'Steemit Talk Podcast - Reunion Special' featuring jonny-clearwater, instructor2121, liberty-minded, tygergamer, & flowerpowerart

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Greetings Steemit,

Posted this evening, for your consideration, is a blast from the past alongside a major player in today's Steemit based community.

In July of 2016 a group of friends gathered 'on the weekly' to produce a year long running conversation that was known simply as the 'Steemit Talk Podcast'. Being Steemit's first Discord based server, as well as at a time its most popular podcast, we hosted many episodes featuring interviews with epic Steemit members including some of the largest fish in the sea at that time. Our efforts were credited with onboarding many people to this platform, and we wore the role of Steemit's "Unofficial/Official Podcast" with pride. After parting ways over the summer of 2017, we hosts laid dormant for almost a full year, only to reassemble when the right time presented itself - which just so happened to be a few months ago when our new friends came to visit.

In contrast to that history lesson, we STP hosts had THE ABSOLUTE PLEASURE of meeting the Hots or Shots crew, who if you've been living under a rock for the past several months, now represents one of the best ongoing projects you'll find weekly resting atop the trending page.

After filming the episodes featuring the STP hosts surviving the Hot or Shots experience, new friendships were solidified, and the decision was made to 'run it back' and feature a STP themed round table discussion amid some of the most magnificent minds Steemit has to offer.

This Thursday marks the beginning of the airing of the episodes that were filmed via the Hots or Shots crew while they visited Missouri, and we STP hosts felt it would be a perfect lead in to those episodes by posting our unexpected, impromptu, STP reunion show while sitting along side our new friends.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy Part 1 of this gathering featuring an old school Steemit Talk Podcast throw down, which includes the likes of no less than the righteous personalities of: @jonny-clearwater , @instructor2121 , @liberty-minded , @tygergamer , & @flowerpowerart - ALL SITTING IN THE SAME FREAK'N ROOM - hosted by the original 3 STP hosts: @sykochica , @winstonwolfe , and yours truly @giftedgaia.

Be sure to check out the new episode of Hots or Shots, filmed in Missouri, this week on @jonny-clearwater 's blog (and every Thursday for that matter), and Part 2 of this STP Supercast to be posted at a later date. I can personally say as someone who has hosted over 100 recorded podcast, I sincerely enjoyed this experience.

Part 1 features general introductions and banter - Part 2 will feature much more lively conversation as the wheels begin to turn and the alcohol takes hold.

Cheers Steemit!


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Thank you for having us over! I had never done a podcast before so this was kind of exciting for me. What a super fun night!!! I loved meeting all of you.

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Thanks very always guiding us

Thanks for having us over, it was fun to sit around and shoot the shit with you all!

How the hell did I miss this! wooo hoo!!!!!!!!

Upvoted, and this is a great post to get that curation round table goin, see all those people here are all old heads, people who been here a while and we need to get more meetups like big ones, in the USA< like theres no real big steem fest recently in the USA, there hasn't been one yet so theres gotta beone, probly has to be in geographic center of the countr like Denver I'm thinking, or actually yeah missouri is pretty central but hahha I don't think so for a national meetupo lol maybe like chicago or maybe st louis MAYBE but Denver seems better because we have the legal cannabis there and that is crucial for crafting the VERY impoortant legal cannabis steem community that we NEED to have, we need steem integration on weedmaps and that will be HUGE. I feel bad everyday that goes by that I'm not working on a steem cannabis integration software that hooks up users with apps that lets them have steem/sbd on their phones from the dispensaries to get extra points to get free cannabis delievered from the dispoensary, would be so amnazing to have in one neat lil package and I know steem can make it happen

Steem will be the melting pot for ALL the disenfranchised cannabis people from Instagram and twitter who get accounts deleted because of the association with "illegal drugs" in states where its not legal yet.

Anyway a national meetup in Denver would be driving distance from everyone in the USA (lower 48 states) and we can have the legal cannabis and maybe we should have the steem cannabis meetup in denver or just do it here in san diego we have legal cannabis too... maybe LA

yes we can have an LA Steem cannabis Meetup for north america, to experimentf ora regular non cannabis only themed steemfest for North America, which we havent had rceently so we need that to really bring together the National Steem network which is the core of the global network (*Most steem whales are American ) yes we have a big job to do organizing some meetups or finding out who is already working on these sorts of projects. I am sure everyone wants their town or city to host the National Steem fest of 2018 :D I wonder if steemit inc has any official plans for a real tseem fest in USA where the majority of steem users can actually attend?


Couldn't be bothered to even watch it or comment on the post itself.
Fuckin ackza.

Buen post , me gusto ,saludos.

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