My test to sell my book #EinfachAndersArbeiten on steemit by accepting steem as payment - Shop from the Author

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Dear Steemians,

I started a test to sell my book #EinfachAndersArbeiten on steemit and by accepting steem for payment.

What is this book about?

So if YOU like to learn more about the new way of working, you are 100% right. NewWork, Collaboration and faster digital Communication is one part, but there is a much wider range like the new workspace, new work culture and aound 10 examples for real life.

I did this book togehter with some other experts from the German market and enden up with 438 well designed pages in German language.

Buy with steem

After playing 2 month with steemit, I decide put it on sale here on Steemit where you can buy it with your earned Steem.

Shop from the Author

As steemit is as well based on trust, and all activities are transparent, I though myself, this is fine for direct business.

(C) by Piaxbay and modified by @detlev


With perosnal inscription

Every Steemian who like to have a #EinfachAndersArbeiten book, may get as well a handwritten inscription from me, the author.

Is this a cool deal?

The Cover Art

The content is about the change in work and communication and therefore we created this nice cover art.

einfach anders Arbeiten - Claim.png

It shows the evolution of work into a mobile enviroment. We talk a lot about the "Bricks, Bytes & Behavior" which means the use of modern offices (bricks) and latest communication technology (bytes).

But all this only works well, if the people are willing to use that cool new stuff and start changing their work culture (behaior) to something more flexible.

Hardcover or e-Book available

Sure, if you perfer a digital version, this is available as well.


An e-book less dead trees and so less cost for all.

Means you get it for half price.

If you like to have a look into the book use this LINK

What does it cost?


With books, we have to stay with the official price and therefore I like to offer it for the 37,90 € but with the inscription and only 2,10 for shipment in Germany. (Please ask for other countries.)

In steem currency I just ask 20 steem for it. I think this is a fair offer.


The e-Book is just 18,75 Euro and I ask just 10 steem.
With the ebook you may choose for a e-Pub verion for your reader or a PDF version

shopping-cart-steem 250.png
(C) by Piaxbay & @detlev

Where do you get it?

Just jump to my post about the book in german language and choose whatever you like.

Sure, we as well have a "normal" shop at available and you get the book as well from Amazon and other shops.

But this ones don't accept steem for payment yet.

 " "detlev steemit klein.gif""

Detlev love steemit

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