My Journey #1 From Homeless to a Normal life

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Hi all Steemit readers,

I'm new to this platform and I want to share my story about how I changed my life from being homeless to a normal life I live nowadays. As you can read in my article my English isn't that good because I didn't have any education. If you have any questions you can always contact me. I hope you enjoy my article and I hope I can inspire a lot of people that anything is possible! I'm also promoting this message on different forums and platforms to inspire people, I also created a charity for homeless people because i know how it was and I want to help as many homeless people as possible.

So first of all I became homeless when I was 18 years old. My first days were hard to survive and I really thought my life was over. When I reached 19 years there was no one and I decided I need to change my life. I don't want to be homeless my whole life. My motivation is because I always saw happy people and family's walking while I was alone even on my birthday. So from the earnings I made from begging I bought second hand clothes and I did everything to make some money so I could go to the barber for a fresh look.

After I looked normal I tried to apply for a job in different company's. I had not a success but after a while I could work as a dish cleaner in a restaurant. From that point my life changed. I worked hard for a low loan but anything is better then living on the streets. With this loan I am able to rent a little room in the city Amsterdam. During my time at my room I bought so many books to improve my intelligence. I didn't know how to write or read English and because of my passion of reading books and improving my skills I learned myself how to write and read English. Ofcourse it isn't that good but I'm happy that everybody can understand what I'm saying. I'm still living in the room and I'm still washing dishes. I have shared my story on different forums and it is amazing that i can inspire other people.

My main goal of this article is not tell a sad story no. My goal is to inspire others that everything is possible in life if you just believe in it. I became something from nothing. From begging on the streets I became now the person that lives a normal life. My advise is to set goals and go for it. Don't set back because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If you fall then you step up and go for it!

I hope I inspired you with my life story and I'll post more articles about the progression of my life. I also will go for the first time in life on holidays to Spain. I'll write a blog about it. I hope you enjoyed and sorry for the bad English and grammar.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at my new Blog!

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Good story


Thank you, i hope i inspired you also with my story!


Yes i liked very much and i am glad that you pass this obstacle

Very nice man! Challenges are always come to our way. Our duty is to embrace it and overcome it. Hope all good ;)

This is a inspiring story that must be seen by more viewers I just resteemed this

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Strong man... happy stemmit and welcome to this world.
Ur story is inspiring. ... i am touched by ur struggle.

Stay strong! I've been there too, even had the dishwash job though the restaurant on Damstraat was a workplace safety hazard and the manager was harassing me, after that I ran away to southern italy to get work in the winter harvests there but then my dutch friend disappeared with my passport and bank cards... then I spent 3 months walking, riding a stolen bicycle, ended up stopping in Ruse and then Sofia in Bulgaria to find shelter with the oncoming winter, where a dutch friend of mine, an expat married to a ukrainian concert pianist, helped me get off the street and into a job. It didn't work out after a few months and I burned all my earnings in the Bitfinex hack by overleveraging, and had to go back to Amsterdam to get some help from the DWI to save that up so I could relocate to somewhere in eastern europe and try to get set up. Then Steem pumped, and, well, everything is not exactly peachy now, I have serious health issues to contend with, but I am on the road to recovery.


I relate so much to your story, i was homeless from the age of 18 to about 23 with jumping from house to house and i was in the drug scene for a long time also (thank God i am clean now for 2 years)


Hey i knw somebody who is drug addictive. ... can anybody help me with some motivation r anything i can do for that person?


tell that person to cut everyone he knows in that lifestyle out and get away from that, that makes getting away from it much easier, i was a meth and heroin addict and the way i got sober was going back home to my mom and not talking or being freinds with the people i knew, and i went back to school to keep my mind off of it and in no time you dont want to ever do it again

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Success comes not from falling down, but from learning to get up.
P.S. you should change one of your tags to #introduceyourself to get more exposure.


Indeed i hope this article reach more people to show that everything is possible if you just believe in yourself and go for it!

Great story, er is best een redelijke groep Nederlandstaligen hier. Ik neem aan dat je Nederlands spreekt, ik las Amsterdam... Hier is een lijst met Nederlandstaligen :

I've also been homeless and my son has been too. I think you should keep posting on this topic and I followed so I can see your posts. I'm not at a position where I can really write about it myself.

Hi there! I'm new to this platform! Let's help each other! Please follow me, vote my posts and I'll do it back!

Great moving story. It must be a hard life and Im glad u got to a turningpoint :0)
Thax for sharing, it is inspiering. So easy in life to just take things for granted insted of being grateful for all the simpel things in life.
Followed and upvoted. Wish u all the best.

Great read. Welcome!

Great.... you took the life in the right way, and found your path to a better future... more luck to you to go higher even more. :)

What an interesting story. You did great and you can be an example for many other people. Respect. Je hebt een nieuwe volger :-)

great story! write more! gl