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RE: What Posts Would You Like Me to Write for You?

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Michel thank you for asking for feedback on what to write and continuing to contribute here each day! I enjoy your fitness posts because seeing your face, exercise stats, and how you workout keeps me motivated and brings a smile to my face! The crypto tips are helpful and always up to date. Your UFO post I enjoyed because after watching so many episodes of Ancient Aliens and UFO hunters I have a huge passion for UFOs as well. I would enjoy some more personal stories from your life such as challenges struggled with, how you ended up living where you are, where you met your wife, etc. because these are powerful for connecting online! I intend to meet you in person someday and would love to know more before then!


Thank you very much @jerrybanfield for all the suggestions. I will certainly continue these fitness posts and juice/smoothie recipes I am trying and that work very well. I will try also to find some personal stories to tell, they might be ordinary to me, but I realize that they could be extraordinary for others. I hope to meet you as well, but I do not see myself going to the USA... I will be glad to see you here in Thailand for your next vacation, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Thank you very much, I will look for it.

Am still waiting for my poet to be read

It will be read, we have 100+ to read.

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