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UPDATE 2018-08-19

Our witness is suspended, please vote for another active witness of your preference AND update your membership. More info in our post: New "membership" model and how to update yours.


We started this project with four chat channels. They were infested by SPAMMERS! We turned them into a productive workforce, where minnows and dolphins get support from our curation team for their publications.

In order to sort things out in #200_Votes_Plus, #100_Votes_Plus, #50_Votes_Plus and #25_Votes_Plus, we spent long days and nights doing moderation, so we had to set the first three channels into read-only mode. Only validated users got permission to share links. We realized that many people were not actual SPAMMERS but not skilled enough in English.

Then we have good news and "bad news" ...

"Bad news" #25_Votes_Plus set to read-only mode

Contrary to the other channels, we left #25_Votes_Plus open for the last few weeks, allowing the very new minnows to have more flexibility. Then @mandolincarls appeared and got promoted as moderator. We realized that although SPAM reduced quite a lot, we were still wasting our time on chat moderation rather than investing it on curating posts.

We think this is kind of bad news for newbies, yet we already have a big group of them willing to get their posts upvoted by us. Let's start by serving the existing ones!

Good news: dropAhead got a new curator!

We are glad to announce that @mandolincarls was promoted to curator for #25_Votes_Plus. We delegaded him 100.00 STEEM POWER (SP) initially, more SP will be delegated as we raise more capital. Please consider delegating him some SP as well!

dropAhead for Witness! (trial period) and other ways to help

We managed to deploy a full seed node and a witness node. There is enough budget for a couple months. If we can break even then we'll make the official announcement with an appropriate witness intent post. Please show your support! Vote for @dropahead!

Also, more and more people are joining our channels: #25_Votes_Plus, #50_Votes_Plus, #100_Votes_Plus and #200_Votes_Plus, but our STEEM POWER is still very limited and although we want to upvote every legit post, we can't. Hopefully there are ways for you to help us raise more STEEM POWER for this project:

Earnings are converted into STEEM POWER. Own comments are voted by the curation trail for speeding up capital growth.

Keep steeming and support us, hard working minnows need your help!

That's all folks!

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Nice initiative! Following you, also on curation trail and voted for @dropahead as witness

awesome! just followed you @dropahead. Feel free to check my post. Thank you :-)

thank you, good job rpject
Now I join you, this is my first post, I love your community

nice project, I just followed

Nice project. Following you @dropahead You can check my post

Hi @dropahead, great work! I have a q, how can one renew the validation? I've shared a couple of post before on the xx-voteplus channels. Voting you for witness and following the train on streemian. Is there a chance to still share posts on the channels for me?