Pictures From International Steem Meetup #1—Team Malaysia CNY Gathering 2018

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This is a selection of pictures shot at the meetup in Malaysia. I hope you like the pictures that my friend @varunpinto shot for us at the meetup. He has been part of my crew for @steemfest and assists @shenoy and me as DOP with our meetup videos that we are doing across the country.

We're a bit behind on our timelines but hopefully I can catch up now that we're all back home from our travels and post on our most recent meetup in Tezpur will be up soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy some pictures from the International Steem Meetup #1 in Malaysia.

You can read about the meetup here! We had an amazing time there thanks to all the wonderful Malaysians present.


Goooooooo Steeeeeeem!


@orangila if you have the pics from the meetup, please drop a link in the comments below.

I hope to continue working to bridge the gap between different communities as we go on with this year. You can support my community initiatives by supporting my witness.


Download all the images here!

The video will be online soon! Stay tuned!

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@varunpinto played a good job taking these colorful pics. Though he was missing being in these pics. He should have atleast appeared in one of the pics with someone else on the camera.
We are glad to see the huge steps the @firepower team is taking in firing up steemit in other countries. This is an inspiration for other steemit communities around the globe to go beyond their boundaries to create more awareness in new communities.
Go team Malaysia

I love the idea of adding the name tag....maybe below that you can add the real names as that people can know each other not just by their user name :)

Some users might not want to reveal their username and hence pseudo-names are used on some social media sites. Hence always a good choice to call someone by their username even if you know their real name. :)

@firepower Thanks for the post to promote teammalaysia. Amazing photos from @varunpinto.
As per your request, photos you requested for this event are here
If you prefer to have the photos on Flickr or Dropbox link, please let me know. Thanks again and see you guys soon:)

Thank you very much. A dropbox link would be very helpful indeed! It would be easier to download them. Lemme know once you have that up. :)


@firepower: Flickr is best for viewing. Dropbox is best for downloading. Please let me know if you have any issues downloading them. Also, I won't be keeping the 2 links forever. Will probably delete them in a few weeks from now. Cheers.

@firepower: great stuff. can we connect bud? I'm based in Melbourne and would love to grow the steemit community through our magazine / Need to discuss some strategies with you and would love to have you onboard....please connect on [email protected]

You can reach me at or discord.

discord tag?

The way you help building the strong Steemit community is really very appreciable and the consistent efforts you make cannot be described in words!!

Lovely meetup indeed
I. Wish to hold more meetups like you someday so I could get to keep the stemmit flag flying.
I'd love to attend a meet-up of yours someday
More achievements come your way 👍
Here's a meet_up of mine I conducted few days back, would appreciate you kindly check this out

Hello to all steemians there at the meet up...lets grow the community even bigger as its becoming the prefer social network :) and btw the food looks great!

Totally awesome to see that you guys doing so many efforts to make Steemit a better place for everyone and i really enjoyed your Steemit meet-ups because they connect a lot of people with each other,

And Steemit's main power is its community so organising meet-ups is a totally awesome way to build a community,

Congratulations to you and your crew for successfully completing the meet-up, I also want to be a part of this superb Indian crew to helping other steemians.😇

awesome job man , photos looks super . Let us know when will be the next India Meetup. would love to catch.

Very nice meeting organised in Malaysia.

I,@ajay03 ,also want to be the part of this meet up very soon.

You have been doing an amazing work the steemit community.
That sticker on the t-shirt is a really nice idea.

@firepower Thanks for posting the steemit event with team Malasia. Great to see those wonderful pics by @varunpinto ..Any chance we steemians meetup at Mangalore? Just curious to meet you all great guys!

Cant wait for the post of tezpur meetup.

So great to see how Steemit has opened so many doors for many people. Definitely worth it to shift the focus in this direction, as clearly see Seemit and blockchains in general as THE innovation. And we are still in the pre-stage!
What I also found worth a closer look is Manna, a new cryptocurrency. Its goal is to create a Universal basic income by weekly Manna transfer for everyone who registers.
Thunbs up and best wishes!

Excellent photography.

Wao such a nice event I also ready to join but I can't because some personal reasons OK I join next time

i like you steemit,good post

greeting steemit friends, success always

Indian brothers are doing great in steemit

Great pictures @firepower . When can we hold a meetup in Kerala? I'm looking forward to meet you!

Wow the pictures look nice steemit is the way to go ...cant wait to post our meet up pictures with Uganda steemit wells

Beautiful. Seems like you guys had a blast ☺☺

it's Your community photograpy, wooow

Great to meet you there and finally be connected in person! :-D

wow a very cool show I really want to follow such an international meet-up, greetings from indonesia

Congratulations To Comrades @varunpinto
@steemfest @shenoy and all the international steeminials

We are proud to be together to be a great person in steemit.we will be the winners here.

We are youth who are members of International youth global steemit [IYGS] steemitschool @dobartim.

Conggratulaions for all

Happy to see you and even you are promoting beyond India which is very good.

Best wishes for your future projects.

Thanks for putting us on the map @firepower and glad you enjoyed the event. @varunpinto did a great job with his camera gears trying to catch the perfect moment and we can't wait to see more shots from him

This content is very Good...
Yeah, I will wait for the next content...

Thank you @firepower for the positive feedback re-meetups in the East. Looking forward to seeing similar Steemit meetups spreading the whole world.

You look amazing!!! Fine man! Well done for all you do. Fun time in those pictures.

hi my friend really liked your post and i really support you good luck distemian you continue!
Thank you @firepower

I am so looking forward to joining Steemian events when I return to Malaysia! Keep on with the good work!

Waiting for your post on Tezpur meetup.

great pics. and congratulations on a successful trip, @firepower :)

I love all the effort you putting into promoting steemit. It's really great and so I am going to resteem this post. By the way I have already upvoted your witness. Big ups man.

Interesting post

Hey, how're you doing?

I've been following sjennon for about 2 months but didn't know she's with you in the same team until I read some chinese new year posts by some members of team malaysia where I saw sjennon was there and your team and you were also introduced by teammalaysia.

The world is so small that people from different parts of the world can be easily connected. Wish I were there in the chinese new year meetup. Brilliant location, people, and foods. What an eventful day!

Good day.

Really great meeting you in person @firepower

If I do come to India one day, you'll be the first person I'll reach out to ;)

congrats for International Steem Meetup #1—Team Malaysia CNY Gathering 2018, Hopefully in the future the more successful, greetings from me @omarabdi steemit from Indonesia :) @firepower

Waiting for your Tezpur meetup post..

Ahh , a really awesome day, glad you guys were there to make all the more memorable. Cant wait to see the video that u guys shot too!

Thank you for the amazing photos @firepower, looking forward to seeing​ you in future :).