Notice to Tag Spammers

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I will start flagging every post that applies inappropriate tags.

I see a lot of good content that I would like to be rewarded, but abuse of tags will not be tolerated.


Having worked on websites before tags are given weight according to their placement. So in a 5 tags allowed system, this goes as follows, Tag1- 100% Tag2-80% Tag3 60% Tag4 40% and Tag5 20% My understanding of this is the first tag must match exactly with what you think the main category for your post should be. If that is not the case I would call it abuse. As for the other tags, those are usually supplementary to the main Tag and the responsibility of what weight they are given should not fall on the poster. I do not use reddit and do not know how reddit deals with tags, my definition of tag abuse is different, but I will limit myself to one or two tags from now on. The posting process seems to invite people to use 5 tags, without notice of restrictions. When posting about Steemit on twitter I use tags like #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, I made the choice to use those tags based on the audience I am targeting and not the content of my tweet. If I am to tag my tweets with #Steem or #Steemit I will be talking to myself. This does not mean on steemit it is OK to abuse the tag to target a certain audience, but how these tags were supposed to be used was not crystal clear.

This may be controversial, but to me abuse is repeatedly mis-tagging, pseudo-tagging, or ninja-tagging. If a person does tag the first tag correct, it doesn't necessarily mean they are abusing the tagging system. It might mean they are tagnorant or a bad speller.

Finally someone else joining in on my crusade! I have been trying to flag innappropriately tagged posts in science for a while now. However all it got me was the spammers coming and flagging all of my posts. Made me pretty sad. All I wanted was for the science tag to be about science posts. People were posting funny pictures and things there! It's purely an attempt to abuse the system and garner votes.

This is disheartening. Trying to curate a category through flagging results in rageflagging. I think Steemit should have an algorithm for rageflagging, don't you?

No, honestly think more people should actively flag posts. Steemit doesn't have moderators so its up to the community to self moderate. Tag spammers are a good start for community wide moderation. See inappropriately tagged content, flag it.

No I meant that the algorithm would be to check if a person flags all the posts of someone who flags them. This would be rageflagging... in other words flagging out of rage and not because of the content. For example, it would seem unreasonable to flag 100% of another poster's posts.

Oh, I understand now, that would be a great addition!

Have the tags stopped vanishing after post payouts yet? My friend @cryptocreative is a pro motion graphics guy. He really wants to bring in that community, he believes that, visual fx artists, like himself will be drawn to the fact that their content has value beyond a showreel.

However he was concerned that the hashtags he used; #motion #motiongraphics #creativesgetting paid, all vanished after his posts were paid out.

He was a little dismayed, as he felt that he was the first person on Steemit to represent the pro motion graphics, industry. and so really would have liked his post to have been the first one in those tags, especially the last one.

So he's wondering if the tags ever even existed, he feels this might prove a stopping point in him persuading fellow pros to join Steemit.

Any answers, greatly appreciated.


Using # tag will in your post will link to the tag, but will not include in the set of tags. You must manually specify the tags you want in the tags field at the bottom of the post editor.

Tags do not change after payout.



so does that mean you are only talking about the tag field tags? are hashtags fair game?

Tag field tags already have a limit.

Thank you for taking action as a lot of people started abusing tags for visibility, while flagging might not earn anything there's a few people on steemitabuse rocket chat that are trying hard to clear out any spam and abuse happening (also with excessive non relevant tags) . We welcome anybody that is willing to help out.

I know this is good for the community, but sadly I wont be joining the upvote bandwagon on this post (even though I can time it perfectly at 15min ATM).

Have a flag from me, as this is low quality content and subjectively (IMHO) not worth the post rewards of people trying to "ride the whale" for addition SP.

Have a nice day and thank you for all the hard work.

The more I read your stuff, the more I like you. Keep doing what you're doing!

Yey! Thank you @dantheman .

Exactly! We should be categorizing everything well, its our duty as users to organize our content properly so it can be found at later times, not just spam popular hashtags with inappropriate unrelated content... otherswise everything will just be tagged as #steemit #introduceyourself #life forever..

People should realize the fact the dont need to use famous tags to be noticed, they need to use the proper ones, they will still be visible no matter what.

True grumpycat :)

i dont understand the Tags in a post? are they really relevant? i thought only the tags in the tag field are relevant? could anybody clarify this ?

@dantheman, i used a tag #steemittripreport, as i only wrote this trip report for steemit (never posted it elsewhere) would that be tag spam too?
my idea for this tag was, that it was a exclusive for steemit

i read somewhere, that flagging will reduce the voting powers significantly, so should we vote down if we see something?

maybe steemit needs supermods accounts, whom will vote down bad content?
i dont think that should be put onto the whales sholder only, there are just not enough whales to monitor the amount of new posts flying in..

Thanks @dantheman about time the whales show the little minnows who's boss. #abouttime

What an incredibly lame reply. You ass-kissing suck-up.

@r4fken, you mad? lol

Not mad, just calling you an asskissing suck-up. Lol

really? I'm just being positive. If you disagree, well its your opinion. My comments are no different then most on here.

Can I help in the categorization and tagging department??? I worked in libraries for many years and often find myself revamping the topics relating to the actual matter of the subject at hand. I wish I could have changed the way the program of STEEMIT actually categorized one f my posting but it is impossible, apparently... Let me know what you think.

Thanks for your continuous hard work and dedication to this world changing project, namaste :)

Blockchains can be pretty unforgiving. I hope that at some point a reputation account layer can be added that allows a member to change these things, along with their screen name / handle.

And how do you know which tags are proper? It fucks my mind up.

Agreed, whether a tag is appropriate can be subjective.

andu he is probably talking about who makes like 30 tags random, or like real random that makes no sense.

Hum, alrighty :).

Yeah, that. I see people tagging things with my #steemitphotochallenge tag during the contest which have nothing to do with with it, and I flag them. It's called tag spamming. I take it upon myself to clean up my tag :)

That's great to hear Dan. I posted about this a week ago:

Perhaps you could look into my new post about image optimization:

flagging hammer...nice

Applied to both hashtags #tagging and also category tags? Categories are limited to 5, but either way they can be abused. Please clarify in the original post please for those that aren't sure of your direction on this.

Several in this post have already asked and displayed the questions, it would likely help.

Dumb question from a non dev. Can this be automated in anyway?

wouldn't it be better to implement tag voting on posts like other platforms have, so that everybody can vote for or against tags on a post and add new tags.
generally it would also be good if flagging a post would require to give a short comment why.


good work

roger that capitan!

Thank you for taking action!

Oh snap "over-taggers" you better wise up! Hooray for this swift response to a problem I was just beginning to get annoyed about. I will certainly be cautious and make sure each tag I use is relevant to the content. Thanks for your amazing work steem team!

often too many tags are a sign that the writer cares more of his short term payout than he cares of Steemit and its users!

@dantheman please start cleaning up #steemit and #steem, people post almost everything under those tags regardless.

Many go to that main page

I'm curious and would like more clarity about how you define "inappropriate tags" and "abuse of tags." If you are promising to flag those who don't tag their posts as you would prefer, I would like to have some guidelines for what tagging practices you would consider appropriate and not abusive, so that I may plan accordingly and thus avoid getting unnecessarily flagged. Thanks for any clarification that you can provide on this.

Hey Dan,
I recently create a post called "The hidden power inside yourself".

It has been trending for 3 days on steemit, over 300 votes and over 100 comments.
Now you gave me a downvote and the reward is now 5x less.
I understand that you're trying to stop people from spamming the categories, but:

  • my post contained the tags motivation, health and writing, which are all 100% correct.
  • I have found steemit 3 days ago and have been very active ever since, posting everyday, and like I explained my post had over 300 upvotes. I replied to every single comment, and answered everyone's personal questions.

If you would've announced this instead of flagging people right away, that might have been a better option. Because now I feel extremely demotivated.
I might as well delete my account!!
In total, in my 3 days of being here on Steemit, I have accumulated 691 Upvotes, I worked very hard on my content and the Steemers were enjoying it as you can see. And now I am totally demotivated because of that single flag.

I supported steemit extremely, I have my own fanbase of over 100k people who I told about steemit, I spread the word in the german community, I already created a facebook group to network, told everyone about it.. I was really supporting steemit a LOT, and now I've been bashed by one of the creators with Thor's Hammer -.-


I just have an inquiry for you....There is a like button here? you meant upvote right? Unless there was a like button invented now?

oh didnt notice, changed it. of course i meant upvotes. thanks

@dantheman a few days ago you could put like 30 different tags, and now all of a sudden you get a huge flag? You could have maybe post a notice like "for all new posts, created after tomorrow 12pm, there is a new rule ..." you know?

I think he's talking about new posts. I doubt he's saying to go edit old posts. He's basically doing exactly what you're asking lol.

when you have the latest update of the hard fork.(..that's what you call it? ) That goes for any newest posts....and hopefully wang the bot does says warning, read the updates rules to know what's up or else you can't swim or bit by sharkbots ;)

How do you know when someone downvotes you?

I hope you can be more selective for the filter quality content without seeing it is a witness or any new members @dantheman

I will be happy to report anything I see to you.

Thanks Dan! I was a bit unsure the other day day in this post:

what about the amount of tags? Are too many tags a in a post something that is considered "abuse" too?

Edit: forgot the title was "spammers".

What's exactly "abuse of tags"? steemit dosen't allow to put more than five tags, What do you mean @dantheman?

Those 5 tags could still be the most active or upvoted tags. I'm pretty sure he means tagging content with tags that do not relate to the content at all. It would be like posting about bitcoin on a photography subreddit. You'd get banned from that subreddit very quickly.


yeah of course I think it started working fine just use 5 tags, hopefully it can be better

Here is a legit question. What if you have a new user that doesn't know or is learning tags? Are we going to put them in the gallows and throw rotten fruit? Just asking because this thread went all hardcore real quick. Like, lets just burn them at the stake and get it over with LOL. I'm fairly sure I've misposted some things.

Don't even know it's a feature. Good to know. Thanks

Excellent post, the major question would be; bearing in mind steem is a "social" platform and therefore monitored and controlled by the "masses", are you in a position to make a unilateral decision to "police" this issue?
Steem, I assumed is all about the freedom of speech; wouldn't it make more sense to allow all the individuals on steem to make those decisions and deal with it accordingly?
I feel there are more important things to consider, for example......... What about a fairer distribution of voting power? What do you consider it a fair representation of quality content?
My opinion may not agree with yours, and vice-versa; not to mention all the other members of steem. Also, while I'm on the point I have read so many posts that have deserved decent rewards too, I'm very surprised that the 4 or 5 lines in this post have generated 269 votes and $1080 in revenue generation?!?!
This kind of compounds the question relating to a more even distribution of voting power; what are your thoughts about this?

I used the following tags in my post... let me know if I fall under this category. Took some time to write it and think it's not too bad.

If I get flagged, hopefully not, but any end-user advice is welcome.

I join this battle again abusive use!

Is my current post in violation?

We're allowed at max 5 tags? Shouldn't be a problem!

Thanks @dantheman. I tagged some communities that I felt would benefit from my post in my latest security how-to. For instance, the post is about securing servers with 2FA, and I tagged #mining and #witnesses because both groups run servers. I also tagged #steem because I felt that anyone running the steemd might be interested. Would you consider that abuse?

Good thing you already limited it to 5 tags, some people LITERALLY had 40 tags lmao.

sure @dantheman .. you see a lot of good content , and you upvote on BOOBS like all whales spending you voting power on first page posts that already have 10k $$$ upvotes

This is Why Whales Ostracism voting tokens "honourable exile" From The Voiting System Is Good For Steemit !

My post was just downvoted by you without any reminding, so sad.

Thank you. So tired of seeing peoples great posts lost in a sea of mistagged articles.

I would like to know how i can create a New Tag?! And why do some good tags disapear , and reaper all the time?! And can we please put the main screen TAGS in alphabetical order!? 🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷

Steemit could benefit from a friendly code of conduct .I've noticed that many new users jump too quickly into writing submissions without getting a feel for the community do's and don'ts.

thanks for your action, this is can make good content get more value :)

Tagging and Flagging
wouldn't it be better before flagging somebody for tag abuse to try to talk to him? More and more people become invisible here on Steemid especially with the new reputation system, because some flags made their reputation far beyond zero.
In general it would be good to be able to vote for tags on an articles.
Also it would be good to require at least a comment why you flagged somebody...

Thanks @dantheman !!! I have noticed some of this myself, not a whole lot though. Most folks that are posting good content tend not to abuse the tags.

Why should any abuse be tolerated? Steemit is about the antidote to abuse ;-)
Keep up the tough love guys!

Flagging is also a form of abuse though. You're taking something from a person that the community at large gave them. A better solution is to try talking to them one on one and asking them to fix the problem first. If there are too many to deal with then the problem lays in the incentives for this behavior and it's better to give them other incentives for doing it correctly.
Honestly though, just change the weights in the sort algorithm to take into account how many tags they have and drop their position in the list down geometrically and this problem solves itself because you will literally never see them and content that is never upvoted and commented on should just be pruned after 30 days.

I realize the increasing difficulty for the core decision influencers in here and as such I appreciate your valuable input on the AI/human coexistence topics you've raised in your last few posts - which I've read in full by the way.

It is exciting and scary at the same time on how many levels Steemit is a live experiment with unknown outcome to anybody. All we know is that there are various different stakeholders with different agendas wrestling or playing. And then there is a level to this that many might not be fully aware of ;-)

Flagged for outsize reward on a two-line platform update. Voters, please consider that your votes not only express agreement or approval but also determine the allocation of the reward pool. If too much goes to posts like this, then all the other great content on the site gets less. If your intent is primarily to express agreement, please consider posting a comment instead.

Hi @dantheman! I started writing about NLP under the #selfSTEEM tag/category. I've been wondering... will it remain available or it'll disappear after payout?

alt text

@orestespaz Hey it's really great you're interested in NLP and steem's potential for advancing the current state of the art in AI. I want to take a moment and introduce you to a group of like minded people with similar interests.

Sorry for the thread hijack @dantheman but getting all the AI nerds in under a single roof is how we fix the botspam problem.

Hey dantheman. I want to ask you to look over this post and tell me what you think pls. I dont want to upvote me or something. Just give me your opinion ! Thx.

I see that I was punished hard @dantheman. May I know why? It is really hard to start on the new platform without clear rules. One day everything is OK and then you are gone.

My penalized post!

I showed my post to very influential people in the social media here in Croatia, posted my link on the Facebook and Twitter, and now I look funny.

How can I found out what I did wrong? First day I got flag for nothing, so almost nobody can find my post. Then that flag was removed. I even try to start collecting some money for my campaign and now all is removed.

It's really frustrating.
Thanks for the answers.

So if I write a poem and tag it: poetry, writing, literature, and film--is there a danger that it will suffer a penalty for film, even if the poem is referencing a film?

This is what I'm gonna do aswell, we need some strict rules!

Hi @dantheman Do you have any guidance on how to tag good content. I'd appreciate knowing more about this. I have a hunch I may have not used the best tags for my new post, but maybe you have a better suggestion. I'm a newbie and still trying to figure things out.

Maybe you saw the good content because it was in the wrong tag giving it more visibility. If the user used only appropriate tags are you sure you would have seen it too ?

This is great! #academia has a lot of irrelevant stuff. But, i was just wondering if a NEW user would know all this rules and stuff. I can imagine new users getting confused with multiple posts from different people talking about different rules. So many people and posts. How do they know what and who to listen to? IMO, The way the rules are being communicated is not easily available to a new user. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a set of posting rules and permanently pin on the main steemit page like the announcement when they register???