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I am seriously overcoming the addiction stage of Steemit, in the best way possible. I am realizing not only the financial potential of Steemit, but also the long term potential “Freedom” factor.

What do I mean by that?
Well, quite simply it offers to us users of “Social networks” the ability to be free with what we have to say and likewise offers the ability to be free from the fiat currencies that we are exclusively dependent on. It really is as simple as that!

Recently in a comment I mentioned how I sincerely believe in the potential of Minnows becoming Dolphins and then one day becoming Whales.
Might sound a little romantic to some, might sound like a “blah blah” story to others, but my logic is simple:
Among the many Minnows out there today there are many people who shall gradually become Dolphins and many who shall become Whales. Looking at it from a perspective that we are still at a very early stage of this entire project it could be safe to say that most of us here shall work our way up the ranks of this society much earlier than those who are waiting to see what happens with Steemit. We are not gamblers, WE BELIEVE. Those among us who truly BELIEVE shall make it here. That is as simple as it gets!

So by using techniques learned elsewhere and applying those techniques here I can become a part of a society in which there are many of us who have worked our way up to becoming Whales. By investing into the entire process of being a part of a group of people among which there shall be many Whales and many more Dolphins who are well on their way to becoming Whales I am in fact investing into the future of Steemit. I am ensuring that I have a community of people in which we have stuck it out through all the stages and processes and worked our way up to the top.

No Rocky Balboas out there, that was a movie, one in a million gets to become a Whale because he or she is a favourite of somebody, that just doesn’t happen for the majority of us.

So when ever I am looking over a fellow Steemians page I am actually looking at myself, I am looking at a person that shall one day be part of a team of people who made their dreams of “Freedom” come to life.

So when I spend weeks trying to make a potential project here on Steemit come to life and be something that everyone can use and not just me, I am doing this not just for me but for all of us who are here for the long run.

I see a future for my family here and they are people that keep me going, my fellow Steemians are the people that ensure me every hour of the day that I am on the right track and that we are all here to make Steemit.com happen!

Steem on people!

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Good thoughts there, even though this site is still in beta its kind of addictive :D who wouldnt love to get rewarded for their good contents, sure its gonna be long tem.

Mate, this is an opportunity that I / we shall not be missing!

We won't be talking about it one day as "something we should have done"

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I like Steemit!

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Almost got my first CENTURY..... 100 Upvotes on a post....


But it's not over yet.... still have 4 days to go!

It'd be interesting to see attach and churn rates of users across the categories. It'd also be cool to see the math on average minnow earnings over time. Most whales and dolphins invested their way there by buying steem. What would the long hard road look like for a poor minnow?

I'm a newbie as far as Cryptocurrencies go, but an old codger as far as life goes. Have too many grey hairs to prove it!

I see the potential and I am beginning to see many things from a totally different angle when it comes to "The freedom factor" as I called it in my post.

As far as investing, that is good, just helps me know that I am not a "sucker" out there, there are people who actually believe just like we do, so much so that they have invested into their future here using what they have earned in the past.

That is great.

Oh well your'e making your job, go on we will support you, just keep on steeming, let's explore the world of steemit.

We will support each other, no letter "I" in Team!

This is something that makes this project unique!


awesome post man! :) STEEMIT is most definitely a long term project that will be worth much much more than it is today! :P

Have a read of this post, if you haven't already, it got me reflecting!


Wow you are right!!that post made motivated to do even more for steem and the community!!thank you for the share :)

I share your sentiments, steemit is still in its very early days and I so no reason why intime it cannot grow to the size of some of the major social media players!

Things need to be ironed out a bit, the registration needs to be faster, the bandwidth issues need to be addressed ...But long term this site is going places and we are in it at the early stages:)

This is looking GOOD... just need to BELIEVE in ourselves and the people around us!

My wife and son have been waiting for their password for 2 weeks now. Oh well.

That sucks!

But OK... I guess it is part of the earlybird process... but it is worth the wait and frustration!

Nice piece buddy totally agree. As long as we minnows keep at it. We'll get there. 👍

I agree... upvoted and followed. I'm here for the long haul.

Man, I have been and and done that in life where most people wouldn't ever want to imagine. Steemit to me in some way has given me a light at the end of a tunnel. A chance to start over with the way I view a lot of things in life. Why? well, money isn't everything in life, especially when one sees what all is done out there for the money!

Here as individuals we are forming a team, as newbies now we are forming a bond that in future shall mean a lot more to us than any words I type here could ever describe.

I have many Brothers out there with whom I chewed the same dirt, I see a new brotherhood here that is only positive and can only bring out the best in all of us who are sincere.

Well, quite simply it offers to us users of “Social networks” the ability to be free with what we have to say and likewise offers the ability to be free from the fiat currencies that we are exclusively dependent on.

I enjoyed reading your article, especially the quote above but just make sure not to put Steem above all other cryptocurrencies. Steem is only a part of the tools which will help us being free from the tools of enslavement put forth by the mafias some call governments.

Thanks for the advice, words of wisdom based on experience, that to me is info that is as good as gold.

I am new to the cryptocurrency scene and I appreciate it when someone tells me up front what is right and what is wrong.

In all honesty Steemit is my first ever real encounter with Crypto, so I shall do my best to make the most of it, then afterwards I can put your advice into action.

Look forward to reading your articles/posts in future, and will be forwarding links to them to all my mates who have got onboard here after talking about it.


I also feel the same. I just entered in this world, around 3 weeks ago. And from some youtube channel heard about steem. I think from one of BTCKYLE video's.
I said, i heard about bitcoin once in 2011 and second in 2013 but it was not my world... and didn't try because i never went on that direction, of markets, investing etc...
Now, obviously the pecuniar y matter counts, but as i said in other posts, i'm not using social media (except for my photography business) because the useless waste of time.
I went through mirc, hi5 and yahoo messenger at their time :-) it was so much fun. But now, facebook is just wasting time for the one who don't realize that... whateva'.

Here, i see something new, fresh and clean for moment. Hoping will stay like that. I said, hey... i will give it a try, and here i am still trying to find the right way to write something from so many thoughts i have and experience that i share weekly in computer, graphic design and photography to people that want to hear.

Lets hope that vibe will last and will go on.

Very good post I like the way you think and its very positive! I feel the same way kudos!🕊

Excellent, Steemit brings out the best in people, pure positive energy, that is something that I have noticed time and time again!

The crypto world is changing everything including our daily routine and our traditional definition of work. It is a new beginning and a whole new way of looking at "making an honest living". I'm in finance and have been for many years and have chosen to work from home. My dad just could not understand how someone can stay home and be considered employed? What if he could see me now?

I wrote a reply, guess it didn't go through the first time, so here I am again. If the first reply shows up... at least you know why I am doubling up a response.

I am learning to look at things differently thanks to Steemit. My Son want to be a Tradie, yet he sees my passionate approach to Steemit and knows that I have been contacting just about everyone I know to get them on board. So he too may one day learn to see things from a different angle thanks to Steemit.

PS. My dad, may he RIP was born in 1930, so he too wouldn't have been able to understand many things of todays day and age. Just as many people born in the past two decades probably couldn't imagine the way life was back once upon a time. As long as we stick to the values and morals that are and always will be true virtues of good hard working honest people, we shall all be good people and proactive people making life on this earth better for one and all, no matter where it is.

It's a nice vision and I'm sure it is true for a few minnows out here today. I do feel very strongly that, no matter if you join now or a year from now, it is very much about who you know. I've seen many new members surpass me very quickly, simply because they had some whale backers. This will be the case for most success stories, but I really hope some lucky ones will make it all on their own merrits, without the help of a powerful friend :-)

I believe that if we all do our bit that we all have a real chance of working our way up the ranks. Those few that have a big brother out there now are not the norm.

When we get to a million users here the big brother factor shall fade away.

Again I am looking at it on a long term aspect of things.

We can definitely all still climb up.

Sure thing dude...future dolphines n whales, never b discouraged or intimidated

Semper Fi, as many of my brothers lived by.

It is indeed a journey from a minnow to a dolphin and then a whale. Those who are here for the long term are the future whales and will reap the benefit in the times to come. A classic example of "you reap what you sow".

Very well thought out article!. Upvoted and following for more.

You said it!

Big thumbs up!

It's important to understand that minnow/dolphin/whalehood encompasses our whole lives, not just steemit.

If you're a whale in life, it's easy to become a whale on steemit - you just buy a million Steem.

Advancing up the economic ladder on Steem requires a smart financial process in ones life, IMO.

Life is one SOB when it comes to lessons learned and no job is easy, every job requires us to put in 110% if we want to make it.

So I fully agree with that point you've made.

As far as being a Whale in life goes... the more they invest here, the better it shall be for all of us who BELIEVE (as per my post).

I am a newbie to steemit, and loving this community! I am also here for the long haul..and now want my son to join..So much great info here :)

Life gives as only so many chances, this is one of those chances that I do not want to miss out on!


We'll be the people who actually one day shall be telling stories of how we tool on a challenge and made something of it and i'm not only talking about the money side of things. Steemit to me is something that could revolutionize the entire way social networking works and that shall revolutionize the entire way future generations learn to share the wealth!

Change is good if we utilize them for good!

Too right Jack... I tried sharing steemit this morning on a Families Travelling FB page and got shot down in flame for ' marketing a business' on the site I have been actively involved in for 3 yrs! Go figure.. Steem it is for me now :)

Awesome post! You literally took he words right out of my mouth. I feel exactly the same way about Steemit. We the current minnows are actually getting into steemit early in terms of where steemit will be a few years from now. We will all be considered the founders of this wonderful community!

Does anyone know where to look to see the actual user stats? Im talking total number of steemit accounts and total number of active accounts?

From the latest posts that I have read the number is now around the 260,000 mark.

So that is only 1/4 of the way to our first million which in reality is still just the beginning if we compare it to those sites that offer nothing in comparison to Steemit.

We all would like to believe so... i think we are still in the baby steps area of steemit...so hopefully, with time and persitence, we will all be successful with this... keep calm and steem on

Yep, and we are the people who shall make it happen!

I believe that minnows are the future
Upvote them well and let them Steem the way
Show them all the beauty their posts possess inside

Nicely said.

Wow. That was by FAR, the best inspirational and honest Steem post I've read so far. Down to earth and to the point. I admire the time you are putting into this. I really hope that all of us who believe the way you do can build this big and take it to a level and momentum only achieved by so few social media projects!! Keep up the great work. Thanks - Sam

Great story...
I'm a newbie too, need all the upvotes I can take

Working at home while drinking a cup of coffe that is my dream.. I wanna be like you... Can you help me please..

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It would be amazing to gain some freedom from Steem or be able to at least relax a bit :3