What is a witness? Who should I vote for, to witness? Let's move some witnesses up into the top 20!!!

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This is dedicated to @haejin's three thousand new followers this past week. And to the witness I interacted with yesterday. And, upon re-reading, to Christopher Walken's performance in "the watch scene" in Pulp Fiction.

What is a Witness?

A witness is a computer owned by a Steemit account holder which "mines" STEEM. The STEEM blockchain has 20 "Primary" witnesses who create it, "mining" a block every three seconds (which they sometimes miss). There are hundreds others who are also assisting, as "Backup" witnesses. If one of the top 20 goes offline, or misses too many blocks, it can be replaced by a Backup witnesses.

The top 20 witnesses earn a significantly greater amount than the others do. Moving from #20 to #21 involves a dramatic decrease in income. Might not even pay for the server any longer.

Jerry Banfield is Love

@jerrybanfield has some great articles about witnesses; identifying them, sharing where they're coming from, etc. I learned a lot from reading his articles. He is a witness, and I encourage you to vote for him. Here's the first article of his I read here, which goes into the numbers. Basically (and, back in August when he wrote it), the top 20 earn $300/day or so on average, and #21 earns $100 and it goes down from there.

You can vote for a witness by going to this page: https://steemit.com/~witnesses. It lists the top 50 witnesses, and if the one you want to vote for isn't found there, there's a text box at the bottom (scroll way down) where you can enter a witness name.

My Votes

Currently, I'm voting for the following in the top 50:

I've also entered the following manually:

In addition, there's a text field at the bottom of the page if you'd like to allow someone else to vote for the witnesses for you, in the "Set Proxy" location. For instance, @jerrybanfield does some great work for the community, advertising on Facebook and Google to get more users over to Steemit, so I've voted for him as a witness and have considered setting him as my proxy. Haven't done that yet though.

Here Comes the Watch

Recently, a witness that I was voting for decided to make an attack post, mocking @haejin's analysis and style. I removed my witness vote and let him know, and was subsequently attacked for it -- he dug into my Wallet page, posted a screencap of it, and accused me of "begging" @haejin. I responded with what actually happened, and then he mocked my concussion symptoms and implied that I was a woman. Thus, confirming my suspicion that he is not someone I want representing me as a witness.

It was nice to see my good friend @fishyculture was defending me there, as well.

When I first removed my witness vote, I noticed that he was at position #18. Then a little bit later, he was at #19. Today, I see he's back at #18.

However, there seems to be very little difference between #18, 19, 20, and 21. It's difficult to see in the tiny image, so I'll describe it: @netuoso is #18 with 50.9q votes, @thecryptodrive is #19 with 50.8q votes, @pfunk is #20 with 50.8q votes as well, and @wackou is #21 with 50.7q votes.

I wondered yesterday, and mentioned in a few comments -- should I start a campaign to try to remove @netuoso's witness votes? This presents a challenge, though -- @haejin's three thousand new followers in the last week likely haven't even voted for a single witness (and probably don't know to). So they haven't already voted for him as a witness, and thus, cannot remove their votes.

But then from looking at the above table (which you can find here), I realized that if we just move a couple witnesses up into the top 20, @netuoso would drop down.

Also, I don't know what "50.9q votes" means -- is it "quadrillion"? I know that there are much larger numbers in the inner workings of STEEM and Steemit but I haven't dug into there. Looking...

Okay, found it! Did so by poking around in one of the tools I just posted about for @haejin's new users! It was in https://steemd.com/@netuoso -- scroll down, watching the left sidebar, and you'll get to a section "Witness". Under this it has an entry for "votes" which is currently "50,918,452,610,881,948" -- which is 50.9 quadrillion.

Now, I need to research how many "votes" a witness gets when someone votes. It probably has to do with STEEM Power... Yes, I think I see it -- looking at my user page, at https://steemd.com/@libertyteeth, I see at the top right that I have "90M vests" (that should keep me warm! :) ). And, I have about 44k SP. So every SP represents around 2,000 vests.

Now I'll do a test. I'll load @jerrybanfield's page at SteemD, grab the "votes", remove my witness vote, refresh his page and grab the "votes" again, and then vote for him as a witness again (and verify the increase as well).


So, the difference appears to be about 90 trillion. That's from my 90 million "vests", which are from my 44k SP. So, for approximately every 500 SP someone has, it would increase or decrease the witness "votes" number by about a trillion, or one thousandth of a quadrillion.

Okay, now how far do we need to move the others? Let's get some exact numbers. Also, after getting the numbers I'll vote for #19, #20, and #21 and record that figure as well:

PositionWitnessVotesExact VotesAfter My Witness Vote

Okay, now we can do some simple math.

To move #19 to be in #18, we need 50,930,003,643,375,985 - 50,925,944,889,623,073 = 4,058,753,752,912 more votes, or about 2k SP.

Then, to move #20 to be in #19, we need 50,930,003,643,375,985 - 50,848,238,897,856,603 = 81,764,745,519,382 more votes, or about 40k SP.

Finally, to move #21 to be in #20, we need 50,930,003,643,375,985 - 50,755,747,947,447,008 = 174,255,695,928,977 more votes, or about 87k SP.


This might be more than the new three thousand followers can do. However, that one whale who was upvoting @haejin and started the controversy over "reward pool rape" (an undefined, non-technical weasel-word term) might be able to do it single-handedly. That was @ranchorelaxo.

I mean, look at what I managed to do, with my vote changes in the above table -- I almost got #19 up to #18 by myself. Oh, and I'll have my wife @countrylover vote as well, even though she doesn't have quite enough (she's got 2.5M vests (or 1,258 SP), so would move #19 a little over half the remaining distance).

Thanks for your support while I've been attacked. Now? "My turn." :)


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Hey, good job. Just noticed this post.

Was wondering why I bumped from #22 to #14 and currently #15.

Seems someone doesnt agree with your nonsense. Cute.

Also, seriously, good job getting users to vote for witnesses, even if it isn't for me. Who would have known you could actually accomplish something useful if you tried

I will look at my witness votes today, I have hardly used them as I did not have strong feelings about anyone. So sorry people can be so ugly.

The top contains 21 and not 20 top-witnesses.

@anarcho-andrei was someone who fought with me when similar drama happened concerning some writers on steemit. I didn't even talked to him after that. Be he stand by the same philosophy when it comes to flagging. Plz vote for him.

Then there is @bobinson who's not a very active member. But If you check his interactions with me you'll see that he's very experienced and intelligent and he's a programmer active on real developments.


Awesome, thanks! I've added votes for them both.

Also note that @netuoso is now at position 21. Someone here said the top 21 are "Primary", so @busy.witness needs another 0.2q votes to move up into the #21 spot.


Done and done. Power to the people!


Make sure that you remove votes against nextgencrypto. That's berniesanders..... YEP he's a witness.


Also note that nextgencrypto is bernie's witness bot. Keep people informed. netuoso isn't that bad compared to bernie.

wow,,great analysis on steemit,very good job
thanks for sharing
all the best

I had only voted for one witness and you've reminded me to vote for more.

Thank you for your detailed explanation on Steem Witness.I'm sorry you have been attacked and I really hope that is going to be solved for you on the best way possible.Jerry Banfield does promote Steem quite a lot and he does deserve the success and even more = )

thanks for explaning about witness, how it works and its impact, brilliant.

We need @haejin to resteem this post!


Exactly , @haejin got 3-4k new followers this month including me who knows nothing about witness .

it is really helping me in wittnes issue bcz i dont understand this witnes meaning in steemit some time i see it and mostly i ignored it but now i will try to understand it deeply

Thank you for the witness mention @libertyteeth. I highly appreciate and I valued your witness vote.

I read your posts and sadden to what's happening to you and other members. We may not satisfy all members here but I'm glad you maintain good character when you replied to them.

Tomorrow, it's Christmas a very special day. I hope everyone will take a pause, spend quality time with your family and beloved one.

Let's have Love, Peace and Prosperity. I think it's possible to achieve.

Cheers to you,

Resteemed great post

thanks for informations @libertyteeth

wow thats a great post..@resteem

Trying to help to keep this visible.

yes i also see the jerrybanfield posts and now i try for witness in last days they met exyle jerrybanfield and some others and now they will launch a app soon

@libertyteeth please tell @teamsteem, that am voting him has witness, if you know him. I like what he is doing here.


Hmm. I don't recall, but I guess I've had interactions with him before, as I see that I'm both following and voting for him as a witness (and, he's currently #31, so I didn't just add him yesterday to un-reward the abusive witness).

That said, he might have the "Steemit More Info" plugin installed (or other scanning tools -- I'd imagine witnesses can have really powerful filters of the blockchain since they've got it all locally and generally on SSDs for speed), so your mention of him would show up there.




If you haven't done it yet. Please resteem this post, we need to help @libertyteeth gain more support for this effort.




So non-chalant, walking away before it goes boom. :)

nice view and it is my favourite...

Very interesting! Haven’t use my witness vote yet. Will look into it.


Note that you have 30 witness votes, you can spread them around to those who are supportive of this community and not abusive.


will do

Thanks for sharing about the witness important here :)

Merry Christmas

Gift from me ☺


Thanks for your support! Merry Christmas!!!

My witness vote is @steempty. Let's get him to top 20 as well!


Oh! I forgot to mention in the post, you can vote for up to 30 witnesses, not just one! So please add votes for those who are just below @netuoso on this list: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

I just added @steempty as well, he's at #43 right now. Thanks for your help!


I'll do it right now! I might just follow your lead.

You got some solid Witness votes set up and I'm glad to see that many steemians really put a lot of time into this topic. I personally trust @reggaemuffin after all the good things he's bringing to our community. Therefore I set him as a proxy a while back!

Thanks for letting us know what witness is , your hard work is really appreciated . We should ask @haejin to Resteem it .


Thanks, would be appreciated.


Thanks, would be appreciated.

i have some vote for my only one witness that is dragorouaf...also a nice trailer from this movie and hope i will watch full movie soon


Yes I'm voting for that witness as well -- just in case others are interested, the spelling is @dragosroua

Actually, was only following him! I just added the witness vote -- thanks!

I really loved the first Iron Man movie -- overcoming adversity with his mind. That scene was the beginning of his transformation from an arms dealer to a vigilante for justice.

  ·  last year (edited)

Great information of cryptocurrency .Thanks for share sir
"Merry Christmas"

Do you realize that just moving out 1 witness of the top 20 might bring you personal satisfaction, but to research what the hell the other 100 active witnesses and help the ones that are doing something useful even if you don't put them in the top 20 would be much more beneficial to the platform and to the users in the long run ?

Just saying...

Witness votes position witnesses according to the stake the voter possesses.

So the more SP you have the more valuable your vote is.
The same applies to move someone up or down (you just need voters with lots of SP) BTW to actually choose a top 20 without internal whales votes you need a loooot of steem.

Anyway hope the flag wars and all that crap is over now, and everyone can go back to what enjoys doing.

BTW netuoso is not my friend, but i don't think he is a bad guy. What is sure, is that there are witnesses in there that are a real harm to the long term development of the platform.

The only witness i ever vote and will keep voting for is #steemgigs .... not that other witness are not doing a good job but i have my personal reasons....this is a very detailed and good post tho....welldone @libertyteeth

Very interesting, thanks! Keep up the good fight, everyone! :


Note everyone, this account copies other comments and posts them to the same post. I've asked it repeatedly to stop doing this. Hence my downvote.