What Posts Would You Like Me to Write for You?

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As I am desperately looking for an idea to write my daily post on Steemit this Sunday, I take the opportunity to ask you my dear readers what kinds of posts you would like me to write for you.

What Posts Would You Like Me to Write for You?

If you have been reading my blog on Steemit, you know that I am writing about a wide range of topics.

I like to write Travel posts showing hotels and restaurants I am going to.

I like to write Fitness posts showing my efforts in weight loss.

I like to write Healthy Food posts showing my smoothies and juices.

I also like to write about cryptocurrencies and Steemit.

I am planning to do altcoin reviews showing what coins can be nice to invest in because of their technology, team and potential to gain in value in the future.

Would this be of interest to you?

I am also planning to continue short tutorials to explain in simple language about Steem and review simple tools and apps for Steem.

Any particular thing about Steem you would like me to explain in a post? 

I also want to continue doing technical analysis for trading crypto, I know there are many other popular authors that write about this, but I can give maybe a new angle to it as I am learning trading crypto every day.

Any interest?

I can also write about Internet marketing, Facebook marketing, Facebook ads and Internet marketing tools.

Just name a topic and I can share my experience with you.

Finally, I can write about self-development and motivation, productivity, setting goals and habits, these kinds of things, if you would like me to.

I have several ideas of posts and tutorials in store that I will write soon, but learning about what would be useful for you would give me more ideas about exactly what you need to read.

I hope that you enjoyed this short post and I am awaiting your feedback in the comments.

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Michel Gerard



Hi Michel,

I'd be interested in a post about systemic problems in Steemit that need to be addressed. I've already started with my views on the topic in the post below, but would be very interested to get your views:


Good idea, thank you @newsandviews for the suggestion. I read your post an commented as well.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and the comments on my blog.

Michel thank you for asking for feedback on what to write and continuing to contribute here each day! I enjoy your fitness posts because seeing your face, exercise stats, and how you workout keeps me motivated and brings a smile to my face! The crypto tips are helpful and always up to date. Your UFO post I enjoyed because after watching so many episodes of Ancient Aliens and UFO hunters I have a huge passion for UFOs as well. I would enjoy some more personal stories from your life such as challenges struggled with, how you ended up living where you are, where you met your wife, etc. because these are powerful for connecting online! I intend to meet you in person someday and would love to know more before then!

Thank you very much @jerrybanfield for all the suggestions. I will certainly continue these fitness posts and juice/smoothie recipes I am trying and that work very well. I will try also to find some personal stories to tell, they might be ordinary to me, but I realize that they could be extraordinary for others. I hope to meet you as well, but I do not see myself going to the USA... I will be glad to see you here in Thailand for your next vacation, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Thank you very much, I will look for it.

Am still waiting for my poet to be read

It will be read, we have 100+ to read.

I think I like to read about internet marketing and cryptocurrencies.
Mr Michael can you please specifically write a post on curation rewards and i am still confused about the whole thing

I think I would definitely enjoy an altcoin review. Someone told me about Sola which is very similar to steemit only built on the ethereum blockchain. You could share your opinion on that.

Thank you @deniskj for the suggestion. I will have a look at Sola, which I don't know about.

you are a reliable writer, although you are confused what to write, but what you type directly into an interesting article to read, honestly I myself always confused to write anything here, because I just joined in steemit,I will follow you, and will wait for your next posting.
Greetings from me @gmichelbkk

Thank you for your kind words @syaisyah, I'm glad my articles are useful for you. I appreciate the follow.

Review of simple tools and apps for steem can be a good idea.

Thank you for your suggestion @lovecreativity. I will continue to write this kind of posts.

I wanna know what is the best time to use voting bots? After 3 days of posting article or just after posting article? I want to save curation reward which goes to bots. I will be thankful to you if you can help me regarding this.

My short answer for you @lovecreativity is to use bots just after the post is published. It's what I do because I want the post to be seen early on and have a chance to go trending. The motivation for me is to get more exposure, more comments, more followers, and then some extra SP left.

hello, thank you for your question. i think it would be helpful to me or some of the readers on "how to deal with group crisis" here on Steemit. I am so interested in it since i am facing this kind of situation..a group with conflict between leaders and i have no idea how can i leave my first group(who introduced to me on steemit) which will not offend the first...this is loyalty matter, being fair and unfair to the other

Thank you for your comment @jerelyn and I will think about "how to deal with group crisis." It's very difficult and I do not have a solution that seems right now except that I would suggest to do what your heart feels is right!

Thank you for the reply, at least it's an upvote or an approval to what i think is right thing to do, just can't find the right words to say it right now..

You are very inspirational, I am proud to have a teacher like you, and I am new and not yet fully understand this steemit .. I have also followed you, hopefully no posts you miss. On the other hand, I have also made @jerrybanfiled a witness

Thank you very much @nauval for your good words, following me, and voting for @jerrybanfield as a Witness.

I'm glad you appreciate that @gmichelbkk, and I also just read the supernatural contest from @ jerrybanfiel. Looks like this is very unusual, and I am preparing my article about it ..

I am looking forward reading your story in the contest.

Great work, i love to read your more post,, waiting for your next post. Thank you to be here on steemit.

@angeladevine thank you for your nice comment, I'm glad you like my posts.

Hi Michael, I'm new on your blog. I've gone through some posts and I admire your work.

I appreciate your kind words @jeremyjeremiah, thank you.

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