"Achilles or Hector?" ... Plus a 2,000 SP Delegation to the Power House Creatives

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Achilles or Hector?

Most men they take note, of words that he wrote, 
Of Homer, this man with a tale, 
Great city, destroy; the story of Troy, 
As ships by the thousands, set sail.   

Not strange that it be, not all do agree,  
On this, most famous oration, 
What lessons to learn; what wisdoms, discern, 
What things, held high by ovation.   

Achilles or Hector, victor … protector, 
Of heroes, which one would you choose, 
Which one most admire, which one hence aspire, 
Achilles you win … if Hector, you lose?   

Chose him, the Greeks; Achilles’ mystique, 
For Victory … it meant but to win, 
Would Athens it laude, this man as a god,  
For losing, most mortal of sins.  

But others demurred, on the honors conferred, 
For them, the laurels misplaced,  
More than their lot, was why they had fought, 
Hector, his motives more chaste.  

Achilles was vain, fought to glory attain, 
Hector, he fought for his clan, 
Died for his city, and hence would they pity,  
… Lesser the soldier, greater the man.   

Come might it, surprise; who would Hector apprise, 
Of him, they’d write it, a tome, 
Include in their lore, descent from the war,  
Made Troy … ancestor of Rome.   

The Romans opined, how honor’s defined, 
And Hector became their ideal, 
Ought fate one defy, if fate would have die, 
Stand fast … in face of ordeal.  

All men can they choose, for things that they’d lose, 
Such choice, the lifeblood of life,  
In refusal to yield, a truth there revealed, 
Defined … are men by their strife.   

All men will decide, what find they inside, 
Soldier and sailor and farmer, 
It’s all about soul, what Rome did extol,  
Hector … Good Man under armour.  

The Great 10,000 STEEM Delegation Contest, sponsored by @theycallmedan, has come to an end.

It was, without doubt, the most exciting and emotional week of my year on the blockchain. What started as 'just another Steemit contest,' quickly became something dramatically more. In my final contest-related post, I wrote:  

The Power House Creatives have a mission: To set the Quality Standard against which all other content will be measured. It is a presumptuous, perhaps even pompous, ambition ... but it is the one by which we live. And so: Our poets strive to be Shakespeare; our satirists, Mark Twain; our musicians, Beethoven or the Beatles.  
But, there is an unease that we all feel: In an environment where earning more than $10 (or even $5) on a post pretty much requires buying it with bidbots, perhaps creating quality content simply doesn't matter. And, if quality doesn't matter ... than neither do we. And so, something about this contest has become existential in nature, a desire to demonstrate that we are still relevant. That our banner ... is not but a flag for fools. 

And so, the Power House Creatives came alive. Indeed, a I opined in that same article:

My Nominee Group, the Power House Creatives (formerly SteemitBloggers, and listed as such in the poll) is one of the three groups still in the running. To garner votes, we have been jumping through hoops to an extent that is, quite frankly, awe-inspiring. Our Discord Channel is like Allied HQ during the Normandy Invasion.   

Alas, we finished second. There were 'voting irregularities' that will, I'm sure, be discussed and addressed before another DPoll Contest is conducted. But there is a time and a place and this is neither. And so, I offer my congratulations to @votovzla on their hard fought victory. 

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

No one likes to lose and so, admittedly, it was a stinging defeat. A couple of hours prior to the DPoll closing, we were in the lead by fifteen votes. That said, nothing about the outcome negates the transcendent aspects of the experience. My comment on @jaynie's Congratulatory Post: 

At some point over the past week, this competition became about something more than winning a 10,000 STEEM delegation. All could feel it, many commented upon it. Somehow, perhaps surprisingly - and certainly unintentionally, a dynamic began to occur which seemed to transcend the competition itself, the figurative overtaking the literal. 
In me, it stirred both the soldier and the poet ... and that is a potent thing. To every Member of the Power House Creatives, my brothers and sisters, I thank you for standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the face of overwhelming odds. Your manner of comportment was exemplary and you made me proud to be of your number. 

No member of our group so impressed as our group's Founder, @jaynie. As I mentioned in a reply to a comment

For those that don't know, this is "The Jaynie" you may have noticed frequently referenced. She is the Founder and Commander-In-Chief of The Power House Creatives. Take a look at her profile pic ... she doesn't look all that intimidating, does she? 
Go read the poem ... she's the "dog in the fight." This gal's got a spine made of steel. 
In the military, you have no choice but to salute people you think unworthy of the honor. People who you do not believe deserve the command they've been given. There are, however, a few that you salute unbegrudgingly. One of the common character traits of such people is that they're not show ponies .... they lead from the front. 
Alexander the Great, often argued to be the best general in history (hence, the moniker), was notorious for this. His men followed him ... because HE WENT FIRST. He was the proverbial Tip of the Spear. Hannibal was the same way. Caesar too. And Napoleon. 
And Jaynie. 
Jaynie ... you have earned your Right to Command and you have my salute.

Jaynie's Number Two is the irreplaceable and much loved, @zord189. If Jaynie is the iron gauntlet, Zord is the velvet glove. Zord is also a graphic design guru and video-creation magician. And, like Jaynie, is one Hell of a worker.    

zord189 (68) in powerhousecreatives •  2 days ago

Thank you @quillfire for this beautiful poem written for this contest! You are what I would call a role model for what quality is all about. 
GREAT content creator! 

@quillfire (57)  ·  2 days ago


Thanks Zord. 
And you are a role model for what leadership is all about. You and Jaynie have done a fantastic job orchestrating this endeavor. You can only ever Take Measure of a Man when the chips are down ... and your performance has been par excellence. 
How we've managed to do so well, despite having so many fewer members than the other two still in the race, is astonishing. And, it speaks volumes. 
Two more days ... then we can sleep (my subconscious may refuse to wake up). :-) 

Given my military background, I have little patience for banal bromides or empty platitudes and the aforementioned sentiments were offered as cold, hard assessments based upon direct observation and the passing of personal and professional judgement. Jaynie and Zord are pros and they have earned the respect that we give them and they salutes they receive.  

Jaynie and Zord, of course, worked not alone.

The 'Band of Brothers' phenomenon experienced by soldiers is the result of a shared adversity and a shared fate. Vastly outnumbered, the members of the Power House Creatives closed ranks ... and charged.

Given the ferocity with which we fought, one would have thought there was a million STEEM at stake. 

Sleep went out the window. Meals became things about which to remind one another. Posts and videos. Poems and prose. Comments and replies. And DM'ing ... yeah, Discord undoubtedly hates our guts (and rightly so). But, when the odds are twenty-to-one, there can be no rest for the weary.

When The Trumpet Sounds, Ride To The Sound of The Guns

Alas, we lost. When the DPoll finally closed ... and our defeat had become official ... this from @bluemist (lightly edited):

... Finally, I want to announce a surprise for #PowerHouseCreatives
This could be one of smallest communities in terms of numbers, approximately 100, but the amount of effort and work done by each and every member was quite remarkable. They received 712 votes in total, more than 7 times their total strength ... supported by other communities as well. They have truly given their best to it.
I am delegating 10K to @SteemitBloggers via @appreciator for a span of 6 months until they get more, or equivalent, support. I hope it could help them further grow and flourish.      

Bluemist is a Whale and has been a long-time supporter of the Power House Creatives. But there was no reason why he should have felt compelled to make such a gesture. 

What can one say in response to such an unexpected generosity ... except Thank You.

Class Acts

And, the generosity of spirit was not exclusive to those associated with the Power House Creatives.

Originally, there were ten Nominee Groups that advanced to DPoll voting. It soon became apparent, however, that seven of the groups were unlikely to win. Two of the groups, @qurator and @freewritehouse bowed out and asked their members who had not yet voted to support the Power House Creatives. While both these groups share our ethos .... the creation and curation of Great Content ... their self-sacrifice for our sake was both noble and noteworthy.

Personally, I intend to encourage PHC collaboration with both. To both groups, thank you. You are Class Acts.    

And our debt of gratitude does not end with like-minded communities. 

A Personal Debt of Gratitude

Respecting this contest, there is one individual to whom the Power House Creatives is most indebted. Until now, this individual's identity was known only to Jaynie, Zord and myself. 


Dan and I are old mates. We're both poets and we even share the same birth date, December 31. And, we're both obsessive compulsive linguists. Dan is an artist's artist, and hence, it's not always easy, or even possible, to understand what the Hell he's talking about (a situation exasperated by his having an IQ at least three standard deviations above normal). And, no one razzes him more about his artistic obscurity than I. 

But make no mistake ... Dan is one of the most talented writers on the blockchain. Indeed, as I've written on several occasions, if there was a Big Money Write-Off, in poetry or prose ... the one username I wouldn't want to see in the Participant's List would be @d-pend

In addition to literary brilliance, Dan is one of the most generous and community-minded guys on the platform.     

When Resource Credits replaced bandwidth following HF20, I faced imminent blockchain death. I write with the intent to persuade ... which frequently precludes brevity. And hence, a good portion of my comments are longer than the posts they comment upon ... some by an order of magnitude. Without a word, Dan delegated 250 SP, instantly saving my ass. And, he did the same for others.

Lest things become too laudatory, know that Dan possesses a sadistic sense of humor.

When the DPoll commenced, I immediately DM'd him knowing he had a number of alt accounts (he's devised some 11 dimensional strategy ... somehow involving Voids ... for using the blockchain to save humanity. And I'm only half kidding ... he's a Big Picture guy).

Anyway, days went by with no response. And so, I left a comment on one of his posts:

... BTW ... GO READ your damn DM's (or at least the ones from me)!!! If you don't, I'll DM your Mom and have her kick your ass.

Still, nothing. Finally, on the second-to-last day, he replied to one of my other comments:

Btw, got any good links for me about @steemitbloggers? I did check my DMs a bit today, though I'll get around to responding tomorrow probably :-)

Note the smiley face. 

Dan lives on Steemit and he knew exactly what was going on and exactly what I wanted ... but was letting Poor Ol' Quill, that kind-hearted and hard-working plowhorse ... twist in the wind. Soon, Poor Ol' Quill was so flummoxed that he began mixing metaphors. 

How many votes do you have? Have you voted for someone else already? Will you vote for us? 


Beggars can't be choosers and so I had no choice but to play his game.

... You know, my heart is 51 years old, right? 
Toying with your food ... 
Alas, being natal day bros ... we share a sick sense of humor. :-) 

I know what you're thinking: This was justifiable payback for all the razzing about Voids, obscurity and 11 dimensional strategies ... but what about my old heart? Ought not that have taken precedence? No sleep. Canned Raviolis for breakfast, lunch and dinner. STRESS! STRESS! STRESS! 

Anyway, Dan threw all his votes our way but it wasn't enough.

Dan and I are both Male Capricorns which, for those who don't know, means that we'll compete about anything. Who's the best poet? Who's the best satirist? Who can hold their breathe the longest? Throw in an age difference and it quickly becomes the Ol' Dog vs the Young Dog. 

The contest may have been over for everyone else but we knew it wasn't yet over for us. As a fellow raconteur ... and an 11 dimensional strategist ... Dan knew I'd be creating a post about the contest ... it was simply too good a story to pass up. And he knew that someone in this story ... was going to become the "Poet-Hero"

Him or me. 

Him for contributing his pile of votes (PHC members, remember, two hours before the close when we were up fifteen votes ... @d-pend), or me, for all my poem-posts (here and here and here ... which, BTW, are all still live. So ...). Of course, as a fellow raconteur ... and an 11 dimensional strategist ... he also knew that "Quotes Sell Stories." 

And so, to deprive me from "Getting the Last Word" (which is really, really important in storytelling because of two phenomenon: The "Peak/End Rule" and the "Recency Effect." Bottom line: "What you end with" has an enormous impact upon memory, recall and meaning ... and hence, who will become the "Poet-Hero" in people's minds), he DM'd me:

... I was considering delegating 1,000 SP to the group [Power House Creatives] long-term. Just making sure the account I should give it to is @steemitbloggers and not some other account used for voting first. Let me know!

Bastard. That's ... a Good Quote! 

Now understand, he knew that I'd have to finish the story strong because the LAW OF BARDS prohibits weakening the ending purely for the purpose of self-aggrandizement. But, as a Male Capricorn, he also knew I'd try to twist things so that I'd be crowned the Poet-Hero. He knew this ... because it's exactly what he'd do. 

And so, he had to make sure I couldn't flank him and ... it's much harder to twist two quotes than one. So, on a follow-up DM:

... Actually, I'm thinking I'll do 2,000 SP.

SON ... OF ... A ... BITCH!!! (@violetmed, no offense - metaphorically speaking). 

How the Hell does one follow ... THAT!?! If he gets the Last Word ...

Prior QuillFire post:

Accompanying article:

Do you have a friend? A really good one? If so, you are lucky. They're hard to come by. 
Thankfully, you don't need many. One is enough. 
If you do have one, once in a while, say, "Thank you for being my friend." Don't add or detract, don't embellish or embroider ... just the way I wrote it. And say it like you mean it.  
For some strange reason, that I'm at a loss to explain, these are particularly powerful words amongst human beings. The essence of the effect is, perhaps, primeval. Neither poetry, nor prose, makes them more potent. 
If you do it right: It will cost you something to say them; and, they will cost your friend something to hear. 
Nothing is free.  

Dan ... Thank You For Being My Friend.

@hlezama, Henrry (yes, spelled with two r's), is, without question, the best literary critic on the blockchain ... when he shows up in your comments section, it inspires others to up their game and the level of commentary jumps 15 IQ points. And, although Henrry is a non-anglophone, his command of English, even the High Art forms, exceeds that of most native English speakers ... a fact I find astonishing. 

Henrry, too, has an off-the-scale IQ and was, until recently, a professor. I say until recently because Henrry is a Venezuelan and Venezuela is a country on the verge of collapse. Despite his country's team being a competitor in this contest, however, Henrry voted for the Power House Creatives.

As I explained in one of my contest posts:

The members of the Power House Creatives hail from every corner of Earth. Our Founder and Commander-In-Chief, @jaynie, lives in South Africa. Our Number 2, @zord189, lives in Malaysia. I am a Canadian, who lives in the United States.  
Others live in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France, the Philippines, India, Denmark, Sweden, the United States, Uruguay, Canada, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Russia, South Korea, Australia and Indonesia.  
We are not a group bound by nationality. We are a group bound by an ideal: That to survive, and to thrive, Steemit must be capable of creating "Great Content." 
Not "Good Content" or even "Very Good Content."  
Great Content.  
Poets and writers. Musicians and chefs. Photographers, videographers and visual artists. It matters not the Art Form ... but it matters that it's Art. 

Henrry is a thinker and, by conscious decision, an honorable man

As such, the ideal upon which Steemit is theoretically predicated, that: Content Shall Be Compensated Commensurate With Its Quality ... hence, a Meritocracy, is as important to him as it is to me and the other members of the Power House Creatives. And so, when I asked him to support the Power House Creatives, he did. Indeed, he corralled a few former students as well.

Such willingness to elevate an ideal over parochial interests is typical of the man. Thoughtful consideration of cause and effect, of actions and their consequences. Either you create positive feedback loops ... or negative ones. 

Steemit must decide: Merit or Manipulation. 

We cannot have it both ways as the latter negates the former.  


Last, but not least, my old friend, @girlbeforemirror

As I've written on countless occasions, Marg is one of the most creative human beings I've ever encountered. I met Marg during @d-pend's 100 Days of Poetry Contest. I'd written a poem, and an accompanying article, about a sonnet form I'd invented (the Savagerean Sonnet), explaining the neurological effects of various literary devices and how I employ them to generate certain neurological effects in my audience. 

Marg commented on my post and I began reading her poems and other literary creations. Immediately, I recognized a MASSIVE amount of raw talent and a mentorship quickly ensued. And, I soon discovered that there is no artistic thing that Marg can't do, and do well. Nothing. Poetry, prose, drawing, painting (stuff for which I don't know the name) ... and crocheting (which, I promise you, isn't the same as 'knitting' and which, I promise you, is not a conflation you wish to make.)    

Since then, a close friendship has developed and our emails are chapter length. This is a very smart cookie.

Marg, until recently a marathon runner, now suffers from a debilitating illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It just came out of nowhere a couple of years ago. The EDS creates more medical problems than one could possibly dread. And yet, despite it all, Marg still manages to ... albeit, sometimes with difficulty ... rise to the challenge. 

There can be no Gilding The Lilly ... her illness creates huge hurdles and 'happy talk' will resolve none of them. It's 'make the best of a bad situation.' Period. Her courage and force of will is ... humbling. She is a wounded lioness who refuses to lie down. That stirs in me, the lion. My personal and professional admiration is such that I once created a Tribute Post in her honor, something I have done for no one else.     

For this contest, Marg shoehorned five votes out of her family members and, probably, a few crocheters as well - it's hard to know ... they're a secretive lot.

Honor is Not An Anachronism 


It's not a word about which we hear much anymore. And, when we do, it is often bandied about as if it were an anachronism, a relic of a bygone era when people thought the Sun orbited the Earth. But let me suggest that if we do not soon see the elevation of 'honorable ideals,' it will result in the end of the blockchain ... a subject about which I've written extensively.     

The actions of the individuals and communities I described in this article share a common theme: They were honorable. 

People doing not just what they believed to be 'most expedient,' but what they believed to be 'most right.'

Generosity of spirit. Nobleness of mind. Courage of conviction.

They chose ... Hector.

Achilles or Hector, victor … protector, 

Of heroes, which one would you choose

Which one most admire, which one hence aspire, 

Achilles you win … if Hector, you lose?  



You guys know the QuillDrill. Be verbose ... but articulate.

And remember ... 

Go Love A Starving Poet 

For God's sake ... they're starving! 


@quillfire - Your literary brilliance never ceases to amaze me and you have me in tears right now because there is so much depth, power and magnitude to this post! You have, with your word - taken me through that incredibly emotional and stirring journey all over again and for that I am grateful! Yes, it was so much more than a contest - and as I sit here sobbing over it in heartfelt gratitude for what it brought out in our team - I hope that we never forget the true significance of what we endured and accomplished through all of it.

I suppose it is possible that some onlookers may wonder what all the fuss is about - they will never have a true understanding of what absolute warriors we were and how MUCH it took of us to get to where we did. Simply contemplating the complete selflessness, sacrifice and determination of each and every one of us demonstrated in the last week is something I will hold close to my heart forever. It will eternally be a reminder of why I do what I do every single day within the walls of our community and it will continue to feed my strength to continue, despite resistance I may meet along the way.

Thank you so much for throwing your absolute all into not only this challenge, but into everything you do here. I am ever grateful to have you on my team.

@d-pend - This was such an unexpected and glorious gift, much like that of @bluemist - and I just want to say a truly heartfelt thank you! Not only for this delegation but for having our backs throughout the journey. It means the world not only to me and my partner @zord189 - but to our entire #powerhousecreatives (@steemitbloggers) community!

You are both true GEMS - never to be taken for granted.

Last but not least - I would like to say a huge thank you to @girlbeforemirror and @hlezama - silent supporters you were... I had no idea! We are all eternally grateful! It is so overwhelming to contemplate the levels of genuinely passionate support that we received from so many!!! Amazing really... A thousand thank you's would never be enough!

Thank you again!! - To ALL of you!!!


Jaynie, thank you for these beautiful words. The effort that went into their composure is evident.

THIS ... is what it feels like, Steemit. The aching muscles and hands worked raw that follow a hard day's work ... but with the deep and abiding sense of satisfaction one feels for having created a thing of which one can be proud. THIS cannot be bought and THIS is what I strive to inspire the blockchain to become.

All THIS ... in spite of our having lost.

I have never sought to have many friends ... but I have always sought to have extraordinary ones. And, I do. Friendship, if you're doing it right, is a lot of work.

@d-pend, @hlezama, @girlbeforemirror ... and @jaynie - Thank You For Being My Friend.



"... and as I sit here sobbing ..."

I am a poet. I go to a lot of work to make that happen, Jaynie. And THAT is what creates my deep and abiding sense of satisfaction.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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Dear quill, here the girl from the New invented word quilldrill, I must say this was the largest, and most deep blog I have read in months !
I was part off this drill called contest for 7 days Almost non stop. I think investing in the future of something you love is believing in faith. I never once thought that this journey of effort would fail.
Regardless off what delegation. Almost every member ( ok not All we habe to be realistic, but its noticed ) found New fire, creativity and swung to go to higher levelS YES LEVELS ! We didnt do one step we Made a group effort.
Loved your militaire cheering on the discords, i think I moved up 1 MEESlevel in the Discord house just by keeping up with All Whats been said. I live for fire When heat is needed,
After quilldrill you have shown me the fire in quillfire and that My dear friend was and is hoghly appreciated.
Blog you soon 😉👍
This was needed a simple Thank you wasnt sufficient,


Quill, as always, you amaze. thank you for mentioning the Freewrite House and thank you for your tireless effort to bring this home for the powerhouse creatives.
I know that you like long replies but if you can call on age for an excuse with 51, I can do the same and more :) My tired self needs to go and sleep but I did want to let you know how much your shout out to everyone that banded together this last week means to me.

LOL! Long replies exhaust me too @mariannewest - so I'll keep my "dittos" short even though @quillfire and @jaynie inspire volumes. Our Discord Channel is like Allied HQ during the Normandy Invasion. Love it! But Alas, we finished second. A very very narrow second. Honor is indeed a great virtue, Quill,and you say if we do not soon see the elevation of 'honorable ideals,' it will result in the end of the blockchain but I'm afraid honor no longer matters in politics, and Steem gets waaaay more political than I can handle. "Friends" become stepping stones or tools; friendships get thrown under the bus; honor and dignity are scarcer than elephant ivory. (Who'd kill an elephant, for any reason, much less just for an ivory tusk the same people who'd...) - I'd better stop here because I don't want to get political.


"Friends" become stepping stones or tools; friendships get thrown under the bus

Mine don't.


Of course your friends do not! I have been thrown under the bus by people I had regarded as beloved and trusted friends. But I'm not a climber and I don't step on anyone, not knowingly, not intentionally!

You stick with us at the Freewrite House. I make sure that no pushing under buses is going on!!

Big hugs to you!!


Thanks Marianne.

I know that you like long replies but if you can call on age for an excuse with 51, I can do the same and more :)

Fair enough. I think we're all still catching up. Sweet Dreams. :-)


I hope you got some good rest as well :)

I have to agree with @plantsoplanks Verklempt is very apropos. This has been a crazy ride and just when you think thing have calmed down. Here comes Quill with word and prose to tie it all together. Well done Quill.

It just seemed like the right word to me, so I'm glad you agree! It truly amazes me how articulate others can be with multiple words when I am just happy to find one. :)


Thanks Try.

Alas ... "Verklempt" does not rhyme with much ... but if I know that bugger, @d-pend, he'll figure out a way to use it in a poem just to make me look incompetent. B.S.'ing aside, Dan has a mastery of vocabulary that leaves EVERYONE speechless. Myself included. Indeed, he even knows Sumerian Cuneiform ... which he often employs. :-)

I am ferociously proud of the writers in this group.

Often, I spend long stretches STUDYING the way they write, trying to figure out effect. If something was funny, what ... precisely ... made it funny? If something was poignant, why? Metaphors, allusions, the turn of a phrase.

(And yes ... it is for the express purpose of stealing the technique.)

In Great Writing, these elements are often subtle, and hence, difficult to isolate. But PHC authors provide ample opportunity to practice.

Steel sharpens steel.


Nice job. Congratulation to the Power House Creatives. I wish I could have spent more time online the last few days. I've got house guests, and the youngest of them, my 11-year-old grandson, is demanding all my time. So it's catch as catch can. I am impressed with the level of commitment shown by all those who supported PCH.


Hey Block.

For those who don't know, Block used to be a Captain in the US military. He is also a poet and fellow writer (and a PHC member). And so, we share a commonality of culture.

Block, these guys performed like Navy Seals. I cannot even tell you how impressed I was. No griping and no complaining. They jumped into the fight and stayed in it. To be honest, in 51 years, I've never seen a group of civilians comport themselves in this manner.

They were like Spartans in a Phalanx.

A damnably impressive sight to behold ... and I was ferociously proud to be of their number.


I watched, mostly from the sidelines. Yes, it was impressive. An army of posters sharing their support for the underdog. A massive undertaking, and an incredible achievement.

Very nicely tied together! It was definitely a tumultuous week... and somehow it adds to the experience to read an account like this of determination and additional friends backing our wee @steemitbloggers team.

A debt of gratitude, indeed, to @d-pend for his generosity; interestingly enough, we actually interacted the most when a number of us sought solace on Weku following the HF.20 debacle here on Steemit... and I saw his passion in action there as he ran with the idea that maybe — after all — we might be able to create "something" on this alternative venue originally considered little more than a cloned haven for spammers and scammers.

Till you mentioned it, I had no idea he had committed 2,000 SP to @steemitbloggers. So I will join in, with another "thank you!"


Thanks mate.

Dan's a good guy and a Big Thinker. I have argued to him that he needs a "home." Steemit can often feel like being caught up in a hurricane and, from time to time, we all need to take shelter from the storm. PHC would make a good home port.


Well, finding such people is a victory.

So is participation in the Olympics. One day it turns into a win.


Being a Member of the Power House Creatives is like marinating in "Excellence Sauce."

Steel sharpens steel.


I know, that's why I feel like marinated sharpened steel.


:-) Touche ... it was the very definition of the "mixing of metaphors."


@quillfire - This is an awesome post that touches me emotionally.
And a big thank to @d-pend for this great support to #powerhousecreatives.


Thanks mate. Great Poets require Great Audiences.

I'll bet @bluemist and @d-pend are getting tired of being thanked. Tough shit for them. It's not just about them hearing the words ... it's about us having the chance to say them.


Damn Quill. Just when I thought the emotional rollercoaster had closed for the season you get me all verklempt over here. I'm not fluent in Yiddish, but that seems to be the most appropriate word I could think of to express my reaction. You have some friggin'amazing friends. Hats off to them for being rad and to you for keeping the good ones close.

Favorite word of the week: verklempt

Thanks for this one!


Thanks PtP.

I Googled it: "Verklempt:" Is a Yiddish word that describes a person who is too emotional to speak; overcome with emotion.

Well, that is the reaction poets dream of creating in their audience.

Indeed, I have some very good friends and they make me proud to be theirs.


You really blow my mind! Such a way with words, your poetry, your story telling. Adding humor in the mix, lethal.
How does one go by talking and writing the way you both do?

Knowing that I am not that good as I would like to be in complementing and saying the best of ways how grateful I am for this... All I can say with all honesty and heart, thank you so very much! <3 <3 <3


Thanks for your kind words.

Everyone gets a gift: Mine was words.

Musically, I can't sing ... or even whistle. I can't draw or paint. My "gifts" are entirely concentrated in writing.

But make no mistake, others' gifts ... awe me. I would kill to be able to do what I see others doing so effortlessly. Like singing a song in tune or playing a piano (I really love pianos). But I'm not resentful. I'm just thankful that I got something. :-)


I question my gifts lol. But ultimately my gift is being able to help others, and seeing the people. Truly seeing. For the rest it's all fun.


Well done, @quillfire, as usual.

If you'd forgive me for nitpicking, Achilles was no Athenian; his people were Thessalian. Indeed, Athens was still little more than a cowtown at the time of the Trojan War - remember this was on the border between history and mythology, somewhere between 1200-1600 BC.

Yes, of course, I understand. You spoke of "Athens", to evoke the idea of public opinion or reputation among the Greeks as as whole, but the very idea of the Greeks as one people is more a modern invention than an ancient reality.

Remember if you will, the "Greeks" consisted of three or four different ethnic groups, none of them native to "Greece".

The Aeolian, Ionians, and Dorians had no love for one another, and Agamemnon was Mycenaean, possibly a fourth different group, (and possibly not; scholarly opinion is divided).

One thing we do know for certain sure, Achilles and Agamemnon hated each other with a burning passion.


You are very intellectual individual and your work/dedication is always outstanding.

That was very generous of @d-pend to do that, kudos to him.
Steem is full of kind-hearted people, @girlbeforemirror and @hlezama are pure examples of it.


Thanks mate.

@d-pend, @girlbeforemirror and @hlezama ... I have good friends.


It was an epic struggle for sure! We went down courageously and punching well in excess of our numbers! I'm happy that the ferocity and passion that we exhibited didn't go un-noticed as it is this fire that will keep STEEM alive through the dark times, and not the get-rich-quick make a buck guys that have all seemed to jumped ship when the going got tough!


... it is this fire that will keep STEEM alive through the dark times ...

One can neither add nor detract.


The fact that 1 can add or de(sub)tract is a fundamental basis for mathematics!

Ha ha... Plop...

Honestly Quill, I hardly ever read super longs posts... not because of anything but only that there's so much going on in my life on and off the SteemVerse, I have to pick and choose.
But your posts, is hard not to read and devour every single word.
Thank you for going out full force during that crazy week, pushing pulling, reaching out reeling in.
I am honoured to have a spot in the House with the likes of you :D

And thank you @d-pend for the delegation. It will be put to good use by the custodian @jaynie but you already know that :D


Thank you very much @d-pend for the generous support!! 💕

And @quillfire for being a fellow comrade in PHC! ((:

Upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks Joey. Much appreciated.



What an awe inspiring summary of the chaos, madness, gritty determination and underdog story about the #powerhousecreatives and the contest. The generosity of @d-pend on top of @bluemist's delegation has stirred up inspiration in me to bring the best I can to the PHC.

Before this contest even happened, when I first stumbled in through the doors, greeted by the multiple emojis of @jaynie's boot, I thought I was well in over my head. How can I stand up to such literary genius from all the members in this talented group? All I do is push buttons, make a few noises and post.

But that's where you look at your options, you can take the first path that says "exit this way", the easy way out, leading to a world you already know and not driving yourself forward. Or you take the second path that says "continue this way", the challenge, learning from the best, feeling like a dunce at times but taking the time to make the content as good as possible.

I chose the second path and it's taken me on a wonderful journey of skill development with writing for which I am truly grateful. I have found a love for blogging and making it as damn well entertaining as I possibly can and it's all down to this community that Jaynie and @zord189 have set up.

And it does not take a genius to see just how passionate and determined those guys are. It breeds more passion and determination in the members - it's contagious - and if any one can't feel that and can't feed off of it, then they have a soul so cold it would make Antarctica look like Death Valley!

So thank you to #powerhousecreatives, thank you to @d-pend and @bluemist for the delegations and thank you to everyone who came together and vote for this superstar community of writers!

I'll continue down the second path now :)


As usual, a brilliant comment expressing brilliant commentary.

I chose the second path and it's taken me on a wonderful journey of skill development with writing for which I am truly grateful.

Utter baloney. Nicky is a fantastic writer that needs no development whatsoever. He's there. Greatest of his literary talents in one possessed by few: The ability to weave subtle humor as if it were a tapestry. For months, I have been nagging him to write satire as I intuit that this is where he will shine brightest.

It should be no secret that I'm trying to entice, strong-arm, coerce and blackmail @d-pend into joining the Power House Creatives (long before I was a poet, I was a soldier. Sometimes you use a hammer.). Dan, Nicky also shares your love of musical creation: Drums; bass ... electronic screwing around of some sort or another.

And he is also a great guy and a good friend.

@d-pend ... get your ass in here. PHC is a natural fit and would make a good ... home.



I'm being serious when I say that mate! Even the most natural of talents need to have some mentoring and guidance and I have certainly picked up a lot of tricks (indirectly) on how to write with a certain flow from no other than the flame ridden Free Quilly I'm replying to right now!

I'll see what I can do with the satirical writing and whether I can inject a bit of anti-venom in to this arena with my future blogs. Outside this all in the realms of "real" life, I currently have more plates spinning than most box office clowns, leaving little time but I post what I can, reverting to type in the process. That is, upload about the latest "music software button clicking" saga and share something the poor listener may refer to as a "tune".

However, with that in mind, there's no reason I can't try to merge a bit of humour in to those music posts a bit more often as well. Killing a few birds with one blog...

Hmm. Maybe there is some food for thought spinning on those plates after all. Step aside clowns, there's a new box office jester coming through ;)


Thatta boy. Mark Twain ... as a DJ. Why not?



#powerhousecreatives 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💪😁🍀 Thank you!!! @quillfire @d-pend @bluemist you guys are amazing!!!🙌🎈


Thanks Jen.

Your comment just reminded me ... I don't know how to make emojis appear in comments (without copy-pasting yours ... and I need to know. :-)

@d-pend @bluemist you guys are amazing!!!🙌🎈

Two cool cats.


Ahah😀 well I'm using @partiko so I have lots of emojis ihih😁

Posted using Partiko Android


I'm using Steemit Version 1.0 ... so I can't even center-align without getting into the code. Arrgh. I need to get hip and try out one of these new UI's.


I am speechless @quillfire, which, trust me, doesn't happen often. I admired (voted & resteemed as well) every one of the post you created during our epic battle. But this, oh brilliant muse, was over the top. Like many others have said here, I was in tears. And that doesn't happen often either. This was truly an experience of a life time and I'm so glad I got to be a small part of it. @bluemist and @d-pend - another huge thank you for your support during the contest, and your delegations. And also I'll add my thanks to @girlbeforemirror and @hlezama for being silent supporters. I'm glad that now the light is shining on you as well!


Like many others have said here, I was in tears.

@bluemist, @d-pend, @hlezama, @girbeforemirror ... are you reading these comments?

This is what you helped create. These comments should be stilling your hearts. I hope that they are.


All of these responses, feedback and emotions- they are very close to my heart and I cannot value them enough.
Glad to be part of all this

Thank you @quillfire for this beautiful post.
Once again the man of words steps forward to tell the story of victory by showing appreciation to those who made it happen.

I will never forget it.
Thanks to all the people who enriched our lives by showing support.

A shout to all communities and people who showed up when we called on them. Some showed up on their own.

@bluemist gave us the cake and now the topping continues with generosity from @d-pend, which I just learned about. Thank YOU!


Rebecca ... you will notice I took your advice... and women complain that men never listen to them. :-)

Thank you for such generous words.


Mostly, women complain their husbands never listen to them. LOL
I know you are a man of reason. :)

Thank you @d-pend for the delegation and thank you @quillfire for your wonderful post.


Thanks mate.


I was getting ready to shut off my computer when I noticed this post - @quillfire, everything you said is just too awesome for wordsI At the moment (midnight here in New England, I can't come up with much more than...thank you for all your wicked awesomesauceness!

And for you, Mr. @d-pend...


More in the morning when my brain is (at least somewhat) functional! 😊


Thank you for your kind words.

OK, now to the part of your comment that really matters ... What the Hell is that Pink Thing she keeps spanking?

Popcorn ... on a pedestal?

That makes no sense. I have taxed what's left of my creativity and can up with absolutely nothing. A manual strawberry milkshake maker? It's driving me nuts. :-)

Traci ... WHAT IS IT!?!


Many thanks to you @quillfire for all your efforts, both in singing your whale songs and writing epic poetry for the enjoyment of all. This was most certainly a good time to be a part of steemit and the block chain.


Hi Jen.

I'm surprised you didn't launch a FLASH Pants Off, Dance Off. Surely that would have been worth some votes.

I guess we can hold than one in reserve until the next time 'round. :-)



I did consider it, but didn't want to steal any thunder from the #powerhousecreatives eventual Pants Off Dance Off competition. It's going to be epic. I've been getting DMs from EVERYONE asking if they can show me their latest moves. I, of course, politely decline. I'm sure I'll be invited to guest judge this fabulous event, so don't want any whiff of partiality to take hold in advance. If it ever got out that I'd been coaching some of the contestants I would be mortified!


Psssst.... just between you and me, keep practicing! 😀💃🕺


I'm sure I'll be invited to guest judge this fabulous event, so don't want any whiff of partiality to take hold in advance.

Hmmm, Jen ... as Participant #1, I'm not sure it would be kosher for you to be a Judge. Perhaps you could have Beginner, Moderate and Advanced Levels and serve as a Judge in the first two, while allowing other Judges to handle Advanced ... your category.

As I mentioned to @jaynie in the article:

In the military, you have no choice but to salute people you think unworthy of the honor. People who you do not believe deserve the command they've been given. There are, however, a few that you salute unbegrudgingly. One of the common character traits of such people is that they're not show ponies .... they lead from the front.

Alexander the Great, often argued to be the best general in history (hence, the moniker), was notorious for this. His men followed him ... because HE WENT FIRST. He was the proverbial Tip of the Spear. Hannibal was the same way. Caesar too. And Napoleon.

And Jaynie.

And Jennifer ... who famously put the "ifer" in Mattifer.

The burdens of Command can be quite taxing, even intimidating ... but don't worry, Jen, in me you have a supportive friend. As such, I will ensure that you maintain your rightful spot as the head of the Pants Off, Dance Off Glorious Spectacle.

One day, the Internet will call you ... Jennifer The Great.

Who knows ... Fruit of the Loom may even dedicate a line of knickers in your honor ... an honor well deserved.



You're words are, as always, inspiring. Right now I am picturing myself leading a charge of men and women clad only in Fruit of the Loom undergarments - all white of course, that's just how we roll - as we kick off spontaneous Pants Off, Dance Offs wherever we go. People just can't help themselves when they see our fresh, cottony undies.

Thanks so much for your support. It means a great deal to me.


the Great?

Very nice of you to put it all in one place and in such a lovely way too. Kudos and much love, thank you for everything! 💚


Thanks Zen ... and thank you as well.

As One.



Here you go again ... this is some of your best my friend :) I was on the peripheral during the contest, did what I could, but really saw the effort of all, and the incredible generosity of many. Truly a testament to what is possible on this platform!


There you are. This was a long and laborious one and I was thinking, "If Lynn doesn't drop in here, I'm going to be pissed."

Yeah, I know, I'm "high maintenance." Don't care.

... Truly a testament to what is possible on this platform!

Ah, and that's what kills me. The potential of this place is MASSIVE ... if we could just get it to work like it was designed to work. Everyone knows what the problems are, the solutions are easy to understand and implement ... and yet ... it remains the Same Ol' Same Ol.'

Just stop the cheating and it would set off a dozen positive feedback loops.

I Swear Whales ... one of these days, I'm going to get so pissed off that I'll assemble a group of programmers, purloin STEEM/Steemit's code and build a competing blockchain. It will have simple, common sense Rules of Conduct and a mechanism for their enforcement. No cheating allowed. If you want to make money ... you create and/or curate High Quality Content.

And do you know what I'll call it?


And, if I get Lynn to go with me ... Steemit's dead ... she's this blockchain's "Homecoming Queen" ... the most eye-rollingly "Likable" person there is.


Merit!!! I love it. Too bad it wasn't called "Life"... that is, if life was really like that. No cheating. Hmmm...such a nice idea!

the most eye-rollingly "Likable" person there is.

You know the way to my heart...and the way to guarantee I continue to support your posts haha

Hello @quillfire, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


I clicked through to (and SUBSCRIBED) The Creative Crypto ... you folks have done a fine job with your publication. I'm actually quite surprised I haven't come across your magazine before now.

If you're interested, I'd be interested in submitting articles. Poetry or prose, or both ... I generally include an accompanying article whenever I write a poem. I also have a background in High Finance (including managing a currency-trading hedge fund) so I'm also well versed in finance and economics.

And, as I'd hope you would have noticed, we share a similar ethos respecting the creation of Quality Content.


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