STEEMIT - IT IS WHAT WE MAKE IT - So What In The World Are We Making It?

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Once upon a time, there was no steemit...

Then @dantheman came along and created it. Many of us could not accomplish this. No matter how hard we tried, we would not be able to create steemit. That does not matter much now though, because steemit already exists. Since it does exist, now we get the chance to make it.


Now that steemit exists, we do have the chance to make it. Each member of this community can contribute to it, and it is our combined efforts that will make steemit what it will be, and they are currently making steemit what it is. So then, exactly what are we making it.

This post will touch on subjects covered by other steemians, and is written as a way for me to gather some thoughts and share some ideas about some recent trends affecting (or perhaps even infecting steemit.)


Back in the day, when I was still new around here, things were not even close to as nice as they are now. Please fully understand that before you go any further. There were less whales to go around, no delegated voting power, no curation guilds, and the vast majority of votes from your average users were more or less completely worthless, at least as far as dollar value is concerned. It took me many, many months to ever have a full power upvote be worth more than 1 cent. Now, rather new users are throwing around nickels or more.

Trust me, newer users on steemit have no idea how good they have it. Yet, many do not want to invest much, they just want to get paid. Those who do get paid want to get paid more. (I write this in direct response to no one, just as an attempt to discuss a current trend.) Even though nowhere else on the internet has ever paid these users for any of their efforts, making a few cents as a new user is not enough for them. Trust me, I know the feeling of having a lot of work not get noticed much.


Even after almost three months on the platform, I had posts periodically not make very much. I did a wonderful post about scorpions in blacklights, and it made 54 cents total, of which my portion was 43 cents.

I had even taken a selfie with a live scorpion unrestrained in my hand, just to prove it was original work.

I made an original video to include demonstrating how I pick up scorpions without getting stung.

I made another video showing how scorpions glow under a blacklight to show people that the photos were not edited.

And I included cool, original photos like this one above. You can check out the post here to see what I am talking about. Sure I was still learning, but the point is that I was taking a lot of time to make original content that was consistently of a decent quality.

So, when I saw that my post was going to be "undervalued" how did I respond? Did I spam link every user on steemit? Did I make 100 comments on trending posts saying "I upvoted you, PLEASE UPVOTE ME?" Of course not. I went about making my next post to the best of my ability. In fact, if I remember right, this was my next post and it paid out at 82 cents total. It was just another original post full of my own photos and writing. Still, who else was ever willing to give me 82 cents for some photos and paragraphs? No, that only happened to me on steemit, and I moved forward again as I always did.


Multiple times on steemit I have mentioned that when you show up on steemit, no one really knows that you are here. Unless you get out and comment on some posts, you are unlikely to meet others, make friends, gain followers, and gain support. I never really used commenting as a tactic, but upon reflection, I made the suggestion to others, because I believe that it works.

This illustration is NOT what I meant by making comments. So many users seem to only use this method. When I look at a post with 20 comments and half of them are people begging for votes and followers, it looks really lame. How do you think that this looks to the rest of the world online? They are free to check out our posts and read our comments.

Personally, I have upvoted and followed people who have left replies like this. I figure that there is a learning curve for newer users and that I should cut them some slack. However, if they feel that this method works, what will stop them from continuing? For this reason, I've pretty much stopped responding to those comments.

When someone leaves an actual, thoughtful comment on one of my posts, I often will check out who they are and what they are up to. I'll upvote and follow users who leave comments like rather than the vote-beggars every time. It amazes me that some people will even leave comments like "tansks for the good post, upvote and folow me for relly good posts please." Trust me, that will not work.


Of course an "introduceyourself" post is the way to introduce yourself to the community, but when you comment on someone else's post, this is actually you introducing yourself to that user. If the first thing that you tell someone when you meet them is "upvote me," it becomes very obvious that you do not care about that person as much as what you can get from them. Basically, you are telling them, "Let me use you!"

If we step outside of the steemit realm and take a walk offline, I think that we can paint this picture in a different hue to help you understand. Imagine walking up to a stranger and immediately asking, "Can I have $3.00?" I'm not sure how many of you would actually do this in real life, but if you wouldn't do it on the street, perhaps you shouldn't do it on steemit. Also, if you would do it in real life, perhaps you should stop. (That is just a suggestion.)


Yes, recently there has been the growing trend of selling upvotes. I completely understand that from a business point of view, this approach makes a lot of cents (sense). For the voter, they are getting even more than just curation rewards for their votes, and their votes aren't really costing them anything. For the vote-buyer, they are getting a good return on their investment. Often, their investment (money spend on buying the vote) can more than double. Wouldn't you give someone $1.00 if they were to give you $2.00 in return? Eventually, you'd be rich if you kept that up.

However, in a scenario like selling upvotes, some things just do not matter at all, like quality or originality. These two key factors used to play a huge role in getting noticed here. Yes, the content creators would have to invest (or "waste" if you prefer) a lot a great content to get noticed and consistently supported. Without the great, original, quality content, it is hard to gain a following and get some good payouts, but often that means that a lot of good content does not get good payouts while a user is trying to get noticed and gain support. (Trust me, I've been there, and done that.)

Obviously, steemit as a platform and as a community continues to change over time. Whether it improves or not is up to us. I'd rather not be in a community of greedy beggars. Please take note of these things that I have constantly said over the last year:



If you want to take advantage of the opportunity that steemit offers, keep in mind that you may not get a return on your investment. It may never "pay off" for you. It may never "pay off enough" for you either. If you try, you could succeed, and if you quit then I can guarantee that you will not. It is that simple.

No one here is entitled to anything. Truthfully, we may not even deserve the opportunity that steemit offers. Dan did not have to create steemit, and steemit did not have to give you a free account.


If you want to try to earn something from your time on steemit, do not ask others to follow or upvote you. I've made almost 22,000 comments and posts on steemit, and I have (to the best of my knowledge) never commented on someone else's post begging them to follow or upvote me. If I can manage to make tens of thousands of comments without begging maybe you are capable of the same.

Actually interact with others and even try to care about them, instead of just caring about yourself and your wallet. Don't just run around on other people's post asking them to give. (They don't even know you.)

Speaking of not knowing others. I'd recommend the same thing for private chats. I have plenty of people that I chat with in private, but I'd recommend not spam-linking others in private chats. Sure, I've cut some people come slack and I've given out some upvotes, but others may flag you for doing so.

I actually had one user tell me to "give them some Steem Power" in a private chat. I had not previously met this user and was curious, so I asked them what they meant. They then told me to "give them some STEEM or SBD" so that they could power it up. Yeah, someone really said that. To tell you the truth, I did not give away my hard-earned STEEM to them just to help them power up. Would anyone?


There is a steemit in my mind, and it is a steemit that I am laboring to create in reality. It is a community of generous, talented people interacting with one another, collaborating with one another, and helping one another. It is a community of people that actually care about one another and are willing to listen and help one another. It is a community of individuals that realize they can accomplish more by working together than they ever could alone. It is a positive community of encouraging individuals that is attractive to those on the outside and able to entice them into joining. This is the community that I already exist in, and for me, it starts on my page and spreads out from there.


I am officially inviting you to join in on making steemit the community that it should be. Many of you already are. No one has to, and if need be, I will exist in a parallel universe on steemit that operates on a different mentality and philosophy than the greedy beggars. Hopefully though, we can still steer this community the right way.

For the record, if you spam-link or vote-beg in the comment sections of my posts, I will not flag you, but I will also not upvote you. If you would like me to personally check out your most recent post, then just read my post and leave a real comment that may catch my attention. Perhaps I'll make my way over to your page. Perhaps not, as I am only one man. I currently have just over 30% voting power, but I vote when and where I can.


- @papa-pepper

Trust me, I do care about all of you, and @papa-pepper does want to help. However, I cannot provide all that you need. No one can. Sometimes you have to put in a lot of hard work and effort to get something in return. Sometimes, you get nothing return. That is reality, and that is where I live. Stop by any time you want. Thanks everyone! Be blessed.

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with



This is really a great post. Most of it is common sense that we should all know from our upbringing; courtesy, politeness, caring, etc.

I sometimes get in a groove get a little giddy and take things for granted. I may start to forget those principles that I was raised on and take some freedoms.

Anyhow @papa-pepper thank you for reminding me about proper etiquette and whats really important here and what the real value of Steemit is .

Most of it is common sense that we should all know from our upbringing; courtesy, politeness, caring, etc.

That was golden!

I sometimes get in a groove get a little giddy and take things for granted. I may start to forget those principles that I was raised on and take some freedoms.

That was a great point too!

It is amazing that a comment like this makes me want to follow and upvote you, even though you did not suggest that I do so! I guess since I'm already following you, I should probably upvote your comment and then go look at what you've posted recently! Thanks @sneakgeekz!

Wow, you sir are truly a gentleman and a scholar. I am humbled by your words and that you replied.
In honesty I'm not surprised because you always reply to your comments.

Thank you for the upvote and checking my stuff.

Great post! It's really encouraging on not to give up and have the right approach to build a good comunity! This should be our main goal, and we could also have the RIGHT expetations on incomes then. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Edit: I forgotted to underline what you said: we could spend ours on other blogging plattforms or socials, without making A CENT if you don't invest a lot. Steemit is actually one of the few (or only one) that permits to really raise something, even it could be a little.

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This is really great content @papa-pepper. Thanks for this educational post :)

Some days this kind of thing gets to me also.... but I always hear a little voice in my head reminding me of 2 things:

1/ You are part of a global community truly now....

2/ As such there are broad cultural differences here and we need to show some grace or patience.

That said, I agree with a lot of the things you say here and I ALWAYS try to remember what it is like to feel new here and lost completely.

I really did not like those days and I try (try) to use time on here as discipleship time / teachable moments and I cannot always do it..... but I try.

Yeah, I know those feelings. WE have to extend grace and exercise patience to newer people here. Very valid points @barrydutton!

I am about to cross 2 major Milestones on Steemit today and 3rd major one in a day or 2!! One has already been crossed by the time I woke up today and I think I am a couple posts away from 15k posts!



20K SteemPower is also a day or 3 away!

I know you know how tough it can be on here, I missed the easy/glory days of May/June/July last year when you throw a post up and it made $500 or $1k.

Pretty much related to what you are sayin here about hard work and I appreciate the things you have done for me, and a lot of us here, sincerely.

Brilliant, @papa-pepper!

This may be a "wee minnow" account, but I have 20 years of blogging experience elsewhere... and everything you're saying (and suggesting people do) is precisely what Steemit needs to be a beautiful and viable community for everyone, in the long run.

And that's the key, right there. "The LONG run." The whole follow-me-upvote me begging for attention tends to be a very short term philosophy, centered around what can I do to get something NOW, generally with complete disregard for the long term well-being of the community. Maybe you've heard the cautionary tale of those who would kill the goose that lays golden eggs? Let's not have that here... this is much to great a community for that!

Unfortunately people start "behaving badly" when there are rewards involved... I've seen it dozens of times. Earlier today I came across the account of someone who joined last month is already following over 7500(!) people (bot doing autofollows?) and spamming copied comments everywhere. Made me very sad. And it made me sad that "senior" Steemians weren't more ready to step up and -- if not actually flagging-- at least saying "hey, copying and comment spam are uncool!"

Thanks for an inspirational post!

I always wonder, does that whole begging and spamming thing really work? Or are these people just stupid expecting to get something in return for begging. I mean besides judging their effortless try to gain something without contributing.

Wow! 20 years of blogging experience? You must bring a lot to the table!.

Hopefully when the beggars come up relatively empty they will move on. Thanks!

Lol. I love that shirt!

I had wondered for a while why I am on steemit and what I love about votes and comments. I think i was able to understand myself better and I put in a post yesterday. It is odd that I am reading today.

About 99 plus percent of posts ask for upvotes. This may be a cultural norm now. Begging for votes is culturally acceptable on this platform but I do get your point. I think that one point has made an impression enough that I will stop asking for upvotes. Thanks for the post.

Well said :) I'm clicking on your link

Your kindness is appreciated

Hey pepper, great post man. You really sat down and did just another powerful post. I should tell you i like your style and originality and that's what steemians are looking for. I really take some of your points as really good and i now I'm wondering if in as original as u man. I've been on steemit just 3 weeks and im growing and with people like you around this means i must be going places. But not not everyone is like u i realise and i respect people like u. Thanks for the post again and i really learn alot about patience.

Thank you very much. I liked this comment so much, I just followed you and 100% upvoted two of your recent posts. You are right about the possibility of STEEM doubling in price in the near future and I think I'll have to see if I can grow some of that herb you posted about too! I love eating healthy at home!

Thanks @johnlue!

You both have me inspired and smiling over this thread. You both grabbed me as a new follower.
A round of likes.. on me as well!

Stemit is the best blog for now, since I know steemit, I must have left fb, ig, twitr and so forth. @Papa-pepper thank you for this educational post..And I hope you never stop supporting new members like us..
Thank for sharing !

Thanks! I think that steemit is the best place to post right now too! I'll always support the new members, but I'll be honest with them!

Great advice especially for a Steemit newb like me. Thanks for caring for our future. BTW, I love animals, bugs, etc., however I do not know if I could do that with a scorpion. I'm impressed.

GOOD post.. some useful info here..
Mind you i dont mind people asking or begging for upvotes.. i totally get it.. some people just DONT know what else to say.. even though its SO easy to just write a half decent comment on something.. but that is what i will call desperation.. when people are desperate, their minds close down.. they cant even think about writing an actual comment as they are SO preoccupied with getting upvotes and money..

its ok too.. i have compassion! And it doesnt really bug me.. i can just scroll past it or give them some love.. it doesnt take long.. and to be honest takes less time than reading a long post without any real meaning.. ;-)

ill upvote my own comment this time to save you the bother!
Great post though! Nice and positive and constructive!

Thanks a lot for posting this. You Couldn't have posted it at a better time. I recently realized due to the help of another steemian that perhaps the reason my most recent posts weren't doing so well was because I was only using like two tags that were commonly used. Of course , I didn't catch this. I just saw it all as a sharp decline following hf19. Being a fairly new user, prior to this fork I had the fortune to finally write about a wrongful death penalty in a way that I would never have been able to before. What i mean is steemit gave me a) the platform & b) the audience for this message i was trying to convey. To my utter surprise that post made a lot of money. And, while that was nice, I was proud and felt good inside That I could honor the memory of Michael Perry and raise awareness about real issues that get swept under the rug with our legal system, the death penalty, and wrongful conviction
I wasnt expecting much just had to pour my heart out about it.
Anyway, I started having other modest successes that surprised me. And i was just talking about things that interested me and i wanted to share with others for their possible benefit.
As a relatively new steemian my recent decline in post payouts that were still posts from the heart was tough bevause i blamed it all on this hard fork when in reality and what is more than likely according to a steemian who helped me today is that after hf19, i started posting on new subjects like crystals and metaphysical stuff and i probably just was not using very good tags for visibility purposes.
He is probably right. I've went and edited all of my recent ones with what i felt to be more relavent tags.
Another thing is I REALLY ALSO CANT STAND the recent trend of people spam commenting. Like, recently i posted about a Mercedes I used to own and all the trouble it was. And basically highlighting all the problens the C class i owned had with picture of cracked rim etc.... what did i get?
Comments like "woah rich girl" or "wow a Mercedes"
I actually asked one of them if they read bevause it had nothing to do about me being "wealthy" or bragging or showing off. They simply saw the pic of the car, my avatar and made a very assumptive comment.
There's also been a lot of - i spend 75 minutes writing something. Within less than a minute "great post. I upvoted, you do the same for me? " several of these. Ugh! !
So thanks for posting this and hopefully people will get back on track with what they're expecting to get out of this.
I laughed at your comment of "would you ask someone for three dollars?"
So true to the analogy of what people are doing! !
I got on steemit not for the money honestly. That was a perk for sure. But I'm someone who never got any contentment out of the vast majority of posting real stuff on facebook so to be able to come here, post from the heart (other than an occasional silly meme) & have what i posted be of some value and receive community engagement? That's what it is all about. Thanks again for posting this. I'm going to resteem this because it's great and everyone needs to read this.

I had to reply to your reply. I related/connected to your desire to post from the heart, to have a platform and an audience for the message you wish/must convey. That is exactly why I do blogs, to communicate, to connect. And many times that message is not only a sharing of life and learning, it is also a message with a mission. A mission to make this a better world. I am very new on Steemit - got on because of connecting with the mission of another Steemian. It is people like that Steemian, you and @papa-pepper (this is my first time to read a post from his blog) that will keep me on Steemit. I keep forgetting about checking the rewards. I hope to stay that way. I am more interested in the connections... and the messages... Thank you for being a Steemian that I want to follow. (And I'm not saying that as a way for asking that you follow me...)

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate this. The fact you took the time to read through the comments is awesome. Yep, i completely agree with you (obviously) ♡
It means a lot to have a way to connect meaningfully. To speak from the heart, to be heard, and to hear others. There are a lot of really great genuine steemians on here. Also, welcome! I'm glad you are here. Though I know you were not asking for a follow, I liked this comment so much I'm gonna check out your content and pay you a follow. Look forward to future chats with you. Have a wonderful day

Comments like "woah rich girl" or "wow a Mercedes"
I actually asked one of them if they read bevause it had nothing to do about me being "wealthy" or bragging or showing off.

I have seen far too much of that in my day. People commenting who obviously did not read the post and make it clear with their comments.

You are correct in knowing that adding value to the community is the key! Keep it up, and thanks for sharing!

I am finally impressed with a comment as well as the original post. Papa earned enough so im giving you my penies :) BTW I totally agree.

Great post @papa-pepper
Instead of asking for votes we all should look for better solutions to make this platform grow stronger and better. When I started looking at some post I might have used that words but than I am sure I stopped. And I did make mistakes in many ways, but lately I have started to do things what touch my heart and have been getting to see that I do not make the same mistake again. Thank you for this post it lifts my spirit to work on my own post.

That is right. We all make mistakes, but we can learn and do better in the future. Thank you.

YES! I agree with you that @dantheman needs an evergreen RESPECT & SALUTE for creating such a lovely platform for us to interact with each other. But, the Community ROCK STARS (SUPERHEROS here @steemit) like You @papa-pepper, @good-karma, @officialfuzzy, @jesta, @jerrybanfield and more other Contributors are needed to Contribute in their own way as a developer, promoter or investor to make this BEAUTIFUL System a REALITY !!!
So, Hats OFF To YOU ALL !!!
Thanks - @cWorldV99

Thank you, we all play a role in this community, and we can even choose what role that is!

Interesting to read you writing in detaill about the early days, since im here just a couple weeks. 2 thoughts i had in mind. First i expected to have more whales dominating steemit in the past, not less (in ratio to overall users). I hoped for a better distribution of steempower in that period until today (like on bitcoin for example at the start you had 10guys owning all bitcoin and it got distributed over the years). I hope that will be the case in the future. When you mentioned that an upvote rarely was worth even 0.01$. This should have been directly related to the steem price, which is now ten times higher than a year ago. This is what happened to almost the whole cryptomarket in the last 2 month. Do my thoughts make sense?

Yes, the value of STEEM did play a role, to be sure. The more Steem Power we would earn teh more the value would drop. It did play a part, but also until abit and smooth started trying to reduce the whale influence, it never moved up. The mega accounts ran the show for a long time, and they were the only hope for users (newer or older) to really ever get paid. It is a much better ecosystem for newer users at the moment.

You come off as a generous and loving soul @papa-pepper and I appreciate you writing on this subject as it falls under the umbrella of "reality co-creation." We are certainly making constant choices about the way we'd like things to unfold, collectively and individually. It's especially relevant with STEEM as our data is literally inscribed into the blockchain as we create and interact.

I've been on Steemit only a short time, and I am beyond grateful for the way the platform seems to focus on helping new users get integrated into the site and create their unique niche. At the same time, it's easy for us "young steem whippersnappers" to be spoiled and expect unrealistic payouts. I think that is so cool that you stuck it out for so long making quality content without much reward. It shows a genuine love for the community and a lot of perserverance.

There's always more to learn about the mechanics of the platform, and always more possibilities of how it could be developed by the Steemit team in the future. There's always uncertainty as to how things will eventually unfold, no less here in the uncharted territory of reward-based-cryptocurrency-powered social media. I remain optimistic and have decided to invest in the system as I feel it mimics the way nature works, constantly creating abundance from the currents of energy that interact like the waves of the ocean.

I accept your invitation to be a part of those who develop Steemit into the best platform it can be. Together we can continue to create a supportive, diverse, inspirational community that shifts paradigms and unlocks the latent potential of many. Thanks again for everything you do.

Thank you for accepting my invitation. I am loving and generous, but I'll share truth from the heart and be serious about things like this subject too. Steemit has too much going for it for us to let it become a beggar party. Thanks!

Thanks for this. I have been on steemit for only 4 days now and I already can relate and get what you are saying. I think the begging is a little pathetic. I actually bought steem and steem dollars on bittrex before I even knew what steemit was. I quit all social media years ago. I thought I was wasting my time. I joined because I love crypto currency and thought it was a great way to meet other people with similar interests. And I get to share my life with people again but I am trying not to treat it like myspace or facebook. And if I make a buck or two that is just a bonus... I am not that clever ... so I don't expect to make a lot. I just bought my first steem power and waiting for confirmations to go through. I don't even know what it does, but I'll find out. My favorite thing about steem is most people put out quality posts and comments. Much better than the gibberish on facebook. Thanks for reading.

Hey mate when you said "i am not that clever" i thought you have the right attitude. The people need honesty more than others pretending to be something they are not! Good luck to you

the line sums up everything "don't waste your time online, invest with steemit" , great post :)

It is an investment! That is so true. Thank you!

A very good post, @papa-pepper.
It is like an update to The Steemit Etiquette Guide by @thecryptofiend (which is a must-read for new steemians).

I especially liked these qoutes:

Trust me, newer users on steemit have no idea how good they have it.

when you comment on someone else's post, this is actually you introducing yourself to that user.

When I look at a post with 20 comments and half of them are people begging for votes and followers, it looks really lame. How do you think that this looks to the rest of the world online? They are free to check out our posts and read our comments.

Maybe part of the problem is from the way steemit is being advertised. When you tell people: come join steemit to earn money. Many will come only for that!

Great advice Papa! There really isn't anything else like Steemit on the web.. and you're right, it looks lame to the outside world when all the new people are begging for followers and votes. The power is in our hands though.. new people need to think of themselves as part of something bigger - asking what they can contribute, instead of always receiving

Right, we need to contribute in a meaningful way, whether it is content, information, help, inspiration, or something else! Thanks @drewley!

Papa Pepper. You are a legend. I'm new. I learned from you.
I need to make an intro post. I'll do that today.
It will be just like I'm introducing myself to a new friend. Easy enough.

My favorite part of your info is how you said we're building the community we want. I love that steem is open and honest where people give their real thoughts and get to know each other.

My goal is to add more value than I take.

The "Upvote-Me" thing is so blah. It just feels awkward to me. What?
That's like going up to a stranger and asking to borrow a dollar.
You reinforced that thought. Actually get to know people. Comment truthfully on stuff that interests you and provide good content. The rest will follow.

I guess Steem ends up being a better proxy for real life than Facebook. We'll all get used to that together. I love it.

It is very true. We really must strive to earn the votes on steemit. Everyone should see how much you give back so there shouldn't be any question about your contribution. I posted my rant about steem and its value and what we do to make it valuable. You are a great example of this. You bring some of the most interesting, different and engaging content around. Not to mention I am intrigued by your nature videos. I couldn't do anything that you do. So for your hard work. This amazing post about Steem and Steemit and I applaud you for another one. My main belief is that if you come to steemit with the right intentions then its a win/win. Come in with the mind set that you are dont expect to make money but if you do then it is a plus. Come to steemit to share your knowledge and interests like many do already on other social media sites. Do you beg for followers and upvotes on those sites? If you do, rethink your game. Those arent the followers that you want to follow you. Having followers isnt how you make money here. It is about making great content. Engaging content. Creative content. You can see that @papa-pepper has the right idea. Dont copy him but use him as an example. Just my two cents...

Also, what color did you want this to be?

So that means i won one. SWEET! It took me a minute to understand what you meant lol. Ill need to go back and look up that post to see the options.

That black one would be sick. With white letters.

Black 2XL

But I am not picky so whatever is handy is excellent.

Very excellent comment and great mindset. Thanks @nicnas!

Great article! I know I'm guilty of getting a little discouraged, but your right no one owes you anything. This community is "an opportunity", not get a rich quick scam. Steem forward and continue to post what you love. The work you put into it will speak for itself. Great advice @papa-pepper. Sit back and interact. THANKS FOR PUTTING THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE!

Thanks for that meaningful comment! I too can get discouraged, so I know the feeling!


many fine points and very good advice @papa-pepper . i've never asked anybody to follow me, mostly i've made comments on other peoples posts the seem to attract followers, i haven't gotten the hang of making my own posts very good yet and yet i have 160+ followers (not much by your standards i know). i always enjoy your posts and find your videos informative and entertaining.

Good point about solid comments getting you some followers. It is true, that happens. Sometimes even without begging people to follow you, right? Actually no, not sometimes, most of the time!

Great comment @tommyquest and thanks for chiming in!

It's so true, I've never understood people who are so obvious in there intention to receive something. I'm referring to life in general as well. I've always been one to never ask for things and only except if someone comes out and offers. Ive never once asked for a vote or follow here ever, and that's the way I live my life as well, Ive been like this since I was a child.

Too many are not even taught that as children! Thank @cyberblock!

Steemit goes through cycles. Things are chugging along, then someone finds out a way to exploit stuff (remember the guest post business?), the community protests, things get sorted out, but then there is a new exploit and the cycle starts again! :-)

Mannnn this hits the nail right its head! I always believed in hustle and grind. People need to understand to be successful on here, you have to build solid relationships and bust out tons of good content.

I've been here about 30 days and did over 4300+ posts/comments interacting with the community. That's how you suppose to do social media. BECOME SOCIAL!

Great post @papa-pepper ... you have a follower for life :)

Yes become social! Very good point and great example.

Trust me, if someone has a username I already understand that I can upvote and follow them. That's how it works!

That's the truth :)


It can't get much more real than this post. I will admit, I joined in September and quickly fled because I thought it was going nowhere. Looking back now, I wish I would've stuck with it and realized what an awesome platform/community this place is. However I can't change the past, and I am here now! I've read "Come for the rewards, stay for the community."
Now that i'm back a second time: I'm staying for the community. Great post, @papa-pepper!

Glad to hear that you are back, and I am soooooo glad that I stuck with it.

I hope that all of us adding value to the community will provide even more reasons for others to "stay for the community!" Thanks!

So much love, advice and support for everyone and especially the newbies. Great post pepper man! This community is growing and picking up STEEM!!!!!

you hit a homerun with this post. Love the pics and the way you wrapped it up with the advice from papa. That can be a great steemit series "Advice from Papa"

@papa-pepper , your posts here is so entertaining aintruiging at the same time.
It is aslo filled with advise and ways to move forward. Keep it up and keep steeming.
Feel free to check out my latest blog post : Why Steemit will disrup social media and gain market share

I'll check it, thanks @charles1!

Thanks a lot @papa-pepper I appreciate you checking out my post and sending in your support.

As I indicated in the post, steemit will surely be successful and we all will keep on smilling

So well said. We are naturally impatient beings and anything worth while takes hard work and time. This is a great opportunity and we need to get the hard work consistently done and then get out of our own way. Things are much better for newbies now than when I began in August.

Yes they are much better, so I figured that I would let them know! Thanks @team101!

Great post as always papa! :)


That's a timely reminder, Papa.

In fact, this is a statement that I recommend be added to every confirmation of a newbie being accepted on Steemit.
Even publish it on the login page of Steemit. @andrarchy @ned @zurvanic @sneak

Great work ....🤙🏼


Very interesting post!! Thank you..!

Steemit is more than the internet itself lol... Steem On babayyyyy!!!

It is incredible, revolutionary, and empowering! Thanks!


I'm new on steemit but begging for upvote?nop! I Will find others way to improve most i prefer to be poor!😉

Thank you for your beautiful eyes that look for the good in others and that you speak only words of kindness. It really inspires others to be true and improve their post without begging others to upvote. Your advice is highly appreciated..

Desde luego gran post, así debería de ser toda la comunidad pero la realidad nos dice que esto no es así. Cuando se entra aquí por primera vez, es normalmente porque te han dicho que es como un facebook pero en el que se puede ganar dinero, así que entras a lo bestia creyendo que vas a hacer dinero en dos días, luego como en mi caso te vas dando cuenta de steemit es mucho mejor y más que eso, que se busca por lo general la calidad y vas tratando de mejorar. Ahora somos relativamente pocos todavía en esta comunidad y todavía se puede convencer a la gente de que sea paciente y mejore sus post en bien de la comunidad, pero tengo mis dudas de que cuando steemit se masifique consiga mantener la linea de la calidad en los post. Esperemos que sí.
Gracias por expresar tan bien lo que debe ser steemit, soy nuevo e intento mejorar poco a poco, saludos.

Bwhahahahaha so friggin spot on, this was amazing. Thank you for making such an entertaining post of some serious issues on the platform and easy read.

Surrenderred reading after click here,honestly you give it to me straight from the heart. Im one of those vote beggar but after reading and giving an example about the "street and steemit" yeah! I realized what I need to realize. From now on I will not do that anymore. Thank you for the muchsense post I read this 2017. This post is the post that every newbie should have read, so that they will be molded as what you are papapepper.

Wow! Thanks for your honesty, and I am glad that my point about the "street and steemit" made sense to you. I like to try to illustrate things in ways that can help others understand. Hard work is hard work, but you can do it!

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

Thanks for your example papa-pepper. I had a conversation with another user about how funny it would be if we met on the street and we had a discussion while constantly handing each other $.03 and $.02. I look forward to seeing what Steemit becomes. Hopefully we can make it a place that creates and values good content.

I actually read this while im at work. :P
anyway it was nice to read your post.

gonna read more of your posts.

Thank you Papa for your candid advice. I hope it will go a long way to help most of us when taking serious.

Very helpful article. Thank you much.

Steemit is the boss! World domination next! Facebook your days are numbered!

Just want to say I enjoyed your post. I have only been on Steemit for 3 weeks or so. I really have to agree with what you said concerning comments. I have met a lot of really cool, informed folks by just commenting my opinion on their subject matter. Meaningful commenting really works for picking up followers.

Don't bother looking into my posts, I've only written 4 or 5 and they aren't very good, lol.

Anyway, thanks for the advice!

Glad to have you here and commenting. Keep learning and applying. Meaningfully comments are full of meaning for the authors, so thank you for that!

Much appreciated, and will do!

A really great post @papa-pepper, and absolutely to the point. I think many of us have been feeling exactly the same way lately.
There has been an influx of people who obviously don't read posts that we all take time over and get straight to the "I follow you, so you follow me now", or "follow me if you want nice pictures" or else "look at my post......." all these and more without even looking at the content.
I think they have just been drawn in by some of the advertising on Facebook, Twitter etc, promises of payment just for posting.
I love the whole concept of steemit, of a large and diverse community sharing some amazing content. I have learned so much from reading brilliant articles, scrolling through some pretty astounding and talented artwork, laughed at the funniest stories and so much more. There is no other comparable platform.
We can still make it so much better together, but not by begging for rewards without making any effort, or by whining.

I have never asked anyone to follow me. If someone likes what I blog about, and decide to follow...fantastic, they like my content and I'm encouraged to write more and better articles. It's all about putting in the time and effort and meeting some great people on the way as a bonus.....and getting paid, well that's the icing on the cake! Steem on.

It is also not good when the users are leaving those "follow me" comments at a rate of two per minute. Obviously they do not care about the posts that they are commenting on.

Getting paid is the icing, but even cakes with no icing can be great! Thanks for the comment and for sharing your thoughts!

@papa-pepper, your update is very mature and very educative to new members on this platform. Please be sharing important updates like this for us to know some important information like this one. I have gotten a lot from your post and and i have learnt a lot from it. keep it up and don't be mute on this kind of information that will be beneficial to other members like us. Thanks you and keep the fire burning.

Well said @papa-pepper I have cut a lot of people slack here as well but when all the stuff you mention is happening multiple times / day it gets old. New users do have it better in some ways then we had it a year ago but also they have it harder in other ways. I think you post is great though to make people realize the vote begging, Follow 4 Follow, and barging into a private chat and throwing a post link in our face isn't going to help them.

It does get old, but I hope that we do not run out of slack to give. There are certainly ways in which it is more difficult right now too. but it is easier to earn at least a bit if you are working hard. Thanks BP!

I couldn't agree more!
I'm relatively new here so am still finding my way around!
But...having joined just about every other site going for the last 15 or so years...NOTHING irks me more than people begging for votes or comments or whatever! I found the same with tsu! As soon as there is the 'carrot' of $ my turns to cr*p! I can't stand how sites like this become vote begging/meaningless comment/join our 'friendtrain' BS.....In my humble opinion if you're only here to make money in that us ALL a favour and leave now!

Of course I mean no disrespect personally to those people who do what I've mentioned above....I'm just giving my personal opinion as it's very similar to the vane of the post!

Just my 2 cents worth! ;)

Thanks for a genuinely good post!

Michael :)

Of course I mean no disrespect personally to those people who do what I've mentioned above....I'm just giving my personal opinion as it's very similar to the vane of the post!


Thanks for that!
I appreciate it :)

Well said @papa-pepper, this article puts a realistic view on newbie's like myself to come in and work and collaborate to make things happen. I think once the community groups are launched people will hang around like minds and it may be a good thing or not i'm not sure but if the whales set the tone then it kinda forces the hand of minnows to operate in the Steemit way! (whatever that's going to be)

It will take work, but I think it'll pay off. Thanks @extramoney! I'll see you in the future!

This is such a great post. Too many times in the world, people want things the easy way. They believe they're entitled to everything because they "did their time." Well the unfortunate truth is the world doesn't owe them anything. We get in this life what we put out. If you're willing to put in the work it takes to become a successful Steemer, you will reap the rewards. But there will be hard work involved, and there will be periods of no growth. Just take that in stride and keep moving forward. I love the direction that Steemit is going. People are spreading this positive message everywhere (especially the whales), and I think the minnows are starting to catch on. This is the philosophy I've lived by ever since I joined last month. I just be myself and I spread positivity all over Steemit. I never beg for followers or ask people to upvote me because I believe that the hard work will reward itself. I'll continue to keep this attitude moving forward and will help others to do the same. Thanks for sharing :)

We get in this life what we put out.

Great point. So many only look at @papa-pepper and see the payouts, so they want the same. They don't see posting multiple times a day on a wide range of subjects for almost a year straight. They don't see the early mornings, late nights. or even the tempestuous times in my marriage that cam because of investing myself into steemit. They seem to say, "Okay, I made a free account, now pay me."

I appreciate your comment and viewpoint. I love the direction steemit is heading too, I just didn't want it to get sidetracked by this unfortunate new trend. Thanks @cryptodata.

I just crank out ideas all the time, I am like an idea cranking machine!

A great post very useful for a newbie like me just starting my second week and finding my feet on here

thank again this gave me some very sound guidance

Glad to hear that you took it to heart! I think that we can all learn something from messages like this. Thanks!

Do you think Steemit should be policed by bots or moderators that clamp down on this sort of behavior?

No. I think that the bots we already have do a great job in their areas of expertise, but this should be handled manually. Bots can be discouraging, and we don't want to scare people away. We want them to learn how to do better and add value to the platform. Good question!

Thanks for your honest opinion!

Hey, im new to Steemit and your article really helps. Its very exiting to see what happens on this platform and where it will take us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Followed and upvoted!

Spam comments should be dealt with and I'm sure they will in an update. If it's allowed people will eventually just automate it and suck profits from the ecosystem. I do believe that most monetary rewards seem to be going to more quality content, then non-quality content.

I think steemit is great, put in any amount of serious effort and you'll be rewarded, more then any other social media platform!

I seriously agree @papa-pepper, this trend of begging has to be discouraged. Those of us that are new don't know how lucky we are to come into steemit at a time like this and instead of investing and contributing to the community, most of us have taking to upvote begging despising originality and good content. The post is timely. I also make a similar post earlier. Not to spam but I would just drop the link. Thank you sir.

At the risk of sounding like a total douche, what happened to human dignity?

If you're down and out and NEED the cash, I don't look down on someone for begging. Shit happens. You do what you need to do to get out of it.

It takes no effort to post the same "Vote me up" on every article you see though. I understand Steemit provides a unique opportunity, but why not take advantage of it as it was meant to be? Have fun with it!

And have some damn pride. This isn't the streets. You have an internet connection, you have a brain, and even if it's junk to 90% of the people here you have a sense of creativity.

So rise up ye beggars! Be the best you can be and prove yourself. Not to me, not to papa-pepper here, but to yourself. If you're proud of your begging skills, then all the power to you I guess. I bet you can be more though.

I will totally give to people in need, I do it all the time. But vote begging is different, and you are correct. People need to have dignity and respect. Thanks!

The community in your mind is the same one that is in my mind @papa-pepper.
This method can only be a real win-win for everyone.
Since I've never blogged before steemit I approached from a different tact. I familiarized myself with steemit by reading lots and lots of posts, finding quality content and then upvoting and commenting.
Steeming along like I had good sense, one day, I discovered powering up (Perhaps from you @papa-pepper, I don't really remember) and how it is like investing in the company.
Bam, I was on it, I am all powered up, so now my vote is worth a little more. Which is way cool.
Now that I have my bearings I will start posting my own valued original content in the coming days.
Thanks for providing food for thought and positive direction for our community.

Appreciate this article. Was wondering how you feel about upvoting yourself? JerryBanfield had a very interesting article recently on this subject. Also, do you use the 'Mute" option on the e-beggars?

Good Post! I used my flag for the first time today... I'm flagging the follow me comments. If that happens enough, maybe it will quit!

Thats's true sad but true one of the best posts I saw in a while.

well said! I'm sure the beggars will eventually get the message that begging just doesn't work!

Personally I think you are one of the best article writers on Steemit, you do make good posts, and I have won once or twice with your contests which is great for me, see I already won Steem from you and didn't even ask for it, I just answered a question. That being said, I never saw the scorpion posts, I hate scorpions, and I have this knack for always getting them in my way, I remember once I was putting my shoes on and I felt something big in one of them so I tapped it and out came a really big black one, needless to say I slammed it with the shoe right there.

Excellent article friend, continue the successes.

There are so many different reasons why people are here and how they will use the site. I still see where 100 people will up-vote something and the post has 2 views. I know some of these are bots, but some are people voting without even reading the material. I enjoy reading good posts and looking for new stories that capture my attention. Anyway, I stop by your comment section every now and then because of your good content. Steem on my friend...... :)

Even the real users sometimes act like bots! Good point!

Hey papa,

I've been thinking about this too and had these thoughts in another comment that I posted today on this post and wanted to repeat it here.

If you are investing in Steem and the Steemit platform then you have a vested interest to make sure that the site is not overrun with this garbage. If the bigger players start to see that the value of the product they are invested in is going down because of this, then they are going to do something about it.

That is the beauty of an incentive based product like this and is why I'm not too worried about it at this stage. You're right it's garbage, but it will be forced to an end in due time.

The free market will do its job. Relax ;)

I agree, but still wanted to encourage others and point out to newer users that there is a better way. Thanks!

Regardless of upvote being worth little, I figure the words probably mean more. It may have been worse "back then" but it seems to me, or at least did, less of something is as bad as too much garbage and noise. In reading this post (context - I'm new), I've realised I may be complaining about something I've yet to doing much about. Expectations of others, is not how I live my life, so why should this experience be any different. Thank you for putting that idea into the forefront and reminding me of why I'm "actually" here.

Steemit — is just particle of the real world. We should to understand this and go their own way. To achieve all their labor.

Just because nothing happens.

I firmly believe, that sooner or later will notice. We just have to do, what we love. And write about what us care about.

Like it's your last text, and you want to tell the world about what had learned over the years.

I've been getting Patreon begging on my YouTube videos. I make absolutely bumbkiss off my YouTube videos. I barely have any followers for those channels. So, having someone make one comment which is a basically a comment to go to their Patreon and support them is just laughable.

Every site that makes money has those who want to do it without any work at all.

Yes they do, don't they?

Back in my day I mined BTC with a cpu!! Hehe.

I was wondering what your take is on people paying for resteem? I noticed you did not mention this when you talk about buying votes. I have noticed a lot of both of these methods starting to pop up all over the place. I’m personally wondering what value if anything people are expecting to get out of this. I’ve noticed posts that ask this are also paying very little like they are not expecting much out of it. I start to have an ethical issue in disclosure in this kind of thing, and even had to remove people who more or less turned into resteem accounts spamming me with 50 or more a week

As far as follow for a follow this is always a strange thing. When I first started I think my first 20ish follow and followers gained where from this method. I was new, and just wanted some chatter in my feed. It was a great way and “high hopes” to just meet some really wonderful and random individuals. I’ll be honest I’ve unfollowed most of them about last week. I have three or four that I still keep in contact with a few times a week .I’m glad I did it, but I noticed very early on this was not a tactic to employee long term.

I’ve often wonder what long term abilities will Steemit deploy one day to give us better control over our feed. Around 80 following I am rather happy with right now. It moves enough that I can still keep up with things, but not too fast I’m missing what is very important to me. I am hoping on day they come up with a better system. Maybe a private weight system where we can privately rank who we are following to control if there resteems show up on our feed; even, how long a post will stay at the top before going off into the void of the feed.

Do you use any methods in trying manage the large amount of people you follow? Or is this a daily, and annoying struggle where you feel forced to use bookmarks in a browser to keep tabs on people checking in on individual pages every few days?

I used to follow everyone who followed me, plus few extras. Lately though, so many newer users have followed me that I gave up. My feed is kind of like a lottery. When I look, I upvote what catches my eye, and that is about it.

A few users I try to check on manually more frequently. The seven day payout period helps me support the authors that I really like.

Also, I hadn't personally seen the "pay me and I'll resteem you" posts or offers yet, though I figured that they were coming. It gains visibility, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone.

You should have followed up every one of those scorpion posts with the words "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?" Because that is definitely some unique and fine work. Seriously.

great read @papa-pepper. I am not following, however most certainly will after reading this. You've kept it real and to the point. As @sneakgeekz mentioned, the things you described are principles that we all should have grown up with.

I look forward to reading more of your content. Thanks a lot!

I am here for the community, it is the sharing and caring that draws me in and I am meeting new folks and having a blast! So many stories and talented folks sharing their lives is what will keep me here! I have not even done a introduce myself yet (still reading all the stories)!

A 40 reputation already without an intro post. You are investing in the community, aren't you?

Yes I am, I am learning this wonderful new to me place and I am meeting some awesome folks here. Will I do an intro, that remains to be seen. Finding many like minded folks here on sharing what we love does not really require us to be in the light. Being older than dirt has taught me to slow down and enjoy being in the moment and having joy for others achievements in life. Getting back to being real humans in this world requires the step back to nature and life that matters. Seeing youngins like you and zac @mericanhomestead gives me hope for the future of this land we live on...

Thanks @papa-pepper. It is nice to hear some sound advice on steemit sometimes. Also those scorpians kick ass, you crazy man I like it.

Crazy? No, no, no, you've got me all wrong. They taste great! Even alive!

My mouth tastes like stinging....

This is too awesome! Epic would be a better word! Scorpians do not live where we do. Maybe one day! Your way with nature seems to come from a companionship with it as a wee pepper. Love it!

Well said, you've covered a lot of ground on this post, resteemed!

A rant, but a refined one! Glad that you find it useful!

Thank you very much @papa-pepper for this post, it was enlightening to say the least.

I am on Steemit for less than a week and I am loving it so far, even though I'm currently struggling to post content. Not because I don't have anything relevant to say, but because I want to say so much but the quality of my content is not there yet for me.

Today I was kind of demoralized because I had this thought on my head that I needed to put more content as fast as I could so that more people would see my work and thoughts. After all I just posted twice on my blog page. But you know, my motivations for posting here on steemit are based on wanting to show cool and useful stuff and help other people. If money comes I'll appreciate it. If not, I'm learning a lot just by making an effort to create the best content I can think off (in english, since its not my main language). My real problem is being slow at expressing myself and that was bothering me.

But I think after reading this post I got my feet on earth again. Due to the overview of things that you gave us, I've decided that no matter what, its best for us to keep creating great content, even if it takes a long time. It's the best for the community, and for that thank you, truly!

By the way, love the way you illustrate things, it's really honest!

Keep it up and see you around!

My real problem is being slow at expressing myself and that was bothering me.

If you are slow at expressing yourself, especially in English, than it is good that you are trying and doing it anyway. The more that you do it, the better that you will get. You will not only be better at doing it, but you will be doing a better job at it, learning all the way.

Also, feel free to post in your native tongue too, as many non-English speaking communities are also building themselves up.

Thanks for your honesty too!

Thank you for this piece - it is hard as a new member to understand The Good Old Days. There is such a fire hose of posts to sort through now. It astonishes me how much straight plagiarism I see. What's worse, as a new user, is to see how much this doesn't resemble the promised meritocracy. There is a user (and I am not here to call anyone out), who posts 4-5 health topics per day. They consist of links with cut and paste content from pop press, followed by a few sentences of not insightful commentary. They are quickly upvoted to $100+ value - and have 2x the upvotes that there are views. I don't think anyone is finding the content useful (if you are, I'm happy to direct you to yahoo health, which offers more links and deeper commentary).

However, I'm encouraged by your post and hopeful that more people will focus on the community that one can create. I have been trying to create homeschool roll calls (you came up!) and meaningful original content about learning, parenting, and teaching kids to gamble .

Hello, the person who I believe steemit, is certainly a genius. This is an opportunity to express ideas, stories, what we pass through the mind, help us to be active, really thank you very much, I have also helped a lot monetarily, I want to share with you that I just have little time here, but for The situation that crosses my country. This community being with you has been one of the best things that has happened to me, regards.

@papa-pepper I think you read my mind. I have been thinking about these same things lately and I have discovered that this platform is hard-work and you don't get anything for free (nor should you).
As a relatively newbie being here before and after the latest HF, I am grateful that my posts now earn a few bucks compared to a few cents before the HF.

I followed people in the beginning too, but have spent a few hours unfollowing people too so I can be focused on those I think are bringing great work to the platform. There is a lot of 'crap' being thrown up here by people looking to earn some quick cash and that is hurting other people whose awesome posts get buried in the constant quagmire of other content.

I take the time to seek out great content I am interested in and then I will throw my votes around. I hope that the platform will continue to prosper and grow and that can only occur if we focus on the well written content that brings value to steemit.

Thanks for writing this informative post.