Monitor All your Steem Stats with

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I'd like to show you today an overview of one of the amazing Steem tools that I frequently use. With this tool you can see all the stats for your account or others' account if you wish to check someone out.


The tool is and you can access your account's stat just by using your username at the end of the URL. It is built with ♥ by @steemchiller.

Monitor All your Steem Stats with

Just when you access the website, you can see very valuable information right at the top. Everything you need to know is there at the top.


In this section you can see my voting power, which is at 95.41% and has a value of $0.16. Then, there is a breakdown of the voting values depending on your voting power. If I had only 25% left of voting power, my vote would be worth only 4 cents. There you can see how important it is to have at least 90% of voting power.

At the right, you have a breakdown of your earnings day by day. Yesterday, I earned 5.85 SP and 24.67 SBD, valued at $147.56. Curation SP are so small I don't know if it's worth mentioning.

Then, the next section is for the main stats.


Notice my Steem Power, I have 567.70 SP usable for voting.

I have 2,876.66 Steem Power that I own and that I could power down into STEEM.

Then I have 547.96 SP delegated to me, and 2,856.91 SP that I have delegated to other users.

You can play with the slider to see your voting value according to voting power, $0.11 at 72% *voting power, for example.

Then you can see your rewards in SP and SBD for the last 30 days, 7 days and all time.

The next section is for the account operations.


You can see all details on comments, transfers, votes, claim rewards, author rewards, etcetera.

Then you can have all the details on your recent posts.


You can see the pending payout breakdown for my last post, which is an estimate:

$ 42.770 ( ~ 3.944 SP, 16.253 SBD | 97.29 USD )

You might be interested to read this post: Understanding Author Rewards Calculations

This section also shows the post's link, the tags and all the links you have in the post.

I find the section "Delegations (Out)" very useful as well if you have delegated Steem Power because you can see all the details.


I have delegated 2,355.487 SP to *[@jerrybanfield, for example.

Unfortunately, their "Delegations (IN)" section is not working at the moment.

Finally, if you want to see who your followers are and follow them back, you can do so in the "Followers" section.


I hope that you have found this post useful and that you will explore by yourself because there is much more to it than what I have shown you.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to write more posts about Steemit tools like this one?

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Michel Gerard


Really useful site to check ur steemit stats

I am glad that you like it @shitsignals.

Another great tool from you @gmichelbkk, Thanks a lot for that ^_^
I have a question about checking steem difficulty, how can I check steem network difficulty chart?

For example:
500 sp vote = $0.14 now, but it was = $0.16 a month ago.
So, difficulty increased.

Do you know jow can I check Difficulty chart?

Thanks in advance :)

This is all related to the current value of Steem @mino.gris. If Steem is at $7, your 100% vote value is more than when it is at $3.

Really good post, useful for daily users of steemit. Too much effort ls to such a great and informative post.
The post will really help users and improve their service with time.
Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

Thank you @muzi0202 for your kind comment. I am glad you find the post useful.

I tried it, its very useful, thanks.

I am glad that you tried it and that it is useful for you @lovecreativity.

Wow I am thrilled once more by this exceptional post by you @gmichelbkk I always look forward to new post and truly I have never for a day been disappointed. Wow I checked this steem tool out by replacing my username from the link provided and I was so happy been able to see things I cannot see on my profile, My Available bandwidth was easily accessed, my account operations for a day I saw that I mean @steamchiller is amazing, I love all the features present in the steemit tool.
There is more to explore myself on
Thank you Michel Gerard
Have a great day buddy.

I am glad that you like my posts @eunireal1 and I will do my best to not disappoint you.

Thanks so much for finding time to reply.
Stay cool @gmichelbkk

I loved this. Best tool to monitor and UNDERSTAND your profile so far.
Thank you

I am glad that you like it @cryptomma.

This would be very useful as steemdb is now having trouble on its server
Thank you for sharing this tool =)

Yes, that's right. It's good to have a few backup apps @coderzairos.

that's an alternative to googling the price of the SBD regularly

What do you mean @sylviam?

Nice tool and greatly frnd can you please write about bandwidth error and to get rid of this

Thank you @steemerxo for your comment. The error is because you have little SP. Get st least 15 SP, 50 SP better and in the mean time do not claim very small amounts, wait a bit. Vote less and claim less.

Aah got it...lets check

This is very cool. Also been done before
Thanks for sharing!

I like both sites @gre3n.

me too, i been using steemnow for a long time as well.

Such a useful tools thanks for introducing it for the Steemit user and now I'm seeing people using the same phrase used by jerrybanfield "would you please....." lol just kidding. Cheers

@dylen, thank you for your comment. Using the same phrases as Jerry, really?
You're awesome. I love you. Have a very nice day!

Thanks a lot for sharing this useful tool.

My pleasure @event-horizon, I'm glad you like it.

An all-around tool, this is amazing @gmichelbkk! I was looking for a tool like this and relied on to know about my earnings, SP and value...well, looks more complete and organize so I will check this out. Thanks for the info again @gmichelbkk!

Thank you @emdesan for your comment. Steemnow is great for a quick look and Steemworld is more complete.

You have explained many good links of steemit.I learn a lot from this post..I hope more help and please vote me.

Thank you @mabiaafrin for your comment and I am glad you find my posts useful.

Very useful post.Thanks a lot for sharing:)

I am glad that you like the post @fajarabbasi.

from 3 day i am following you i learn a lot from you, in last post i learn to calculate the author award.
this link is also helpful. thanks for sharing

Thank you very much @imran-aslam for your kind comment. I am glad that you learn from my posts.

This is a very useful tool, well done. Can I make an article about it for the Thai community? We have many new users and this tool can help them a lot to monitor their account.

Of course you can make an article about it @ricko66.

This is really a question I asked and I look for him and today I found him, this information I have not found since I began with you on the site. Thank you so much dear brother @gmichelbkk for all your wonderful contributions

I am glad that you like it @walid.larbi. Thank you for commenting.

Welcome dear @gmichelbkk,I'm honoured

Using you can see a lot of information at a glance. It is very useful tool. Thank you for sharing this!

I am glad you like it. Thank you for commenting.

Yeah awesome site i have been using it a lot.


Thank you for confirming the site is useful @rudnicki.

I have been searching for this! I have found every tool except this. Thank you, this is exactly what I have been trying to find!

thank you yes it is very useful especially for newbies like me

I am glad that you like it.

waw very nice,i like your post !

Thank you very much for the applaud.

Hope to see more from you :) I followed you!

Thank you for following and I will do my best to produce useful posts for the Steem community.

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