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It is not easy to keep track of all new initiatives on steemit yet alone those coming from the outside. But today I read about something that could really set this blockchain on the map and increase the number of users.


It is called SHARE2STEEM which will (and already can) convince Instagram, Twitter and in a matter of days also Tubers to (first) cross-share their post on steemit and (secondly) influence a lot of these people to post only on steemit further on.

Who are behind this?

@algo.coder and and @sebbbl are behind this and the website for more info is :
or use @share2steem

Wanna read more : click on the post here

Pictures taken from the above post.

I was a small tuber myself with some 400 followers and this feature I think combines the best of both namely : keep the folowers you have already on Instagram etc and simultaneously be able to make a few bucks.

Let's see how this evolves and developers….Thanks!



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