How to Monitor your Steem Power, Voting Power, Rewards and Upvotes.

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Today I'd like to show you a tool that I have been using to see if my Steem Power is healthy, the rewards I get on my posts and comments, and also the upvotes with their vote weight.

I have to credit @fitinfun for showing me by @penguinpablo because this is very useful.

How to Monitor your Steem Power, Voting Power, Rewards and Upvotes.

I have been using too much of my voting power lately because I am a generous person and I like to upvote people who comment on my posts, in addition of having authors I want to support in my auto-voter.

I have also delegated 2K plus of Steem Power, which left me with only 100 SP to use for myself. I will recover gradually more SP for myself and also continue to delegate more. 

The other day @fitinfun told me that my voting power was too low and she was right. Now my 100% vote is only worth $0.01 because my voting power is at 54%. 

If my voting power was at 100%, then my 100% vote would be worth $0.03 and that's a big difference. According to what says, my voting power will be full in 56 hours.

I really have been struggling just doing that. I already reduced my percent for upvotes and unless I just do not upvote any post and comments for 2 days, I don't know how it's going to get to 100%. Maybe the new year holiday will help do that!

Right now I have been upvoting posts at less than 34% and this means authors get a $0.00 upvote from me, which is not great.

I'm very sorry for that, but I'm working on both my Steem Power and voting power, using this tool to monitor my progress, so I can reward you better.

If you click on the little calculator icon, this shows a window where you can see what the value of your upvote would be with 100% voting power and 100% vote weight. For me it would be $0.03 as mentioned earlier.

You can change the percent values to see how this all works together.

The next section shows the upvotes on your posts and your comments with their vote weight.

You can scroll down and see what vote weight people are using. This might be useful if you want to return the favor to an author who is voting for you and you want to give back approximately the same amount.

There are very interesting values like 1.01% or 0.5%, and we, of course, prefer to see 100% upvotes, but keep in mind that a 1% upvote can be worth a lot more than a 100% upvote. I am very grateful for all upvotes, big or small.

You can also check the voting power and Steem Power your upvoters have when you click on the username.

That's definitely very useful.

In the next section of you can see your latest curation rewards.

Then you can see your latest author rewards for each post.

The last section can show your latest posts and the pending rewards for each of them.

If you select the option "Blog," you will be able to see a deeper history for your posts.

You can select the option "My Comments" to see what you earned for your comments. 

Finally, if you are curious, you can select "My feed" and see how others are doing.

I hope you have found this post useful and that you will give a try.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to write more posts like this one?

Michel Gerard


Great tool ! Hope you enjoyed Binance by the way =)

Thank you @jlcrypto. Still have to register to Binance.

Ok :)

Wow, awesome post and information! I am new here and trying to learn all I can. I know I am upvoting too much, but I still gave you one even though it is not worth much.

Thank you very much, I'm glad that you find the post useful. Upvotes, big or small, are always appreciated.

Thank you @gmichelbkk a very nice and instructive post!

I am glad that you like it @bitboys.

Thanks for sharing informative post. :) @gmichelbkk

I am glad you like the post @nasir769.

This is indeed a useful tool. It shows a lot in-depth information.
Thank you @gmichelbkk for sharing this awesome tool.

I am glad that the post is useful for you.

I hear you bro. Very difficult to sustain that 100% voting power. Especially when I am on steemit reading hundreds of posts a day. You are crushing it on the earned upvotes on this post. Congrats.

Thank you very much for your nice comment.

thanks for posting. it very informative and helpful.

I am glad it is useful for you.

very nice info. @gmichelbkk keep sharing:) finally i came to know how to check this stuff. Thank you

Thank you very much @kamchore. I am glad you like the post.

Great tool ! amazing post and information!!!! Keep sharing ..!! keep it up

Thank you very much @taksheel.

Thanks very much for this info! I'm new here and I too have been voting too much. Sounds like it may take a few days to power up again.
Is it wise to still post my content or should I wait until my power is back at 100%?

Thank you for your comment @jessicaoutside and I am glad the post is useful for you. You can continue posting and commenting, you just have to monitor your vote closely so power is regained.

Ok awesome. Thanks very much for the advice. Really appreciate it

this was so helpful thank you! i like that you dont have to login to the website to see your voting power stats

I am glad that you like it @giggletits.

This post has received a 7.11 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @gmichelbkk.

Is it possible to track back the growth of steem power ?

Thanks for making this very useful article. This really helped me understand more how the voting system works. Especially i am just a beginner here trying to understand the system. More power to you and your contents. Cheers! :)

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