Delegations, Followers and Mentions with

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Would you like to see how I check my delegations, recents followers and mentions using because this tool might be as useful for you as it is for me?

Delegations, Followers and Mentions with

You may be interested to read my two previous posts about SteemWorld here: Monitor All your Steem Stats with and See How Your Steemit Posts Are Doing with

Delegations, Followers and Mentions with

This is the link to my account and you can access your own account by replacing my username by yours at the end of the URL. It is built with ♥ by @steemchiller.

If you have Steem Power delegated to you, the section "Delegations (In)" is very useful to see what accounts are delegating, especially if you are lucky enough to have several delegations.

When I wrote my two previous posts, this tab was not working and that is great it is now.

Delegations, Followers and Mentions with

I have a 90-day delegation with @blocktrades, so I can give you, my favorite authors and commenters, more valuable upvotes.

The next section is for "Delegations (Out)," which is also very useful to keep track of the different delegations you may have given to others users.

I have four users at the moment and it gives a clear view of how much is allocated to each.

Delegations, Followers and Mentions with

There is a possibility to edit your delegations directly from this section, but I prefer to use the method explained in this post: How to Delegate Steem Power Easily?

The "Followers" section is very useful to know day by day how many new followers you got and who they are. If you publish a post every day, you can see for example what day gave you the most or least followers, and maybe help you identify what kind of post gives you the most followers.

Delegations, Followers and Mentions with

You can also follow back your followers from this section.

The "Mentions" section was also in development when I wrote my two posts and as it is working now, I think it is a nice feature that you will enjoy using.

I can see, for example, where users have mentioned @gmichelbkk in a post or a comment. If people mention you in a comment under your post, then you already have seen it, but what about being mentioned in a post or a comment on somebody else's post?

Delegations, Followers and Mentions with

Now, you can see where you are mentioned, click on the link and see what is being said about you. This way you can interact with that user.

This is here a post that mentioned two of my posts and I was then able to leave a comment to say thank you for the mention. This promotes engagement and can help you get more followers.

Delegations, Followers and Mentions with

Without the "Mentions" section in I would not have known.

That's all I have to show you today about and I hope this is useful for you.

Please read my previous posts if you want to learn more about this tool: Monitor All your Steem Stats with and See How Your Steemit Posts Are Doing with

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Michel Gerard


Thanks for the info .

I am glad you like it @syedihsanshah.

such a useful tool.
i am using it since you first time start it.
thanks for the sharing the informative post.

Thank you for commenting @imran-aslam.

Thanks @gmichelbkk for introducing new tool to make our life easy on steem to keep track of followers, post and delegation 👍

I am glad the poat is useful for yoy @gpalav.

Thanks Michel for sharing a valuable information

I am glad you like it @tanveerali.

Hello friend, I think it's great information, I admit that I've been a bit intermittent in the publications for different reasons, and it has cost me to increase the followers, that you can recommend me ? @gmichelbkk

Thank you @ismaelugas for your comment and I'm glad you like my post. I think what's important is to stick to a schedule, if you can only make one post per week, do that, 3 posts a week, do that, so your followers expect a post from you.

I read a lot of your posts because I'm always a little "smarter" after reading.
Like and now.

Thank you very much @crypto-mammoth for your kind comment.

One thing I like about the steem blockchain is how it creates a platform that incorporates and allow other innovations to thrive. From all you've said so far, I'd say that is going to be a very promising tool. I would like to learn more about people delegating, and I would be extremely grateful if I can get some SP delegation, I'm in dire need of it.

Are you also on the witness list? I'm giving out a witness vote to @jerrybanfield right away.
Thank you @gmichelbkk for this amazing information

Thank you @joshuaetim for your kind comment. I'm not a witness because I do not feel it is the way I would help the best here on Steem, I prefer writing posts. Thank you for your vote to @jerrybanfield.
Concerning delegation, you can buy with Blocktrades and other services I believe.

Alright, thank you for your kind response. Do have a beautiful day

You just can't stop shining, I wish i can meet with this angel, you are absolutely cool and you have so much sense in you, more from you boss..

Thank you very much for your kind comment @emmanueltare.

sometimes i also use this tools.
i like this tool.

Thank you for letting us know you like this tool.

I will check it out, it looks very useful from your explanation, thanks nice post

Yes @princluv, this is a very useful tool and if you read my 2 previous posts about it, you will know everything.

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