Steem City: Content and future suburbs

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I was having a discussion with a friend about content on Steem and they were saying about the level of quality dropping and asked if I am happy seeing a selfie or a random picture with a line of text out-earn writing that may have taken me hours to put together. As disheartening as it can be, I am kind of okay with it these days as, it has to happen.

Yes, I would prefer more high quality content and that content and that content to be rewarded adequately (and organically) for being valuable but, the quality of a particular article is not everything, the level of engagement is also something that needs to be addressed and, number of comments doesn't cut it if they are predominately, "Good post!" types. I am generally lucky, I do get decent engagement on many of my posts, so thank you for that because, it makes a difference to how I feel about my writing and provides a lot of feedback that drives new content.

However, when it comes to 'average' content quality and the has to happen issue, let me explain a little.

Finding the average between extremes

Average is a mid-point between extremities on a normal distribution, the place where the masses live. I have talked about Steem being much like a city, the blockchain the infrastructure, the Dapps the businesses and of course the users as the citizens.

For mass adoption, the city has to offer a range of experience that will be attractive to all citizens, from fine dining to fast-food, laser tag to the opera. In many instances, there is not going to be much overlap between interest groups in some sectors as those who may enjoy playing video games, might not like reading content on the latest fashion trends. It is not that they are excluded, just not interested, find it irrelevant or, not valuable.

However, in a city there is the possibility to make a living in many working sectors, just as there will be at Steem. For example, a fashion designer in New York may become extremely wealthy in a competitive industry and far outstrip the earnings of a Wall Street trader. Both can earn well doing what their skillset allows depending on market demand and a range of other factors. Steem will follow suit as it is representative of the real world and eventually, it will balance (I work on the assumption of long-term survival of Steem).

The city belongs to us

The markets will split and there will be a range of potential 'jobs' on offer that will be filled by entrepreneurs who will do their best to earn a living in their sector. They might even moonlight in other sectors to make ends meet of also. The market will eventually get to a point where there is more distribution and people will use their buying power to consume within their interest areas. However, not everyone will be able to become a high earner for a few obvious reasons.

First and foremost perhaps is that there is, skill is on a spectrum and even if one might be great at doing one or two particular tasks, if there aren't the supporting skills available, consistency in earning might not be possible. When it comes to content quality for example, the best article doesn't necessarily get the reward because of a host of factors that are 'off-article,' like the depth of network. Many write very well but engage very poorly, and rather than improve their engagement skills, they focus on other's poor content and say, it isn't fair, mine is better. Nope, it isn't fair.

Learning the craft

But, if one isn't going to learn the skills necessary to adapt to the ecosystem, and rely only on what one is already good at, it isn't fair to discount those who make up for their content quality by building a strong network. Most of those that fake this by using bots will eventually see the error of their ways as they generally do not invest into building a real network as their return is guaranteed. In time, something will eventually change in the city and they will find themselves largely isolated and alone. A common disorder of an individual with weak social connection, is a depressed psychology and at the moment, they are buying friends.

So, as the Steem city develops and fractures off into various content suburbs, the distribution of wealth, (Steem Power) will fracture also but, will often concentrate around certain areas. What thy are will depend on many things however, they will likely start to become more discerning with their tastes and, where they place their value. In general, this will create barriers to entry through skill requirements as they will place value on what is rare, hard to get, unique.

The other areas (even if rewarded well currently) that have a low skill threshold to get involved will see a large amount of lower skilled users try their hand meaning, competition for resources. This point will be driven even harder by the likelihood that in these sectors, there is not a lot of interested SP to spread. Things like memes that can be created quickly and easily become spam, will be increasingly unlikely to get rewarded. Some content suburbs will not be well off financially.

But, this is perhaps necessary for the city to function and be able to hold a great number of people because it gives opportunity for everyone to have something either of interest but also, the chance to earn, even if unlikely or the earnings are very low.

Pack up and move

One thing that makes the Steem city much more valuable than a real city is, mobility. I mentioned moonlighting (working a secondary job) to make ends meet but one major issue in the world is the ability to shift suburb, city or country for work. Steem doesn't have this problem and with enough thought, practice and development, anyone can have the potential of someone else. Even now, there are people from some poorer world regions who are earning more on Steem than from their local jobs and, there are some from those regions earning more on Steem than others on Steem from much wealthier countries.

Having a global city, even one that isn't operating effectively, levels the playing field somewhat between global effects of poverty and opportunity. When a person signs up at Steem, no one checks the passport or need know the color of their skin. And, no one is forced to reveal their identity, at least not yet.

What this all leads to though is a city that is filled with a diverse range of people, with a massive mix of interests and widely varying degrees of skill to produce and support a wide range of content areas. It is impossible to reward all content or niche equally and, that is not what we would want in this kind of system. It is about opportunity, not entitlement.

Future patrons of content

The current situation is one where those who are thinking long-term are building the resources to be able to support the content they like in the future, even if they are not currently supporting it or, spending any amount of their time there. For them, they may see that the infrastructure is not yet suitable to build their particular suburb or, the depth of citizen is not enough to populate it.

Those who are thinking short term and cashing out all they earn however, are risking that they will never be able to be a significant part of the city and rather than being able to earn or support others, will essentially be at the mercy of social services and goodwill. I wonder how many who are already in this position in the real world will hold a similar position in the Steem world? That is potentially a touchy subject for some.

Anyway, it is because of the developing of a small community into a cosmopolitan and global metropolis that I am much more accepting of poor quality content even if it is earning highly as, it is only earning highly for the moment. Even those who will power up all of their earning in these areas will be unlikely to be able to support a community of themselves doing the same later as, low-bar content will attract the most people and they will be spread too thinly.

Ghettos and gables

Perhaps unfortunately in this case is, because Steem is quite representative of the real world economies, we will see the relative affluent and slum suburbs of content form. The goal is to at least limit the gap between these two points but, that will not be dictated by the system as if it happens, it will be the people who are the drivers. Currently there is the potential to learn a great deal that will prepare one for future opportunity but again like the real world, most people will not invest themselves in.

I see there is potential for a type of 'virtual reset' for me personally, a chance to go back in time to forget what I know and relearn what I need in order to be able to not only better utilize my skills, but find areas that I enjoy using them. On top of this, I have the opportunity to help others do similar and perhaps one day, we will have a city that is much healthier with less extremes in opportunity than we currently have.

There are people who are earning off selfies now but, that will mostly end. There are people who are earning well off memes and that will mostly end. If we look at the real world and what people are really willing to pay for, it is the skill, the content that delivers something that people care about and are emotionally attached to and, the skills that solve problems people have. This isn't a hard rule of course but at Steem, it is likely going to be the way that those with talent to produce, will eventually be the ones who get rewarded for it. The funny thing is, that even the low level earners of the world are willing to pay for high end products and, will even go into debt to do so.

Accepting the now to build a future

The dynamics of the Steem ecosystem are changing and there are many iterations still to come. At times, the high earners who are doing it easily in one environment will be left out in the cold in another and, those struggling may take center stage. The city will grow and even though the code will play a large part in direction, it will be the citizens who drive the organic formation, establish new businesses and grow their own suburbs and towns. Underlying it will be the Steem blockchain and it will be powered by Steem. Holding Steem is like an energy return system that feeds back into the grid. The content itself is going to multiply and diversify and be fed by those who have the energy to power it.

This isn't going to make it into trending today although a blurry picture of some fruit might, But, for those who take the time to still read, I hope it is something to think about.

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I am just happy to be living in Steemville now. This is where we are able to roam around the town and still see it in its entirety. Once it will grow we might not find everything there is to see. Its fun to grow with it as well. And it allows us to build a bigger house then we would have ever had moving in a few years in the future
(assuming there is still a Steemville in the future)

Once it will grow we might not find everything there is to see.

It is already getting hard to keep track of a lot of the apps and interfaces that are arriving.

(assuming there is still a Steemville in the future)

I cling to the hope.

I admit that some of what I have been posting lately is of much lower quality then I want to show. Part of this is laziness on my end, I want to be a constant poster but due to a busy life I have been re-posting old blogs from another site or knocking out a quick post just to say I did.

This is not something I want to do anymore. I do not want to be known for mediocre writings or Dtube videos. Because I hope to be a part of steemit for the long run and not for a simple cash grab.

right now I am going to concentrate on reinvesting all of my earning into Steem power so I can build my influence and invest into the community.

I admit to watching a few videos on "how to gain followers on Steemit" there almost all the same and usually include the use of Bots. I prefer the hard work approach myself. Build a following organically through quality posts and comments.

but since I am about fifty years out from being able to pay my bills through Steemit, I must be off to work- have a good day @tarakp I always enjoy your views and writings.

I think if under time constraints (we all are), a shorter post, a repost etc is okay but, when the majority of the blog contains no substance, I personally tune it out. I take my own content to the extreme perhaps though...

I admit to watching a few videos on "how to gain followers on Steemit" there almost all the same and usually include the use of Bots.

Most of them who do this, don't really understand the system and still believe that numbers matter. Quality over quantity when it comes to followers for the most part.

but since I am about fifty years out from being able to pay my bills through Steemit, I must be off to work-

yep, me too.

@tarazkp Some day back I stopped publishing posts on steemit because I saw there is no value of the content you post if you not being noticed. So the big question is how to being noticed? Well people here take Bots help to get popular and to do that you have to spend some amount on it which is totally stupid for me. Another thing I have observed that only whales account upvoting to another whales account even though they are posting a shit. I have seen so many posts which has so many big upvotes but the content of that post is just some pic of the Resturant or some garden or else.

This is totally crap going here.

This is just my opinion so please excuse me if anyone don’t agree.


yep, there is a lot of nonsense here and, to get anywhere it takes a great deal of work consistently for a good deal of time. Buying some Steem helps too but most are unwilling to do it (although price is pretty good at the moment).

As for content, if you are going to deliver content that many other people are delivering, no matter the quality it is unlikely to get seen. at the end of the day, and like I mentioned, above, people support the person. Targeting large blogs to engage them is generally not the way to go, it is better to find and be part of building a community and growing together. It all takes time.

I guess unless you have over 100k in steem you will not be able to live of it (and then all depends where you want to live)
But just being here now will maybe afford you a bigger house in Steemville then you might have been able to afford if you moved into town next year...

Perhaps unfortunately in this case is, because Steem is quite representative of the real world economies, we will see the relative affluent and slum suburbs of content form

In recent weeks I have participated to a project which rewards “content”. I can tell you that the size of the ghettos is humongous. That huge that I even gave a witness vote again to a bot operator who actually maintains, and shares, an active blacklist.

I knew it was bad and that it would be worse than I thought even. But what I saw easily beat all my fears. And that mostly all for only $TU 0.3-0.6 then, but doesn’t matter if you have 26-30 accounts which all post same day, right.

The saddest part of it is that there is future potential yet, they sell themselves short now. I thnik many don't realise how large that ghetto is as even those who spend their time in the effluent that is Trending won't set foot in it.

You don’t see it until you accept content submissions “in exchange” for upvotes. That’s when the floodgates open.

Google Translate translation, content spinning tools, sentences in paragraphs changed in order to confuse plagiarism checkers, types added for the same exact reason.

And that all while the platform - yes, Steemhunt - allows literally pretty much any style and even hunts with just title, short description, and product image(s) if those alone explain the product.

Personally, I’ve had a blast writing my own hunts because there is absolute freedom allowed, no hunter is forced in a specific style/format. It’s been fun and those who want to try “another suburb” they merely need to look at my alt to see how fun “another style/format” can be.

Taraz’s post in way less words:

Shit posting is okay because the general population needs to adopt steem.

There will be a place for everyone in steem city and it may even be fun to try out new styles of content.

I have this concern about posting on steemit and it is in form of a worry that contents are upvoted mostly not because of how quality they are but on how social the user has become. Upvoting vote has become a matter of relationships before looking at the quality of the content. As much as I cherish relationship, I am of the opinion that Quality should be more of a priority.

You need to remember perhaps that this is a form of social media and, there is more to it than just a blog format which means, there is very little chance of adequately evaluating quality objectively since it is comparing apples to oranges so to speak. Relationships are the gel between.

I hear you @tarazkp loud and clear . . .Thanks!

Thanks @tarazkp for your opinion on this. I am currently struggling on how to best use Steemit wrt to Photography. I do have very short posts at the moment (and thus I am sort of the culprit you mention), but with lack of a similar, but more visual platform to use, i keep coming back to Steemit to show my photography. Wonder what your view is on this? thanks!

When it comes to photography accounts, I think generally people like to get a bit of background on the photographers views. Remember that you are behind the camera and the internet is filled with images. What sets your image apart from the next is you. This is supported by the way you engage with those who take the time to comment and many people just go with the 'thanks' approach. From my perspective, the personality of the account is more important than the content which can be a bitter pill for some who want their content to speak for itself.

I think the vote selling/buying bots are here to say forever, barring a change in the code to make it less favorable or outright stop it. The majority is on a bandwagon effect, and will still flock to those who are on the trending page (unless that mechanic changes). People don't even need to reply to their comments to keep getting rewarded, attention and to get more upvotes because they are a higher payout post.

Some ppl will eventually learn that there is a better way to do things and stop supporting those people, but there are still those who buy votes and do interact, and many won't care that they buy votes. So many popular people who were such before bidbots buy votes, they don't care it seems. And neither does 90% of the Steem city :/

I hope the "higher quality products" become more organically rewarded, but that's just a hope and dream given that vote selling is here to stay barring any change I don't see ever happening.

People don't even need to reply to their comments to keep getting rewarded, attention and to get more upvotes because they are a higher payout post.

Yep but, if that change comes, where are they going to be?

I don't see the vote selling/buying ending but perhaps it will change form somehow. No sure how yet.

This isn't going to make it into trending today although a blurry picture of some fruit might, But, for those who take the time to still read, I hope it is something to think about.

¡Master the haggle arts like a real turk and you are done! };)

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