question, in an aim to learning and bettering our time here, for each other, as we are the future of Steemit.

All the best :).


thanks for clarifying... but I dont believe in any form of copyright. We do not invent anything but merely discover. As for pictures, people who have real concerns should print their names on them. Photobanks do that.

see my blog:
Patenting Knowledge In The Perpetually Creating Universe
No Free Will & No Thoughts of Your Own In The Perpetually Creating Universe


Hello @earthcustodians,

It does seem that we have very different perspectives and opinions on this topic. Everything on the internet is there to be used. Everything on this plane is there to be used. But it is a matter of respect to the creator, to give credit for their work, should it inspire you or should you feel the need to use their work in part, to better express a point, concept or ideal, amongst other expressions.

I feel that this is an inner feeling issue. I feel that it's right to credit, source and link work, because my ego doesn't have to pretend to be the creator, or I don't fear people thinking less of me for using the inspirations of another, because they inspire me and I would like to transmit that to other folk.

This is just how I feel, of course, and I do get that you feel differently, but one have to be careful that one is not creating reasons, excuses and righteous perspectives, based on not being able to accept criticism from one's peers, in order to justify one's stance.

Belief is another discourse, but I do feel that the word copyright might not be helping here. We are talking about intellectual property and uncopywritten works that are creted from personal work and input, study, research and composition. I feel better in myself for giving credit and support to those that I look to for inspiration, help and elucidation.

Maybe we should agree to disagree, but I never understood that and I feel it is always better all round, to discuss such matters as we can all learn from doing that.

Thank you, for your comment, @earthcustodians

Hey thanks for making a post like this. It is helpful for newbies like me.
Communication is the best way for us to withstand with the crowd :p

I find it interesting that this is such a big problem here. I started my first blog many years ago and the same information applied when I was networking with other bloggers.

After finding another blogger on Twitter or another social platform I would head over to their blog and learn what it was about. If I did not find their topic interesting I would move on. My lack of interest would equate to not being worth my time to engage. Leaving a heartless 'love the post' kind of comment would have gotten a 'thanks' replay and that would have been the end of it.

That benefits neither me nor the other blogger. However, if I found that the content interested me I would continue to read and leave a comment saying thanks and I made sure I brought up a topic in the post I found interesting and elaborated on or shared my opinion.

Now as I write this I'm not surprised to see it here. It was not as common back when I was self hosting a blog and visiting other people's websites since leaving a comment returned no monetary value (no matter how small). The only benefit was the potential of gaining a new reader and that was slim to none. With Steem there is money involved, and this seems to exacerbate the issue.

I have made many friends over the years of blogging by taking the time to meet other bloggers, read their content, and engage with them in a meaning full way. 99% of the comments I left lead nowhere but the ones that did both bloggers are now better for it.

Great post and I hope that as time moves on those who spend time to read the posts, leave good comments, and create good posts (more than just pasting a video or meme) will get a good reward for their efforts. It's our job to spend our Steem Power in an intelligent manner.

<3 J. R.


Perfectly expressed! ✊️


Thank you! o7

@rok-sivante........ You have quickly become my favorite poster. Your posts are always well thought out and have a lot of time and effort into them.

I 100% agree with your statements here. I absolutely hate, and think it is pitiful, when people are begging for upvotes and follows.

Beyond that, I wish you touched more on people who post very simple posts. An embedded video, with a single line saying, "haha this is soo funny." People seem to think they can use this like Reddit and can get upvoted for doing the littlest amount of work possible.

What will get you noticed is communicating with the Steem community. Try Steem.chat, come in and make some friends. When you go through your day and think of something that inspires you, a cause, an invention, just an idea in general, write the topic down and spend time at night really getting into the nitty gritty of what that idea means to you. Share your inspiration with Steem and we will share back with you.

I have been creeping for a little over a month, and I have only posted 2 blogs. That is because I have a back log of ideas that I still need to work on and perfect for when I really start to come out with my well thought out posts. Don't think you can skim through this, giving the littlest effort possible and make money. DON'T even use this platform to make money. Use this platform to share inspiration and spread ideas. I promise you, the money will come.

Dang, I should make this a blog post. :P

Wonderful as always Rok.



Dang, I should make this a blog post.

Well, get to it, mate! :-D

All very-well stated, couldn’t agree with you more. And yours are the type of comments that set a proper example for quality engagement with such value added to the dialogue.

Appreciated. 🙏


Apt comment here. I think I'm gonna go with your advice on this one. So far I've posted more than 6 blogs and it's been pretty frustrating. I think I finally get it. "communication first" thanks for sharing.

I do say that steemit is not a post community alone. It is a post and read community. To be heard you have to hear someone yourself. Very simple and everybody will be happy

Time To Put This Into Practice, Here goes nothing.

Generally speaking it has really become an epidemic, i read a lot of post everyday and this seems to have become a trend, to be corrective it doesn't actually look good in the first place so i don't see reason why a newbie that has come to add value to steemit see it as a way to go.

Thank goodness for the guys at @steemcleaners that are doing a pretty good Job in fixing it, but they are just one part of the pie. More post like this will put out awareness and help some of us minnows get out of the trend.

Thank you for a good one

Hello @rok-sivante,

I saw myself and feel ashamed for the other comment I left to your wall, and I was lucky that you got to see the whole thing. Lead by example is definitely what will stop future Steemians from devulging in this behavior that's disrespectful to the authors and community overall.

Begging is not tolerable here, and I hope that you did visit me not to see if you had to flag me down, but to see if there was weight behind my words. I feel like these types of reminderd should be updated periodically in new posts for newly registered Steemians to see, because the message shared is important and could fizzle out follow begging if given enough focus by the community!

Time for me to step my commenting game back up!

With love,



It’s all a bit of trial and error here. Stumbles along the way are to be expected, and there are many making them. Though, the lessons are now had - and meant to be passed on. So all I ask is for you to do the same in guiding and orienting newbies when you see others making similar mistakes - though perhaps be gentle, as I can be a borderline dick about it sometimes, which I wouldn’t recommend. Lol. 💖


Mhmm! No one method is set in stone, but seeing people getting more outlandish by the day isn't the nicest thing to see. I try to engage everyone who comments me, and help them out- if I see it's lacking or not sincere, trying my hand at positive reinforcement is fun! I don't know if Steemit would work if everybody got to be a dick xD

Lol 'Mic Drop!!' Agreed 100%. I still have the time available to check on some of those generic comments and have only found one individual that simply seemed as if they thought it was the norm to comment in such a manner. I responded and corrected the behaviour since the profile was only a few days old. As for the rest, 'It's everyone's responsibility to flag the spam!' Gg, imo, not too harsh at all :):)

Couldn't agree more. I think this happens when people care about numbers more than they care about people and knowledge.
I don'h have a solution to this this problem, but I acknowledge that it exists. (more on this later)

I think it is great that people help the newbies such as my self out with great content that we can all learn from. Thanks every one and have a blessed day!

Absolutely right. Focus on the content and what you can contribute to the community don't look into the number game, followers upvoters and resteemers will follow.
Thanks for this @rok-sivante keep it up! Im a fan 💯

Your post caught the eye of @jbbasics in a Steem drive-by. It received a 33.33 % upvote from @steemcondenser. Steem on my friend!

Asking to like, favorite, follow and retweet only makes it more likely that no one will follow you.

Would you go into a work meeting or community meetup and ask people to "like" what you just said? Since Steemit has financial rewards and a decent handle on identity and reputation, it's the decentralized equivalent.

It is interesting to see how people are taking informative communication more seriously here as opposed to the mental vomit that appears on other platforms, though.


Yep. 🙌

Good Information. Thanks for sharing.

Agreed. The spam is on the rise. It needs to be curtailed and actions have to be taken.

I've noticed that a lot of these "follow me and upvote me" kinda comments come from accounts that have very low reputation. 5, 0, really? How can one managed to have such a low reputation, considering everyone starts at 25?

Maybe a way of moderating such kind of spam comments would be to say that a minimum reputation of 25 is needed to comment on posts? That way, a lot of such spammers will be restricted.

As creating content, getting upvotes is the way to increasing reputation, most of the spam will not stick around to do so.

What do you think?


I’ve heard that accounts with rep scores below 25 May have their comments hidden, though not sure about that.

No surprise that such spammers have single digit rep scores, as they bring it upon themselves with such conduct. All it takes is a couple flags from a few dolphins or whales...


I’m only new myself, but I was drawn to Steemit precisely because of the ethos behind rewarding quality content.

But I guess the promise of riches encourages spammers to do the same tired old behaviour they’re doing on other platforms.


Yep. ‘‘Tis inevitable that people are going to come with different behaviours and practices, so perhaps the best way to handle it is keeping dialogues going about what types of conduct codes to write into the culture and keep setting examples of them to be followed, educating where they are not...

When I started my Steemit account my wife told me I couldn't be an A-hole like I am on twitter and facebook. So far I've managed to be nice but the sniveling little follow me/upvote beggars make it really hard.


Arggghhh... phone froze up and lost the whole response I wrote!

Maybe there is a time and place for being an asshole. Not an outright rude one, but offering blunt, no-B.S. feedback when it’s called for. No sense playing into people’s fake niceness when they’re not showing proper respect. Balance. ;-)


@randystiefer: Randy, you do realize that a number of us will now follow you just to see how long it takes before you explode. It's like Tony Stark following Bruce Banner around town and pushing his buttons, just waiting for the green man to appear. Hulk smash, man. Hulk smash. ;)


@tereceplizga. As you should and when it happens it will be a spectacular he should have worn his brown pants, 9 point arm ripped off and beaten to death with it explosion.

That's real shit. I respect it too & even gotta look myself in the mirror from attempts of old.
Keep leadin & Keep Steemin!



I'm not sure that bot following votes help the platform either. Everyone who votes should read the content.


+1 here. Unsightly bot posts cluttering up the space. A good quality post does not need this. At least eventually, anyway. Admittedly, getting started is always hard, but community engagement is way better than paying for bots.

Anyway, agreement all around in the desire to clean up the streets haha... Was also curious if anyone came here to beg ;)


I was actually referring to follow up votes, when someone votes and others are pined on it.
I use randowhale to at least make my post a little visible.


Ah, apologies, I misread. But anyway, I can understand why people use the voting bots, but I feel like ideally they shouldn't be necessary. (And the upvote posts themselves are still an eye sore :) )

What a shame no one has left a generic 'nice post. follow me' comment on this post.
I would have wanted to see the guy or gal who has such bravity and stupidity to do such a thing.
But alas, it was not to be!

Thanks for writing this post!
It's the EXACT thing I've been trying to combat on my blog the last few days!


Have just had generic comment spammer on my blog.
Replied with why I am flagging him and a link to this post!



Your welcome.

Though, you spoke too soon. Sure enough there was one offender who copied the exact same “thank you follow me” b.s. below. I mean, reaaaallly????

Feel free to drop the link to this post in reply to any such comments. If it even gets through to one person, it may do the community some good...

I totally agree. I absolutely can't stand to see spam or referral links,...and I hate seeing what you said,"nice post".

How could they have possibly read it, and then sum up the comment in just 2 or 3 words, lacking capitalization and punctuation?

I post alot of widely varying topics myself, but it's what interests ME.
I AM SERIOUS/JOKING about 60/40 I guess... But I'm 100% real. I do enjoy your topics in your blogs, that's why I follow, and keep it up, man💪

Cheers buddy🍺

@rok-sivante thank you give me upvote..


you're joking, right???

Please re-read this actual post and explain why this and the other duplicate comments you’ve left on others’ doesnt Deserve to be flagged for the outright spam violation this entire story was about.

Fail to do so, and don’t be surprised when your rep score takes a hit if you keep up the spam...


Hello @rok-sivante

This is one of the most important thing that I have been trying to engrave in the minds of the Minnows I am currently Mentoring under the @bluewaves project.

You have to give value in other to receive value. There is nothing like something for nothing.

I am going to be using this post as Mentorship Material so expect more comments to flood this post in the coming weeks.



Lol.. Sir @ogochukwu
Yup, I was at your class yesterday. Was insightful, First Time I heard something on this. Thank bro!

lol, the first thing I think should always be not annoying XD

This is good enough for any steemian to learn, @rok-sivante. I understand that newbies do it a lot, but there should be room to guide with love. Like flagging comments by newbies without pre-guide might discourage them. I suggest, a steemian with integrity level of 40 and less should be treated with soft hand till they grow. That way, committed newbies will learn and be encouraged to continue blogging. @greatness96.




Thanks a lot.

i dont think that anything new really came out of this, no new insight no new idea just basic common sense stuff .... yes, we know that begging for upvotes is begging, yes we know that spamming is annoying, i was looking for the bang but it never came


Unfortunately, common sense doesn't seem abundantly common, and enough people seem to be ignorant to it and could use a reminder...

Yes straigth to the point. Most time i feel sad seeing you most especially minnow begging for upvote, the most common language they now use is that "you follow me and i follow you" same with upvote my post and i do that in return. They don't see the platform as a community of a mutual interaction where you meet a lot of new people even outside ur region or country.

I have sit and think well of what can be the cause and one of my answer is that,most people that invite people to join steemit do announce to people out it is to earn, yes of a truth you are right but do remember to tell them that it go beyong earning but building relationship and meeting new friends. It is what require passion,commitment and determination, even when the money is not coming keep on doing it because u get joy in it.

Many people meet their spouse on facebook without knowing each other and the relationship works out,steemit is actually more than that. I think it is time i drop my pen,or may keep on writing .thanks

Let me give the best advice to the minnows.

Minnows, pls go to beta.chainbb.com and login with your steemi posting key.

Then use chainbb to post comments and replies on steemit.

Comment atleast 50 times a day.

Come back and thank me later after 7 days

Hello @rok-sivante.

Is this "harsh?"

This is not harsh but the bitter truth. I am a minnow, just 18 days old and I've seen spamming beyond what I can describe. It's really painful when someone writes a beautiful and educative article to see comments like:

I've upvoted you so upvote me back or some other funny comments.

Some don't even take time to read, all they think is steemit is an upvote factory. Maybe with publicity like this and projects like that of @bluewaves and @africaunchained, newbies will be taught the right way to act on steemit.

Thank you for taking your time to write this, I appreciate you.


i do not know how powerfull this can be or will become. I came here myself with the idea, ohw girly you never shut up, you always have your own opinion, would it not be nice to earn a bit with it, trying to work out how money making on internet works. Last week i got into someones advertisement about money making on the net, and i followed his free online lessons wich actually only was begging for readers and likes and i stil do not understand, i am blond and over 50 so may it be forgiven. :-) This side i thought would be more like my facebook idea, read a lot and give reply on them things interesting to me. This way i thought i could do the same and maybe just may be have a small possibillity to make a bit of cash. So far i still do not understand this page, but i read and i will upvote that what i like, and give comments when i think i have got any. Not to beg for votes , just because they are my two pennys. I did not write a blog yet but i will, and i truly wish for having true upvotes from people who like my posts other wise they are not worth much. So i think in a small time all the upvoters for pennys will fall of anyway...

As a total newbie to this platform, I really appreciated this explanation of socially acceptable conduct on Steemit. When you're new, you really have no idea. Maybe this could be added to the FAQ?


to be honest, I'm not even sure if there is a FAQ!

would surely be valuable if there was, though clearly there are some challenges with the decentralized approach, in that such basic foundations may not be adequately addressed.

I would recommend checking out some of these to accelerate your learning curve - great pointers for newbies:

The Dirty Dozen: My Top 12 Most HIGHLY Recommended Posts For Steemit Noobs To Accelerate Your Success...

Just wanna say thanks for posting this. As a completely new joiner, I came in being aware of the common practice of merely sharing upvotes and comments for the sake of getting more back. To be honest, I initially thought that this is probably one of the only ways since many are doing it. But after reading your post I'm truly encouraged, because I really do hope that what I'm getting back is based on the value and truth that I am sharing. Similarly, I really hope that the posts that I read and comment on are truthful and genuine as well. Anyways, thanks for this :)


Your welcome. The feedback is appreciated to know the intention has been served. 🙏

I'm an optimised so hope you are right, so I will keep steeming with my stuff.

Good post! I am completely new here and what attracts me to Steemit so much is that original work thoughts, ideas, are cherished and Wanted and ultimately rewarded. Yet I still see lots of posts that are clearly reposted from other sources. and are getting lots of votes.
Another thing I have noticed is that the posts that I have shared, have got a few votes, but when I open my blogs, even less people have actually viewed them!
But yes I am all for keeping the quality up and running, otherwise it will just degenerate and lose its unique, special, excellence that separate and elevate this platform from others and we don't want that.

I learned a lot from this post. I remember this in future.
Thanks for this valuable post.


Your welcome. Now, implementation is the key... ;-)



Great points in this article. Reputation levels at zero should lead to some kind of suspension or mentoring that helps develop talent. People need to be onboard and scaffolded better to help them retain new users here on steemit. However, their probably should be some kind of protocol to spin out offending accounts. Just kicking around some ideas. Thanks for posting.

Hi rok-sivante! I officially started posting and actively using Steemit today and am already hooked. Finding this blog was super lucky! Thank you for posting such quality writings for newbies like me.

"Many of us have invested alot in this platform - not only money, but time, energy, heart, and soul. Many of us would like to see this platform grow, thrive, and succeed." This point really hit it home for me.

Even just writing an intro post about myself took me hours because I wanted it to be "perfect ". That's me writing about me! Someone I've know literally my whole life. And still it took me that long. So hats off to people like you who dedicate so much time and knowledge to put these tips together for all of us. Thank you!


Awesome, great to hear!

Make sure to work through the following, as it’ll likely accelerate your learning curve here:

A Priceless Tip For Steemit Newbies Seeking Followers & Upvotes... (The #1 Thing To Do And NOT Do)


Thank you for this information I will definitely resteem this as I do not have the time to read it all right now being new to this I have to learn all about bit’s and spam stuff like that so thank you


For some reason there is not anything to resteem this but I’ll start following you thanks again for the good info

it's a long read...
i will read one by one.
thank for this information @rok-sivante. after i read this post, i did some mistake at the first time i join here. but not again. BTW can i share this link to other?


of course. never need to ask... ;-)


thank you @rok-sivante i will spread this information to the new comer in steemit