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The old chain

The other day, I saw this chain and I had to jump out of my car to picture them. I just like the rusty metal which seems to be in the sun and with all the weather since a while.

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The definition of old

This picture of rust went a few days through my head and I was forming a story around this, as the chains itself transport for me something old, something not breakable but as well something which is out of business and now looking for a new job.

Then, the next morning, you know in which room, I finally had the idea to my story and more or less to what I’m doing now in the past 3 month. Get rid of my shackle.


The value of your work

I got more and more rid of my Facebook and Instagram “chain” and started blogging and posting my day by day pictures on Steemit. Today I still post two activities to my Facebook friends, but different ones.

So, for me, this chains are the old way of doing social networks where it was a big social business for a very few and only fun for us.

Zuck had / got a wonderful idea of forming the first big business in social media where we all are willing to send him his fuel for free.


The new way of social

Now, the block chain technology allows a decentral way to running a social network, where all people together form the systems. Everybody can be a part and even more important, everybody is getting a little bit back from the big business as now we fuel our own small business with our own content.

Business with Social is expensive

Even more important, if you ever try to promote an event, a fair or just something you like to make more knows, Zuck ask such a huge amount from you to get your business idea visible in the network you fuelled such a long time. Is this fair? Yes, if you call it a social business as than one giant company earns.

Up into a new world

To throw away valuable content like pictures or stories is or shouldn't be state of the art.

Try to get rid of this old behavior in your day by day business and let your old thinking get the rusty feeling as the world is changing.


New things to learn

A few seconds after I took the picture of the old chain, I saw some little stones and did this little tower of stones. I don't know how long it will exist, but I enjoyed it a lot.

A new world with new tools means new behavior and a lot new to learn. For many people this means leaving the comfort zone but for me this is a journey into the future and I'm happy to learn.

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Great analogy. Love the pics of the rusty chains with the social icons. Very cold like crumbling old industrial waste.

Thanks Stephen - was fun doing this.

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Keep up the good work!

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That's awesome @booster - Here is mine No Country No War — #Steemit

They are just distribution channels for me now.

I agree @hilarski the real number one is Steemit for sure.

Yes! Fully agree.

I find myself using other platforms less and less. Interaction is the name of the game for social media, and for other platforms, monetization means limiting interaction with other users so that someone will pay to raise the limit.

Same here. Even as I have a lot to learn.

Totally agree and thanks for writing about it, things are changing and people will need to get out there comfort zone. They better do it now or miss out on the benefits the early adopters have.

Getting here first is a big thing, getting involved is, even more, important. I enjoy the availability Steemit provides to everyone and that any-buddy can share openly to the world.

Hi detlev - I agree with everything you say! And I have a hook photo that goes with this one. I upvoted and resteemed to re-read and to remind myself to post the hook:)

It's becoming a blur to me to know if I already told you about kalemandra's new post. You are on the list, so please check in :)

Upvoted her post and left a comment

Nice! I'm glad we are sticking together :)

Came back and tweeted this :)

I like the image you paint of yourself jumping out of your car to take a picture :) These stone towers were all over Iceland when I was there 2 years ago (wow, time flies). In the middle of nowhere, you would suddenly come across a stone tower, this 'I was here' sign of humanity. Great post!

Similar story here: I left Facebook completely and actually feel more free since I had done that. I'm only using Steemit – and enjoying it a lot – for my private blogging, and YouTube for learning and for my private vlogging. And Twitter to promote my Steemit posts and YouTube videos. So I largely agree with your sentiment, @detlev. Enjoy your vacation, friend! ;)

before reading @detlev's post, I had just logged out of my facebook to go on Steemit because it just isn't worth it anymore!

Thanks @oleg326756 - I wrote this post outdoors with some Leffe beer while listen some young frensh people singing - or let's say yelling - at the beach.

@detlev great analogy!

nice post

I like your post!

Love the imagery. Corrupted social networks and old rusty chains of entrapment.

Great post! Simple and clear for everyone to understand. Resteemed!

Thanks a lot for your positive comment.

Great reminder @detlev!
I love to learn new things and to try evolve constantly.
Currently I'm learning how to program as I see many benefits in my business carreer from gaining this knowledge :)

That is a good decision. I started early with programming and by selling a big programming project I got the money to start my first company.

Keep on doing this and learn to fail to start over with way better code.

I am still on FB and IG but putting more energy here and eventually it will transition for the most part. Great post.

Hi Miriam, me too. But IG only once a week and FB for promotion of post. My timeline for some fun stuff only twice a week.