How to Delegate Steem Power Easily?

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If you have extra Steem Power and not enough time to spend it all every day voting on posts and comments, you might consider delegating it to other accounts so other people can have use of it, and you can get some returns for doing so.

I have been delegating my Steem Power to two other accounts, which are @jerrybanfield and @qurator.

The first one is a voting bot that uses 50% of its budget to finance projects on Steem and gives back 50% to investors. It has worked very well for me paying in Steem and SBD daily. The second one, Qurator, is a community that curates and upvotes quality and original content on Steemit. 300 delegated SP plus a daily vote to them from me, gives me in return a $2 upvote on my posts, once a day. 

The easiest way to delegate Steem Power is to use a special link from, but making the link is the difficulty, and that's what I'm going to show you in this post.

How to Delegate Steem Power Easily?

People you want to delegate Steem Power to make it easy for you in providing a link to click that will connect to https://steemconnect.comand then you can safely complete the operation. The problem is when you want to delegate more or undelegate, you have to contact them again for a new link or figure out how to do it yourself.

The link looks like that:

You have to replace "youraccount" by your Steemit username with the "@" in it and "theiraccount" by their username. That is not difficult.

Now the last thing is to replace "N.NNNNNN" by the equivalent of your SP in vesting shares. Now, how do you know how many Vests 100 SP is?

Hopefully, there is the SteemIt SP Delegation Tool that makes it very simple. 

Just enter your username, their username and the number of SP you want to delegate and click the "Delegate via" green button.

You will be directed to SteemConnect with the proper link.

Make sure that you are on SteemConnect before clicking on the "Continue" button. Click that button and that's it, your Steem Power is delegated.

After you have delegated your Steem Power, you will want to either increase it or un-delegate.

If you have delegated 100 SP and want now to delegate 500 SP, just use the SteemIt SP Delegation Tool with "500" as the value for your new Steem Power delegation. Do not do the difference between 500 and 100, which would be only "400" as your new SP delegation.

If you want to un-delegate, it's also very easy, just use "0" SP for the link and it will be undelegated. Be aware that the undelegated SP is not available in either accounts for 7 days.

If you want to see if the delegation is out go to and replace my username by yours. Click on "Delegations (out)."

I hope that the SteemIt SP Delegation Tool will be useful for you.

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Michel Gerard


Very helpful article. I would like to delegate SP too, but I'm still starting and need to build my account first. So it will have to wait. Still delegating seems like a really good idea. Not only can you earn a decent profit your also helping the community by delegating to worthy cause. Thanks for the info. Have a nice day.

I am glad that my post is useful. The thing is to keep what you need for yourself like 200 SP and you can delegate starting at 50 or 100 SP and then increase that as you can.

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Great, thank you!

Thanks for the article. To the point and clarified a few thins for me. Also very helpful was the links to all the tools.

I am glad the article was useful for you.

this help me so much, thanks for the time

I am glad it does. Thank you for commenting.

Just a small update: @tipU can now automatically make delegations link by responding to a comment.
Example: I want to delegate 10 SP to @gmichelbkk

Hi @cardboard! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect: 10.0 SP delegation for @gmichelbkk.

Thank you for the update @cardboard.

Hello bud.

I am about to increase one of my delegations, do you know if I delegate more SP to an account, that will not reset my current delegation right?

It would simply add it?


If you delegated 200 SP for example and want to increase 50 SP, your new delegation is 250 SP. Use 250 SP for the new delegation.

I'm glad you like it.

Very nice post and this makes it so much easier for everyone!

Thank you so much for the mention here.

You can also delegate to @qustodian, it is @qurator's exclusive upvote bot that only the members can use. It pays out 90% of all SBD generated to its investors. =)

Thank you very much for reminding me of the bot because I kind of forgot about it.

Thanks! This post helped me achieve level 5 with qurator!

Cheers mate!

I am glad that the post helped you.

Post is very useful for members of steemit thank you Postingan @gmichelbkk

I am glad that you like it!

Looks like there are lots of things we can do with steem power. We can give others and at the same time we can get back rewards.

Yes, exactly, and the Steem is still in your wallet!

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Still helpful, even now. Thanks

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Great article! Nice resource to help me easily delegate to the programs I like.

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