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I tried guys. 😕 I tested it. Steemit just isn't the social network I thought it would be. I set out very motivated, made a bunch of quality posts, put weeks worth of work into it, so it was daunting to see that many posts (which are in some cases only a photo and two sentences) are earning $300-500 and my posts were only earning .01? The rewards system isn't fair as advertised.

There is cheating going on, and to beg people to upvote? As flattering as it must be for whales, really? That's not a proper structure... It should be fun to post content, and I commented and reached out to the community over 262+ times, even reached out to people I know here and recieved little to no support.

I felt I had to create a Minnow Support Network and still nothing. Until the rewards structure is fixed and not so easily manipulated - I’m leaving the site for now. So it’s fine. Flag or downvote the comment, take the rewards so they can be used elsewhere... at this point I don’t really care. Thanks for noticing. Best of luck to you and the community it was nice to meet you. (and special thanks to @BernieSanders)

BTW: When a whale has the power to wipe out a weeks worth of work with a single down vote, that’s a problem too. I read a TON of posts on that yesterday and it was shocking to see how many people are suffering (on a social network?!) that a whale could write a simple “down for maintenance post” and earn over $1,500 (which he doesn’t need, because he’s a whale) but then I see Steemians pouring their hearts out in quality posts and then they feel bad when they only make 0.09 cents.

So then they try the garbage post route, which results in the same. It doesn’t take long until they realize that everyone is worshiping whales and their votes... which is kind of a “culty” mindset. What will be the effect of this in the Community? To the mental health of everyone here...?

Furthermore, the Whales are getting richer and the minnows are doing all the hard work posting quality content. Sound familiar? They essentially built the same trickle down economy that they claim to hate... Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s my observation and what I have read and seen happen.

Quality content on sites like Reddit blow up there, I tested it too. I made a post that got front page on reddit, where here it made 0.9 cents. I don’t need the 0.9 cents, I need a fair system or at least to feel apart of the Community. Many minnows don’t. It seems groups of people stay locked tight and don’t let anyone in...even when it’s clear they are reaching out for support.

That’s one thing I liked about #adoptaminnow (I think if the whales or ownership of steemit are serious about having this site survive, they should adopt more minnows) right now it’s pretty much minnows adopting minnows. 😂 Which is very sweet, but doesn’t fix the problem of the top 3% raping the reward pool and the rest of the minnows getting 0.9 cents when their content is obviously worth more.

I believe in all the Minnows and love those who followed me. Truly. You all are awesome in my eyes. ❤️

I personally believe in everyone here and know you all are worth more than what steemit or a whale may think. Your voice does matter. So to all the minnows out there that feel the same way, you can “follow me” and I’ll check back to see if improvements have been made. My second piece of advice for new minnows, just treat steemit like every other website.

Don’t expect to get paid on posts, just write because you like to write, be passionate about what your topic is, and don’t get discouraged like I did when you see small rewards. Also, don’t put all your Eggs in 1 basket, have multiple social networks, speak to all of them and build your following.

Again, thanks for listening, but for now, I’ve just lost my Steem...


What the heck happened? All your posts are deleted. Your account says it only started less than a month ago, and you have less than 200 followers? Why are you giving up? I read your post, and you sounded very encouraging. When I look at your stats, I am not sure how quickly you were expecting to grow. It takes months to get the pennies rolling, and months more to get the dollars rolling in. It takes big cash to get big cash quickly.

Yep. You are correct, except this is a second chance to see if things improved. They didn’t. As for the it takes months. That’s not accurate, as I have a friend on here that is doing extremely well, and she started out small, but quickly sought out all the whales 🐳 and make friends, and truly I applaud her for that as it’s a brilliant strategy, but it doesn’t fix the problem. - let’s say I flooded my posts and steemit with traffic, that won’t improve my posts revenue. Only upvotes by whales do. So regardless if I had a hundred minnows or a thousand all giving me 0.09 cents, it wouldn’t make a dent as to what a Whale can bring. Further more, I want REAL relationships on here, not fake ones. I don’t want to be a whale one day and having minnows kissing my ass because I have money. I want them to like me or follow me because they actually like me. - I’ve seen it bud, hearing fellow steemians say “I got another whale!” - that shit spoke volumes to me.

I'm with you on this. Had you joined before the vote-selling started, good content often got rewarded eventually, so if you did five posts and only one got a decent vote, it was still enough. But now, many of the whales are reserving their voting power for buying customers, and thus the chances of your work getting rewarded just because it is good is significantly lower. There just aren't as much free upvotes to be distributed anymore.

The hilarious thing is that they are still earning the curation rewards that were supposed to incentivize fair voting, for selling their votes.

This place has become quite a joke, but if it is money you are here for then I'd advise you stick around. The price of STEEM and SBD are still so fucking low compared to where they are ultimately going, and so the pennies you are earning right now are already worth dollars if you can hold them. So if it money you are here for, I really would stick around because I guarantee if you leave, you will be back in a few months trying to earn and struggling when if you had stuck around you'd be making plenty.

If you are here to meet great people, then you should stick around. It is getting harder to find them, but I still believe some of the greatest minds on Earth are here, and with them great opportunity for collaborative efforts.

If it is to be heard, then I can understand why you must go. Lengthy posts or anything you have worked hard on has a much higher chance of getting read on a different platform. Most users on this site are primarily authors and so less and less content is actually consumed while everyone is preparing their own posts or living. If you were willing to play the game such as your friend has, then that would certainly boost your viewership, but if you are not, and have no interest in the first two options, money or magnificent minds, then I bid you farewell, dear stranger.

This is a great comment, thank you! Excellent. - No, I gave it a lot of thought, and you (like many others in this comment chain) are 100% right. I'm going to stick it out with the rest of the boys & girls here who see it from my side. I didn't have to be here long to experience and read the thousands of comments of users in the same boat. Many of which are pissed and they have been here from inception - So great advice, great comment. *here comes the upvote: #Bam :)

I'm going to try and organize my thoughts to continue in discord, though if you happen to get on before that feel free to jump in lol. One thing I didn't reiterate there yet was the emphasis I put on Anything from you is worth my upvote, your presence is worth my upvote. This comment for example... :) Though my power is a bit in the shitter right now, hopefully I'll catch your next breath of air with it full xo

Lol. I was writing all day. I will go on discord now.

Is there a specific channel I could join to get in on that? I have discord. Thanks for the comments. cheers!

Hey there... I just so happened to come here to upvote my friend's comment- and saw this.

You can definitely get in on 'this'. It's not a channel, what I was referring to was just our private chat. It's just people who have connected since being here, who want to help each other just because, lol. The way to get in on it is to be out there, making these connections.
And I should mention- there is a group between the minnows and the whales...we are a vastly underrated, overlooked group, the dolphins lol.

Ha ha, right on @Dreemit 🤙 Yeah in my viral post it went to extreme lengths. Plankton to Whales lol - never want anyone to feel left out! Ha ha ... I did make mention of Dolphins 🐬 and everyone else I my latest post, so if you have time feel free to check it out. Thanks for your time, and comment, no matter what status you are, it’s valued. 🙏 🍻

im on steemitchat as well...

Dog food for Vito :) xo

great comment has been a pleasure to read you

@lifeinspired your arguments I also liked you do not give up for leaving you have good arguments and I see a logic in what you say, however the advice of @son-of-satire is the best that I've read.

I hear you. Everyone has to make the big decision for themselves which path is more important to take. Run a business, or run a blog. You can have a little bit of both, but it is better to focus one way or the other. I have found the relationships made here to be far more valuable to me than those I made anywhere else on social media and the internet. If I was trying to make a profitable business, I don't think I would have earned people's trust in that way. At first I was getting a lot of lucky upvotes, but I never expect them, and now I rarely get those. It is slow growth if you go the normal blog route, with no extra help or investments put in.

Thanks buddy. 🤙

Further more, I want REAL relationships on here, not fake ones. I don’t want to be a whale one day and having minnows kissing my ass because I have money.

So why don't you make a real relationship with someone who thinks your content is worth their vote... Anyone who does a job others want will have their ass kissed one day.

It is slow growth if you go to the normal blog route

What other blog site than steemit has any kind of quick ramp up... nobody wants to read some rando's blog (even mine), you have to build a following.

flooded my posts and steemit with traffic, that won’t improve my posts revenue. Only upvotes by whales do. So regardless if I had a hundred minnows or a thousand all giving me 0.09 cents

A hundred minnows at 9 cents is 9$, a thousand is 90$, a hundred thousand is 900$, obvious the more traffic the btter... just because those numbers are unrealistic doesn't mean each minnow vote doesn't add up.

Truth. Thank you for your comment, it’s valued. 👊🍻

your words are very wise @creativetruth and I agree. I've had posts that took me 6 hours earn $1 and others $200. it's a bit random, but there are plenty of dolphins like me searching for new people to support every single day but we can't keep up with all of it!! And I never never sell a vote. quality only.

Good for you @natureofbeing. If you know of any groups looking to support the little guys putting out quality posts, let me know. Looks like you've been around here a lot longer than most, and might have some valuable connections to share. I started my own Shrimp Support Project this week because I was fed up with people complaining about following the whales, and then getting mad when they don't get any votes back. I've always made a point never to reward drama posts, and instead search for ways to reward those making a positive solution.

          You do not want to have a whale support you, you see that as sucking up, so you think your friend is a suck-up? You want people to follow you because they like you but then you slam 90% of the people, minnows, and new users (redfish/plankton), as not being able to GIVE you enough support? I am sure you can make more "Friends" and money on Youtube than you could here.
          Your second try, two weeks long, after you lost the keys to your first user name. Not much of a try. How long did you have your other account before getting locked out 2 weeks also? It has taken me 6 months to get to the level you are pretty much whining about. Here is what it says on your profile - - - "YouTuber 📷 Photographer 🎨 Media Artist 🎥 Crypto 👾 Gamer 💻 Advertising Enthusiast" - - - YouTuber, okay that I am sure makes you a lot of money. Photographer, I am sure all you youtube friends pay a lot to look at your pictures. media Artist- how much do your youtube friends value that? Crypto, oh yeah the Youtube crypto dollar. Gamer, youtube , I am sure you kick ass in gaming on youtube. And finally Advertising Enthusiast - - - I hope that is not your real job.
          You don't like whales, you despise your friends, and you treat the backbone people of steemit like they are worthless. With that type of attitude, you really should quit steemit, and go play with the youtube trolls.

Yes it’s sucking up if you’re intentionally only being friends with a Whale because you want his/her vote. I think I said that in the post bud. You’re missing the point. Read my other comments before you vent. Cheers 🤙

When I take a look at his coming author rewards on

I must say that the result is not bad for the first week on Steemit:

So the going rate for a weeks worth of quality content is $30? Where a shit post by a Minnow with a few whale friends can earn $500+ in a day? Not bad... 🤦‍♂️I think you’re missing the point here.

No man. Stick around. you are right, but if all good folks left, that doesn't achieve anything.

Today I woke up with a new mindset. I was dead against paying (begging) for votes. But I will do it now. Just to get there in the front. My content is good. I can do even better given time as well. I can see from what you wrote that you have the same notion.

But I wish to add something to this by pulling out something you wrote about and I haven't seen much of yet on here. It is a level of honesty, frankness.. and not about the pay-for-votes nonsense, but about the 'support' groups that are actually jerk(coughs) channels. Most of them seem to be like that, with just (you said it) a hand full of exceptions. You said it!
after looking over the way the groups are operated, it is the same cult mindset that pervades the general platform where the powerful operate in some kind of monarchy, while pretending they are open, equitable distributers of genius. The quality of posts are often good, but the support is given to people that 'play the game' - so they put people through a process, handing out colors.. statuses, issuing do not do this and do this so we can do that for you. I's nuts. I decided to play my game dirty, because dirty is cleaner than that sort of pretence.

Whatever you do, reconsider what you said here. No one will hold you to what you said. Do what you know is right and stay. Because evil thrives where good men do nothing (or leave).

Wow. I dare say you will change my mind with this comment. Damn. Bravo good sir! 👏😎 You just gained another follower. Excellent.

We aim to please ☝️🕶 #MinnowLand 👊

I think I see the problem.

Indeed, its no joke. Pretty serious in fact. Whales supporting shit posts, or possibly Whales being manipulated for their vote. ...the list goes on and on...

That wasn't the part of the problem I was referring to.

Why do you compare yourself to other people? You need followers for reaching like minded people. Optimal would be like minded whales and that will come with the time, trust me!

Don't shoot your best bullets in a time where there is not yet a target to hit ;)

Thanks buddy 🤙

You are so narrow and pessimistic, and impatient and full of yourself.
B Gone.

Thank you for your comment. It's definitely easy to say that when you're sitting on the top of the mountain looking down. (You have quite the account behind you... $692,493.61) The rest of us aren't so fortunate... and your comment doesn't just carry over to me, you just spoke to ALL the Minnows and Plankton who are experiencing the same damn thing. Keep that in mind.

I wish my upvote was worth $70 and not 7 cents, because you deserve it with this comment. Literally saying what everyone else is thinking but are too scared to say it...

Brother your upvote is worth solid gold! 👊 Thank you for your comment and your time. I know it’s valuabe. Cheers 🍻

Here’s to being real an not kissing ass! 💪😎

Thinking out loud, but there are times I wonder whether that is the reason my posts don't do well any more. At first I was flying (I went to a 54 rating in the first two weeks!), but I don't upvote or follow anyone that doesn't interest me and that could be the reason some of these big boys don't read my stuff anymore. Sometimes I feel that I have to 'play the game' and say things that everyone wants to hear if I want to turn my content into profit. Anyway, good for you for speaking your mind. If you do choose to not come back hopefully you would have gained writing experience for your next front page reddit post!

I'm one of the more tragic cases here on steemit I feel. I have over 500 posts. Most of them are pretty good I feel. I have made much less than you. I have worked so hard and have so little to show.

The reason I stick around is I enjoy it otherwise and I hope someday my luck changes in terms of earnings.

Thanks and take care!

Thanks for posting that.
I understand what @lifeinspired is saying and have shared that thought as well.
I'm hoping that with consistency, work and time, i can grow my blog here.
I think people come to steemit seeing the trending section and expect to be there within a week (me included).
But it is true that it is discouraging to see some post that are very well written and thought out, getting left in the wind by one/two liners from some of the big accounts.
Anyways, I'm steeming on for the moment, thanks for the encouragement from your comment!

Thank you for you comment. It is valued and appreciated. 🤙 Really. I mean it.

i agree with you - slow - study and win the race

Thank you for you comment. It is valued and appreciated. 🤙

Removed this comment, as @whatsup was correct and no harm done. Thanks for the support friend. Moving forward.. 🤙

I upvoted your post based on the content. It was not flagged until I made a comment asking what happened and watched more of your posts change to deleted.

It's on the blockchain. I voted it up and I flagged it after you removed the content I upvoted.

I see a lot of good points in what you wrote, and best of luck to you!

Well thank you either way. I respect that. @whatsup like I said, I like what you did with the #AdoptAMinnow regardless if you upvote/downvote me. I appreciate anyone and everyone that helps those who are reaching out. #NoBumKissing ;-) That wont happen here... lol #KeepItReal and we're friends. lol

In life you should never give up.
If you are quitting steem do it QUIETLY.
NO ONE SHOULD KNOW YOUR FAILURE, cause the reason reside only with you.

Right now steem is going up in price.
Hope the best for you.

Thank you for your comment. Cheers 🍻
I choose “a blaze of glory” like billy the kid.
Young guns... maybe I should watch that 🤔 such a great movie 🎥 🍿 😉

Steemit is a business. That is why you see bots. That is why you see nothing posts making hundreds to thousands of dollars. There are all kinds of scams on steemit. Sounds like life, doesn’t it. If I buy steempower today, tomorrow I will start making it back fast. I can also run a bot then.
My simple suggestion is that if you are here to get rewards for great posts immediately, then leave. Otherwise patiently wait a few years, collect SP and then you will be happy. Your post worth on this platform = your SP. content does not matter and you can see daily examples of it. I fact 99% of the time, this is what you will see. But then realize that a lot of those high earners sat here writing and writing collecting pennies. Now they are doing better. A terrible system , I must say. On the other hand if a system benefits its investors and those who have shown consistency over years, then you may look at it differently. I will usually get paid at least 275 dollars per hour for my work. It can be more than that. Yet I stayed here and dealt with all the feelings you have. Not because I needed money but because rejection in any situation hurts. So my will became stronger to conquer the platform that seems so unfair. I will conquer it. At some point I won’t be a minnow anymore. Whatever time it takes, it takes. It’s a challenge. So honestly, if you write here for money, leave. If you wish to seek challenges for yourself, then what better than a system you and many others see as rigged. Think again.

I dig this comment. Thank you for your post and your time. It’s heard and valued. 🙏

If you decide to stay, I will follow you and I will upvote you for every worthy post. I can promise that much. My upvote is not much but between 30-40 cents. It is better than 0.01 though. How about we make that deal. If you decide to stay let me know. Just try. It is not worth whatever you make right now. But what if price of steem gets to be a hundred? Think about it.

Well just before reading this, I decided to stay, but its a deal. lol Waaaaayyy too many awesome people here for me to leave and I really loved that at least some heard my voice. I know I got a little heated in the post/comments, but many people feel the same pain, and I'm all about the Quality posts, I mean, I'm not even asking for that much more out of people. Just be yourself, be real, make friends because you like them, no one has to kiss ass, we can all win together... #BeReal

...and I don't want to make it seem like I hate Whales either because I don't. Hell I think I even defended them in a way by drawing light that people are manipulating them... I'll always appreciate the upvote & resteem from anyone (regardless of financial impact.) I realized it in this post. I mean, 70 votes, 875 views, 154 comments... People did take notice and shared their views too. I am strong-minded and strong-willed, but I can always learn from others and I respect differences.

Thanks again for your comment.
You got another follower here buddy. @lifeinspired
My Guarantee: WYSIWYG #BeReal

Good post... And it made me think. If I am to remain here I will BE THE WHALE... It will be an investment and I will expect a return. But along the way I will ad value. Just like out there. That will happen later in the year.

Thank you for your comment 🙏
It is valued.

Giving up is like failure in life. Steemit do not have formal education for minnows. The facts about Steemit is that;

  1. Steemit is social investment platform - You have to invest in Steem Power before you even make your introduction post.
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  3. Without investing your post, your post will never gain good rewards
  4. Good content only hardly pays on steemit
  5. Any content with investment pays high on steemit.

I will advice you not to give up but invest in Steem power and promote your post with Steem bots. You can check my recent post on "How to make profit with steemit bots". Thanks

It’s helpful to read dissenting voices. It’s not a perfect eco system. I just think that it beats the others hands down. Whatever problems you have with Steemit, the system we live in has similar problems which are usually a lot worse and bigger. I built up a small YouTube following of 28k over the years and it took me 6 months before I promoted steemit to my followers. And now the rewards are starting to come in. I haven’t begged a whale. I have hardly any contact with most of them. I don’t know who they are even. But there are one or two who upvote my posts. And I am building up my understanding every day. There are definelty some serious flaws and issues. But there are lots of VERY COOL things going on here. And I suspect that you ain’t seen nothing yet with communities and SMTs round then corner.

I may be wrong, if I am, you can say I told you so. If I’m not, then jumping ship may end up being a decision that doesn’t rank highly amongst your best!!

I have upvoted your post to the max!

That’s why I don’t want to go, but it just rubs me the wrong way to see Whales swinging their digital dick around (down voting) slapping minnows in the face with it because they feel like it... or the content isn’t their taste. What’s the saying “With great power comes great responsibility.” 🕷👊

True. And that is one off seevral serious questions that need to be constantly asked. It’s a self regulating system and the abusers can be seen as offering a service by highlighting holes in the system that need to be filled. Also, what you are doing here is focusing on the problem and ignoring the huge amount of good this platform has already facilitated. How about writing a post about all the good that Steemit has brought to the world?

And why did you delete all your posts?

Thanks Danny, and I deleted it all because I was bothered that all Minnows are feeding the beast with great content and for what? To get a little drip 💧 of decent profit every now and then when a whale 🐋 decides you’ve earned it. So yes. I wiped it whilst I still had what little power I had to do so. Remember, you can’t delete after payout. I figure the rewards I’ve received thus far should go back to the reward pool, and much of it has already. 🤙

I hear you but to be honest the $ shouldn't be your focus when it comes to a social network platform, it should be a nice bonus at best. Again I fully understand where you are coming from and yes the Steemit platform could have some improvements done to help fix the issues somewhat (make it so you can't upvote yourself, or you can't buy/trade upvotes, or remove bots and make everything manual, or limit the # of votes a person can get from the same user in a set period of time...), but again you shouldn't be posting stuff with the expectation of financial gains. If you post a comment on a Wall Street Journal article do you get paid? No. If you start a YouTube Channel and have almost no following do you get paid? No. If you write a 2 hour post on Facebook for your family and friends do you get paid? No. What about a detailed breakdown of something you post on Reddit? Paid? No.

Anyways, although I agree with most of your points and agree it can get frustrating, I think the real issue comes from peoples high expectations that if someone else can get $500 a post then so can I, or that if someone can get $500 from a low effort post then I surely can get $5000 from a high effort post right? But I hate to tell you that usually isn't the case so don't have such high expectations and don't cry that's unfair at every turn, because I hate to tell you but life usually isn't fair and that isn't something that is going to change any time soon for the most part. I have had decent success in life taking the outlook that everything I do is going to be the most uphill battle possible, and instead of getting defeated or seeing it as a reason not to be motivated, I flip it around and see it as a challenge, test things out constantly, try to do better tomorrow then I did yesterday, and basically just grind it out until I reach the point where I feel satisfied with my actions. Too each his own I guess...

That’s the problem buddy, their is nothing in this system that rewards your quality content. It comes from the Whales 🐋 all our voices do not carry the same weight, so you can work hard for months and get nowhere, whereas if you go make a bunch of Whale buddy’s your mediocre posts could make hundreds if not thousands. Ya dig?

The whale loses too, many could actually be thinking people Like them for who they are, but in fact they are just trying to get their vote. (Not all, but a lot that I’ve seen) there are posts all over steemit it too... it’s pretty gross. If I were a Whale I would be pissed too 😤 ... but it’s how the system was setup and you don’t know it’s going to happen until you see a “proof of work” (aka. Launching the platform)

Uh, so you think you can just come in here and gain a bunch of money in a matter of a month!?!?! Imagine getting on instagram and expecting 200,000 followers in 1 month. It isn't going to happen.

Actually lol 😂 IVE SEEN IT! But until I found out how it was happening, that’s when I learned what “Whale Fishing 🎣” is... just read more, then you will understand. Cheers 🍻 Thanks for your comment.

well, you just have been here for a few days, things are not fast an easy. Not everyone can live of this. You could do it for the fun and to develop some skills, communicate things you like or enjoy and have a space to post

🤦‍♂️ That’s the thing, people are making a living off of shit posts all because of “Whale Power” strip that way from them and they fold like a lawn chair. ... I’m gonna do it, here it comes.. the Ja Feel meme.. you know you love. 😉 thanks for your valued comment.

This is my comment from a community discussion thread..

The comment itself is a number of ideas / discussion points for how to fix curation rewards. It was nothing spectacular. I probably put 5-10 minutes of thought into some ideas and posted them on a community forum post. I was hoping to spark some good discussion on the topic of what was wrong with SteemIt's curation and why the reward pool wasn't functioning well for new users.

This post received an upvote. One $40 upvote that was worth more than the entirety of all upvotes I have received on the SteemIt platform during my first two weeks. I had spent 10+ hours writing posts, most of which paid me pennies, or a couple of bucks. I had spent significant amounts of time commenting and interacting with the community. One single whale vote for a comment that took 5-10 minutes of my time was deemed to be more valuable than countless hours of my time.

I'm not sad about getting a payout, and I'm glad that one of my ideas got some recognition (and the fact that some whales recognize that payouts are unfair is a good sign for the future of the community). But the irony of a low-effort post making up more than half of my SteemIt income is not lost on me in any way. The system is broken.

Either you can stick around, discuss it with the whales and the community, and try to encourage positive change in the SteemIt community, or you can run away because the system is broken. Neither approach is necessarily good or bad. It's nobody's job to fix this thing, and I can't fault you for leaving, but I think that we need people to really start pushing for the changes they want to see and trying to influence the whales who might have more power over this sort of thing.

I've been trying to promote community discussion on the topic of changing the system for a while. It's an uphill battle, but there's growing unrest among new users who can't get a foothold on the platform. This bodes poorly for the future growth of SteemIt if it doesn't eventually get addressed.

Some ideas I posted on related topics last week (Older than 7 days, please bring the discussions onto this thread if they're worth having, as no one is going to see those posts):

I think you are my new Best Friend. Damn. Bravo Sir, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I will give leaving some thought because of this comment right here. ☝️ Holy shit. This is solid gold, can I get a “whale to upvote this comment please” ... oh damn.. I begged a whale. I’m a hypocrite! Lol 😏😉🤙🍻

#Damn Good Comment!

Glad to be of help! =P

For every person who's trying to exploit SteemIt for profit, there's another who's working hard to fix it so that it can have a future.

I'm a big fan of SteemCleaners (Patrice/Cheetah), GrumpyCat, BernieSanders and others. Sure there's been some lapses in judgment and errors made in how they're trying to resolve the issues, but overall I feel that a lot of witnesses and whales are looking out for the long-term value of their coins, rather than only worrying about short-term profits. Many appear to have good intentions and are trying their best to fix the platform based on the problems and threats that they perceive.

Well said sir, I applaud your comment as this is the first step toward fixing the issue. Sadly, It will take many of us to be heard by the powers that be, as it’s a more democratic approach, and would reduce the power they have, in optimistic that change can & will happen, it’s just a matter of when... Thanks again for your high quality comment. Cheers 🍻

Thats why i am powering down.
I like the system and will continue to store some important things inhere, but i wont use this very active now. The Whales only upvote themselfe or people who pay them ... that`s not the way i like.

After 1 week i donated ~50 Cent with my upvote ... now its just 1 Cent.
My reputation shows 45 ... but if i open my wallet it says 25
... a lot of weired things are going on inhere :(

Dude tell me about it. That's no shit... That's why I think we all need to stick together. united we are strong, or at least they hear our bitching. lol - Either way, I definitely want to draw more light on this, and what better than inside Steemit. Thanks to all the awesome comments, it really made me realize that there is more to this Social Network, so I am thankful for that. I am staying. :)

If i can help, just let me know.

Thanks buddy, you are valued! 🤙 Appreciate the comment.

so true :) I have posts with ~1000 visits, byt only making like $4.

I understand your frustrations. Some of these thoughts have also went through my head. I feel like my voting power drains so quickly that it doesn't allow me time to reach out and network on this system. That is part of the reason I did not upvote your post, for that I apologize. And I have read some posts where people who have been here for awhile, said that my upvotes aren't really worth anything. I'm trying not to let it discourage me and trying other things to see what is the most beneficial as a Steemit user first. I wish you the best!

Well, that’s where they are wrong. I feel your vote means everything (regardless of money) I upvoted your posts. It won’t make you any money, but I valued you comment. Thank you. 🙏

Thank you! I finally have enough voting power again to vote. My vote isn't worth much either, but I will vote your comment and your post. Thank you for your upvote as well. :)

Thanks bossarah, i'm sticking around and appreacite your comments, upvotes, etc... I appreciate you.

You're welcome! Glad you're sticking with us!

Totally. :) Me too... just need to rest. Been going crazy in replies. Didnt expect to strike such a nerve... lol but good to see that I'm not alone here.

I understand! You are not alone. We all have similar frustrations. Don't get discouraged though!

You said the words which was in my heart

Thank you. I’m glad you think so, it’s no surprise really. You are NOT alone here, there are thousands of us that feel the same. Cheers 🍻

I’m totally fine. No worries. Just venting on a topic that needs discussion. Thank you for your comment. 🙏

I don't know who the whales are to be honest with you. I'm so lost in the weeds on this site. Which I think is fine with me I'm just messing around here. Don't get me wrong I'd like to be successful, but I aint like for like or follow for follow or begging for likes to do it. Nope. Not this girl. But anyways, the idea that one down vote from one powerful user could destroy me is TERRIFYING.

It is frustrating that it's hard to get plugged into REAL users who wanna interact and have relationships. The one place I've been enjoying is the freewriters group. I'll have to find some more like that. Or make my own! I just like practicing blogging and writing and hey who knows something might come of it...

My dear, you are awesome and are exactly what this site needs more of. Perhaps stay in the weeds a bit longer and work on your craft. Don’t get sucked into “whale fishing” ... it’s like selling your soul for UpVotes. Not my cup of tea ☕️

I totally agree. The thing that gets me about SteemIt is how one user can destroy your account. I was at rep 39 earlier today. I got flagged by one user and it brought me down to rep 7. That is some BS. All the work that I did down the drain.

Exactly. Too much power in the wrong hands. That is the downfall of this site if it doesn’t get fixed. - Trust me, No YouTuber or Social Media Influencer is going to want to bring their followers here, especially knowing they are putting their followers at risk. 🕶

Edit your post, you admit in the remarks:

The host of the podcast i was listening to had a slip up. Emmitt Smith is not joining the team. Sorry for this post

So edit the post to something akin to "sorry folks, I was misinformed" then go back to the person that flagged you and they will likely undo the flag. leave it up, and more people may come by and flag you more. It is all your choice.

Brother let me be clear, no one flagged me. I’ve been reading a ton about it on Steemit and from many Minnows and a whale you all know. So this is just me saying there is some issues that need to be worked out on Steemit. I am speaking from experience (regardless of time) after 265+ comments in the community and reaching out. Take that how ever you like. ...I would have to write over 6k posts and with the bandwidth limits in place... Yeah, it’s only going to get harder from here for new minnows... Not bashing all Whales nor the minnows getting sucked up in their Wake, just displaying what I’ve learned and heard from other Minnows. I’ts really easy to lose yourself in this site, because of the reward system. Abuse will happen, it just needs to be mitigated. ✌️

Again, many will Cheer this post, and many Minnows that have lots of whale friends will deny anything is wrong and be upset with it. It’s just the result of what steemit has become. You’ll see... I’m not the only one that feels this way... 🗳

My response was to @letmesee

Thanks, I realized that later. @bashadow Your comment was valued as well. Have a great night. Cheers. 🍻

If only it worked like that. @xeldal has made his decision. Peace.

I can relate to this frustration, there is this definite feeling of "carrot dangling" around this place, (obvious trickery and corruption going down here and there), but I still think Steemit is awesome and much better then "normal socialmedia" (I hate normal socialmedia).

But yeah I no longer think that Steemit will be my "day job" anytime soon, it is a fun hobby and if I am lucky in the future I might actually get some decent rewards for quality posts.

But I personally don't think beginners should have any expectations at all, it is not healthy to think that you can compete with the trending posts, that is a delusion or a deception maybe, ha ha.

Steemit is like a micro-ecosystem that reflects the real world in many ways...

Like if you ( @lifeinspired ) lived pre-internet and you where a content creator and you wanted to publish a book, you would probably have to take writing classes that would cost money, you would have to publish little pamphlets or fanzines to build a "following" and finally kiss the asses of publishers (whales) to get your content published, etc etc...

Even though Steemit has a "utopian-ethos", what you are complaining about is just the ways the worlds being reflected here on Steemit, (this doesn't mean there is no room for improvement hint hint).

Meanwhile you "quit" I suggest you try and check out some other platforms that pay the content creator, I never tried them but if you do please let me know if they are any good:

@friendly-fenix, you just got upvoted my friend. Thank you for your post! :)

Thanks best of luck out there @lifeinspired, kind of sad that you are leaving, this place needs solidarity and healthy critical thinkers. But I also understand that you got tired of it.

Nah-I’ma-Stay (NAMASTE) 🙏 - Decided to stay thanks to all the awesome comments and advice. Together maybe we can bring some positive change to Steemit.

oh wow! Read up on this post after reading the latest. I'm glad you chose the ladder! :) Steemit is not perfect, but it is also such a powerful platform to reach many. With time, I'm hoping the kinks will be fixed.

@karensuestudios totally, I agree. That’s the goal and as long as everyone helps one another, this community will thrive. Thanks Karen. 😊 Hope your enjoying Thailand 🇹🇭 🤙

@lifeinspired It's ironic that your exit post may be your most successfull. In any case I have upvoted & resteemed it to my 490 followers. I see you joined in Januarey 2018. You already have over100followers. Not sure if that's pre or post exit post. But you must remember that Steemit is up and coming. In 10 years it will probably part of everyday culture like a facebook.

Totally, yeah I just launched a new post. I’m staying and though this may be my most successful post as far as viewership, this post will forever be the one that relaunched me in a positive direction and damn the consequences. From this point forward me and my friends (aka followers) will just #BeReal 😊🤙 #NoBumKissingHere Cheers 🍻 and thank you for taking your time to comment here. It’s valued.

I'm surprised you even saw it as it was comment 190something.
Lol Welcome back Lol.

Ha ha, yeah, I visit the “replies” section on my account frequently plus had the Steemify app (which gives me notifications) helps to keep the convo rolling. Your time is precious so I try to respect that the best I can, well as long as I have bandwidth lol 😂
I’m the record breaker for hitting limits here I think... that and my friend Karen.. ha ha

@lifeinspired Dude, just came from the @berniesanders post, and I must say I just really wrapped my head around the SBD, STEEM, and Powering UP in the last week. I totally understand what your saying and as a newbie my self I found myself very discouraged about my post in the first week, but after about a month and a half I am picking up some traction! My next step to wrap my head around is the whole delegation of SP, and how these minnow boosters, bots and all that can help curate your post. I see alot of post about upvoting your own stuff, etc, and its confusing to figure out if it is really bad or does that only apply to whales? I know you have heard of the saying the rich stay rich, but we really need to figure out the best way to earn with quality post for us minnows, and not the dolphins/whales out there who are just taking it all in without giving back to some of the newcomers. The only way the #platform can grow more is by seeing incentives for newbies so they can stay and feel like there actually part of the community instead of checking there post every 10 mins to see if there upvotes are coming in.

Hate to see you go, but I will drop you a follow and check back with you to see if you have changed your mind. As I know how important it is to grow a following of real genuine people! Thanks for your feedback here man, and thanks for bringing more awareness as to why, some people will leave the community.

Thanks buddy, you get it. Maybe you can help share this with the other Minnows as well. Again, I’m not here to Whale bash and it surely is sounding like it. BUT I need to be clear, look at it from a Whales perspective too, if I have a ton of minnows hounding me for my Vote 🗳 then that isn’t right either... People should be friends in here because it’s Genuine. ...and honestly hearing someone say “I got another Whale!!!” Just stings my ears.. know what I mean? The whale loses because his friends aren’t genuine nor real, and the Minnow loses because they aren’t truly being themselves and putting out content that is actually interesting and is what they want to write about. Know what I mean? They just keep putting out content that name drops whales 🐳 in hopes of getting votes. That’s not “going viral” like reddit. That’s kissing ass.. and honestly I started to do it myself, then the other night I was like “what the hell am I doing? This isn’t me.” ... and here I am now. Some pissed at me 😤 Some praising my action of bringing more awareness... I see A TON of Value here on steemit and don’t let some of my comments discourage you. I’m not perfect and I’ve been wrong many times before. I just want a more “fair” rewards system for Steemit newbs and those who are starting to invest their money into Steemit.

The Whales Personal ATM (aka Steemit Reward Pool)

Another thing that’s not being discussed is the fact a new Minnow can pay for Steem Power, literally buying it with their hard earned money, THEN a pissed off whale 🐳 could come along and wipe them out with “Down Votes”

Thus pushing their earnings back into the Reward Pool, which the Whale could write a simple little post and make $1,500 right back in seconds. So it’s not something that truly benefits the little guys & gals.

Note: Whales can also do this to other Whales 🐋 Look at @Berniesanders if you think I’m kidding.

Mate just try making the kind of money you have since the being here in the traditional blogging space you got buckleys chance.

the kind of readership required to make money from advertising on a wordpress is massive.

Key here is heads down bums up work plankton trying to fight whales is stupid plankton are food thats how the food chain works go about you business and try not to get eaten.

Ha ha I gotta say, I like this comment. Lol
Thank you for commenting buddy. I get it. Plus with minnows we all have that tiny little (rep) area next to our name to look out for... 😉 One of the guys in the comments above proved my point. A whale may just come and wipe me out. Lol ...alas, that only proves my point more... let them come.

Ive only been in it a little over a week and am not sure yet how I feel about it, Im not trying to make bank on here, im experimenting. I mean, if im going to post the same things on other social media platforms, then it doesnt hurt to do the same here. To each their own though, im sorry you didnt see things as you wanted to here, but is that ever not the case when you really look into the fine details of things?

Very true and good point. Thank you for your comment. It’s valued and appreciated. 👊

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Pretty cool, didnt know about these. Thanks.

I use Steemit only as a dumpster for my ideas at this point. Half a year ago I actually tried to get my account somewhere but I don't really care anymore either.

Was the special thanks to Bernie sarcasm? I actually like him because he swears and is not scared to insult the aristocracy.

No, the special thanks was actually for real. I like @berniesanders posts as he’s been laying it down and being real. That’s the stuff I love.. People who are genuine, not being fake, not raping the Rewards Pool.

You brought up a real issue !
And undersatnd your position , I have been here since january 3 and I quickly noted that everyones startegy was to find a whale , I did a post on that too .

I think that you need to be more presistant , even if you think the system is not fair and it is not , but there are people out there supporting minnows and acting !

The shit posts ... I REALLY agree on that , not to mention the shit posts on whale fights .....

Personnaly , I did not invest a dime in steemit , I wanted to buid from scratch and for a long terme , my posts don't earn much , but I meeting wondeful people and reading wonderfull stories .

I will not go ona whale hunt , as I have seen on their blogs they rarely reply or upvote , but if the subject is interesting i will read and upvote .

I think that coming to steemit to make quick money will not work , you have to see it in the long terme and also take in the fact that steemit will improve and will also change :)

Really good subject ! Thanks :)

Very well said and I agree. I’ve been thinking about it all last night and have taken all the sound advice that has been giving here. I think I will give it another shot, and probably push more videos out as well and I’m thankful for all the awesome people here, and it’s a huge part of why I came. I heard that this community was amazing, but I guess it took losing my cool and identifying the issues so that it could be discussed. I by no means am an expert here, I’ll be the first to admit that. I can only draw my own conclusions based on my experiences of other social networks and what I’ve experienced here and read on Steemit.
Again, thanks for you comment. 🤙🍻

I will be following up on you :) cheers

Awesome and thank you. :) Everyone here is valued. #BeReal (our new hashtag. lol)

I don't blame you. I'm like hours old and I still haven't figured this site and the way it works out, but don't give up. I want to understand what's going on and maybe we can make an effort to make things a meritocracy.

I like that.. meritocracy. You coined it buddy. Thank you for your comment. It is both appreciated and valued. Regardless of Votes.

I agree this is some bullshit

Thank you for your comment. I agree completely. 👊🍻

You talk about being a minnow, when in fact your true status is Plankton, nowhere being a minnow at this point. Your time here has been very short and you cant expect to grow overnight. it takes time to build a solid foundation, and those people at the top with a lot of money, well they actually purchased steem and invested it here. Did you invest or are you using the money they are loaning you to have a head start? I think you are not giving this platform or yourself a chance to build up something really great. Most of us started out where you are and with a little persistence you eventually get there too, just dont make the mistake of comparing yourself to others, and besides if they can do it so can you. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, but you may want to reconsider your position and just hang in there just a little longer!

I appreciate and value your comment. One thing is it still makes my case. Nothing changes the “bum kissing” that’s going on, that’s paying for the abuse of the Rewards Pool. Sure, I could stay on, and maybe I will. I gotta say, many here are now commenting and reaching out, yet it only took losing my shit, lol ...but maybe that’s what it takes to get the attention of the “Powers that be” to understand the issues us Plankton and Minnows are going through... hell, thanks for that. Lol I didn’t even know my status was LOWER than Minnow ha ha 🤦‍♂️ ... ugh.. you get it right? Just that “status” factor... the people (great people) who join, looking for friends. Genuine connections... which immediately get bastardized and tainted when learning “how the system really works”... 😉 Look the truth is, if you’re an awesome and genuine person, regardless of whale or Minnow status, we should be building those genuine connections. Cultivating those “genuine” relationships, sadly, many of us lower on the “food chain” come in, and we are taught “how to abuse the system” step 1. Kiss a lot of whale ass and make them believe your their friend....wait what? How about this, if you’re a whale or Minnow and “I like you” then I’ll be your friend, hell, I’ll give you my vote, maybe not all the time but some times... yet. There are those who completely take advantage both directions, it’s just the more lucrative rewards go to the Whales. That’s all... if there was one thing I could leave a Minnow/Plankton with its:

“Be Yourself, Don’t kiss ass for upvotes, write whatever the hell you like and you believe in, regardless of Status or Votes 🗳 Because you all are truly badass, and I’ve read some damn good content here.”

Just addressing the elephant in the room, and to no surprise 100 comments and 551 views later. I can guarantee that both Whales, Dolphins, Minnows and Plankton are looking at this post. Some are nodding their heads, and others are rolling their eyes. Either way, you’re welcome. It needed to be said whether I said it or someone else...

since I started I have never worried about the whales etc. I am doing this because I am having fun and I post a little every day and I dont worry about the 'big fish" because they dont care about us. So if you take the attitude that you will do this just because you're having fun, stop worrying about the fish and just make friends as you go along, believe me you will build a solid foundation and make good friends and you too will grow to be a big fish one day. So dont worry about them, because they dont worry about you! do your own thing and enjoy it.

Thank you for your genuine comment. well said. ❤️

All this talk of little fish big fish in the sea. We Pirates hunts 'em all! And then we maybe fries 'em up with a bit of butter and fresh basil. :)

I like that ha ha - 😎🤙 Thanks for your comment. 🎣


Sighs. This post left tears on my eyes. I'm really sorry you feel this way. Most things you said are right.

Regarding the reward system, you need people with lots of voting power to upvote your posts to get meaningful rewards out of it, this is where making friends and consistency comes in handy.

And regarding a single downvote having great negative effect on the post, this is due to their voting power. Just like a single vote can cause you to make up to $50, I think it's fair if their downvote carries such power too.

Please don't give up.

Thank you for your comment, I'll be sticking around after all. :) Too many voices of good reason to walk away. That, and I know I'm not the only one that feels this way... Cheers

Glad! btw, I just followed you! :)

Ditto, thanks buddy. 😎🤙

I guess part of the problem is that the site runs off of a crypto currency. Ideally, it would make sense that everyone have equal voting power (similar to Reddit) and may the best content win. The problem arises because, in order for the crypto currency to hold any vaule, it needs to have some sort of use/demand. In theory, the demand is driven by the fact that people can buy influence on the website buy purchasing the coin. If all of the sudden all votes are equal, you can no longer buy influence and the token loses its value. I completely agree with you in that the structure is flawed, but I honestly don't know how they could fix it.

Ahh I see. Damn, that’s not good to hear. Thank you for your comment. 🙏

"Don’t expect to get paid on posts, just write because you like to write, be passionate about what your topic is, and don’t get discouraged like I did when you see small rewards." ... good advice there, and thanks for putting that in Every word you said is true (for me.) I relate and empathise. Cheers my friend ! @lifeinspired

Perhaps I should take my own advice as well. 🤙
Cheers 🍻 Thank you for your comment. You have been heard and are appreciated.

OK, I wish I could also make at least $100.00 per post, but I don't I run at around 1 dollar per post, and I have 1400 followers, sure it sucks that other posts which have no value make a lot of money, but frankly what others make doesn't worry me. And I have been here for a year and a half, OK the first six months I did nothing so let's say one year, and sometimes I have felt like quitting, for example when Steem went down to 8 cents, but I stayed and I don't regret it. I will never get rich here, but every dollar helps.

Thank you for your comment, it has been heard and valued. Please note, I’ve seen the abuse first hand and the massive growth whales have on a Minnow. Your content should shine. I do like steemit, and I think there is a ton of value. Just needs #Balance

Ya. that's too bad if money can dictate what I see on this platform. I won't stick around if that is the case. Are there other options out there yet where someone doesn't decide what posts I see and don't see, and I get to decide?

Man I sure hope so, or maybe some badass crypto developers could get it going on the site, half this site would flock to it. Instant success. People love what steemit has does, especially since it’s crypto, but I just don’t think there is. Now, one thing I give Mad props on, and I think EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN @DTUBE. The work they are doing is just plain awesome and it’s still connected to steemit, and I would flock there for sure. We just still have the risk of the naughty whales coming and downvoting our shit... thanks for your post. It’s valued and appreciated. Cheers 🍻

You gotta be in this for the long term. Don't let ENVY of the whales spoil what you have to offer.

It's not ENVY my man, I do quite well for myself. It's the unbalanced rewards system, and that it can be raped of the rewards that should go to many AMAZING content creators on here. I am know way shape or form as good as they are and am humbled to see such excellent work. That said, they are getting screwed while other minnows are "whale 🐳 fishing" cheating the system, and let's face it, us guys & gals can fall victim to “beautiful” people who are only after our vote. (speaking as if I were a whale. Lol) Thanks for your comment and your time. It's valued for sure... 🤙

Whale 🐳 Fishing is real folks.

Thank you for your post. I agree with you. Furthermore I would add that the witness system is unfair and the absence of witness pooling is outrageous!

Do you have another platform to recommend?

On the other hand the absence of censorship is quite interesting.

No, I don't know of another platform. I truly want this one to work out, but these issues are a bug deal. ...and hate to break it to you, but there is Censorship her on steemit. A whale down vote can hide your content or comments. What's more censorship than that? Right? 🤙 Thanks for your valued comment. Cheers 🍻

Hi thanks for your reply ! I disagree with you, downvoting isn't censorship. I call it the "flagwars", and I think it is a feature of steem that make it really attractive to me. There is a full one game play with downvotes.

Censorship is what twitter and others type of censored or curated media uses. Try to post a comment there that isn't in line with the propaganda plan and it ain't a downvote or "hidden" (just click to see), but full on account blocking, demonetization or simply deletion of the all accounts.


ps. why no upvote to me? This is something frustrating here, specially with girls, I reply to them, kindly and fully and never get an upvote for my comments... :(.

You silly, I did upvote you. Just my UpVotes are worth nada. Lol 😂 Thank you again for your comment and very interesting.

Thanks a lot :) deserts are made of single grains of sand :).

Totally. :) I agree... Thats how I feel about my other "little fishy" friends. Together, we are stronger.

You had me at "culty mindset" ...

This is a minnow that's going to swim for a year. I wish you wouldn't go ...

Ha ha ahh I love that, awesome. Lol
Gosh dammit, y’all cool peeps are going to make me stay... lol 😂 That’s what I’m talking about. Genuine shit. We need that, and lots of it. Not afraid of whales and blah blah blah.. read connection. Love that shit. Thank you for your comment. ❤️🙌😊🤙 if I had a Whales power, you all would be getting some serious upvotes.

You're less than a month, what did you expect...?

People grind, grind and grind here for months and get more little by little! (Steemit isn't perfect, yet way ahead of everything else!)

If you decide to quit, remind yourself; the other platforms pay you nothing.... plus, you don't have to be an author to have fun and earn something on here! Just upvote what you like and get curationrewards!

Thank you for your comment, I've been here before, but lost access. I'm back in action now. Yes, I'm fairly new, but well researched and well read. The problem is that I've seen with my own eyes people jump on that are brand new, make friends with a ton of whales for their upvote, write a few sentences, post a shitty thumbnail, and make more than all your quality efforts for a year. If you read my post and the comments here you will see that Quality doesn't matter. Votes by whales matter. Cream doesn't rise to the top. Seriously, I've seen some AMAZING content here, and they get .01 cent? Whereas a picture of a dogs ass gets $535? lol .... bro...... keep in touch.