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When I first joined Steemit, one of my first and most treasured friends I met had a link to on his profile. I had no idea what it was, but today I finally looked. And wow!

If you own STEEM or SBD, you should be fired up that developers across the globe who believe in Steem put their time and resources towards innovating on the Steem blockchain.

It’s not competition, it's innovation. Just like eSteem mobile app helps with the adoption of the Steem blockchain, does the same. It uses the Steem blockchain and from what I see, they are collaborating with Steemit. Simply use your same Account Name and you're in. So, not only can you Steemit from, but there are a couple cool features they added, one being private messaging.

I actually created this post from inside of!

For a quick tour

Here are two links that I found very helpful...

​This link covers the big picture of why is busy building.

​This link by @timcliff (one of our awesome witnesses) gets into some technical jargon about setting up Steemit accounts through Busy's Steemconnect.


My quick tour video referenced...

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Much love!


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Great information. The instant messaging feature is very useful. Thank you for posting this!

Thank u for your feedback! It's very uplifting. I thought the messaging was a cool feature too. 😎

Hey it looks clean and easy to use. I think I will sign up to that. Thanks

Absolutely, you can use the same Account Name. :)

A lot to learn!

Thanks you so much @live2love for the resteem!

Hi there @live2love! So good to see you again! Yes, it's just an alternative platform, kind of like eSteem is an alternative mobile app platform. But same blockchain! Lots of innovation.

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@karencarrens, great tutorial. I will be sure to check out now.

Thanks for highlighting Hey SteemDads and SteemMoms, I want to give you a chance to brag about your better half! in your video.

Anytime! Glad you liked it. Just another cool tool to spread Steem across the globe!

I think busy looks amazing and the interface is great but I had trouble making a post there the other day. It refused to upload one of my photos and then when I hit update it just gave me three dots for about 20 minutes and never posted. I may try again with another browser and see if it works better. I would love to use it full time!

That's interesting. I didn't have trouble posting, but I did go back to out of habit and edited my post from there. That was kinda cool. What I really liked about Busy was the way they separated my posts from my resteems since I resteem often. My posts I know get buried to where sometimes I have trouble finding them to make edits, but I don't want to stop resteeming because I love sharing things that help or inspire me. So, I may end up on Busy.

It could have been something on my end, maybe I should have reduced the image sizes? I really love that they have a pm system and a vote slider. If I could find a platform that allowed me to have have the look of busy, the stats from steem now and the notifications from esteem all in one I'd be so happy. As it is right now they all seem to be just a little lacking.

Well, it's coming. Fortunately, there are developers who believe in this blockchain to contribute innovation. :) is still in beta test and many issues will be fixed in the next version (new design incoming as well with tons of new features) by the end of the year
sorry for the inconvenience

excellent, I'm loving how it looks so far, the reply function seems a bit odd as well or i am misunderstanding but if someone writes a long comment i cant see it all and if i click on it it doesn't go to the comment? Is there a way to do this that I haven't figured out?

I signed up for this and all it does is show me the same sign-up page over and over. Luckily I don't have squat for sbd or anything to be stolen because so far I'm kind of feeling scammed.

Hmmm. That's strange. I wonder why it kept bringing you back to a sign up page. It's the exact same blockchain so you shouldn't create a new account. Just use the one you have. It sounds like the interface works so that's good! I mostly use but am finding myself on when I need to do specific things I can't do on Steemit. Anyways, I see you're new to Steemit. Welcome!

Thanks for the welcome. I'm sure it's just a glitch. i just get concerned using my pw on a different sight

Hey, no problem. I'm sure you already know about it, but have you tried eSteem mobile app? OMG. I can't imagine living with out it. Same thing though, it's a different set of developers innovating on the same Steem blockchain.

Appreciate the video! does look like it has a lot going for it. Think I'm going to create my account this weekend. Some great innovations!

Absolutely! Thank you for the feedback. )))))) Just found out that ))))) means a virtual hug. lol. It really is lots of fun to see what else may be on the horizon!

excellent work ;)

Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement! This is so fun!