I grew up with too many bullies. I don't like to see them on Steemit. @haejin is being attacked.

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I wonder if user accounts can be deleted. If not, I wonder if a hard fork could implement such.

Bullies Suck

My folks raised me Christian, and encouraging the "turn the other cheek" lesson meant I was a punching bag for the other schoolchildren. Later as an adult, my Mom has said several times that "turn the other cheek" was the worst mistake she's made in parenting.

Later I learned Tae Kwon Do, and wrote an accounting package for the Grand Master as well. I wonder if I still have that anywhere? It was DOS in character mode, before Windows, and I had programmed expanding and collapsing borders and sub-windows for the students and late accounts etc. Anyway, memories -- those from before the first concussion are generally intact. (He treated me to my first sushi meal! :) )

But Tae Kwon Do was after I had graduated college. Before that...

Unexpected Life Lesson

The year before I went off to a private high school, about a month before it ended, I got sick of the abuse and started fighting back. It blew my frakking mind that those who were terrorizing me, became my friends! They were short-lived friendships though, as I was elsewhere the following year.

But what a lesson! You don't make friends by being a doormat.

You make friends by demonstrating that you can help them out when they're in a bind.


That's not a lesson that's ever taught, at least to my knowledge -- that "fighting on the playground" makes friends, and it's because you show that you will be able to assist them. That's so weird to me, but, it's what I experienced! (I didn't innerstand the "help them out" part until more recently.)

Violence as children is normal; and, being able to defend against it -- and, not initiate it -- should be taught by parents. And, to sometimes initiate it playfully, because play-fighting is a form of exercise, and experience, and bonding.

Call to Action

@haejin is a loving, wonderful man who is sharing his accumulated knowledge with us at no cost to himself. He has been upvoted by some whales recently, and other whales have decided to attack him, saying that it's "unfair" that he's rewarded so much for his positive efforts.

I wonder whether a hard fork might be able to remove an account, perhaps by adding a directive to delete a user. And, perhaps that directive already exists -- although I did a search, and only found discussion of deleting posts and comments.

So, I wonder if user accounts can be deleted, and if they can't, whether this could be added to stop abuse. It could even include modifying the deleted account's home page, adding fields to retrieve the value from it somehow -- don't want to steal from anybody.

I know exchanges have difficulty with STEEM (or at least, Poloniex does) so sending it might not work well, but it could integrate with e.g. blocktrades.us or Changelly or ShapeShift (or all three!), so they could extract it in Bitcoin or any other supported coin.

Would a petition for this make sense? And who would it be to -- @dan and @ned make good sense; is there a "Steemit Board of Directors" or something? @steemcleaners? Others? If you think this is a good idea, or a terrible idea, or is ripe for abuse itself, etc. -- let me know. I'll take this ball and run with it if it makes sense.


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what is the problem with the others who are attacking the friend @haejin he is doing great work on posting . he is not spamming i think

Some angry whale thinks that our decision to upvote isn't correct.

So he's trying to "correct the record", because he's broken-in-the-head.

most of people's rewards come from whales, he is just correcting the work of a small group of people. You don't have any real affect lmao

You don't have any real affect lmao


Yes, Really.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 12.08.04 PM.png

Well we are in favor on out friend success i donot like flaging him also :)

@libertyteeth maybe that brother who upvote was not active and he has good power thats why they might got angry hahaha

When I discovered Steemit.com I though that this technology is great to make sure that some anti-democratic regime cannot shut critical voices up. It is sad that such a discussion can actually come up on this plattform - and it will be interesting to see where this goes.

"anti-democratic regime "
capitalism and democracy are incompatible

Just as incompatible as socialism and free will then ?

wrong, to quote the first self-proclaimed anarchist "property is theft".

the ussr was more democratic than the usa

Actually that is the most easiest here because of stack. If you have higher stack, you can shut people up. Clear and simple.

Do you think the devil will be lazy to go to church? lol

I guess not. But let's hope that these fights are just infancy problems, which turn out to be alright once the platform has grown up...

First the devil tried to persecute, censor and kill Gods people. ( the Roman empire)
The blood of the martyrs made more people to follow the living God. (he have all power)

Then the devil change strategy, insted of fighting the church, he joined them...

This resulted in a fallen church, like the Roman catholic church. (they persecuted and killed Gods people during the dark medieval times)

In all situations we have the battle between good and evil.

In Haejins case we have a strong weapon, if you follow @haejin you make money in trading cryptos, then do a long term investment in steem(witch benefits this community). Use your steem to powerup your account.

Voila! We have powerfull votes that we can upvote @haejin

I believe you deserve nothing more than a downvote if you think the trending page should look like this:

I don't think any person "deserves a downvote" because of the way steemit's trending algorithm was designed. If you want to see more variety on the trending page, work to fix the algorithm rather than punishing the content creators.

Maybe you should try to read and understand why these posts are really useful.

The post are useful, still don't deserve to get all the reward pool for 1 person... Its a flaw on the system and should be somehow fixed... Just an opinion, i am not a hater or anything...

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same story here, raised a pacifist got bullied hated school. until eight years ago you could have emptied my house and i would prayed for you. still not fighter so I bought guns. Too old for fisty cuffs. any how only free metal at my house is lead. thanks for all you do @libertyteeth. PS @fishyculture got her cryptokitties in time for christmas!

Thank you so much. I'm really hurting today, with the attacks last night from a witness who I stopped voting for based on his attack post directed at @haejin. Was I wrong in interpreting his post the way I did? (I have been wrong before, here.) His behavior in response seems to confirm my reaction though -- he trolled through my Wallet and then posted screencaps of transactions, accusing me of "begging". What are your thoughts?

Appreciate the kind words and similar story. Give her a hug for me! Merry Christmas! :)

Politicians and movie stars are there to "satirized and have a laugh on". I thought here on steemit we were better than that to each other!! I can not imagine any reason I would post a transcript of someone elses wallet. I did look, It did not seem like begging to me. I have always found you to be a giver and contributer, not a taker or a begger. I am sorry about what you are going through. It is over my head, but you should know we have always appreciated you. Keep up the great work.

Thanks, really appreciate the kind words.

Apparently, many others felt the same as you after my post yesterday; here are the results (so far!):

Lets hope it stays that way.

Hugs delivered!

Upvoted cheers keeping leaving links in haejin and ill upvote you😃👍

I don't like bullies and could never understand how mean kids and adults can be.
But I guess studying the Word of God really has helped me a lot and I guess from my understanding, bullies are the people who are hurting the most. We don't know their life stories and really they are the ones who do need our help and our love since love conquers all.
I enjoyed your post and I want to thank you for sharing with us what is going on in this community and it really makes me sad to see people treating people like that.
I think I know which whale you are talking about and I try to stay away as far as I can because I've seen his works.

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Bernie is using his randowhale account to bring in money to power his main account. He is scamming the whole system by controlling all of these accounts. Expose him for what he is. He is the one raping the reward pool with multiple accounts. It’s time that this changes.

I was reading the first post and happened to refresh it and then it was gone! Glad to see you are standing your ground and redid the post! Thanks for fighting the fight @libertyteeth !

Thanks for noticing. Seriously, it helps my state of mind. Take care!

Bullies will pay the price for what they have sown. Even James Dobson had to rewrite /revised his earlier book years later regarding them. James used to think those tough kids would be also tough to fight failures and challenges later in their life. James observation showed the opposite. James said in his later book that they failed 100%.

Very interesting! Thanks. I've much later in life met some of those bullies, and you're right, they're pretty much failures. Karma and such, but really I feel sad for them because they were abused at home, which I didn't know anything about as a child.

Hmm I see your point and actually I don't know whats "really" going on here, but I heard he is abusing the steem pool together with a whale... If this is true, it is not so good. But however, maybe he gives a bit of his mones to a transparent and good charity project :-)

@haejin cannot "abuse the Steemit reward pool"; he's just posting his observations on possible future coin movements, based on requests from his followers. Perhaps he posts a lot. His followers request a lot of analysis.

A whale recently noticed him and started upvoting. This doesn't seem like abuse. I haven't researched that whale to see whether there was communication between that account and @haejin's account, to see if there was collusion. Perhaps there was.

This angry whale has attacked me in the past without provocation, so I automatically don't align with his side. And, I've been watching @haejin's videos and spoke to him last weekend -- he seems genuine, trying to help people.

He was rewarded for helping people, by a whale. Another whale said "this is unfair" and decided to start attacking.

Perhaps I'll share my story about this jerk. He attacked me, months ago, with no provocation.

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I tried reporting the URLs of Bernie's calls-to-arms against @haejin to steemcleaners' report page, and it gave an error that they had already been reported!

I don't think it should be an error for more than one person to mention it. After all, the more complaints they get about a post, the higher it should be prioritized.

Anyway, I also got attacked but since I'm more of a "dolphin" he had to use more of his dry powder. Now I have a list of 60 of his bots, all of which attacked at 100%, and did less than $19 worth of damage.

(I'm pretty sure you've seen this already; I wrote the above and am copying the link in case others haven't.)


To you mean BernieSanders?

Hmm ok thanks for sharing the other side of the coin!

Happy Holidays Libertyteeth!

To you as well!

thank you dear @libertyteeth because you payed our attention to a very serious problem

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Bullies need to go back to first grade.

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I am not sure what " turn the other cheek" means exactly and how its applied in life. The Bible describes God letting people fight their enemies and He gives victory to those who are on His side. When do you think its time to turn the other cheek and when it's time to defend yourself? I can't figure this one out.

I am on the autistic spectrum, although was not diagnosed as such as a child because they didn't have Asperger's back then (which got rolled into the "spectrum"). So, I don't have as much "common sense" as most people (gifted, intelligence-wise).

My wife has an abundance of common sense, so we make a good team.

Scripture describes Jesus reasserting the commandments, enforcing some and abandoning others (like sacrificing animals), and adding some as well. One that was added was "if someone strikes you, turn the other cheek" as in, if someone slaps your left cheek, present the right cheek for them to slap as well, instead of responding with violence yourself.

It's a rather self-defeating behavior. And it worked on me as such, as a child.

These days, I'm not so sure. He pounded the first version of this post into the ground. I'm about ready to give up here. I've got all the wealth I could want, even if after my rags-to-riches-to-rags experience, "it'll never be enough."

Turns out, I don't want the headaches of fame. Thought about doing interviews after a good experience with @haejin last weekend, but I'm recovering from multiple concussions and am disabled from working, and it "seems like work" to write up our conversation, and thus makes me reluctant to move it forward.

Had a run-in with this asshole angry whale before. And now with this recent attack, when I mentioned nobody's name, well, I don't care any more. Pound me into the ground, drop my rep to -25, do your worst. My 43k STEEM will still exist, and are now at a profit although for months I was underwater.

"I am on the autistic spectrum, although was not diagnosed as such as a child because they didn't have Asperger's back then (which got rolled into the "spectrum"). So, I don't have as much "common sense" as most people (gifted, intelligence-wise)."

As far as I know it only effects social intelligence. Your lack of logic is your own, don't force it on the rest of us.

Feel free to stay away from my posts.

It makes me very sad that you are feeling this way, you KNOW I have been there... I hope you can find a way to make it enjoyable again. It is an amazing outlet for creative energies, but when you are in that "creative zone" you are extra vulnerable to insensitivity. Big hugs, my friend!

Hello @libertyteeth,

I just saw what happened to your post on @haejin. It is not good at all.

damn true..

wow lovely post...

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

it seems we are middle in platform, trust and faithness, to be or not to be.

that is damn true..

Sorry to hear you were bullied as a child and glad to see you finally fought back. I had similar problems but never turned the other cheek!

For the current dilemma maybe we can get the Federal Reserve involved? Ha ha... just kidding. Anarchy does have it's drawbacks. These things usually work themselves out when cooler heads prevail. I think immutable accounts are one of the biggest benefits of the blockchain and give individuals an autonomy that is not possible in any other financial instrument. So I wouldn't support any changes to accounts. I believe a consensus will naturally form and the attacks will be neutralized. There is a balance in the system because everyone is on an equal footing (of course those with more SP can only be neutralized by others with more SP but that balance does seem to exist).

If we were to get the Federal Reserve involved, my suspicion is it would result in violence. That's not the end result I want for this asshole.

True! After all, its rhetoric and gaming with virtual currency. Nothing like federal reserve notes... wait until the feds create the federal reserve blockchain... that's when the guys with guns show up!

hello @libertyteeth , this my firs article in steemit in 4D technology ,I wrote it https://steemit.com/technology/@faresellouz/4d-printing-74c0df9b4c99d
You might like it
sorry to write the comment in this post

Neat, thanks!

Yeah it's always a crapshoot when you advertise your posts on someone else's post -- but I recognize you. :)

Thank you so much @libertyteeth :)))

Thank you LibertyTeeth. I am so tired of this whale infighting bull crap. I had once believed we had a decent community here where everyone could benefit from a social media platform through content creation and curation. I've seen this same thing happen too many times with really great content creators where nothing changed in the pattern, content, or quality of their posts but they suddenly came up on the "attack list" because a whale started upvoting their content. The fact that some schoolyard bully can rally all his buddies to intimidate and attack someone smaller, and thereby take away their lunch money, is the absolute fatal flaw in the system. Monetary value aside, the fact that content is hidden or censored is even worse.

This is also the reason why I've been told steemit is a crap platform by some of the folks presenting great content on other platforms such as tradingview, yours, or even youtube. Most likely, it'll be the reason why I sell off my steam and leave.

@ned Steemit absolutely needs to provide neutral moderators and limits. Posts inciting users to attack other users due to perceived slights should not be tolerated. Downvoting a user over the perceived value of their content, value is always in the eye of the beholder, should be replaced by encouraging users to upvote other content that provides them value. If you're truly against the rewards someone got because it's out of balance, spend your votes on a positive value to another user who you think deserves it.

sounds like youre asking for Facebook. please no moderators. thats the reason for the decentralized platform man. lol

its politics. this stuff will happen.

It is like steemit has become an episode of The Orville "majority rules" a society where you status is based on how many upvotes or downvote other people give you. Except the majority rules in this case is a bunch of bots

Full disclosure, I follow @haejin. I follow him for a very good reason, he provides original content that has proven to be quite valuable. I do not understand why he is being attacked for being successful. He earned it. As for his attackers claim that he "is raping the rewards pool, " that is ridiculous. I spent 5 years in the Harris County DA's office sending sexual predators to prison for the rest of their miserable lives for raping women at gun point. To trivialize the word "rape" by using it in this context is disgusting. When you misuse a word as powerful as rape you trivialize the word and what it represents. It is shameful and is indicative of a bombastic bully. Thank you libertyteeth for calling out a bully. I enjoy STEEM for all the interesting content from varied people from all over the world. I do not really understand chart analysis but appreciate someone providing it for free. Some people need to get a life. HODL everybody!

I'm not sure that the best way to handle this is to ban users. Banning users is inherently problematic because they can always create another account, or if they're IP banned, get a new IP or use a VPN.

I think a better way to handle issues like this would be to reduce the power of users who are using it in an abusive manner (e.g., prevent them from upvoting/flagging/downvoting anything for a week each time they abuse the privilege [or 1 week for the first infraction, 2 weeks for the second, 4 weeks for the third, etc.]).

It wouldn't eliminate the problem altogether, but it would create actual consequences for abusive behavior. It would also reduce the influence that abusive users have on steemit both for the week they can't vote and in the future by eliminating the rewards they would have earned during their timeout if they had chosen to participate in a civil manner. Ideally, this would cause them to get tired of watching from the sidelines and change their behavior accordingly.

Every technology can be used for good or bad, its up to us to decide how to use it and be at peace with our conscience.

Thanks for sharing your information i like your post its so great....

i don't like bullies and could never understand how mean kids and adults can be.
But I guess studying the Word of God really has helped me a lot and I guess from my understanding, bullies are the people who are hurting the most. We don't know their life stories and really they are the ones who do need our help and our love since love conquers all.
I enjoyed your post and I want to thank you for sharing with us what is going on in this community and it really makes me sad to see people treating people like that.
I think I know which whale you are talking about and I try to stay away as far as I can because I've seen his works.

"Known by their fruits", for sure! Merry Christmas!

Yeah, bullies aren't always pleasant. But, as far as I'm aware this is blockchain and everyone gets free speech. Bullies included. What we can do is stand up to the bullies, handle our own problems, and help each other as a community. No central authority is needed.

Agreed. It was more "thinking out loud" as to how we can resolve this. My witness post seems to have achieved a measure of success though.

Life is a test, if you turn the other cheek does not mean to immediately solve your problem, it would mean a test of strength for your faith. Would you breakdown easy or not? on the other hand, sometimes you have to give the other fist too, as some people do not get it after 1, two or three times, maybe a slap or punch of reality would actually help, hence I never take that approach but it works with others, I am just very patient to a level that snails commit suicide in my presence, thank you for the nice read :)

:) Nice, thanks. My post yesterday about witnesses has worked. I really like your progression -- I turned the other cheek, let them have their day; now, "My turn." :)

:) Nice, thanks. My post yesterday about witnesses has worked. I really like your progression -- I turned the other cheek, let them have their day; now, "My turn." :)

Deleting accounts like that? That would be really really bad idea. I follow @haejin also dont get me wrong. I also cant believe how much hate is lately going on every of his post, but:

  1. it really actually helping him out. Community is fighting really hard for him and he is getting far more attention he would otherwise so in long run he will benefit from it.
  2. Just skip the hate posts you dont have to read everything(heck you cant really if you follow many) or read them when bored for amusement-that is what i do.
  3. We have option to block user posts so if you dont wanna bother with haters at all that is perfect function.

Just enjoy good post and skip or even block those that go over the line.

Merry Christmas all :)

we will not feed anyone @haejin

I've made my steemit account few days ago to upvote haejin's posts.
If haejin didn't exist in steemit, I would not know about steemit, and would never have interest about it.

At the end of the day it comes down to the bullies themselves... these are people who are insecure and feel small in a large world.

i don't know why everyone cares what other people are doing... worry about yourself ... leave others along... simple...

I see your point and actually I don't know whats "really" going on here, but I heard he is abusing the steem pool together with a whale... If this is true, it is not so good. But however, maybe he gives a bit of his mones to a transparent and good charity project :

I haven't seen evidence of this abuse. Don't spread rumors, please provide a link to the source, or analysis, if you have one. Thanks.

I would rather make a petition to put a limit on daily rewards, 1 person getting 6% of the reward pool is not healthy for the ecosystem, no matter how good his content may be...

I thought of that too, but would also mean if a person reached his limit, maybe he will limit the content he is providing since everything extra is just freebies, which might cause a general decrease of content quality.

Dont think so, its very rare that someone will get so much reward... I dont think people will stop putting content out there...

Turn the other cheek, due to Christianity... Seems like a deed of forgiveness but i think it's over exaggerated, because back in Jesus time people were different from our time, nowadays you can't live in wolf pack when you are a lamb, acting like a lamb will make am easy meal for them but acting like a wolf when you are a lamb will turn you to power and that will be intimidating for them
That's my personal opinion @libertyteeth

Understood. I'm on the autistic spectrum (low-grade) and have this character flaw where I have a hard time lying. Like that old joke, "Does this dress make me look fat?" "No, your thighs do." -- I'm not quite that far gone, though. :)

However, I seem to have had some success against another bully who attacked @haejin:

In my opinion straight up deleting accounts should be the last possible measure. This is supposed to be a free thinking place and people do disagree. With that said, If individuals are using their power and authority for ill will or just out of jealousy then other measures should be looked at first. What about boycotting them someway? What about some kind power down of their account that is voted by everyone who would like to contribute to the community? Maybe a probationary period. Then if this does not stop the biased behavior take more power from the individual like no voting on posts for so many hours. If we start to take away freedom then it can be taken from us, remember that!

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That's not the type of thing I want to see.

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Nice work!

I think it'd be really, really neat if we all threw in like $100 worth of cryptos each, for an ad campaign for @haejin on other social media. Especially investing-focused, like ... Motley Fools (wow, haven't seen them in more than a decade and am surprised I was able to dredge the name up -- memories work better from before the first concussion, which was almost five years ago).

The best revenge is "eat my dust". :)

Which itself is an expression that I only recently came to innerstand. I've been hearing (and saying!) it for decades, but recently grokked that it comes from horseback riding, which kicks dust up.

Similar to the saying, "If you're not the lead dog, the view's the same" -- with dust eating, "If you're not the lead horse, the foul air quality is the same."

And, actually, that's not true -- seems it gets worse the further back in the pack you get. At least with the view, you generally only see the one in front of you. :)