Want More Followers? Then Make More Friends! :)

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More Friends = More Followers = More Fun

As I approach the end of my 3rd week (20 days now), I get asked quite a bit about how I got close to 2000 followers?

While some techniques I use are explained in more detail in a few of my other posts (How To Get More Followers To Increase Exposure) and (Tip For Increasing Experience (From Humble Newbie))... I'll "cut to the chase" right now.

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Making Friends Isn't Hard

I would say the greatest factor would be that I am willing to engage in the comment sections in a meaningful and genuine way. I try to just be myself. I get out there in steemville (in areas that interest me) and I make many many comments of things that I like, and I take the time to recognize and respect the authors.

People are people, all around the world...

No matter what their reputation score is or what country they live in, I've found most people are awesome! So if I like a post or see something I think is amazing or even just see a very good effort, I jump into the comment section and let them know my thoughts. (Note: almost 100 times a day)

I'm not shy online or too busy trying to make money, I am sincerely having fun! You can do it too!!!

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Be Yourself And Make Friends

Everyone is different, this uniqueness makes us special. But if you take the time and put in the effort "to engage others", you will be surprised at what a rewarding platform steemit can be. I have found so many interesting and quality people in such a very short period of time, it amazes me every day.

Bonus Hint: if you use google chrome as your browser, I've learned that you can translate the posts of other languages too (lol, it just pops up as an option). I tell you this because I now speak with people that I could've never known before. Its pretty cool and lotsa fun, try it!

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Dave you are on to a great start. thanks for the tips. I was checking out all my posts worth zero and i got a little down. I will keep pushing. Thanks

Don't get down @sweetjoy, its just a process and you will get it if you want to. I promise. I will be happy to help you as well... I am a big believer that you can do anything if you want it bad enough, I am always willing to help someone to achieve their goals. Especially a person called sweet joy, how could I ever refuse :)

I'll go by you page right now and bump you a little... There are tips I've been giving in my other articles, so you might want to go back through them too... Ok off to your page (others will have to wait just a little longer because I want you to be motivated.) ;)

What a fabulous post! I've been doing this intuitively, so excited to meet new people around the world. I'm commenting on lots of people's posts, having so much fun!

I saw the bee humble pic from @keeperofthewoods and found you, Dave. So glad I did! I'm only two days into my Steemit adventure, and loving meeting people, like yourself, who genuinely care. Here's my Intro Page, in case you want to read more about me. All my best to you!

Wow @katrina-ariel you are a natural :) ... You are going to love it here with that outstanding personality!!!

I'm glad you found me because I I can see right now you are going to be sensational, and if I can help you to make it happen faster, then I will feel good that I could play my small part. I know its still new to you and you probably have lots of questions, but you got the hard part taken care of already. The ability to "dive right in" is a key to success and the more comments like this you make, the faster you will hit "whale" status. ;)

I am excited to be here too and yes meeting people from all around the world is one of my favorite things. And I don't know which browser you are using, but if you want your pages translated automatically you can use google chrome... I really enjoy talking to people that don't speak english as their normal language and that is a very cool feature to do so.

Any ways, we are DEFINITELY connected and I hope you stay in touch with me, and if I can help you with anything please let me know... And ps... I am going to read your intro page right now (you're good) ;)

I've definitely found this to be the case as well. It's not quite as easy as saying something in a part, but insightful comments are huge attention getters and often helps form a relationship.

I agree 100%... And the authors can tell who is real and who isn't that way. I'm glad you took the time to validate my point, it is always good for the newer ones to hear good messages from multiple sources. Thanks @mstafford :)

lemme be your and let have fun together :)

I'm all up for fun @thomasjug ... That's the coolest part of steemit, its fun! Stay in touch and we are now connected! :)

Thanks for the advice... ;) I've only been on a week... no Steem yet !!

It takes 7 days from the moment you make a comment/post to get paid on it. I just put out another article showing you how you can find out what you have in the pipeline. Here is the link: https://steemit.com/steemit/@davemccoy/quick-tip-how-much-money-is-coming-an-awesome-tool-to-find-out by the way its a really cool tool.

Finally realize this is a project that will take time and you will need to learn every day. There is something new that I learn all the time and each of these things add to my knowledge in strength. I can be the same with you. Whatever you did in your first 7 days, you can do more in your next 7 days if you improve and learn. And when you repeat that process over and over, pretty soon you will wake up and say WOW how did I do this.

Trust me @sinlg, I started at 0 just like you did. We all go through a learning process and its pretty exciting when you realize you can be what you want to be.

Stay in touch and ask me questions any time... We're connected now and I will help you if you ask.

Good tip! The only way to get people to follow you is by getting your name out. And I don’t think there’s a better way to do that than by commenting.
I try to comment on other people’s posts a lot, and I know it takes time and energy. I often feel limited by my lack of knowledge about most things (you know: I know a little about many things, but there’s nothing I’m really, really good at)
That’s why I’m wondering: how do you manage to make 100 comments a day?

Re-reading this comment, I just realized I should learn be more confident, and let nothing hold me back...
Comments sections, here I come!!! :-) ;-)

I'm in the same boat as you on not knowing much and sometimes find it hard to comment or keep a conversation going. Maybe I'm just being hard on myself.... Most of what is on here is about Crytos and I have nothing much to relate to that! I love creating things with my hands and have been having a hard time finding others who are into the same thing. Found some, but it is just a handful of Steemian's. I continue to search for more like-minded when I can, and hopefully soon I will have a large following of them! It is what I hope for:)

Keep steeming on, & don't give up @mike314-0005!!!

Thanks. I will!
The community is growing fast, and loads of non-crypto people are joining; you’ll find many more like-minder people in time, I’m sure

see two of my connections are now connected... Hint: all the people on my page that comment are generally awesome people to know. ;) I follow all of them.

I know I will! Just gotta keep an eye out for them and let them know I'm here when they join:)

@jentz44 first, thanks for carrying on the conversation without me being here I really appreciate you engaging people on my threads. I respect your thoughts and I'm happy to see you jumping right in :) (it is really helpful to me, especially when I'm down due to bandwidth like I have been for the past 5 days)

As far as finding things that interest you, I use the tags on the left a lot... I follow art, photography, and food and find some really amazing artists. I never really run into the crypto space unless I'm in the mood. That is what I do, but I'm sure there are little thousands of areas out there. I even go to the russian and korean post and google translate them just to meet them. Just have fun and you will find a way to jump in. Its not hard to make comments if you appreciate the authors work.

You do it all the time in my pages, which is a great compliment to me. So thank you.

Stay in touch and keep your eyes peeled, next week is going to be fun.

Why, You're very welcome!! I looked earlier today and it was somewhere under 50%. Haven't seen it that low before.

Art is one I visit sometimes among other tags. Sometimes I'll do a search for others I don't see listed. Just doesn't always pull up a whole lot of posts. I just need to search harder, hahaha! I make sure to comment wherever I can when it is genuine & to start a conversation. Alrighty then, have an eye out!! :)

lol... you did some good work here! and you'll figure it out, I'm sure you have the personality to get it done! Thanks again for taking the baton ;)

lol... you got it mike ;) ... there is nothing else I can add because you just said it. Its nice to meet you and I won't forget we spoke now, so that's how to do it one conversation at a time. We are teammates now, so lets stay in touch!

ps.. I like to look a lot at the art, photography, and food feeds. I'm not good at any of them, but I can sure appreciate the talent that is in those areas. Its enjoyable to me and I have made many connections in those areas that interest me.

I recently hit 100 followers and I think that is pretty amazing considering I haven't been steeming on as much as I would like to! Anytime I comment on anyones post I try to say something sweet, kind, loving, uplifting, complenting, etc. Or relate to them however possible. I think it is working out pretty good so far:) Need to get more crafters and artists on here!!

Can't believe you've been on here less than me and already know as much as you do and are as far as you are! Great job!! Keep on the good work and acheivements. Glad I found you to follow:)

that's really nice @jentz44 and I'm glad I follow you too. Thanks for the compliments, but you getting to 100 is good... Just imagine how much more you know now too. If it took you a month to get to 100, I think you can double that rate now easily with what you know. That's a triple in another money. And so on and so on and so on... pretty soon you're pretty big! :)

Thank you :) I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing & learn as I go while enjoy doing it, hahah!!

that's the way, if you enjoy it then its worth it

Love this! And, I totally agree. It's not too hard to think of something to say, whether it's pointing out something positive on a post, empathizing with someone's sorrow, adding your own perspective, or relating their post to something from your own life. Being a super talkative person, it helps fill the need to connect with people. I find that on facebook in recent years, people aren't engaging as much, and they are just settling for "liking" a post. I want to hear people's thoughts! This platform has great incentive for that.

I agree with the facebook thing! Its more about sharing useless memes.... Its hard interacting with family even on there!! I've barely been here a month and have had many more conversations with others than I have on facebook.

I knew you would agree with this one my friend... I told you that us quirky and fun people stick together ;)

Plus you're really smart too, that also helps!!!

Thanks for commenting and telling others your opinion, they would be wise to pay attention, because you know what you speak of. Keep on helping me @keeperofthewoods I always appreciate it! :)

Another great tip. You have been a great resource.

thanks @investfourmore... I'm always happy to help you... keep up the work, I see your growth. :)

Hi @davemccoy. This post comes with a lot of positivism(is the right word in english). I am a newbie so I know I need to make new friends here, I need to comment more on other posts.

Here I am, this is my first comment on your blog. Next will come soon. Thank you for following me:)


I'm honored that you made the first connection to me and now we are connected Irina. I won't forget you now and you are always welcome to be my teammate. I want to help anyone that wants to do good things and I have a hunch you are such a person ;) ... I'm pretty good about reading into people's comments and seeing what kind of a person you are. :)

I also give you lots of positivism and I'm so happy to see you post here!!!

I will go check out your blog and get to know you better and if you keep making comments like you did to me, you will make many new friends. I'm going to dinner right now, but I will stop here and then go to your blog before I respond to any more people. I will stay in touch with you and I hope you stay in touch with me! :)

I totally agree with you.
We need to engage with people to grow here in steemit.

Thanks @bidhanghimire, I appreciate you supporting that message. The more we all spread that word around, the better we get as a community. Is a win win situation. Its nice to talk to and now that you commented to me we are now connected. Stay in touch and lets grow together!

Yes let's grow together.

Thanks for the information.

You are welcome @ronnyche... Nice that you commented to tell me that. And welcome to steemit. We are friendly here and love to have you join in any time. Have a terrific day and if there is anything I can ever do for you, just let me know. We're teammates!

You're right I identify a lot, I try not only posting but also replying and commenting on things that I like, and following more and more people. People on here tend to neglect this aspect of interacting. As you say : I can reach 100 times a day answering people and making comments at times. It's far less hostile than in Facebook, and I believe we'll end up overrunning it provided everyone keeps it up at the same pace :D

I agree and you're right about the atmosphere here. People are more genuine and appreciative than the other social sites. Thank you for commenting here @loonyfool... I'm glad to hear your thoughts and it will make me remember as we continue to cross paths in the future! I look at everyone here as my teammate so that we can help each other... So stay in touch too :)

good, I'm only here since last month, about 15 or 20 days but this is really addictive at a point I no longer go on facebook, we could overrun it if we keep the same pace :D

Exactly what I see too... :) ... I say we make it happen!!!

Wow! Its cool will help rookies like me 😃 meet new people

yes it will... and it already has. I'm connected to you and you made a connection just by your comment. Get out there and interact and just be yourself. You will see and it will pay off. Its good to meet you @stillwyte and I hope we stay in touch!

Great advice @davemccoy Your positive attitude and gift of encouragement shines through your comments and it is obvious you are going to achieve much and reach your goals.......and beyond. I joined a week ago and am really enjoying engaging with others, learning the ropes (but the ropes are very long lol) and sharing my passion of art and photography. Am following you and look forward to the days and weeks ahead.

That is so nice that you took the time to read and make such good comments @trudeehunter. :) ... I remember what it was like at my 7 day mark and I think you are ahead of me lol... Yes there is lots of rope, but you have more than 2 hands because you have friends to help pull it. I am one of that has 2 more hands to lend you whenever you need it. ;)

I too am now following you and we are connected here for sure. Let me know when you put up a post or something that you would like me to see and of course stay in touch because you are my teammate Trudee!

ps... I don't know if you don't have a pic in you icon by design or because you don't know how to upload it... If you don't know how to get one in there, you just need to get the pic off the internet and copy and paste the pic url. (I took mine from my fb, but I've seen others make a post inserting their pic in it (usually from introduceyourself tag, and then copy the pic link and wallah!) Just a tip! :)

Hello @davemmcoy You made my day this morning when I woke to read your wonderful, positive comments and know that we will be teammates in this very stimulating adventure called, Steemit. Positive words hold so much power! It is a fact I have been aware of for quite some time and no matter how successful we are or how much we achieve, everyone yearns to have others speak life and energy into their lives, on a regular basis. Your article (above) took my attention by its title because of the fact that I am a New 'Bee' but it was your engagement with people within this post that drew me like a bee to a pot of honey. One can learn a lot about a person by the way they interact, and I can fully understand why you have gained such a huge following in such a short space of time.

Now, about my profile pic. I have had a lot of difficulty getting it submitted. I have gone through all the steps very carefully many times but without success. I get the URL in the right place and I used the advice of someone else by adding .jpg at the end, buy still nothing. The message at the bottom says it was saved, but the Update stays grey and I can't do any more. I've tried so many times the circle where my profile pic should be has disappeared. Its a mystery to me. If you are able to shed any more light on the subject that would be great, otherwise I will contact the help section to see if they c an tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks again for the connection. I wish you every success and much fun along the way.

Thank you for the post we #newbies are learning 👌🏾

You are welcome @cliqqclaqpaw :) ... And that is the goal... Keep reading, I have been giving out lots of my experience to help people exactly like you... You're doing it right, you are learning!

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Davemccoy, I reposted this post and made a picture for you. Hope you get to see it! :)

omgosh... that is so nice.. I already thanked you over there just now, but I think I'm going to have to thank you every time I see you now for a very very long time... That is so amazing its hard to even find more words to describe it. :)

ps.... don't tell any of the others, but you are now my favorite... hehehe ;)

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