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Whooooooot - Steemians Power

Let us all celebrate this great new social network called steemit. I'm here with all of you wonderful people - from all around the world - just only for three and a half month and gained 1000+ Followers with my posts.

Bild 53.jpg
(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev

My main topics are around travel, beer, music and fun. I as well talk from time to time about my work topics like smarter working, communication and the new work.

Detlev says thanks

As I started in April, it was my dream to reach 1000 follower somewhat end of 2017 and thought that this will be quite a bit of work. Now I did this "bit" of work and started even some challenge and a travel series of posts and from all of that I reached my goal a lot earlier.


Travel with Detlev

With my job as a key note speaker, author and senior consultant I travel quite a bit in German spoken Europe. From all this travel and my general addiction to travel the world with my family - I started the series "Travel with Detlev" where we just started with Berlin, Paris, Dune of Pilat and a small fisherman village l'Herbe. Enjoy this posts with many pictures and my story around of this. I spend at least one or two hours to create a post like this.



You can't ignore your roots.

My roots are from Germany and there we love beer by tradition. By living in Belgium I added all that wonderful amount of Belgian beers to my drinking list and so it was logical to me to start the #BeerSaturday challenge.


BeerSaturday pics

Use my pics from this post at any place if you need a #BeerSaturday picture

beer-saturday by detlev.png
(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

My Book

Yes, part of my fun here on Steemit comes potentialy from being an Author for books about communications, collaboration and technology.


Therefore I started the test to sell my latest book as printed hardcover edition with a personal message or as a digital ebook here by allowing a payment in steem.

A special greeting

This is the picture from the hardcover book from the first buyer of Einfach Anders Arbeiten. Thanks again to @dinoo


Einfach Anders Arbeiten

The German title means "just simply work different"


If you like to have a look into the book use this LINK to the German post about the book.

The invisible old chains of social media – get rid of them!!

You may enjoy this article from detlev. I just did this the other evening while thinking about my activities is social media and how Steemit changed this.

Bild 52.jpg

Thanks to the 1000+ Followers and to YOU who read this.

Do you know my steemit Book Shop?

What to do with your steem and your steem dollar?

Buy a book

I create books since 2006 and I like to: "offer it to Steemians" to buy it with steem or steem doller.

Pay with steem

So I did this post about a special price for steemians and we will see how this work out. Everything is transparent for everybody. I really like this!

 " "detlev steemit klein.gif""

Detlev love steemit

More from @Detlev
Get / shop my book by steem

Enjoy & Engage Follow & Resteem

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Congratulations 🎈🎊🍾🎉 upvoted 💯 %

I celebrate with a nice meal

well-done mate and thank you for the SBD much appreciated

it is a pleasure

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Hi! I've just downloaded the Discord app and would like to try it out, of course. I have no friends on Discord yet, so maybe this way I can find somebody to chat with for a minute to see if it all works. I'm antje #7067 Thanks!

contact added

I'm mlmtraffic #0242

Congratulations You Done Great Job :)

many thanks - it was fun and work

Congratulations! Keep on steeming!

many many thanks

That's fantastic! Congratulations from Wuerzburg!

Gruß zurück aus Südfrankreich.....

Congratulation dear @Detlev !
Very smart of you to send us a tip :-) I would never see the article otherwise!
See you soon ... next meet up on 19the of August in Brussels :-)
See you !

There is a cool app that allows this function. I will do a post about it soon.

Will find my way to the Brussels meeting soon. August might be busy with vacation travel.... Belgium is "somewhat closed" in July & August as Kids are at home and family travels....

Alright !

Congrats @detlev ! \☺/


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Congratulations :) Save a bottle for me

I will. let my know whenever you are close to Aachen

Sure, let me know whenever you are close to Aachen for a beer

congrats :)


Thanks for your support

Thank you for you gift!

This is the future of crypto :) or maybe not :p bitcoin cash

Soon we will know. This world is on a permanent change.


Many thanks

you're welcome!

congratulation; Good luck to 3000 followers

Let do 2k first

Congratulations on your thousand followers. That is a huge success.

thank you and have a great one!

Congratulations ;)

Many thanks and have a great evening!

Danke @detlev für SBD :-)

gern geschehen...

Erstaunlich schnell wie du dich hier eingelebt hast, Respekt!

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Danke, ist nach TSU und einigen weiteren Plattformen halt der nächste Evolutionsschritt.

Und es macht mir einfach "HÖLLE SPASS" ;-)

Thank you and it's my birthday too!

Another reason for this little present from today. Hope you get some big ones from your beloved as well.... ;-)

Gratuliere! :)
vielen Dank für die SBD ;)
ich wünsche dir viel Glück für die nächsten 1000, wird bei dir sicher nicht lange brauchen...

werde mein bestes geben. Kennst Du schon die Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge?

nein kenn ich noch nicht... Werd ich mir mal anschauen ;)

Glückwunsch :D

Das muss man auch erstmal hinbekommen!

Kurz ausruhen und auf geht's richtung 2000 (:

Krone richten und weiter gehts... Habe schon ein paar Ideen zu "Travel with Det" und dem "BelgianBeers"

thank you for the SBD

welcome !

Congratulations my friend, and thanks for including me in your celebration!!❤️

Hey, @detlev, well done, great job, and thanks for the gift ;). Detlev loves Steemit and we all love Detlev!

Thank you so much for the gift of Steem from you Detlev! Much appreciated!

Thank you, @detlev for sending the SBD. I really appreciate it and congratulate you that you've reached your goal so much earlier! I've just been here for a few weeks and I'm also surprised how quickly I moved forward. Cheers! :) @antje

yes, as long as you write some posts it is going!

Thank u my friend keep going and congratulation

Congratulations and thank you for the SBD. Appreciate it 😊

Great job, thats really awsome :0) Congrats on ur achivement and thank u for the sbd really sweet🌹

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Congratulations and thanks for the sbd

Congrats, Great work!

Thank for your tip....

Congrats @detlev! 1000 followers is a lot in such a short time. More to come hopefully :) And THANK YOU for the sbd!

always welcome! Btw. do you the Steemit #BeerSaturday Challenge

Glückwunsch @detlev. Ich bin dir auf den Fersen :)
Zum Glück muss ich nicht mehr pendeln, da ich anders arbeiten letzte Woche gestartet habe^^

Wir werden dann also umso eher mal ein Treffen auf die Beine bekommen.
Gruß aus dem Urlaub

Congrats, Detlev! It is well deserved. And now ahead to the 2k! ;)

Will work on that

Awesome! Thanks for the SBD :) Cheers!

Do enjoy...and all the best...its a long journey and i am sure one day you will rise to peak...Thanks

Lieber Detlev,

vielen Dank für das STEEM-Geschenk. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut!

Steem on!


Immer und gern. Folgt zum nächsten Event bei 2000 dito

Starke Leistung! - Gratulation!! :)

🙏 Danke

Yehaaa! Auf zur nächsten Null :D Viel Erfolg weiterhin.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Danke Dir auch nochmals für die Freude an dem Buch. Du bist und bleibst der Erste!

Congrats for your miletstone ! thank you for your gift. Have a wonderful day !

Is it only three months? You've achieved a lot in that short time. Where will you be after a year? Keep it up

Thanks @Steevc, will do my best. Do you already know the #BeerSaturday challenge? You might love it.

I've seen it. I don't have too many beers, but I'll join in some time

Thanks for your reply and have a great weekend.

Maybe with a little beer

Congrats my friend!!! I envy you... wanna get there too haha :D Thanks for your little gift at my wallet! How do I deserve that? Thanks for being a such great steemian! I am happy that I found you here! Steem on Have a great day and celebrate! next 1000 are coming soon :)

The gift was my way to celebrate with all my followers. There is a app which allow you to send such a gift to all your follower

Aww that is really nice! :) Thanks man!

Congrats @detlev!
I also just made it to 1000 followers, and I simply had to make a post about it thanking all my followers. It feels great doesn't it?
Here's to both of us getting our 1000 followers and may the next 1000 come just as swiftly :D

Yes, it is a wonderful feeling.

It was well is and was a lot of work.

Let's see how we could do more together / for each other as this is a social network. Any idea is highly welcome.

Jetzt will ich aber schnell kucken, worüber es in deinem Buch so geht.

In dem Post ist die Vorschau mit über 100 Seiten verlinkt. Viel Spaß und lass mich bitte Dein Feedback wissen.

Mach ich, ich versuche es gleich morgen früh!

Gute Arbeit @detlev - das ging aber Ruck Zuck!

Ufff, war Arbeit and Spaß.

Glückwunsch und vielen Dank! @flauschi

Danke @flauschi

congrats Detlev!!

Many thanks!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for using the TIPPER. It looks like it didn't go as planned.
Please reach out to me on the chat if you can. I'd be glad to help you troubleshoot it.

Yes, cool App, will do a post about it and made a screenshot from the activity today.

Glad to see it worked this time. If you have the error messages from console for the time it failed, please send them over in chat. My guess is that i may have failed because I was updating the script at that time. Because I can't think of any other reasons.

Console was empty - will use it again and will do a article about it soon.

Alright. Thanks mate. Give me a shout when you do :]

Congratulations and thanks! Have a good time.

Congratulations, my friend! An awesome milestone – and well deserved. Here's to the next thousand followers coming up onboard and discovering your great content soon! ;)

Thanks Oleg!

Sehr Schön @detlev congrats to your 1K will be a big success here. Keep steeming


Thanks for the SBD and the joy of knowing you, will have to remember beer Saturday, sounds to be a fun read every weekend from all around the world of beer lovers. Keep going @detlev

Why not adding your own story around a beer or two.

Good shizz man! Keep on Steemin!

I do!! ;-)