Steemit Will Soon Become Intolerable

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By which I don’t mean because of its users, although they are the cause.

Last week I lost two followers and, to be entirely honest, I understand them and may actually have done the same thing. While there was a certain irony to one of both being a resteem spammer to their follower’s feed, the main reason I lost those followers was because in recent times I have focused mostly on contributing to the SteemApp Steemhunt.

The reasons for the latter are obvious. First, and foremost, I am a lover of cool stuff and have been curating, writing about cool stuff since some time 2003. That there is now a platform, an app, on the Steem blockchain which caters to that exact audience is nothing less than brilliant. Secondly, I’m a mod at Steemhunt so, obviously, I spend a lot of time on Steemhunt every day.

A lot of my time on the Steem blockchain goes to Steemhunt.


Not much was actually dedicated to other content in recent week. Which has an impact on how the people who follow me experience their Steem feed.

Your Steemit Feed Experience Will Get Worse

This is merely the beginning.

With HardFork20 upon us, the signup process will soon be streamlined and many more Steemians will join us. At the same time many SteemApps like Steemhunt, @dlive, @tasteem, @utopian-io, and others will be able to easily create new Steem accounts via their own website, without needing to spend the heavy cost of SP as is the case now.

Also, SMTs are upcoming and post-Dan Steemit Inc. has always promoted the creation of apps on the Steem blockchain. Following in the footsteps of the SMT target release date announcement, Steemit Inc. upped the ante even more and had a call to action for teams to get started already. To start building even before SMTs.


As more SteemApps are built on the Steem blockchain, and more new users join, whether via an apps’ site and stay on the site or become active users across the platform, we will see always more ‘content vertical’ specific updates in our feeds. That also because rewards, the factor which drives most behavior on Steem.

While there is no doubt that there will always be a large group of members who dedicate their time to personal blogging content, the Steem blockchain aims to be the digital content rewards platform and there is a large number of Steemians who follow the Steem Power.

Hold more SP... have more followers.

A situation which will become only worse a feed experience as ever more Steemians will contribute to specific content verticals, SteemApps, or even stack writing opportunities across multiple SteemApps.

What About Alt Accounts?

Many may still remember the day @Zappl launched and several of us resorted to creating an alt account which we used for the small tweet-alike content bursts, Zapps. That also to avoid milking autovotes and, of course, to avoid spamming the feed of our followers. Yet, not many have achieved any form of success with their alts which some have also used for other platforms, like Steemhunt.

Nor will people continue to resort to an alt, as ever more SteemApps will create solutions similar to Steemhunt’s ABV2 which may negatively impact on low-powered alt accounts. Additionally, with @steem-UA soon available to platforms, Steemians with alts will ever more resort to their main account for everything.

After all, Steem’s (de)centralized accounts are one of the major draws for developers on the Steem blockchain. For developers and soon also for users: one account to rule them all.


Add to that the fact that not everyone wants to manage and maintain a second account and in a hopefully not too distant future many Steemians will contribute to the Steem blockchain without bothering about the Steemit site or experience.

As HF20 and SMTs are released Steem will change and that will have an impact on the current Steemit experience.

If you thought Zapps, memes, and hunts in your feed were bad... Steemit will soon become intolerable because people will follow the opportunities, independently of your experience(*). More will come for the rewards, rather than for the community and everything ends up in the everything bucket.

Brace yourselves because the apps and the pros are coming and the floodgates will soon open. Whether you like it or not is rather irrelevant. Get used to it already.

Times are changing and so will this platform.

(*) Once the experience deteriorates platforms like busy, Steempeak, and Steemit could offer advanced filtering features in order to show only apps specific or posted through ‘everything bucket’ apps content.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Matilda on Unsplash, Charles Deluvio on Unsplash, and @steemitblog.

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Prescient prediction. Certainly plausible.

The feed itself has certain choices baked into it which are not fit for purpose in a post-blog (I'll use this instead of post-Dan 😝) Steem world.

One of the things that Facebook, Twitter and so on get a lot of criticism for is their opaque feed algorithms. We have the other end of the scale here, totally unfiltered and unfilterable streams. That needs to change.

It's been well over a year since I advocated this, I don't have the motivation right now to find those posts but they're there. Ironically if there were a good search function it would be easy but we've got what we've got!

Anyway, yes, the days of using the vanilla feed are over, over already I would argue. In ever conversation I have with a large stakeholder the idea of Steem as blogging platform is dead to them. This matters. I haven't really been engaged with it either of late. You know I always say to myself every week that I'll write this or that but then I just put that time into writing a few comments (good ones too, probably enough for a blog but then you'd never know because of the way data is aggregated, that could be improved too) and working on some apps for Steem. Releases hopefully forthcoming, so I'm one of those guys making things that will further dilute the feed unfortunately.

I'd love to hear more if you wanted to spend the time to dig a bit deeper for solutions, or ways to evolve with the changes.

· I'm one of those guys making things that will further dilute the feed unfortunately.

Actually, I’m a big fan of that. I’m looking forward to the times ahead of us, the upcoming HF20 definitely motivates me. That much that theSteemObserver is coming back.

So... I’ld love to hear more about those new apps which may further dilute the feed. I’m the person who always said ‘Steemit isn’t what you think it is... and that’s a good thing’. I’m much more on Discord though nowadays.

Yet, I think show/exclude apps will be the first thing we will see on the ‘everything bucket’ interface as the data is available on BC level and such filters are rather easy to implement. Beyond that?

Don’t sweat it. No, seriously, don’t. Many will just do their daily round of apps and it will be up to those apps to provide an experience. To use @tarazkp’s term for the feed... the ghetto.

... the idea of Steem as a blogging platform is dead to them

That only ever was tenable a position/platform with n^2. Without that aspect it’s philanthropy and more than that, support without any real transaction. Which gives us merely social capital.

If it doesn’t work for Ev, with much higher shopping window content quality on Medium, why would large stakeholders think that it would work here. Content without transaction doesn’t work and only very few can capitalize on social capital profile building.

Ironically if there were a good search function.

There is... AskSteem. It’s an active bang! on DuckDuckGo already. Just use !steem before your query. But I’m not sure about the query features.

I am very picky about who I follow so my feed won’t really be effected. I only follow very interesting pages and dapps that I use for updates. Now the “new” feed, yes that will get messy. But I’ve already started migrating away from steemit. I’m using Partiko a lot. Once I can claim rewards and love funds I will be done with steemit.

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@steempeak is/will be your friend.

At the pace that platform has launched and grown, if somebody will soon have a filter by apps... I expect it to be them.

The publishing’s platform/app is data already available in the blockchain so it should be rather trivial to develop. It’s just a filter.


I have been hearing that name a few times the past week. I will look into them now thanks

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Don't worry if 2 gone then 20 are on way to follow think like that you will make good growth in :)


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I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one front-end that allows you to filter out specific tags... and Steemit has never claimed to have the best front-end. I think your prediction is extremely accurate, but I think it will also just force us all to move to a front-end that provides us with the feed that we want to see.


It wouldn’t be that difficult to implement filters. The data is already available in the BC. That would be the app identifier btw, not just a tag. There is no real obligation to use a tag (or the category - first tag), apps can leave an (app version) identifier in the post submitted to the BC. Busy actually already show those for each post.

...and Steemit has never claimed to have the best front-end.

Love this. Have been preaching this for eons.

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Yeah, I'm with you on this. We need to be able to filter our feeds and block certain apps on a per user basis. I don't expect people to gaf if I walked 6000 steps, but I have to make a post to get actifit tokens. Some people, I might be interested in the same news links they're sharing, but others, I care not - I can't remember that one share app now, but for example, I don't follow sportsball, but I was seeing gobs of sports updates in my feed until I evenutally unfollowed those people. I would have kept them in the follow bucket if I could have filtered out that news share app and just saw their blogs, but their blogs came once a week and the sports news five times a day, or whatever.
Dear app developers... ;)

I actually noticed musing now creates a musing-thread account to put all content posted on musing together in the first-level comment, instead of create posts.


Musing is an interesting case as I discussed their exact flow with @steemitqa (before Musing and even @whatapp).

I noticed their changed flow but I like that they still offer the possibility to also post as a post. Yet their editor is annoying. Not supporting markup at this point in time is a negative.


Interesting. Hopefully their editor can support markup soon!

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I am a heavy steemhunt poster too, and for sure my followers are getting sick of all the resteemed hunt content. I am making nothing on Steemit and doing great on Steemhunt, I can't ignore that fact. I upvote a ton of hunt posts too, meaning the regular steem accounts i used to upvote are getting less. I would like to see the two sites totally separate. I am thinking about about making a new account to just post on steem, no hunts, but I don't want to start over again either. The way Steemhunt is set up makes it really easy for high rep older accounts to do really well. I fear a lot of people are going to migrate, and they are the kind of people Steemit really can't afford to lose right now.


Actually, while older accounts with a rep and/or SP benefit in baseline calculation on Steemhunt, when they make an error and get a hunt de-listed, it hits just as hard, and they can possibly drop as much as two levels even. End of the day, everything is based on a 30 day rolling window tho.

This, the “everything bucket” is the future though... combined with content verticals (or media verticals) on top. I’ve actually been writing about that for a while already. :)

Link 1
Link 2

There is no doubt that platforms like busy and teamspeak will soon have the option to filter based on dApps. But, personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about losing in the feed. Unless, of course, you do prefer to stay in the Stone Age, while we are building hunting the future. ;)

As I said, those who do not want to accept that this is just the beginning... they’re in for a really bad ride. Steemit isn’t worried about “loosing them”, not as long a they stay Steemians. Steemit Inc. Holds sufficient STEEM to care about more dApps. Apps, interfaces, which can contribute to the token value of Steem.

Add to that @steem-ua and its possible integration in dApps and you know that nobody is going to bother with an alt. Not unless they’re “penny pinching” abusers.

I actually had an alt just for that, check out it’s profile description.


I don't think steemit / ned really cares about user retention at all. I'm more then willing to abandon it totally for a decent community/SMT/Dapp.
I actually like the way steemhunt rates users, they are at least addressing problems like circle voting, and vote buying right from the start, it's way more proactive than Steemit which never fixes anything.


Fixing is not within the scope of Steemit. That’s by design. And that’s an awesome thing.

Read links previously shared, also watch the video with sneak.

Accept it already. Steemit is not meant to be the platform which beats all other (social media) sites. It’s that way on purpose. Get over it.

I think you're pretty much hitting the nail on the head. The other day, I installed the @actifit app — which is pretty cool — only to realize that the only way to effectively "interact" with the app is by posting these little pretty much "one-size-fits-all" report cards... which quickly could turn a feed pretty spammy.

Which brings me back to something I have shouted at deaf ears for more than a year: We need an improvement to the primary Steemit User Interface, allowing us each to filter our personal feeds... for example by "where were posts published" and to create "groups" of the people we follow, just like you can on Facebook and twitter.

Seems to me that would be the simplest workaround... so everyone could create their own personalized user experience.


To be honest, I think busy and Steempeak have the cards in the hand.

That data is available in the blockchain (the app identifier). Making filters in the settings (or similar to busy’s Activity filters) wouldn’t be that much of a challenge.

With fabien gone to Steemit Inc SteemConnect, there is no conflict of interest anymore either.

Steemit won’t do it. At least not as first, and that’s by design.

This is what I thought also. I look forward to the future.

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I have my doubts at this point. More about that in another post though, but it ties in with this post and in a lesser or snarkier degree with this one too.

While, obviously, still a fan of the platform and its mechanics... I’m wondering if the future is one of “pick your own writing ticket and earn a SteemBasicIncome” or whether somebody will be able to cope with both volume and constant abuse sufficiently to truly reward the best and only the best content.

Since this is about money... it’s bottom feeder barrel fighting more often than not.

I don't think it will be intolerable, I just think it will be different. It's definitely going to be more independent..... and communities will be very very specific.

Unfortunately for me as a fiction writer, I'm not really seeing any fiction based smt's coming out. I'd really love to see you some kind of fiction writing Workshop smt that had a huge delegation and was pulling in all kinds of great writers. That would be awesome.


Yeah I've been there. I know that there are communities on Discord, but I'd really love to see an smt type thing or a delegation like some of the other communities get. Utopian etc....


I don’t doubt there will be one, or more even, SMTs catering to authors. The real question is how will the curation model stand up long term.

What with ever more SP used every day for other content creation models. What will be the value of tokens for that type of SMTs if they tokenize.

Fact is that Medium, despite high quality content, struggles financially. WattPad’s valuation isn’t too stellar either.

Now I think there are options and I discussed a possibility here.

Generally though, unless going for a “serialization” model, fiction and even journalism require a certain degree of “transaction” to become viable models. For fiction more often than not that’s the completed work. For journalism that’s since decades already advertising. Other than that, and so would be the delegation, it’s very much a philanthropist venue.

I’m curious whether blockchain can break the failure of micro-payments. When I published online while in Germany (more than a decade ago) it was coming to see micro-payment gatewalls on older content in the archives. On all but the biggest hits in Google, obviously.

That model never scaled internationally but it definitely is the pitch that blockchain gives. Yet, BAT (in Brave browser) and before that Flattr never became runaway successes either.

Reality: only the best and those with volume can risk a paywall. The Patreon model doesn’t work for small, indie publishers. Not unless they have large enough scale to be satisfied with it a conversion rate of 5% only and can design their own membership program.

Steemit is awesome. Best thing ever

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Growing pains are a high-end problem as I think you hinted. If it's working really well for you (or not), Change will arrive soon and wreck everything.
If it doesn't show up, it's all over anyway. So we're set ~:?)


Golden times ahead.

Some/many will suffer soon but the smarter ones will enjoy things as there will be many more opportunities.

on the other hand my feed is pretty boring now, maybe there will be less cryptocurrency and anarchy content available on steemit.