Why do you bother posting on steemit?

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There exist some opportunities that no matter what resources you have, they can never be fully experienced the same way again.

That first kiss, the moment you scored that first goal, the birth of your first child.

No doubt, many of you reading this, are well beyond such a neophyte stage in regards to steemit and perhaps have forgotten why you are here. Perhaps you are indeed of the “green” variety, and are asking yourself this question, wishing those experience steemers would offer not advice, but why they do it. So in an effort to express to those experience users, what it’s like to be new to this platform, as it may differ from their own first experience, and to save this moment for my own reference, I offer the following observation.

Being at this neophyte stage myself, I have the luxury of wide eye optimism minus the jaded grind that appears to be the norm. As I read through many of these articles I'd dare to say, that the steemit library seems to be heavily weighted towards articles about itself. Like a perpetual marketing machine, it sells itself on itself and doesn’t appear yet to offer much “value” to me personally. Now I know, it’s my interests that lead me down that path, but that is the first experience, good or bad.

"Overwhelmed, lack of direction” seems to be feelings most feel and I wonder if it’s not to this platform's detriment.

I’m then left with answering the question for myself, why bother?

  • What can I offer to the community at large that is of benefit?
  • Is it the financial rewards I’m after, the notoriety (fame/fortune)?
I doubt these two things are enough to keep me motivated, because I hold neither unfortunately and being a self-responsible person, I can only think it’s my own fault. No, the reason eludes me at the moment, so I turn to you and ask why, hoping to find what portions of the formula relates to my desire.

In short, why do you bother?


I'm a singer-songwriter.. so it's amazing for me to be on here, making a little money (people have been incredibly supportive--feel free to check out my videos if you're interested) WHILE building a fan base that could be built on the ground floor of something that might end up really big. It's like getting a Facebook page going in 2005.

I also actively seek those who share my passion about creating GOOD art, and am hoping to cultivate intelligent conversations about what art is and encourage us all in the quality of our work.

I also... find the cryptocurrency stuff absolutely fascinating, although I had no idea about it at all when I joined 2 weeks ago. I figure it's a good thing to be understanding, Steem or not, so why not do it while making some money and building an audience? Kind of an artist's (and most writers as well) dream.

Upvoted. Gonna follow as well, actually. Xx, Kay

This was what I was looking for, and upon further investigating I found even more. You're post "How I did REALLY well my first week", was inspiring and the start of many "inspiring truths" I'll be marking for future reference. Thank you kindly. As for following, loved the 90s "Crush" and looking forward to more... so I'll be following as well.

I've only been here a few days, but I'm enjoying the community. I'm learning new things every day. People are eloquent and welcoming here, I'm also finding out that I absolutely love writing.

Writing for me is a love/hate relationship. I call it therapy.

Hi! Welcome!

Welcome to Steemit @lifted :)

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Loved this movie, thanks for the smile.

And thanks for your post!

High 2 , i joint a week ago , curius and a noob at crypto .
lot's of info here on many topics i like with discusions on a
level mostly higher as any other social media .
This is not the average banner waving society flashing and pushing
your click bait history . I like it . The high quality info here sometimes amazes me . Te award system is not that important to me , it ads a nice challence . posting content that people can enjoy watching or reading is a fun thing to do , and on Steemit people actualy read or watch it , there is interrest in others . try to find that on common social media . Thats why i bother :-)

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