Some times you have shut up and Listen!

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Just Listen Sometimes!

So the other day I had some free time, so I jumped on #steemsilvergold discord. You know sometimes if you would just listen you can understand better. So thats exactly what @raybrockman did. See sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own giveaways and raffles and fund raisers that you lose sight of what the members want.


So I was chatting with a member that all of you probably know she goes by the steemit name of @dfinney. Well we where talking about raffles and things and she mentioned that I should do a raffle for a steempower delegation 🤔. Now I have given away a steempower delegation before, In fact if I remember I think OG Steemsilvergold legend @goldenarms won it. Now it wasn't a raffle but more of a vote contest.


So @dfinney , you asked for it, so here is what I came up with.

You wanna Swim With The Big Fish?

You want that vote slidder?

So here is what I got, I will be sponsoring a 3,000 steempower delegation that will be raffled off to one lucky steemian in a raffle style giveaway. Winner will receive a 28 day (4 week) steempower delegation of 3000 dsp. Now the raffle will run for 7 days and tickets to the raffle will cost 0.50 steem, man did I just do that? Yes only a half of steem, 0.45 cents could possibly win you a 3000 dsp for one month. Send 0.50 steem to @raybrockman include in the memo line Lets swim together.


Now once the raffle ends all entries will be entered into a random Picker and One winner will be award the 3000 dsp. But wait there's more, for every 50 tickets sold I will award anoter 500 dsp, so once 50 tickets are sold there will be 2 winners, 1st place 3000 dsp and second place 500 dsp, if we get to 100 tickets sold then there will be 3 winners, so for every 50 sold I will add another 500 dsp winner.

Screenshot_20180821-221509_Samsung Internet.jpg

So let the raffeling begin, good luck to everyone that enters and Happy Raffeling!

  • winner must be a quality content producer, spammers will be disqualified from the raffle and no refund issued.

Lets grow together


@dfinney , thanks for the awesome Idea, I hope this raffle looks like what you Imagined. If this works I will do it monthly.

Thanks for stopping by and remember full steem ahead.


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😃Yay!!! I hope this idea works out. Thanks for putting up the steem to try. 😍 Now... time to share the heck outta this!


Hopefully it will work out, easy way to gain a little power for a month and at the cost of 0.50 steem, should do well. Thanks for the idea 😎👊


Look at you using your noggin & stuff! Great idea.

This is going to be epic!!! ANd I am in!


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The Man, the Myth, the Legend!


This is really cool. Didn't know this even existed. Thanks for sharing and great post! I'll need to check out Steemsilvergold too

Awesome, just awesome. And you know I am IN!

Count me in!

Are we there yet...???

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Oh the memories... I was going neck in neck for a while with good ole @GoldenArms for that one. Then some lady (wasn't even ssg) came out of nowhere and almost snagged it. In the long run GA ended up smoking the both of us!

I'll be looking to play in the raffle!

Fantastic idea dfinney

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I’m in👍👍👍 great idea.

I am so in. I'm still getting to know the crannies of steemit tho.

Pretty cool!

This is an awesome idea! Ill be grabbing a few tickets for this 😎

Good idea! I have just sent you a few steems.

Can one buy only one raffle ticket, or is it allowed to buy more than one?

This is a great contest - winning that delegation would be a huge benefit.

I'll come back as @newbiegames to sbare this awesome contest with out members.


Buy as many tickets as you would like. ☺️


Thanks. Done!

This is an awsome opportunity you are offering to someone!

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I forgot to resteem it for more visualizations. Now it is done...

Ok.. This is great and I will go and send you some right now 😉 lol
Sorry I've missed this raffle!

Really cool idea @raybrockman

I just transferred 0.5steem for one ticket for the raffle. This is cool.. :)

woohoo! Awesome! I am entering right now! And while I may not be a minnow, I do (and will continue to) curate loads of low level minnows and planktons. 💜Spreading the Steeeem LLLooove!

Awesome! Just send 3 Steem for 6 tickets! Thank you for doing this! 🐟

I am very new in steemit and, of course, I can't participate in this raffle (no steem) but be sure that I will be present on the next raffle.